Voyagers of Space - In Human Minds


In Human Minds # 75 ... Complex of outward appearance ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... “Adventures of Munchausen” and “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” ...

... Space Voyagers 1-75 ... Complex of outward appearance ... 4 ... Waist hip thigh lines ...

... G Y 2X13 ... April or May ... Sarajevo planet, Balkan star system ...

When it comes to negotiations, “Typan” and friends
likes to gathering and converging before main social (soviet) conferences ...

Sarajevo planet, many areas are mountain ridges,
and inter-planet airport is located in the middle of black forest, near rivers.

SST airplane slows air speed,
unfolds variable-sweep wings, and approaching to airport in subsonic speed.
( Due to variable-sweep wings, runway is less than 2000 meters )

After touch down landing to airport,
trailer truck comes near to fuselage and double deck cargo bay canister
detaches from SST and loaded onto trailer by arm alike cranes of (shuttle) trailer.

Fee is too high compared to my savings, but “Typan” can afford to me tickets.

Maintenance line for SST and passenger transport in airport is completely separated.
It is excellent buffer system, because they could always arrange spare SST.
( Super-sonic super-cruise capable airplane is very sophisticated machine )

Population density is much lower than the Albion or nearby planets,
and buildings of airport are constructed by log woods and not so high.

Different from Helvetia, mountain ridges are lower, and much more forests.
Some of grass areas are filled with white lavender, green lily, and sunflowers.

From airport to resort, roads are by white cement.
Domestic animals are mainly white sheeps, white milk cows, straw color cattles.

My girl cousin arrived before, who works for different firm, different Typan,
who has more than B-cup breasts.

She advised to me about I would better go to a diet cafeteria.
But I am hesitating that those franchise are for romantic girls, rather than tomboys.

Inside cafeteria, main item foods are in numbers and colors,
and my girlish cousin suggests number 1 or 2, menu for instant weight reduction,
mainly consist with fibered cereals and glacier water.

In a middle of vacant lot with short grass, there is place with sea shell sand,
a fire place for campfire and barbecue feast.

( I thought that fashion could be compared to sauces paste to barbecue )

Some of around area are with herbs like rosemary, mint, and even smurf-berry,
so people could pick up some fresh natural food materials.

To about 20 – 30 person, assorted barbecue dishes are given by “Typan” hands.
Less than a month ago, “Typan” was in maintenance of aircraft (Padme mode), sometimes.

I walk alone inside nearby small pine tree forest, with a takeout cup of beer in hand,
and look the night sky with shining stars over dark-white night clouds.

What will happen next ?
Are these days really the final moments of human history ?

Londinium is futuristic harbor city,
many shops of a shopping street is with icy-transparent plastic windows,
for storm days, there are steel alloy window covers, honeycomb structure inside.

Many neon signs are all around a shopping street.

Miss “Cola” is at spa and beauty professional shop,
and macro make-up course are with numbers and colors,
she choose course 1 or 2, for the girl who did not skin care for a long time ...

... These 4 th generation S F stories are written by Rie ...


In Human Mind # 76 ... A lonely sailing ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... TV series "Sharpe" and Movie "Firefox (MiG-33)" ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 76 ... A lonely sailing, once again beyond ... 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Spring days ... En route to Mediterranean nebula ...

Every morning "Moor" wake up in despair,
biomechatronic (ten) fleets sailing high above, Admiral "Cyan" and "Moor" know very little ...

Usually 10 minutes before 6 o'clock in the morning, "Moor" wakes up at bed.
At the wall side, there are electric guitars collection.

( The bedroom, closet for clothes, and shower area of "Moor" is similar to that in "A Space Odyssey",
but more suitable for moving to other city at far distant planet, by space cargo airplane )

( At the back wall of closet, there are scarf gifts from beautiful girls, in nano-foam steel frames )

( Many are hippie style, alike pop song "Sound of Silence" and so on ... )

Retired admiral "Cyan" calls that morning,
at the half opened folder phone, its screen saver of girl photoes are change into old man.

"Cyan" says that small squad with only seven men, now in another despair that
many files about so called "babel project" and "new doomsday project" have been disappeared
or never written down in hardcopy books, and if any, lacks days and times, even precise numbers.

"Moor" says that especially "new doomsday project",
about half of the 300 planets involved officially or unofficially, so its quite certain that
many foreign companies are just paper status or worse than pirates, no resister book.

"Moor" says that even governments of those planets do not have library for resister books,
and claim too much money to companies for network computer files.
So it would better record verbal evidence from comsumers (by portable handy device).

Many 3 rd world companies are different between their registration in their government books
and what they really produces, their main aiming is producing weapons for more easy money,
and became another brutal conqueror in past days.

"Moor" always makes own meal, for saving more money.
That morning, breakfast is routine wheat bread, bean, egg, sausage, sauerkraut.
( Routine Eurasia continental breakfast similar that in famous resort hotels )

At nearest shuttle port (helicopter port) in this temperate beach area,
a space shuttle for human and a shuttle for robot landing.
From a shuttle for robot, 6 robots are walking out from rear door.

At the dawn vanilla sky, pale sun is just rising from the sea, out from veil,
there floating 1 of N-class space carrier, 4 of G-class anti-air light cruisers, and 1 test type Z-class,
and 2 of fast clipper freights, and dozens of space airplanes flying in formations ( 2 or 4 ).

"Moor" heard that West star system is in short of sailors,
and especially two space carriers are just at pier of Charleston port, West star system.
But do not assume that skipper days come in front of this much fast, once again.

"Moor" keep jogging back to humble country hut,
but some of sailors (and crews) of this N-class carrier group keep jogging after,
so "Moor" decides to help this space squadron once again.

A space carrier squadron at low orbit of a planet now launching
emergency scrambling of two dozens of space airplanes, due to sudden attack.

Yet, their number is more than 5 - 10 times that of a carrier group.

Admiral "Cyan" and other council members say that this is full scale attack,
all the big ports are under heavy fires, severly outnumbered.

Some cities once parade for victory
against overseas enemies now severly damaged, one after the other.

Enemies even shoot nuclear shells by long range EMF rail guns to planet surface bases.
Inter-planet range missile silo are blow away by terrible explosions.

The situation became nealy total annihilation of West star system bases.

It would be better that N-class lead by skipper "Moor" running away,
toward a secret island at far distant planet, not in current galaxy map.

N-class is busy in firing many anti-air guns.
Some airplanes are heavily damaged, and collide with N-class.

Two type-140 ( F-4 in real world ) are firing external fuselage 30 mm Gatling guns,
but overwhelmed by many rocket firings, down into planet with fires on fuselage.

"Moor" surprised that half of aviators ejected or down with fuselages on fire.

A pilot call sign "Asthma Penguin" in type-129 ( MiG-29 ) says that
there is no other choice but to hide into String Generator ship, and they are about same age
compare to N-class space carriers.

"Moor" surprised that pilot "Asthma Penguin" still ailve and flying so fast, in the middle of fires.

All the surviving space airplanes heading into String Generator ship.

"Moor" maneuvering type-130 space airplane ( "Tornado ADV" in real world ),
and with help from 3 D thrust vectoring (from East), this aircraft close to panel and battery at
certain armor plate, and two manipulators pop out from side weapon bays for input.

"Moor" activates the final defense line of String Generator and a N-class carrier group.
Near space of S.G. ship is promptly filled with ion particle mist from many sprays.

Many parts of heavily accelerated two long barrels of the generators became glowing.

Surviving space airplanes hide into plating armor layers,
only in front of them open suddenly, and pretty quickly closing again.

Just after, between outer armor plates of String Generator ship
and enemy space crafts and 2500 meter cruisers with 8 inch cannons nearby,
many straight pillars of lightnings are glowing, and enemy crafts and ships are explode,
by too high voltage electromagnetic energy.

And even type-130 of "Moor" blowing away by corona alike waves, because
"Moor" is somewhat in mad, chasing after maybe want to follow after famous pilots
just fallen down in front of.

But long range cannons of test type Z-class (Zumwalt class) keep transferring
microwave energy, so "Moor" could keep shields up and soon powers resupplied,
back into inside the String Generator ship.

Some chosen crews remotely controlling also unmanned Z-class,
EMF energy from S.G. at the rear area CIC of N-class now docking at the pier
on main frame barrels for generating string waves.

Surely, this is simulation, at the living hall of country hut of "Moor",
played by personal hologram IMAX device.

"Moor" think that if there was one more carrier group nearby,
they will fight to the end, against attack crafts and ships to important ports for West star system,
surely want to having same fate with harbor that once refit them whenever in needs,
jumping back from far side of the galaxy, as fast as they could ...

... These 4 th generation S F stories are written by Rie ...


In Human Minds # 77 ... A lonely sailing ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "The man who would be king" and "Breaker Morant" and "F X" ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 - 77 ... A lonely sailing, once again beyond ... 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Spring days ... En route to Mediterranean nebula ...

Actually, by a shuttle for human, retired admiral "Cyan" and aviators arrived.
Shuttle is floating over wooden deck (heliport).

Old "Cyan" in white cloths walks to chalet where "Moor" sometimes rests and sketches.
Aviators still in twenties (and early thirties) follow walking.

Just nearby chalet house, there are two personal spaceplanes (double engine Javelin).
( "Asthma Penguin" could fly these sized space aircrafts, east of Gaema plateau )

Nearby long wooden deck to chalet house are all scallop seashell beach sand,
and various lilies and subtropical orchid flowers islands are alike unknown far remote planets.

At ahead beachside, there are (ancient Greece and Black sea style) colonnades
and unfinnished early medieval style castle hotel, they looks alike deserted citadel.

At the wooden balcony deck, there are edelweiss and geranium.

It is not a small white sand island, but link to mainland with long sand strip.
Some areas at there are with white cliff and rocks, maybe from Neo-Cretaceous period.
Above white cliff is with long and bright amber grass.

Sea waves are with vapors from top, and it is slight mist day.

At the fireplace at white sand beach, they are in bright gray blankets,
and say that maybe war against far advanced biomechatronic clones is imminent.

"Moor" says that he will never runaway more farther, to remote and veiled islands.

Young tech support "Norton (a new captain america)" says that
maybe they could communicate with some of them, usually over 35 - 45 meters in height.

Aviators worries that there will be no budget to replace all the 3 rd generation
and some 2 nd generation space aircrafts, 30 - 40 % could be replaced, at best.

"Cyan" says that early versions of type-220, type-230 from West star system themselves
are in tests, type-280 (project "Morant" or "Boomerang" ) forward wing will from southern.
There are many new spaceplanes in developing and testing, but they too hope triumph.

They have coffee and tea, with camping devices, surrounded by classic but LED lamps,
in mist weather under the pale suns.

After they arrived at space port on orbit,
they en route to Charleston port by inter-planet clipper spaceplane, long triangular in shape.

Aviators of this old N-class are invited by some of council members,
and they go to a mound top hut for bar, beer, and fish and chips.

At the deck of hut, they could see the huge fuselage of N-class and escort ships,
floating in the air, and they are now eclipse binary suns, but due to EMF deflecting shields,
they are looks alike glowing ring with double diamonds, (force) spectrums are alike rainbows.

Council members asked to retired admiral "Cyan" and freelancer "Moor"
that this time, human surviving itself is in question.

"Cyan" and "Moor" answered that they shall never hide at remote (subtropical) islands,
especially when they in charge of (biggest in human) N-class space carriers.

( "Cyan" is 15 years more elder than "Moor", but sometimes they looks alike brothers )

( "Cyan" is less than 6 feet and wrestling body, thin "Moor" sometimes looks almost 7 feet )

String Generators from West star system is about same age compare to current N-class.

