WC4 Mod For Homeworld 2 In The Works (June 5, 2006)

I thought your old models were awesome, but these are even better!

When do we get to play with them? :)
Hi czacen! Great mod. I tried it out last night using the BW and it was a blast! I do have a problem though. The second time I tried to play it my computer crashes completely. Re-copying and pasting the mod file and shortcut seems to fix it once and then I have to keep doing it. I dunno how to fix it and if I have to just keep recopying and pasting I'll do that but I was wondering if you might know what's wrong? I'm running a Dell XPS M1210. 2.33 Intel Core 2 Duo. 4GB Ram. nVidia Geforce GO 7400.
Thanks Dryet, not sure how to distribute the new ships. Probably as a pack of 5 to 10 ships as an when they get done. Maybe a whole upgrade pack with bug fixes. I'm still not sure. Just really having fun with making the ships better looking.

TurboTim, thanks for the support. I dont see why you need to keep recreating the shortcut for it to work every time. where is the shortcut? is in a place that gets wiped clean every time you restart the game? You Hardware should easily play the mod, no issues at all.

As for update, ship of the week is Tallahassee class. These are WIP images. Hope you guys like it. Will wrap this one up early in the week. Maybe speed onto the next ship a little quicker :)

Tallahassee complete. Can someone tell me what the antenna configuration is for this ship? WC4 cut scenes show no antenna, but WC3 cut scenes show a blurred set of strangely oriented spikes on the top and bottom of the ship. any clues? anyways, work on the LOD models remains, and then onto the destroyers.

The shortcut's on my desktop. Like I said, it causes my computer to crash whenever I try to run it two times in a row. But I'll try it again to see if it fixes itself.
forgive me for asking, but are you using a legal copy of homeworld2? this might be something to do with a nocd patch - if you are using one.
It's alright. I don't mind you asking. Yes my copy of Homeworld 2 is 100% perfectly legal with no illegal patches. I'll try it again later tonight to see if maybe it was just a fluke when it crashed.
Well, the problem seems to have fixed itself because now I can play it with no problems. Thanks for your help though czacen and keep up the good work!
czacen - Do you have an idea of which ships are going to get graphic improvements? Is it all of them or just some? Are you going to update the fighters as well?
I will revisit the main hull texture once i fully understand the new 2.0 Shaders that are being incorporated into HW2 by the guys on the relic forums.

Hi there czacen. It's been a while since I last checked this mod out. I drifted completely off homeworld modding for quite a while there and stopped playing the game completely.

It seems you've come a long way since I dropped off the map.

In the mean time though, I've come back to the fold so to speak. I'm actually part of the team who developed the new shaders. (Of course CnlPepper is the single driving force behind that part.)

I dropped in to say that if you need help or tips with the new shaders, feel free to visit our forum and get your answers straight from the horse's mouth as the saying goes.

I'm the map making expert on that team btw, so if you want to use any of the maps or backgrounds I've made for that mod for your own, feel free to do so.
I'm a little less than active at the moment while I'm troubleshooting a crash error in my computer, but other than that, I take requests for map background creation. If you can get comprehensive screenshots for the region of space you want a background for, I can make a version for HW2.

Just post the images at our forum if you're interested and I'll take a look at it.

HW2 mods gain a lot from replacing the original backgrounds in terms of mod realism.
hi everybody, sorry for the delay with last week's ship. there was a mountain of work that i had to get done and so the mod went on a week hiatus.

Anyway its good to hear from you tonviper! Thank you so much for the offer, rest assured i am going to take you guys up on it. I'm dying to do the normal mapping for the hull and new interiors on the updated mod ships, so i will definitely be dropping by and bugging you guys with tones of questions :). And i do agree with you about maps making the difference in a mod 's accuracy and, i think its time we get some Wing Commander sectors into the mod rather than the default HW2 maps. So i guess this goes out as a call to the fan community; can we scrounge up some comprehensive screen shots of WC sectors and probably start working on a WC Maps pack for the new mod release? I'm sure there must already be something like this around somewhere on the CIC. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Post images and links here, i will then combine all resources into one library and provide it to tonviper.

Ship of the week, or rather ship of last week: New Southampton class

Lehah, i think i will be reworking almost all the cap-ships. fighters i'm not so sure, maybe i will only beef up the textures for the fighters with the new HW2 Shaders.
I know nothing about how HW2 works - but if you're doing ship textures and ship modding, do you also know how to make maps?

If so, you may be better off simply taking cues from WC and running with your own ideas. For instance, making a sensor-proof nebula that circles the center of the map which houses a lot of resources or something?

I think you'd be better suited if you were to just think back on some of your more favorite WC moments than trying to replicate particuar missions. (But hey, what do I know?)
Well you wouldn't have to replicate particular missions as such. It's more about changing the backgrounds from the HW2 themed ones to backgrounds out of Wing Commander IMO.
Actually Lehah, that sounds like a very good idea. Alot of the fun can be brought back if i revisit some of the best moments of wc3/wc4. i will definitely be doing that after i finish up with the ships. on a side note, i got a little distracted this week with the thought of making an intro for the mod. I had some of the rough storyboard done and quickly moved onto the 3d modeling. I realize this is taking me away from the modding ships for a few weeks but it should pay off in the long run with a very nice intro. you can check the wip of the first model in the Confed Pilot thread


let me know what you guys think :)
Thanks czacen! The new Concordia class looks really close to the WCIV cut-scenes model.

I have just a quick question for you. The graphics card on my laptop is way out of date and creeps to a halt when loading the ornate HW2 backgrounds. Do you have a plain, black starfield background, or do you know where I could download one from?
@ ilovesosa: i think there is a cic link somewhere. check this thread a few pages back.

@ dragon: sorry dragon, been off the forums this week. i will have a look into this. as far as i know tonviper can probably guide you to get a plain background or map to add. just pm him.

lehah, have you checked out the confed pilot? what do you think? working on the excalibur cockpit at the moment
There are plain backgrounds in the B5 mod. More specifically the one used in the solar system levels.

I linked to the mod forum a page or two back, you can get it there. You'll have to edit the map .level files to change the background. This will change the lighting too.