So there are many researches and developments on going, such as
temporarily out from visual, and scattering radar waves, and even evading matter serial
wave detector by balancing mass weight by string waves not yet enough to destroy planet.

( At story S. V. 2 - 76, a String Generator is suddenly appears from gamma corrected
vanilla and starry dawn or dusk alike background space, and "Moor" do not know
about behind mechanism, it is due to unknown polymer sail or polarized rays
from satellite Pulse reactors detached from S.G. )

String Generators from West star system in In Human Minds series are different from
Waves of Strings series, their main offensive weapon is satellite capable Pulse reactors
onboard, their number is usually two dozen in this series.

Their mechanism is simple, that accelerating small size string generator into maximum,
and when it passes the speed of matter or speed of resonance, it explodes with glowing,
but most energys are change into foward beam ray, and it is capable due to
more smaller surrounding linear accelerators (similar to miniature LHC under CERN ).

Actual size of pulse reactor is similar to V-class submarine (Virginia class in real world),
and they could even annihilate big mega city with more than 20 million human.

( Someone says they are the long pike of Thor or lightning of Thor )

( During the 1980 s in real world, S D I project included X-ray beam satellite )

But, they are more than 20 - 25 years in age.
"Cyan" always think that more powerful String Generator ships will be needed,
and against biomechatronic ten fleets in far outer spaces, its power should be as much as
even annihilate (entire big cities in) West star system or Shang star system by just one ship.

Stars are twinkling, it is vanilla dusk again.

Far outer space of their galaxy, there are ten fleets of bio mech exist somewhere,
and some estimate that they divided into 3 categories, 7 fleets are at eastern nebulas of galaxy,
2 - 3 fleets are at the central nebular, and 1/2 - 1 fleet but more number than West star system
are struggling battles against both sides, it would be never ending fights ...

... Writer lonely voyaged PC games from the E A, DID, Novalogic, Spectrum Holobytes, etc ...


In Human Minds # 78 ... A Lonely Sail ... 3 ...

… Inspired by … movie “The Beach (2000)” and songs of girl group “Shampoo” …

… TITLE … S. V. 2 – 78 … A lonely sailing, once again beyond … 3 …

… (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Spring days … En route to Mediterranean nebula …

Just couple of years ago,
before dark days including West star system temporarily retire all of their 12 space carriers,
there were galaxy Navies gathering at Central nebula (Indian ocean), decennially.

From Sinai to Singh (Singapore) straits,
human fleet in formation alike their galaxy, modified into full dome or globe of planetarium.
Their number is over 100.

Two carriers from eastern countries at north pole and south pole,
4 carriers from West star system at tropic of Cancer, some ships presenting Amazon star system,
and one carrier solo sails at equator of globe of human cosmos fleet.

In my opinion,
West star system is still in economic depression (due to their dry up of petroleum),
even if future galaxy scale war, in other words 4 th great war, they could sail four ships or less.

3 carrier ships from eastern regions alike “Mir”, maybe equal in conventional attack ops,
usually with launching about or less than 20 space airplanes.

They are gathered for training about evading pulse weapon warhead.

Canisters which detached from 3 rd generation String Generator, where intergalactic ballistic
missiles within, floating on far outer orbit of a remote planet, open one by one and launching
(sea skimming) high speed cruise missiles to that human fleet.

Many of them are decoys and dummies, but hard to be recognized.

Less than 10 % of them finally approaching near to each ship in that human fleet,
but due to extreme maneuvering (sea skimming), sometimes even optically invisible,
they have no other option but to evading them by quick mobility of each ship.

Incoming approaching pulse missiles look alike glowing diamonds, from display views.

Auroras due to high energy status of pulse reactor engines inside each ship,
and by simultaneous opening over 100 jump routes, glowing nozzles of many ships,
lights from countermeasure weapons, and galaxy stars at backside look alike
fast flowing lights in various curves, in mist weather day.

( In many portions, this look is by lens and filters inside camera from eastern countries )

All the ships reappear near orbit of other planet in Central nebula (Indian ocean),
perfectly evading that glowing fatal diamonds.

If the ships are far more than 100, alike bio mech fleets with over 5000 ships,
new weapon would be needed, different from current String Generators with only pulse weapons.

Few years later (almost Christmas),
“Typan (big merchant)” invites me to launch ceremony of a new space carrier “Machu Picchu”.

At a planet in Amazon star system,
all other 3 sister space carriers attended, so to speak “Nicholas”, “Mir (Varyag)”, et al.

Someone says that they are somewhat shorter than N-class from West star system,
but “Typan” mentions that N-class ships usually carry only 6 – 12 shuttles (helicopters),
so if sister ships carry 20 shuttles per each, could be more helpful in humanitarian actions.

Basic skeletal architecture is same, but many blocks and modules are brand new.
“Shiraz” and “Amberstar (Red, from Siberia)” are very impressed by futuristic version of “Nicholas”,
currently floats in the air of harbor, in front of them.

( Compare to “Machu Picchu”, space carrier “Mir” has an alias “Volcano from Backside” )

Different from N-class carriers, they contain much more missiles and ion torpedoes,
not only during galaxy scale war time era due to their resources and enough budgets.

And their merits are from their closed architecture, very different from N-class,
so bio mech fleets which I hear about first at galaxy year 2X23, may still know little about.

30 years before galaxy year 2X23,
except a few who insist new galaxy order, world was more peaceful.
But, after 2X05, everything changed, could never back to past days again.

Now 2X23,
only few people know that 10 bio mech fleets became dominant power in galaxy,
and for another humble human alike me, pale photos of them reminds “Bocca della Verita”,
or a narrow path between giant stone wings (wings of truth) …

… Their cosmos now closer to 4 th galaxy scale war, less than 20 years from last one …


In Human Minds # 79 ... A Lonely Sail ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie “Navy Seals (1990)” and “Poseidon Adventure (remake)” ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 – 78 ... A lonely sailing, once again beyond ... 4 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Spring days ... An old sailing supporter ...

From a hut on mound top, nearby Charleston harbor,
sea crews could see the huge fuselage of two current N-class floating in the air, above,
alike sky blue or silver clouds.

And those two space carriers now eclipse binary suns, but due to EMF deflecting shields,
minimum level, they are look alike glowing rings with double diamonds, light spectrums
are alike rainbows around floating crystal chateau.

There are three other navy main bases in West star system (including San Diego harbor),
and each main base have to refitting 3 fleet carriers and 3 amphibious carriers.

But these days are different from days of 80 years ago,
that they mistook their petroleum in West star system are 25 – 30 % of entire galaxy.

Sailing is much decreased than past days, especially after year 2X15 (the end of 3 rd war),
and all the fleet and amphibious carriers are just standby status, due to lack of budget.

Some old council members are playing billiard games with “Moor” and retired admiral “Cyan”,
and when under lights switches on, billiard table becomes strategy map table.

Plastic model of two current N-class carrier squadrons from Charleston harbor will
depart to Mediterranean, operation “Torch Light”, intend to make 2 nd front line at the back,
for relieving too much pressure to Krym harbor, by 500 bio mech ships of their entire fleet.

Atlantic sides of mediterranean, almost all the planet surface bases are with
less than 50 space airplanes each, so they hope demolition one base after the other,
and hope deep attacking some important strongholds with important supplies.

Bio mech only worry about Norfolk harbor, so this is alike sudden uppercut punch.

Each squadrons including reactivated amphibious carrier for auxiliary landing deck,
and also couple of A-class (San Antonio class) middle cruisers for amphibious support.

One more carrier group from Antilles (Caribbean) nebula will join together,
(Richelieu class carrier) could be right straight of that (anti-satan) dauntless team,
making three fleet carriers triangle position (alike long pike from longinus).

Someone says all they have poker tactics, or just all or non desperations.
Most of all, their basic supplies (petroleum etc) are far shorter than 80 years ago.
And their next generation space airplanes alike type-220, 230, 280, still not in action,
development and engineering status.

And recent intel reports are more worse, that one more bio mech space base (citadel),
that was once usual orbital port station for junction of interplanet clipper to local shuttle.
The name of one more bio mech space station is Silmisum (or Silmi Island).

It is much bigger than others, because more than 10 orbital port are docking,
and bio mech upgrade for self propulsion to other space after occupation,
truly it is over 150 kilometers in length.

One V-class sailing near Quriltai and Guam area will chasing after from far east
to their final destination, the Krym harbor, almost under siege last few months.
Sailors are still young or at least young minded, they do hope their day.

Some people at Quriltai carefully transmitting signals to Pacific side fleet.

“Ura-kara (Astute class)” submarine cruiser from Londinium planet
will help that voyage, that ship is now at somewhere in vast Pacific nebula.

And hidden orbital ports on Shang planet, Cape Singh harbor (Singapore), Cylon, Somalia,
and Creta will help resupply and instant refit.

Some oldmen remind that to build that unrealistic huge space station,
they wasted enormous budgets during last 80 years, even including budget for
our V-class submarine cruisers and (HMS) “Ura-kara (full name is uranium kara blossom)”

( In result, our V-class are 75 % size of previous sub cruisers from Krym harbor )

“Cyan” says that if mobile space base Silmisum with about 900 crafts arrives,
than Krym harbor would be fall down, and carrier operations would be nothing effective.

At Krym harbor, there have been secret project,
that build up first 4 th generation String Generator ship (SSBN in real world),
and bio mech intend to sink or capture that brand new ship (next Typhoon class).

( Length is 70 kilometer, almost twice bigger than 3 rd generation ships )

There are more chances that before carrier take off first wave space airplanes reach target,
Silmisum would arrive in Krym faster, so the two submarine cruisers have to delay it
as much as they could.

To overcome planet surface main class air-land base with over 100 bio mech spacecrafts,
precise and sophisticated three carriers cooperation is vital for excellent success,
and need many times hologram computer simulations and a lot to preparing.

If Krym fall down,
their also Shang harbor and few more strongholds, but war already goes half lost.
Moreover, maybe the two Atlantic fleets have to escape to Pacific side.

Main problem is that during the 2X00 – 2X15, many planets are economically collapsed,
including economic chaos in West star system planets.

Grandfather of “Cyan” was joined to navy cruiser about 85 years ago, Pacific side,
and those days there were many planets without nationality, and to escape from
rise of the veterans everywhere West star system, most of fleet hide at unknown planet.

But, some inside the council leak the exact location of that lost fleet.

Just before full scale attack, prepared more than a year,
middle size cruiser including sailors alike his grandfather escaped out narrowly.
And grandson “Cyan” joined navy to find out more about his grandfather did not told.

... Their cosmos now closer to another full scale galaxy war ...


In Human Minds # 80 ... A Lonely Sail ... 5 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie “Platoon” and “Tin Cup” ...

... TITLE ... S. V. 2 – 80 ... A lonely sailing, once again beyond ... 5 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Spring days ... (Another) Swan lake at mountain Chungye ...

Crews of submarine cruiser "Ura-kara" and a V-class were once crews of usual frigate ship.

About 40 - 50 years ago,
West star system and other planets build more than 70 - 80 same architecture frigates,
and they worked one of them, usually short range sailings.
They worked less than three years, that was already 10 years ago.

At those days,
current skipper of a V-class submarine cruiser hate current "Ura-kara" skipper,
in many reasons including very different taste.

"Ura-kara" skipper was 3 rd navigator, and graduated regular college cource for shipmen,
but V-class skipper was XO or vice skipper of a frigate, due to clan support, maybe.

During last 10 years, they only meet each other during shopping at Ginkgo streets.

Current skipper of V-class usually wears sunglasses, likes to wear grandiose costumes,
which means bigger fashion suits than actual own body size.
And always complains about frequent hole through at underpants, mostly unknown reasons.
( I remember that person never say thanks to me, whenever I buy expensive icecreams,
and buy high quality costumes, and go to dance cafes at hotel on mound top )

But, Miss Goeun, somewhat shorter height than V-class skipper,
current skipper of "Ura-kara", likes to buy simple and urban style clothes.
( And I remember that her waist is more than 26 inches, probably )

I was also small merchant, and sometimes onboard that frigate,
so when I heard that off the record stories from "Typan (big merchant)",
firstly, I thought that it would be terrible mistake and one more failure.

"Simisum (Silmi island)",
a huge target for chase after until New Krym harbor inside Black nebula,
is heavily armed with over 900 short range space airplanes, and over 30 submarines ships,
which are smaller than half of V-class and "Ura-kara (Astute class)" in hull size.

Outerlook is that more than 10 planet orbit ports sum together alike a long train,
overall length is about 150 kilometers.

"Typan" thinks that there is no chance to win or overcome,
even though nowadays 75 % size submarine cruisers also have medium range missiles
with pulse reactor warhead enough power to total annihilation of an entire planet.

( Every people think that huge ship is absolutely the dark aspect of West star system )

10 years ago from year 2X23, I lived at one of small town with apartment flats
between Abgujung and Chungye mountain, which are 10 railroad stations away.
From famous Ginkgo streets and Chungye mountain is 9 stations away.

For me, it is only 4 station distance to Ginkgo street, 5 station to Abgujung.

Chungye mountain is also the southern end of Ghangnam area, peak is 600 meters.
So during weekends, people come there for few hours hiking.

There is an artificial lake reservoir at entry of hiking trails.
And if wants, could ride on small swan boat (or duck boat), propel by pedal.
( Maybe doing pedal make somewhat longer legs )

( At Chungcheong region, many artificial lakes for agriculture still remains today )

My parents live at Abgujung town, but V-class skipper and Miss Goeun never,
so I thought that I shall move to same size extra apartment, own by my parents.
( Three apartment homes own by my parents are decent enough for amber mail box )

( Writer gifted more than half dozen raincoats and wool long coats, but wear only in homes )

"Asthma Penguin",
once type-209 space airplane (MiG-29 longbody in real world) candidate,
now apply global express post delivery, sometimes even lease (double jet engine) Javelin.

... These N-class air carriers are direct next to Vasa ( 17 C), Nemesis ( 19 C), and Dreadnought (1906) ...


In Human Minds # 81 ... Vessels from vacant space ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie “The Longest Day” and TV animation “The Gundam Zetazeta” ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1 – 81 ... Giant (satan) vessels born from vacant space ... 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Spring days ... A Long and Winding Route back ...

At the Norfolk, northern harbor of Atlantic nebula side of West star system,
retired space carrier and longest one of previous N-class 12 ships (CVN-65 in real world),
decks are busy training new crews from Charleston harbor at southern.

At the CIC hall and navigation hall,
wall is open and two halls are now together for strategy and tactics training.

Some of council members are sit at terrace of 2 nd floor.
Skipper "Moor" now explains one of future plans with big center 3 D hologram device.

1. Two new N-class (somewhat different from other 10 ) depart from Charleston harbor
Planning call sign is now Ato (Solar) and Ara (Other solar)

2. Two support fleet carriers and also amphibious support (LHA or LHD) go together
Planning call sign is now Proto (Origin) and Dal (open field), auxiliary landing deck

3. Fleet carrier "Richelieu" which wants to retake French stars will join from what they
call Antilles nebular (also called Caribbean nebula), they are still young squadron

4. Takeover planet surface runways at west area of Sahara star system
( Supporter "Cyan" calls it operation New Torch )

5. If further uppercut attacks success, and so if takeover some of Iberian runways,
than send messages to hidden carriers alike "Nicholais" inside Mare Adriatico nebula,
"Machu Picchu" at somewhere of Amazon star system, and "Mir (Varyag)" from Pacific.

6. If bio mech reinforcement space aircrafts from New Krym war front intend to
take back runways inside Iberia area, airplanes from 3 more ships will help intercept

7. Airplanes takeoff from northern runways of Londinium planet and Iberia area will
partially free skies of French and Benelux, and it is surely establishment of 2 nd front

Skipper of “Richelieu” (someone calls “Primos”) further explains that
they could participate with two full squadrons with 36 space aircrafts (Cortes and Pissarro),
and keep battle as much as they could.

Skipper also born from the other side of Atlantic,
and says that space fleet carriers from vacant world would help free the Mainlands,
surely diminish too much pressure on New Krym harbor by fair payments from people.

“Cyan” hopes that “Nicholais” and “Mir” could launch 72 airplanes together.

“Moor” says keep sending secret messages to “Machu Picchu”, “Nicholais”, and “Mir”,
they need daring pilots enough to flight through Andes, Alps, and Himalaya.

“Moor” explains about small non-armed space airplane “Javelin”,
some are with two engines originally developed for cruise missiles,
and “Moor” also one of “Javelin” aviator club members.

( But, against 6 th generation space aircrafts alike bio mech crafts, 35 - 45 meters,
these at best nearly 4 th generation small airplanes alike "Javelin", with limited cloak,
what could be merits when sudden encountering with bio mech crafts ? )

( Writer think type-220, type-230, and forward wing type-280 are 5 th generation )

“Athma Penguin” think that go through Himalaya area with small airplane
is very dangerous, even if 3 – 5 small airplanes relay the message capsule.
It is more hard than teams onboard “Ura-kara” and a V-class submarine cruiser.

( Different from “The X-wing series”, space crafts in these series cannot timespace jump,
bigger than nebula class frigates, anti-air escort cruisers, and carriers could jump )

Miss “Goeun”, keep training and now visit famous Ginkgo streets,
meet a friend Miss “Nayoung”, not hired by big firm, sometimes theater actress.

( I also once saw Miss “Nayoung” with no makeup naked face, height 1.70 meter,
wears white A line one piece skirt, and she was surely tomboy-girl with perfect body )

To Miss “Nayoung”, Miss “Goeun” asking about how to communicate with
a tall girl alike current skipper of a V-class ship, and Miss “Nayoung” says that
talk little and listen a lot (alike Barbie Doll), another effective counselling.

( I thought that a tall girl with hysteria symptoms maybe born at the Long island ... )

And Miss “Nayoung” gifts corsets to Miss “Goeun”, for better tomorrow ...

... These N-class carriers direct next to Vasa (16 C), Nemesis (19 C), Dreadnought (1906) ...


In Human Minds # 82 ... Vessels from vacant space ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Austin Powers in Goldmember" and pop song "Moon River" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1 - 82 ... Giant (satan) vessels born from vacant space ... 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Spring days ... A pastel shades streets ...

in the Antilles nebula, two carrier squarons or one enough fleet training,
same efforts as the "Ura-kara" (Astute class) and a V-class (Virginia class) at Far East.

On the roof deck of brand new N-class space carriers, there are many type-180
space airplanes in rows, although they are not type 220, 230, 280 still in EMD status,
but they could attack deep, deliverying heavy bombs even 1000 clicks away.
All the seven turrets are pop up, alike tall columns (in Sahara or Iran-stan, etc).

Two support fleet carriers are equipped with missile canisters, for decisive battle,
so usually for smoke landing, but with EMF catapult, take off could be possible.
( They look alike former Soviet navy ship Kirov class or Slava class )

There are also 4 of A-class ships (San Antonio in real world),
their call signs are "Albion", "Cape Cheetah", "Malayan Isle", and "Guam".
Of those, "Cape Cheetah" is very fast, almost same speed that of future DDX cruiser.
They also eguipped with missile canisters, so marine shuttle ops will impossible.

( "Malayan Isle" is donated by petroleum and natural gas companies in South East )

Returned Admiral "Cyan" and leader "Moor" expect that over dozen
air-cusion big boats (LCAC in real world) could launch many many guided rockets,
too precious gifts from Air Land command of West star system.

"Richelieu" and "Machu Picchu" squadrons are doing virtual enemy,
but if met with bio mech quarter fleet with about 100 - 150 space war ships,
then maybe entire "New Torch" ops will be run aground.

Only one of ten bio mech fleets with about 500 space ships each,
is hunt for the human civilizations and minerals, and maybe future plan of that one fleet
could be conquer the other entire nine bio mech fleets.

recent intel reports are about fragmentation of that one bio mech fleet,
into half and half, but it is sure that Atlantic side squadrons of West star system
could not be equally match with bio mech squadrons with over 250 space ships.

( During the world war I, Britain side 149 navy ships and Deutschland side 99 navy ships )

Miss "Nayoung" calls Ginkgo streets as Pastel shades streets,
and one fine day, Miss "Hysteria", Miss "Goeun", and Miss "Cola" meet at a cafe.

( Some acquaintances say that writer and Miss "Nayoung" looks alike, except weight )

( Miss "Kowloon", Miss "Cola", and Miss "Malaya" were once flight attandants in real world )

Miss "Nayoung" insists that they would meet in pastel color costumes.
I heard that "Nayoung" worries about social prejudice views,
that "Hysteria" and "Goeun" are working girls, and others are sidabari (or baby sitter).

Just a minute after, even though that cafe is not self service,
Miss "Kowloon", "Cola", and "Malaya" bring coffee and tea by themselves,
and keep wink to Miss "Nayoung" for bring piece cakes.

Miss "Nayoung" think herself as an indy (solo) photographer than part time actress,
but those young girls maybe not, they consider her as same as themselves,
so it is tough situation only for Miss "Nayoung".

And underpants of Miss "Hysteria" go hole again,
so she has to repair her underpants again by herself in rest room.

( Writer once visited an IKEA furniture mall at Shanghai, maybe can look farther,
only writer could earn, or gifted from parents or some "Typans", about air tickets )

As far as my memory goes back,
those girls and others were good ladies in such a mean society where evil "Silmisum" from.

( From the tallest girls of them, )
Miss "Kowloon (1.75 meter)" was another fair lady, if a man is about 25 years old
and primos son of a (small) "Typan" (merchant or rich).

Miss "Hysteria (1.75 meter)", also one of fine ladies,
but she graduated two colleges for more than 8 years, so few years older than others,
yet sometimes lyrical, yes, she was another pastel minded person, I remember.

Miss "Cola (1.725 meter)", maybe some people think that she has too much laughing,
but in my point of view, she is more than psychiatric patient.
Yet, she has to reduce her almost opera mask level (kabuki level) thick makeup.

Miss "Nayoung (1.725 meter)", only lady go shopping without thick makeup of those,
I think that she could find one of her ideal ego with just minimal amounts of cosmetics.

Miss "Malaya (1.725 meter with her hills)",
somewhat similar outerlooks compare to a nurse lady I mentioned before,
but has more voluminous fine body, in other words, glamour lines.

And when I remember those past days,
before total economy collapse down due to many wars,
I want to be another merchant with some profits (golds), enough for fair lady smile,
even if she is absolute psychiatric patient (ambivalence, etc) ...

... These pastel shades S F stories (come from future) will keep go on ...


In Human Minds # 83 ... Vessels from Vacant Space ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Never so Few (1959)" and "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1 - 83 ... Giant (satan) vessels born from vacant space ... 3 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Summer days ... High mountain ridges of snowy Himalaya ...

At the river bank of another big river,
on Guangzhou region, in Shang (means upper side of delta) star system,
there is a fast space carrier floats alone in the sky over shining sunset river,
alike greenish silver or platinum color cloud.

The name of the ship is "Mir (Varyag in real world)",
and this class ships could sails alone, they have heavy arms (almost same as Slava class).
These rivers are from Himalaya mountains.

Between the Kachin area and big rivers at Guangzhou,
there are huge mountains named Himalaya, and these area is important pathes,
because even sophisticated probe crafts (35 - 45 meters) of bio mech fleets cannot hear
from low orbit, those too high mountains are communication difficulty area.

Kachin is important place that they could send long distance mono-wave (LASER),
even upto Charleston harbor in codes, where lowest detection is assumed.

Low orbits of Guangzhou planet is too crowded with space wastes,
so even whole new matter wave radars and sensors of "Mir" cannot differentiate probes.

"Asthma Penguin" is still pupil, not yet graduated even Javelin flight school.
Including highteen (age from 16 to 18) pilot aviator "Asthma Penguin",
a small squad of flight team is doing telegraph mail delivery, through Himalaya.

There are only seven "Javelin" (AWD off road capable cars in real world) left,
on the runway at a high mountain, close to (exotic) chalet style houses in Kachin area.
Recently, they lost one more "Javelin" into deep icy valley.

"Javelin" is almost 4 th generation outerlooks, which means less observable,
and they are without devices need for external atmosphere flight.

"Asthma Penguin" is another teenage who believes telepathy,
another ancient hypothesis that means long distance call, brain to brain, mind to mind.

When there is no flight lecture,
this guy reads about books of telepathy or something, thermometer on mouth.

"Fat Fellow" is once star spacecraft pilot,
alike type-40 (F-4 Fhantom series in real world), and now leader of this flying sqaud.

He polishes up well, so his duty airplane is the most shining one among others.

And he is always sorry for pupils, that he could get budgets only by due to these
tough situations, that some pilots might be go over and no return, during aviator course.
He could not assume that "Asthma Penguin" could graduate, 2X25, two years later.

There are only one shuttle (UH-60 Black Hawk series in real world) left,
and a navy command at Charleston harbor do not want to send more shuttles to them,
so "Fat Fellow" decides that they have to spare that shuttle for emergency evacuation,
far enough to G-class ships (Arleigh Burke class in real world) at orbit of planet.

( So called gray Yankee secret sea station in real world )

At one day,
"Asthma Penguin" flies to Chiengmai city with a "Javelin" airplane,
for buy extra items that also need for this tiny flight team.

The air of Chiengmai is almost same as that in Himalaya,
and there are many subtropical exotic flowers everywhere beside the streets.

At the (Chinese) tea shop, "Asthma Penguin" buy teas from Yunnan area.
( Yunnan nearby Himalaya was once also called as Shangri-la or far away mirage oasis )

And buy franc sausages and hams at delicatessen,
also buy corn syrups, tomato sauces, sardines in tins, and wedge potatoes at pantry.

On the air way back,
weather become rough, sky above is full of snow clouds.
And yellow green valleys cannot be seen, due to thick mist, everywhere belows.

From some mountain ridge, snowfalls could be seen,
and this phenomenon is falling of icecap snows into deep valleys ...

... These pastel psychedelic S F stories (come from dreams at future) will keep go on ...


In Human Minds # 84 ... Ships from vacant space ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Sky Captains and the World of Tomorrow" and PC game "IL-2 Sturmovik" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1 - 84 ... Giant (satan) vessels born from vacant space ... 4 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Summer days ... A huge ship from Shang harbor sunken ...

Some sailors are training for their first voyage,
on previous N-class (CVN-65), North harbor, when after sleep hours,
they camp and lantern, alike their finest tiny bright pyramids, starlights beneath ceiling of hanger deck,
and other crews are further training at space, Antilles nebula.

Two brand new N-class ships are in front of gamma corrected view of stars and stardusts,
preparing for test fire of their main turrets, seven turrets for each vessel,
mercury and or titanium white outerlooks, and there are no real windows.

These big caliber twin turrets are technically completed about 100 years ago,
and steadily improved, but basic mechanism is similar.

Energy supply is from pulse reactors inside fuselage hull of these space carriers,
and majority are for bombardment to planet surface, alike near seaside harbor,
in there particle weighted mode, alike glowing shells with long comets.

Pulse reactors are small for generating string waves,
maybe the last energy source for human knowledge go to.

Sometimes they have to preparing for battle between space(plane) battlecruisers,
and at this moment, these main turrets are change into beam light wave emphasized mode,
more energy consumption but maximally increased total penetrating quality.

And if distance is too close, these brand new N-class could be into
explosion range of other sinking space(plane) battle cruisers, explosions of pulse reactors,
and after battle, maybe no more pulse wave energy remain for maximum EMF shields.

( Imaging of sea battles between nuclear powered battlecruisers, nothing but mushroom clouds )

Old sailors say that this is truly old roulette game, usually all loss, no gain,
and human know about this, and string generators sometimes over 50 kilometers build up,
in P mode, they could explode single planet, and in S mode, annihilating entire star system.

Different from human, bio mech fleets usually prefer amphibious ops,
and after their landing of 35 - 45 meters crafts, space ships are usually jump away,
and by these tactics, they could exterminating more than 5 billion human, more than half.

Nearby Hexagon stars,
at the middle of Londinium planet, there are also spaceplane with brand new concept,
they are equipped with new pegasus engines (exterior is alike JSF in real world).

Already more than 20 spaceplanes are upto engineering and manufacturing ready status,
sometimes even tourists could see some of their flights over seaside white cliffs.

Onboard "Mir (Varyag)",
there are only two to three type 270 (Sukhoi 27 series in real world),
and one dozen or more unmanned reconnaissance space airplanes (more than mach speed),
their aim is doing platform for other more selected few, 36 more crafts from Krym,
when they could reach to Iberia.

They even have exo-fuselage additional parts,
that could make them reentry into atmosphere (alike space shuttles in real world).

But, volunteering pilots are too few,
so some of their commanders want to call and ask to private flight clubs,
pilots alike "Moor", "Fat Fellow", and etc.

There is news reports that a huge ship made by Shang star system,
transport grains that harvested from Shang area to West star system, sunk at open nebula,
maybe by “Silmisum (Silmi island)” which is over 150 kilometers in length.

“Typan” says to Mr “Watt (from Benelux)” and Mr "Watson" that
this time, West star system with over 300 million people have to face more hard days,
more severe than 60 years ago, it begins that they cannot enough supply their own petroleum.

“Typan” is a person with almost 1.90 meter tall, now at Guangzhou.

At those days,
I was visiting Suez and Krym, and even see movements of Suez garrison.
Krym harbor front was still all quiet, maybe up there nearby stars, whole bunches of
250 ships of certain bio mech fleet, half of their fleet with more than 500 ships.

In these days, there are sufficient carrier takeoff and landing capable spaceplanes,
(alike Rafale, Eurofighter Typhoon, and etc) but space carriers alike “Machu Picchu (or El Condor)”,
and two brand new N-class ships are somewhat smaller number than spaceplanes.

Yet, “Mir (Varyag)” has to keep preparing a long and lonely sail to west,
over Singh straits, over Ceylon area, over Suez, and beyond, and of course,
maybe never return to Guangzhou, alike other huge loongs (huge dragons) …

... These pastel psychedelic S F stories (come from future dreams) will keep go on ...


In Human Minds # 85 ... Ships from Vacant Space ... 5 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Enter the Dragon (1973)" and Aqua music video "Cartoon Heroes" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1 - 85 ... Giant (loong) vessels come back from vacant space ... 5 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Summer days ... A Heart of (pure) Fire ...

As far as my memory go back,
Yangjae basin and Chunggye mountain area, southern end of Ghangnam region,
when a season come back, there are many white apple tree flowers are blooming,
before the yellow green leaves budding out.

( Abgujung avenues with white flower trees at early summer, long sunset at winter days,
and at Ginkgo streets just south of Abgujung, many amber yellow Ginkgo trees at autumn )

And I thought that doctor or professor, running and hiking couple of days per week,
trails around at Chunggye mountain area, sometimes could jumping over even white tiger,
dwell at southern side of usually long winter taiga forests, different from snow white fox,
and snow white fox could live at tree line latitude and sometimes survive winter without sun.

"Fat Fellow" is in front of a chalkboard,
and waiting for early return landing of a javelin class training and mail airplane,
listening to usually two channels, galaxy and local weather reports.

"Fat Fellow" plans a relay race flight, if situation goes too bad, tactically inferior,
than launch only four of their seven training and mail airplanes,
and three other airplanes with a shuttle ( UH-60 Blackhawk in real world ) will run away
to gray yankee station, now sailing somewhere nebula near Deccan (or Indian) star system.

"Fat Fellow" wants to choose A-type ( Aermacchi M-348 ), MAKO alike one, Javelin or alike,
and vulture alike one ( T-38 in self ubgraded status in real world ).

They could all go through high ridges of Himalaya mountains, with snow scatters whenever windy,
and if close encountering with bio mech crafts ( 35 - 45 meters ) happens and consumes fuel,
than they have to go to previously fuel stored points, and emergency refueling.

Only one of them reach to Guangzhou or space heavy battlecruiser "Mir (Varyag)",
then mail canister delivery mission objective is accomplished, but too much loss for
this tiny flight team or flight club.

( Situation is somewhat similar to Harry Potter movies or films with Lee Shaoloong )

At the one river bank of Guangzhou,
"Archangelsk (Ark Angel)", "Typan", and some others visit a whole new space flight battlecruiser
named "Mir (Varyag in real world)".

Inside that huge ship is pretty clean,
and flag of that ship, some are left, some are right, some are upsidedown left.
Many sailors of that ship look like avant garde, especially in their attitudes.

Some of last minutes and last times struggling engineers are from Krym harbor, and
some are from Ark Angel harbor, in apple tree flower white working clothes.

"Archangelsk (Ark Angel)" says questions to high teen looking girl guides, 6 - 7 in number,
that before reach to Iberia or Suez, how many airplanes are onboard status.

Guide girls answer that 3 - 5 manned space airplanes ( Sukhoi 27 series in real world ),
and about 15 unmanned space airplanes (more than mach speed).

"Typan" asks to guides
that if unknown space crafts are more than few, maybe bio mech crafts,
than 3 manned airplanes are somewhat few for instant air to air fightings.

Guide girls answer that their move against on close encounterings are maybe
2 sticks in one or 3 sticks in one, put together weapon, inspired by (their) old Shang eras.
And they explain that this giant vessel is like a loong (or dragon) with heart of pure fire.
( A heart of pure fire without weight and sometimes negative weight )

"Typan" is somewhat thirsty, so put off upper suit jacket,
and one of guide girl stretch her left arm, high, and pick up that suit jacket,
and using 4 or 5 joints fold up capable cloth holder, and put on to a nearest coat hanger.

Guide girls say that if bandits are many, then 15 or more unmanned cloak airplanes
already all scramble launching and circling flight status, will keep help (or back attack) until beat back.
( Maybe alike bunches of gakemushas, that means shadow knights and or gymnasiumers )

"Archangelsk" says that then 3 airplanes could win the fights,
sometimes just nearby above the roof flight deck of their mighty vessel "Mir (Varyag)".

( Maybe because they are Sukhoi 27, and each with 20 AMRAAM or ASRAAM missiles )

Another big merchant lady with a dog says that she thinks almost ready to rock and roll.

Guide girls say that if unknown ship is keep closing,
and that unknown ship and (one of) our finest ship is on colliding coarse,
and even IFF database ( alike one in TV movie "Airwolf" ) dispays no data yet definitely old style,
than they will pull up into upward, maybe maximum thrusts (even using thrust vectorings),
and despite that unidentified ship also keep pull up and pull up (doing alike to as their UFO),
sailors in "Mir (Varyag)" think that their ship is unbeatable, so the ship will fly (far) more high and away.

( And if that unidentified ship is less than 300 meters, less than 10 %, "Mir" shall do the same )

( Alike scenes in classic movie "Against to a huge golden ma space battlecruiser", 1977, Japan )

... These pastel psychedelic S F stories (come from future dreams) will keep go on ...


In Human Minds # 86 ... A fair lady in snowball hairs ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "My Fair Lady (1964)" and TV animations "Herlock and Arcadia (Musashi)" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1 - 86 ... A fair lady in left and right snowball hairstyle ... 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Summer days ... Miss Derezzard Dessia-nought in snowball or sugar hairstyle ...

at the Antilles nebula, between train sailings with "Richelieu (De Gaulle)" and "Nicholas (Kuznetsov)",
two N-class recieved aircrafts, and newly arrived space airplanes are somewhat face-lift versions,
that means these type 180 ( F-18 Longhorn series in real world ) are with more flection capable wings.
( Almost as flection capable as old time jet airplane A-6 Intruder series )

All the four fleet carriers, two smaller ( LHA or LHD ),
and two A-class amphibious support ships ( San Antonio class ships in real world ) are in harbor,
it is sunset, and sunset times in Antilles nebula ( Caribbean nebula ) is more regular,
silhouette of them and escort light cruisers of four carrier squadrons are fantastic looking,
over gamma corrected all dark green palm trees and bright purple amber sunset.

( Different from real world, hull of "De Gaulle" is somewhat bigger and longer than "Kuznetsov", in story )

Four carriers look alike almighty poker cards, definitely invincible.
( But, they do not onboard JSF-pegasus-STOVL, F-3 thrust vectoring, and Yak-141 due to budget )

Onboard at one of previous N-class ( CVN-65 Enterprise in real world ),
now only for at port pier trainings, conferences, and for navy council at emergency,
"Moor", "Cyan", "Primos (see U.N.C.L.E. movies)" in business suit, and some council members,
net meeting with "Fat Fellow" and others at Kachin, nearby Himalaya.

"Cyan" says to council members
that one more new cloak (stealth) space aiplane is EMD status,
and this brand new forward wing aircraft is also cloak capable ( and offspring of T-38, F-5, and F-18 ).

( This project is named Y/X-28, next to XF-22, XF-23, and Y-PAK-TA a development from Soviet era )

( And compares to everyday world, same as new BMW 7 series limo in James Bond movies )

"Moor" ( someone call as "Quick Wok", "Junk Cook", or "Dark Wok" ) says
that "Moor" regards "Primos" as younger brother (or brotherhood), and says that ( not F-3 thrust vectoring ),
yet these newly supplied type 180 with more flection wings have devices for advanced instrument flights.

"Cyan" says that those devices are including full surround multi-channel canopy displays,
that after shelter armor closing over canopy, then oval shaped canopy becomes multi-vision,
and heavy weather corrected sky and terrain is more clearly visible to bare optics.

( More pastel shades than art works by Turner )

"Primos" says that with (apple) helmet in hand,
this is not truly real time image, (not suitable for close encounterings), only helping navigations,
especially when it is heavy snowing into mountain ridges, responding to light pen on helmet,
display shows somewhat time delay images of outer terrain areas near airplane,
almost same as gamma correction displays that in N-class and others.

( Gamma correction of space nova, nebular, and various skies are by Texas Instruments, TM )

"New Che",
a character with height over 1.90 meter, greek marble muscles, eyeglasses, young,
explains further details and hidden merits about type 280 still in research and development.

There are still many debates,
between (navy) council members, and between magazine readers, that resources are rare,
and there already exist more than few sorts of cloak (stealth) capable aircrafts.

A space flight battle-cruiser "Machu Picchu" will arrive at Vanilla harbor, ( in Philippines ),
for back safe of near departure of "Mir (Varyag)" the only acting carrier at pacific and antarctica side,
and diversionary against also near departure of "Silmisum (Silmi Island)".

( Moving space station "Silmisum" is 150 kilometers in length,
and it is looks alike 10 Diego Garsia air bases or 10 Guam air bases put together, alike galaxy train )

"Moor" remembers that "Asthma Penguin" once mentioned that
"Richelieu (De Gaulle)" class is alike Derezzard Dessia-nought in comic books once seduced,
and "Nicholas (Kuznetsov)" class is alike Derezzard ( Desert winds ) Deresa ( or Teresa ).

"Moor" thought that "Asthma Penguin" in recent left and right sphere hairs ( or maverick tail hairs ) looks alike
miss characters in comic books ( especially when Soviet societies were everywhere ).

( Once upon a time, alike european Alps beer girls in october, alike deers,
team folk dancing girls from Pyong-yang city and gaema plateau learned self defense including head butting )

A lonely huts and bungalows nearby runways at Kachin area is definitely Gaudi style.
( Huts and bungalows or one folks and other folks, as they are not in middlelands or lower Deutsch )

"Fat Fellow" and colleagues call project type 280 ver-A as another project Gaucho,
( rather than a patagonia or little Jones ) ...

... These pastel psychedelic S F stories (come from future dreams) will keep go on ...


In Human Minds # 87 ... A fair lady in snowball hairs ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Deep Impact (1998)" and "The Day After Tommorrow (2004)" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1 - 87 ... A fair lady (once) left and right snowball hairstyle ... 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Summer days ... Miss Derezzard Dessia-nought (once) snowball or sugar hairstyle ...

Someone says that
there is already 2 to 4 brand new N-class carriers are already under construction,
but the two fleet carriers from West star system are still current N-class.

( And within few years after first close encountering and engagement against bio mech fleets,
the galaxy world inside Waves of Strings series, already 7 or more new N-class are on duty )

“Moor” remembers that
“Fat Fellow” was one of close college colleagues and both once under “Henrique”,
another senior pilot who is very good at all about air and wind.

“Asthma Penguin” remembers ( Chinese classic story ) book “Xiyouji”.
One character onboard on a tiny cloud whenever fast moving or time-space jump.

Many of maneuvering interfaces are same as under developing new type 280 ( Y/X-28 ),
alike HOTAS ( with buttons and switches ) throttle, side rudder stick, new hologram instruments,
and the partially cloak capable fuselage itself is downscale of type 280.

"Moor" and "Fat Fellow" once mentioned about flights of "Asthma Penguin" is
sometimes that of savage instinct, because during early gymnasium years or middle teens,
"Asthma Penguin" sometimes go flying sky, lead by senior pilot, and maybe due to
so called muscle memory, somewhere recorded in unconsciousness.

Snow storm become more severe, and thrusts or engine power of Javelin is weak,
so "Asthma Penguin" now surfing over fair wind avalanche ( alike Roland in history ),
and many parts of hull of airplane with corona radiation discharges ( or St Elmor's fire ).

Weather correction views inside of canopy, which is responding to helmet (LASER) light pen,
this is multi-focusing and somewhat simplified than on-sensors actual nature variables.

When AV parameters alike resolutions, white balances, and etc are all maximums,
scenes from external fuselage (LASER) scanning camera ( and satellite maps of voxel graphics data )
noise lines of internal canopy multi-vision usually increase.

"Asthma Penguin" think that radar cloak no more effective in this rough weather,
turn on dozen small internal search lights all around fuselage, adaptive tracking capable,
and multi-focusing displayed scenery become somewhat more clear and lesser rough.

This could be definitely more observable, even in these storm weather conditions.

pale gray silhouettes of several bio mech crafts emerges.

“Asthma Penguin” finds that they are more good at stall free flights in snow storm,
quick stall recovery, maybe due to their tremendous thrusts, and full vectoring capable.
At wing internal tracking camera records video, but scene quality would be unclear.

I remember
Miss “Cola (or Uki)” in milk tone gabuki ( Japanes traditional show ) makeup.

Her makeup, hair dressings, and costumes
are alike silk carp fishes in jade green well and pond, especially during beer season (autumn).

( Uki, one of girl character in In Human Minds series,
another Japanese word which means snow or snow field alike white )

Miss “Lin (林 or 高原氷月)” likes to see her images ( in ethanol ) reflected by mirrors.

( Lin, one of girl character in Waves of Strings series,
another Chinese word which means forest or one of some beautiful trees )

Comparing with those two overly beautiful girls ( still in their middle twenties )
is somewhat beyond human language, but Miss “Lin” is more good at pastel silk costumes
and somewhat delicate and discreet ( natural gas ) pastel tone makeup.

For myself, this could not be measured by grams of pure gold or platinum in granule.

I think that “Lin” grow up more bigger house with huge traditional gardens,
her family backgrounds are economically more rich, and learn about makeup and silk,
during high teen ages, she is really good at in front of mirrors facial expressions,
oh yes, ( never beaten ) she is also very good at analogue conditions, indeed …

... These pastel psychedelic S F stories (come from future dreams) will keep go on ...


In Human Minds # 88 ... A fair lady in snowball hairs ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "I Robot (2004)", PC game "Comanche ( from Novalogic, TM )", and technomusics ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1 - 88 ... A fair lady (once) left and right snowball hairstyle ... 3 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, (Always) Spring days ... Miss Derezzard Dessia-nought (once) snowball or sugar hairstyle ...

somewhere of Antilles nebula, training sails are keep on going.

At one of the previous N-class space aircraft carriers ( CVN-65 in real world ),
half space navy museum and half on the air of a harbor pier training ship in these days,
floats up in the air in pale gray silhouette, another day with sea mists.

In this North harbor,
other 4 of N-class fleet carriers and 4 of A-class amphibious support ships seen,
and there also are reserved ships alike 4 of fleet support carriers ( LHA or LHD in real world ).

Rookie sailors from all over the West star system sleep at 10 pm,
prefer sleeping in tents, fabricated alloy beds are for every single sailors, each per one.
There is no two story bed, all the sailors sleep on almost same mattress space.

And retired admiral "Cyan" is visiting harbors at Adrian nebula and New Krym harbor,
searching for remnant papers about human created unmatchable bio mech fleets,
evolving and in factory proliferating by themselves, all over this galaxy.

"Typan (a big merchant)" reads newspaper at cafe, Guangzhou harbor,
and the newspaper says that one more big container ship with grains to West star system
sunk at open nebula, between Shang star system and West star system.

Skipper ( and a good cook in junk container ships, previously before ) "Moor",
now at a corner of hanger deck, and the robot-106 ( robot all in IHM and WOS series ),
some of armor plates are temporarily removed for calibrations.

( Somewhat looks alike Immottep in one of AD 1999 movie "The Mummy" )

Many armor plates are still with thin white plastic cover layer,
and definitely looks alike ancient mummy, seen from other areas of hanger deck of a N-class.
Hanger deck becomes more bright and beneath ceiling star lights are all on.

Switch on, and this is another glass cockpit,
just after skipper "Moor" gets into chest cockpit of that 25 meter height robot,
and hydraulic pressures in all the actuators on, height becomes 1 - 2 meter taller,
and ( at the ai-lumbar or waist area ), ankle area, and etc, there are many actuators exposed,
no hardware alloy metal armor plate shields, bare weak points of the robot.

Three helper robots attach
some empty (white or gray) plastic plates at naked areas, ( good for reducing weight ).

One of basic calibrations are about (chinese) taichi, ( somewhat alike rhythm gymnastics ),
also very good for small axial actuators of vertebral spine column of robot.
( Some sailors think that a previous N-class in flagship (CVN-65) is another Immottep )

Further calibrations are alike ( shaolin or shaoloong ) martial arts motions.
Robot-107 ( another robot all in IHM and WOS series ) with full armor without thin cover,
preparing for training match with robot-106, alike an ancient knight inside bigger box line.

Robot-107 put up a bar from a internal weapon bay at back,
and the bar extends toward both left and right, becomes into a long and elastic bar,
( made with composite polymers ).

Robot-106 defends with two short elbow sticks,
one is at left manipulator elbow for shield, and the other one for rotating attacks.

two short sticks are slip away from both hands of robot-106, due to serial attacks,
yet "Moor" maneuvering throttle and side rudder-stick for one more from a bay at back,
and throws away robot-107, a proper usage of 3 rd short stick as a lever during decisive attack.

Robot-107 using small and big thrust vectorings all over the fuselage,
a quick, sophisticated, and precisely calculated tumbling ( ever since ).

One of three robots stand behind robot-106 throws 4 th short stick to robot-106,
and ( home ground ) skipper "Moor" maneuvers robot-106 into other defensive pose.
( Robot-107 demonstrates rectangular-dots optical cloak capabilities of its armor plates,
alike a Vanish car in James Bond movies or fantastic books by Walter Scott )

After ( kungfu alike ) robot to robot martial arts for further calibrations,
"Moor" attends to CIC hall and navigation hall for meeting with council members.

Although not yet regular council member or senior council member,
this navy council always want to hear more feasible tactics and strategies by "Moor".

When the day comes, during binary suns up,
4 of carriers from Charleston harbor ( somewhere southeastern ) and Antilles nebula,
will landing their onboard space airplanes at Dakar harbor or dry coasts ( west Sahara coasts ),
and other carriers which could sail alone, "Machu Picchu (or El Condor)" and "Mir (Varyag)" will help.

Landed air squadrons at deserted air bases in deserts,
alike "Cortes" suadron, "Pizarro" squadron, and others from carrier "Richelieu" and et al,
will keep rush up the pressures ( in phalanx ), as much as possible.

And commanders of air land battle,
will launch as many airplanes as they could from tropical rain forests,
camouflaged and hidden under tall jungle trees until their final take off to desert coasts.

Commanders also preparing various refueling cargo airplanes,
but navy council have to win the skirmish, there are not enough fuel for instant return.

If the ( glowing and firing ring torch with oricalcunium alike ) navy expeditionary forces fail,
which means double uppercut right punch missed, mentioning about the West star system,
there only left not sufficient air land forces for defense, only 4 of fleet carriers in North harbor.
It will takes more than a month for moving all the five to six N-class to Atlantic side.

At a remote and hidden runway, Kachin area,
a gunship shuttle ( V-22 Osprey in real world ) and 3 of type-260 space airplanes
( JSF variants with future pegasus STOVL engines ) arrive from a A-class and a G-class (Burke).

Gray (yankee) station is consisted of "Cape Cheetah" and (aegis) light cruiser "(Citizen) Kane".
They detected possible bio mech movements from UAVs at the planet orbits.

"Fat Fellow" and other pilots from hutts and bungalows help them
ambush in tobacco fields and sugar cane fields ( for brewing Rum alcohols ),
with fishing net alike camouflages, and this also can help birds away.

They look alike spookies from helvetian alps or invisible shadow snipers with wheats,
waiting for ( helicopter status flying ) bio mech crafts in 35 - 45 meter with EMF shields,
slowing down when approaching to runway and when preparing close attacks ...

... These pastel psychedelic S F stories (come from future dreams) will keep go on ...


In Human Minds # 89 ... A fair lady in snowball hairs ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Chinese classic story "Sanguo (三 國) chronicle" and Movie "The Terminator" series ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1 - 89 ... A fair lady (once) left and right snowball hairstyle ... 4 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, (Always) Spring days ... Their impossible triumph, once again ...

"Asthma Penguin (or Miss Godori, 高 bird)" in twin engines (from cruising missiles) Javelin,
now flying into a plateau basin, and snow storms and winds become lesser.
Yet, communications are still difficult, so decides to return as fast as possible.

From the gray (yankee) station,
with A-class (San Antonio) ship "Cape Cheetah" and G-class (Burke class) "(Citizen) Kane",
one super shuttle (V-22 Osprey in real world) and three type-260 (JSF-pegasus-STOVL)
landing at a somewhat short runway in Kachin area, with not good news.

"El (L) Mathew",
a thin human in white hair, current commander of "Cape Cheetah" team,
and also senior memeber of navy council of West star system, steps down from shuttle,
and says to "Fat Fellow" (council members call "Edward") that bio mech threats nearby,
it is another high time that go back to home, and leave this field on native people.

But, "Fat Fellow (Edward)" leads sailor crews from gray (yankee) station (at Bengal sea)
toward downstairs to underground bunker, and after opening thick wood door,
there are emergency weapons alike external fuselage 20 mm with 500 rounds drum,
and cluster EMF rockets (alike heat seeking 70 mm hydra rockets in real world).

( They go to nearby underground bunker by dunebuggys or sand-jeep tuning hummers )

"Fat Fellow", "Miguel (or One-pair-darkdeer, a pride from Pacific)", and etc say that
with these weapons, those 6 of trainig airplanes left, once civil flight club, change into CIWS,
and there will be neither manpower left nor gepard (or other 30 mm alike Goalkeeper).

"Fat Fellow" et al explaining carefully with chewing gum that there is still chance
for another small triumph, so "El Mathew" decides to help, and gives one of four
half caliber guns at a super shuttle (V-22) to a usual shuttle (Blackhawk).

"L. Mathew" also says that
skipper "Mordred" and a squadron with only one N-class but six or more escort cruisers
sailing toward Vanilla harbor at west pacific nebula, and mighty "Machu Picchu" from Amazon
will join the right doubble uppercut, their last hope for establishing 2 nd front (at west Europe).

They cannot assume the time and sort of bio mech threat,
so they all start to play field hockey (which is popular sport in 21 st century China),
airplanes under camouflages, and super shuttle with many (green) (maple) leaves.

Less than half hour,
field hockey players find about ten glowing comets at high sky, in the afternoon.
Satellite signal receiving guys run to players and report that bandits are closing.

Field hockey players stop game, and pickup device (ai-phone) from clothes,
and one super shuttle, usual shuttle, three type-260, six training airplanes autopilot to
field hockey players and hovering in circle around, float two to three meter in sky.

One by one, people go upto cockpit by rope ladder from,
and all the aircrafts become slower for helping human pilots into their cockpits.

Ten comets from high sky now come closer,
they are ten bio mech crafts in 35 - 45 meter, air dive into a Kachin airfield in mist,
yet, eleven defending aircrafts scatter fast from previous hovering in circle.

Some of huts and bungalows blow off by dive EMF beams by bio mech crafts,
and some areas of runway itself blow off by dive EMF bombing, and also dispersing mist,
some bio mech crafts break up and chasing after maybe their another easy victims.

Now is the high time for avenge,
one MAKO training airplane quick turns by thrust vectorings and rolling with air breaks up,
and deploying EMF rockets to bio mech crafts, and before impact, cluster shells scatters,
two of the ten bio mech crafts become disabled, due to less EMF shield high thrust status,
they with many small lightnings all around fuselages and just hover still (protect mode).

At this moments, all the pilots in traing airplanes
set throttle lever in auto EMF shield, and manual switch thrust weighted or beam weighted.

( Remind the 1990 s popular PC games, alike the X-wing series and the T I E series )

At the center of (basketball team alike) half squadron in defense,
a super shuttle (V-22 Osprey) opens firing with three 50 caliber guns and many 70 mm hydras,
and a shuttle (UH-60 Blackhawk) maneuvering by "Fat Fellow" helps in formation.

The three type-260 or pointers,
jumping jet up by their unique thrust vectoring (with their own new pegasus engines),
camouflages are dispersing away, and grasses and leaves flying off by nozzle winds.

They wake up from ambushing behind,
launching the foxes or so to say missiles (alike AMRAAMs and ASRAAMs),
and these future day longbows are pretty effective against, bandits down one by one.

Other five training airplanes guarding centers
with external fuselage 20 mm guns with 500 rounds drums and short range cluster EMF rockets,
look alike mobile or flying platfrom of CIWS (Close Encountering Weapon System).

Of course, remaing 3 to 4 bandits flying away.

Yet, their little triumph is too short,
because another air squadron with 15 bio mech aircrafts, emerging from near hills.

"El Mathew" and "Fat Fellow" think that there is no chance left except their extinction,
but, at that very moment, one of traing aircrafts full throttle ahead to them.

That is alike avalanche storm courage (Aermacchi M-348 in real world),
and human side crews think that bio mech crafts break their wingman into pieces,
by long pikes alike mighty EMF beam guns.

Yet, different from their assumings,
a specially painted bio mech craft, perhaps the leader of that air squadron,
coming close alone, and it shall be definitely unbalanced air matching.

One of three type-260, now pilot changed
into "Fat Fellow", after tagging (alike wrestling from eastern Europe and Stan countries),
in other words, a type-260 becomes acting topgun airplane of defense side half squadron.

the leader of 2 nd wave aircrafts of attack side is very good (bio computer),
and due to lighter weapons in small fuselage, a type-260 becomes definitely inferior.

( Even the J-turn maneuvering in 1990 s PC games do not work against )

One of winglet tentacles (an octopus tentacle covered by mechatronics) of a bio mech craft
coiling around a missile (ASRAAM), and type-260 doing another maneuver (cool beat),
using (pegasus engine) thrust vectorings up to limits, and that tentacle is cut off.

( This ain't gonna duff scene, all the airmans and guys thought )

At that time, just before "L. Mattew" deploying last hydras from super shuttle,
sudden squadron appear from distant sky, and they are not 3 rd wave of bio mech,
they are type-150 space airplanes from Singh harbor (doing traing in Vietnam).

Bio mech crafts detect that they are no match
agaist those 10 of type-150 (two are Special Edition) and 10 of upgraded type-50 (F-5),
flying into the sky over Kachin, refueled from cargo airplanes flying over Chiangmai sky,
all the twenty (foxy) airplanes are with air tiger markings on their fuselages.

( Some say that their leaders are another young girls in Azteca or Inca style hair )

All the sailor crews and private flight school students take a breath,
just after they look all the 20 - 25 bio mech aircrafts flying away to nearby their big shuttles,
inside of which the other sort bio mech of 100 meter in length (brain bio mech) in cockpit.

Sailor crews from gray (yankee) station and students of private flight shcool
recieve messages from leaders (of a flying tigers) by emergency channel,
that their shuttles run away including probe bio mech (also 35 - 45 meter) in low orbit.

"El Mathew" smokes (green marlboro in real world), "Fat Fellow" et al too (red marlboro),
in front of people running and gathering together, and many of them are non smokers.

Two leaders and the rescue squadron still in the air of a Kachin airfield
send wireless message that half the huts and bungalows are collapsed down,
and they back to training runways (at Vietnam) after refueling on Chiangmai air.

Another sunset comes, vanilla clouds and spectrum colors all over sky.
All the pilots think they would put emergency weapons back to underground bunker,
with hoping their no more sudden hatch up (and ask about where the bandit leader is).

Javelin in twin engines is very smooth at low altitude low air speed flying,
"Asthma Penguin" now open canopy armor and glass canopy itself, for ventilation,
watching vanilla sunset early in high ridges, with smoking (mint marlboro in real world),
in autopilot flight mode ...

( Writer once played these mentioned PC games with a home IMAX device & woofer )

... These pastel shades S F stories are optimized for home IMAX devices ...


In Human Minds # 90 ... A fair lady in snowball hairs ... 5 ...

... Inspired by ... Jazz music "Feel so Good" and "Silhouette" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1 - 90 ... A fair lady (once) left and right snowball hairstyle ... 5 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Spring days ... Under the bio mech fleet with 250 ships, intending siege ...

It is dark days for every galaxy human …

( In IHM series, it is always spring season, and in WOS series, it is always autumn )

The (navy) council still not decide which small squadron with fleet carrier will
sail to Vanilla harbor at west pacific area for back covering the carrier “Mir (Varyag)”.

But, there is some time left until the departure of “Mir (Varyag)”,
“Mordred (alike Macgyver character in real world)” and admiral “Quiz (a business traveler)”,
and “New Che (or Linsey)”, with greek stature muscles, a candidate skipper of “Machu Picchu”,
also come to new harbor cities in Adrian nebula and the New Krym harbor.

The harbors at Adrian nebula and New Krym harbor in Black nebula
are on a basically new infrastructure design.

High rise buildings with over hundreds of meters in heights are sector-A,
which means center area of new city has six or more lands for sector-A. but usually with
only one or two sector-A skyscrapers, others are reserved for after pulse (nuclear) attack.

But, all the six or seven center lands are connected by underground railroad, in circle,
and residences are allotted to one story house at suburban, at home work capable.
People using unmanned tram from local station to the suburban herb, sector-B.

Skyscraper buildings are usually for (merchandise) exhibitions or business meetings.
Fast magnetic surface railroad connects space port upto sector-A area.

Including retired admiral “Cyan (or Earp Cranton, another jeep amateur)”, “Arkhangelsk”,
“Typan (or H. S. Pierce)”, and Mr “Moor (or Gordon Wok, or Dark-A)”, all gathering at
a bar and cafe named “Amber sunset in Yellow Sea” at the beach side of hotel.

That hotel is good for these (in S F fiction story) famous human,
and also good for 20 – 30 of luxurious girls including “Cola (in IHM series)”and “Lin (in WOS)”,
sometimes they like to camp up inside hotel rooms, with lights on inside the tent.

“Typan”, a big merchant from Guangdong region,
orders up as many rum liquors as possible, and all (including some camp girls) like that.
Some small merchants retreat from those big people in their style party.

“Arkhangelsk (or Arnold, or the biggest merchant)”,
says to Mr “Dong dong”, another handsome and thin businessman looks alike pro,
that get this (the highest credit) card and bring out plastic models from the vault.

Mr “Dong dong” brings plastic models of “(New) Typhoon” and one smaller.

They are surely the first two ships will belong to so called 4 th generation (SSBN),
whole new String Generator ships, over 70 kilometers in length.

Previous 3 rd generation ships are usually 30 – 40 kilometers with P-mode weighted.

"Arkhangelsk" says that a bio mech (half) giant fleet with 250 acting ships
maybe aiming these two "(New) Typhoon" class S G ships and New Krym habor itself.

Big hologram from center table presenting
possible sites of bio mech ambush for siege, around the Krym planet, in Black nebula.

"Arkhangelsk (Ark Angel)" says something are stinging from back,
puts off jacket of business suit and picks off grass leaves.

They could generating close defenses (CIWS, see early sessions of IHM # 76 – 100 ),
and blow off enemy EMF shields even from orbit of a planet, with using sixteen or more
Pulse Reactors inside their hulls, all mobile sliding plate armors.

These two of "(New) Typhoon" class are especially designed for making S-mode strings,
and with help from lens alike effects of strings from Pulse Reactors, the diffracted string waves
could blow off suns, novas, and super novas, entire star system into without lights.

About user (pilot) interface of Robot-106,
I, another small merchant sometimes work for big merchants alike “Typan” and “Ark Angel”,
remember that basically with throttle lever and side stick, alike that in type-150 (F-15 series
in real world) and new version of type-180 (more classically Fold-up-wing Longhorn).

To meet all the various terrain sorties (alike helicopters in real world),
the software within onboard avionics of robot-106 have memories of airborne drop warriors,
(attack helicopter ops), light cavalry (the Stryker series) ops, (and anti-aircraft sniping ops).

About hardware structures, there also are onboard micro-mainframes,
and different from propaganda advertisements, robot-106 has dolphin nervous system,
from heart death dolphin, rather than dragon brain or (chinese) loong brain.

For example, about hovering attack (helicopter ops in real world),
user (pilot) could maneuver HOTAS throttle and side (rudder) stick to hovering wherever,
and robot-106 opens wind (氣) ducts along the axial and other actuators, micro pulse reactors
convert intaked air accelerating into plasma status, and wind ducts deliver to nozzle thrusts.

( This is alike duct systems in cell level, in most living beings )

And the engineers from New Krym harbor and Santiago city,
developed long polymer bar and exo-frame suits for robot, and exo-frame for space
airplanes even help reentry, could make close encountering with bio mech craft capable.

Sophisticated software including motion capture holo-data help martial arts of robots,
this means robot-106 et al fighting alike classical warriors by robot-self,
when up close ...

... These pastel shades S F stories are optimized for home IMAX devices ...


In Human Minds # 91 ... Miss "Gimura (Cola)" likes to bathe in hinoki ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... "The Gospel of Mark" and "Corinthia in the Bible" ...

... TITLE ... Space Voyages 1 - 91 ... Drivings at nights in Ghangnam urbans ... 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Spring days ... A vanilla sunset evening with mists ...

Meanwhile, at a pier of harbor, Sinai straits,
there arrived two "Iwo Jima" class space carriers and two "Daring" class ships.

Few decades ago,
"Iwo Jima" class carriers were compete with "Whitbey Island" class,
but after start of ship building "A-class (San Antonio)" ships, no one looks "Iwo Jima"
any more, but Londinium planet lease two of that class ships.

(Local people living in and near Sinai straits already saw LHA or LHD before,
so they think these "Iwo Jima" class space carriers are miniature sized LHA or LHD)

"Iwo Jima" class ships could carry up to 8 - 10 STOVL space airplanes,
and up to 10 - 12 robots in 25 meter height (attack helicopters in real world).

But, due to economic conditions and budget status of Londinium planet,
only 6 of type-260 space airplanes (or JSF-pegasus-STOVL in concept) and
8 of robots (attack helicopters).

Two type-106 robots (Comanche in real world), one type-107 robot (Ka-50 Hokum),
three type-109 robots (Eurocopter Tiger series in real world), and two type-108 robots
(Kawasaki test type helicopter in real world).

Miss "Gimura (Cola)" looks their outerlooks and flights,
and mentions that robot-106 is alike "Imugi (smaller loong dragon)", and robot-109
is alike "Yongari or Bulgasari (bigger loong dragon or sureung the tribe leader)",
and robot-107 is alike "Krum (biggest dragon in eastern Europe and allies)".

10 years ago, in the hot mid summer days,
Miss "Cola" was a college newcomer, and after lecture, always go to Ghangnam,
and during those days, there still many empty areas enough for night car parking.

At evening, there were many beer shops open with neon signs on.

Some tourists calls Miss "Cola" as "Gimura (木 村, wood log hut)",
due to one of after bath scents from her body, a scent of hinoki sypress.
She had two cars, one is with 1300 cc engine, and the other with 2000 cc.

The 2000 cc car is another birthday present from her parents,
but consumes much fuel, so she likes to go to college and Ghangnam with 1300 cc.
After she gets to know other girls also coming to north Ghangnam urbans,
she prefers to drive 2000 cc car when she meets with girls over 1.725 meter in height.

Yet, some of girls with 1.725 meter in height drives other brand car with 1300 cc,
and internal area is enough for girls with even over 1.75 meter in height,
but Miss "Gimura (Cola)" in 1.70 meter in height, keep prefer 2000 cc car.

One fine evening,
she had another meeting with girls with beauty, at Abgujung, north Ghangnam,
and that day was very hot, so she wears cotton skirt and garter belt,
alike other girls in those summer days ...

... I remember that during 1970 s, their were neither enough budget for developing another
airplane next to RS-71 "Blackbird", nor skilled able workers without abusing any drug,
it looks alike entire people in California are abusing drugs, but we had to research A-117,
although it will not be supersonic, and at those days I always missing senior "Kelly" ...

... in the book "The Skunk Works", written by once CEO, Mr Ben Rich ...

... These pastel shades S F stories are optimized for home IMAX devices ...


In Human Minds # 92 ... A long range rescue ops ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie Project A (1984)” ... PC game Future Wars (1990)” ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, Spring days ... A sand island with palm trees ...

Somewhere in desert island, off from Somalia coasts ...

There are few palm trees at the desert sand sea shore of a small island,
and between reddish sea water waves and white shell and scallop sands,
new and fast amphibious support ship Cape Cheetah floats in the air,
with a G-class (Burke class ships in real water) escort cruiser also nearby.

Cape Cheetah maybe the last galaxy scale middle size battlecruiser,
included in A-class (San Antonio class in real world), many are upgraded.

Cape Cheetah is somewhat different comparing to previous A-class ships,
including replaceable (internal) weapon modules, and max speed over 33 knots.

Oh, yes, this middle weight battlecruiser and amphibious support ship is definitely
faster than contemporary any other commercial freight ships in galaxy.

Main weapon modules are 8 inch cannon module from galaxy war era,
and test type high frequency multiple launching electromagnetic vertical artillery,
and missile launching module at the stern of ship (VLS turret C), behind flight deck.
( Classic sparrow missiles are internalized as ESSM, and others same )

Two ships are connected with broad band LASER communication databus,
all the radar and sensor signals from a G-class also flow to a new A-class.

Surely, they looks alike two zebras on the ridge of mountain Kilimanjaro,
mirror armors on, in north nebula (north sea in real world) monotonous camouflage.
It looks alike that if someone has 30 team of these ships, almost invincible.

Cape Cheetah onboard some air cushion boats (LCAC in real world),
sometimes could do massive assault nicknamed as Fire Dragon attack, if only
supplied enough amount of rockets (MLRS and ATACMS), from air land command.

Test type robot-106, robot-107, robot-108, and robot-109 are onboard units.
(JSF in pegasus engines sometimes supersonic, comanche, or stryker in real world)
(Some robot pilots are airplane aviators, but many are from non military personnel)

If they have to delivery few sailors for landing outside range of air cushion boats,
they could ask to air land command or their navy council about the new shuttles
(V-22 Osprey), with (timespace jump) space cargo planes (C-17 in real world).

( In these future days, air land command and navy council share the weapons )

(citizen) Cane, leader of this small team think
that there will be not much time left, until the doomsday of West star system,
so crews are now plough sand into wheat field (with help by Saudi observers),
with permission by local tribes, upto next 10 years.

(citizen) Cane thinks that if there will be secret wheat field,
there also be fresh bread in future days, and they could sail some more days,
until they could reach near to the real reason of this galaxy scale extinction.

There are land jelly fish, alike upto 25 meter in height (aurora) neon signs,
and sailors keep cautious not to frighten these near extinct species.

Some sailors fishing tropical codfish and halibut, others set up
fireplaces and BBQ devices, torch fires are everywhere under vanilla sunset.

Cane likes to carry damascus swords gifted from berbero-libyan sailors,
and says that sometimes misses (french) revolution era.

At those dark days,
the commanders of West Star system spending too much budget to
a 150 km in length self mobility 10 space orbit port put together huge ship,
though they already built and launched 6 carriers to pacific nebula side and 6
carriers to atlantic side, but no budget left for send 3 carriers to Saudi planets.

It is clear that in these days, ocean nebula acrossing capable tactical
double engine or more space airplanes are the best option, but Saudi planets
maybe need 3 or more full size fleet carriers in near future, once again.

People at Yeosu and Gwangyang harbor, somewhere nearby the Quriltai stars,
say if that mong tung gu ri ship activated, then harbor will break down, completely.

(citizen) Cane hopes to rescue some rich alumni living at Dakar harbor,
before the incoming full scale attack with 2 of Nicholai and 2 of Richelieu
with many escort cruisers and frigates, intending for break down communications
between many bio mech squadrons.

To sail to Dakar, they will stopover at the Cape harbor,
and they will leave 3 D hologram device for fake mirage of the Cape Cheetah,
on this small island near Somalia coasts.

People living in Dakar harbor like to be connected to local networks,
which some navy council members say the big brothers, and many are already
working for bio mech factories that producing lasers and missiles.

(citizen) Cane wants to see previous alumni,
at there (alike a famous Soviet era airplane designer Ilyushin did before)

... These pastel shades S F stories are optimized for home IMAX devices ...


In Human Minds # 93 ... A long range rescue ops ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Book of Andersen "Billedbog uden Billeder" and Story "Taras Bulba" ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X22, Last days of december ... Their white (label) cola end year ...

At the year before,
the 2 nd "Richelieu" class space carrier "Machu Picchu" from southern galaxy hemisphere
arrived at Yeosu Gwangyang harbor, about ten days before the end of year 2X22,
the space carrier ship floats in the near air, alike a long spear.

Their real purpose is scouting about growing activities of bio mechatronic crafts,
maybe due to building the 150 kilometer in length mobile space citadel, their own great wall,
surely funded by the West star system.

Skipper "Camdessus" and advisor "Jeff" plan to hear from local human,
and so they open bigger party (than the one pair N-class squadron).

Advisor "Jeff" lives in real mediterranean style villa home with cypress trees,
and says all the 10 of type-290 (MiG-29 series in real world) onboard in row at roof deck,
for more showing off.

Skipper "Camdessus" agrees,
but also worries that they are all borrowed from eastern planets (even one from DPRK),
so all the 10 of type-290 series onboard are with different markings and emblems.

Miss "Goeun", miss "Hysteria", and miss "Weng" from New Harbor for further advising,
at those days doing other works, all visit the party with dresses.

"Jeff" remembers that a young woman journalist from Yomiuri and the "Gawasaki Lady"
(a woman robot pilot wingman previously at IHM and WOS series, a flight in New Krym)
are sisters, that "Gawasaki Lady" is the younger one.

After that party, I meet with "Jeff" at the beer house in alps mountains,
and say that those 10 girls are alike more than ten years after beautiful child contest,
that after grown up, they all have some beauty but incomplete, view from the socials.

And I would tell that "Goeun" has beautiful eyes, and "Saeri" has not so big pelvis,
and "Hysteria" has good shoulders, and "Cola" has good knees, and etc.
Surely, those ten girls always showing off their merits of body, they thought.

"Jeff" answers that he did not say a word about the outerlooks of the ladies,
with keep drinking beer and tasting various nuts.

Meanwhile, North bay, their present day,
at the briefing hall and CIC hall of the big-E (CVN-65 in real world), in sunset vanilla sky.

(Some say that "(citizen) Cane" was late in promotion and always at Pacific side, maybe
resemble Mr Khrushchev in outerlook and smiles, but did not know much about)

(This time, Mr "Cane" attaches wheat brown mustache, just alike Mr Lech Walesa)

1. Mr "Cane" thinks that supporting a Cuore alike flight school in Kachin area nearby Himalaya
was almost successful, but including quite unexpected air to air combat experience

2. New wheat field at island off from Somalia coast is truly successful

3. Mr "Cane" analysis alliance fleet including 4 space carriers (2 of "De Gaulle" and 2 of "Kuznetsov")
maybe aiming Liberia planet as next target, possibly, where more bio mech under control than Dakar

4. Mr "Moor (or Sugar Ray Leonard)" says that at Liberia planet, there is a leader "Dark Ray Leonard",
earn much gold not from sugar cane but from under control half giant squid and half mechatronic,
with presenting low sugar white mousse cake made by self to all the attendants

5. Mr "Cane" says that if they cannot save "Dark Ray Leonard", but must save at least national bond,
that Mr "Cane" assesses that West star system has no more money to reprint that bond again

6. "Ark Angel" viewing (newly upgraded) 3 D hologram of high speed container ships, originally
budgeted for transporting the proto types of 6 th generation space aircraft bio mech for landing,
they are also 3300 meter in length (almost same as the N-class carriers) but 6 - 7 in number

7. "Ark Angel" says 6 of these commercial fast ships are already arrived at a harbor of pacific side
of West star system, landing deck is with new materials even enough for surface based airplanes,
so if the 150 kilometer in length space mobile citadel is full in spec, they will act 2 nd wave

(8. These temporary aircraft carriers are by really skeletal number of sailors, volunteered from
the pheonix (or white star) company, maersk company, sauber, beluga, and Gdansk etc)

9. These ships could onbaord type-118 (F-18) or other twin engine airplanes, if volunteered from
all over the 300 planets, at Singh emirate or Subic bay (maybe N-class shall be rejected)

Half of the attendants are from the air land command, and half of the navy council memebers
always think that the first of navy works are supporting the air land tactics, different from cavalry
at ancient history days before, but all listened carefully to these two old sailors.

But, in some part in their real minds,
they do also want to see some more voyages of a truly fast A-class floating ship,
with module A-turret with 45 degree vertical cannons, module B-turret with the 8 inch cannon,
peripheral VLS, landing upto 8 of test type robots (helicopters or strykers or JSF-pegasus).

And skipper "Bean" with 2 - 3 "Iwo Jima" class in lease with 20 robots will always help them.
("Bean" is also very good at making model with papers, sometimes tiny one)

"Oleg Antonov", a famous airplane designer,
and spent almost same time reading stories and watching movies as doing designing,
once mentioned that be prompt is the most fundamental foundation in business.

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In Human Minds # 94 ... A long range rescue ops ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... TV drama “Street Hawk”… Previous girl dance amigos “G.U.Y.”…

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, April spring days ... A daydream, imagination, and biomech ...

I remember that there was no way out evading from extinction of human,
whether or not some people knew more about the project bio mech
(or babel project).

One fine day,
I was running again to gymnasium, though I was about to late for first lecture of day,
and I always rationalizing myself that I running for the future.

(My elementary school day mentor was a daughter of a professor,
and she liked to sketch sceneries of Chungye hills, at Ghangnam, even raining)

A beautiful girl emerges from behind, and says hello to me, again,
and roadrunner birds following, we all run to the gymnasium, as fast as we can.
That witch girl, “Hashish”, was came from Peru, and daughter of a Colonel or Major,
and sometimes she wanted to hold my hands.

(Writer likes music “El Condor Pasa”, because she liked that old one)
(She is a traditional European lady, alike Miss Rachel in movie “Blade Runner” )

I hear that Miss “Hashish” maneuvers F-series cars (Ferraris in real world), in autodrive,
and that is the reason why she emerges later and never late, in full makeup.

She sometimes calls me little “Ginseng (with red leaves)”,
and she likes very much about my gifts, alike chinese traditional umbrella.
When I give gift to her, her cheeks becoming bright reddened, alike young plum.

Although she is not a primus offspring of a Colonel,
yet it could happen to her, to be a primus offspring, because her family is rich.

I always wonder that “Hashish”, came from southern hemisphere,
or the back side of galaxy, including pacific nebula about the half of the galaxy,
and an inch taller Miss “Red” from Siberia star system maybe twin or sister mermaids,
which means perfect body lines in well-proportioned figure.

At space orbit nearby Saigon planet,
three submarine cruisers ambush and waiting for upcoming 150 kilometer station,
alike a long train with all the 10 units are locomotives, and many specs still unknown.

They are ambushing alike three bunkers with 15 human squad per each,
and all of them hope they could at least disturb or delay that 150 kilometer station
from bio mech secret lair at Gwangyang, now possibly aiming Saigon harbor (3 rd time).

They targeting Saigon harbor because they did not cooperate last few months.

(Two of them are L A class, and one of them is Trafalgar class, in real world)

They all think that if they allotted W-class nebula (or ocean) size submarine cruisers,
(Sea Wolf class submarines in real world), if only they could use 2 of them at pacific side,
then they could do their works somewhat more easier way, but it was impossible.

At galaxy year 2X23,
navy council of West star system cannot afford 2 of W-class even to Atlantic side.

en route to a cape planet from Kilimanjaro planet, at the hanger deck of fast amphibious
support ship “Cape Cheetah” (San Antonio class LPD in real world), test type robots in
more detail upgrades, more better colorings, beta tests, and alignment calibrations.

“Moor (Quick Wok)” always says that internal atmospheric engines must be ramjets,
but it is too expensive, so they using zen duct with linear air molecule plasma accelerator,
all over the fuselage of robot, power generated by micro size pulse reactors.

“(citizen) Cane” says in scot-scania style (which means talks alike doctor “Watson”),
sometimes with big gestures so one could even see natural arm hairs much more than
skipper “Moor”, that “Cane” also REM dreaming when snooze inside robot chest cockpit,
same dreams that of onboard dolphin brain and spine, heart death before.

Tech staff “Norton” says that those dolphin brain and spine is definitely dead status,
just doing fuzzy calculations for many inputs from onboard avionics, complex position
controls alike flying through high rise buildings at the urban area of city harbor,
those REM dreams just remnants of previous memories when they were at sea.

“Moor” agrees that more memories were not erased, than dolphin brains and spines
those in still developing type-220, type-230, and type-280 space airplanes,
because more artificial intelligence devices are loaded than the new airplanes.

“Shiraz” says that swimming is another flying, so dolphins are more better pilots,
and could laser broadband data bus with onboard (blue) whale brains and spines,
inside the hull of A-class (San Antonio) and N-class (Nimitz class carriers).

“Shiraz” says she wonders that dreams of dolphin brains becomes as if become
a dragon (or long in ancient chinese stories), influenced by A I logic softwares
of onboard mechatronic machine avionics.

All agreed that after maneuvering these test type robots, they eat more fishes
for their meals than before.

It is sunset time of the east coast of Tanzania, bright amber sunset,
gray silhouette of on air “Cape Cheetah” in thin mist is alike slim white whale,
bigger than actual hull size including pale shadows around, and long white beach
with scallop shell sand is alike long amber cloud on surface.

A-turret at the bow is equipped with multi-launching vertical artillery,
they are usually in 45 degrees and firing shells to lateral side, and shells are with
guidance winglets, the trajectory and the air staying time could be precisely controlled,
sometimes the impact areas are alike chess plate, grid rectangular demolition.

When it test firing, it looks alike intermittent steams from a big blue whale,
with intermittent glowing shells spurting out, because this is reloadable system.
(It looks alike bright light beams in sea side fog, or lightning of Thor)

At a harbor in north atlantic nebula,
two “Iwo Jima” with D-class (Daring class in real world) ships from Londinium planet,
preparing sail to Liberia, hoping to arrive at there simultaneously with team Cheetah.

Nearby the coast of Liberia is full of sunk space freighters, half are submerged,
once deliver petroleum to their planets ...

... These pastel shades S F stories are optimized for home IMAX devices ...