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In Human Minds # 40 ... Reflections in dense Fog ... 5 ...

... Inspired by ... famous novel "Sherlock Holmes" and ATARI video game "Zaxxon ( 3 D )"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-40 ... Reflections in dense Fog ... 5 ...
... Encounter with Ghosts ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... ( 6 months before war ) ...
... Nebula, between South East star system and Kadena base, Luson ...

Our ( 11 th of N class) carrier "Nicolais",
with 20 aviators and 70 mechanics and sailors, now sails deep spaces
for finding the ways not to be fallen into another galaxy scale war ...

Commodore "Moor" with slightly broad forehead,
slender face, slim mustache, tall and somewhat muscular body (like an rocknroll vocal)
now sit on a seat on balcony of backside second floor of CIC hall.

In front of him, on the middle areas of first floor,
there are many seats for controlling, and 8 seats on 1 st line is for steering ship and sonar,
2 nd and 3 rd line are for RIO (radar support) seats and air boss.

"Moebius" leading type 260 formation,
and "Miguel" leading type 260 L formation, about 50 kilometers behind.

They now fly in a giant nebula, which contain lots of water moistures,
so around the nozzles of airplanes, emissions are sometimes cyan and sometimes yellow,
when looking from some distance, round rainbow with 6 colors would be seen.

And many stars and super novas are glowing in every 6 colors, also.

Until now, more than an hour have passed,
nothing detected by radar and various sensors including thermal, on the aircrafts.

Admiral "Cyan" and skipper "Cloud" is now on hyper time space link.

"Cyan" and his team is now in busy status,
at one of the communications relay stations, at the Central star system,
translate all the signals captured by many satellites all around this galaxy.

And there are too much communication traffics between over 300 planets,
so it seems to be an endless works.

And "Cyan" is almost 50 % sure
about there is some unknown flying objects in this remote nebula.

"Cloud" now change into business suit,
visiting his family and relatives, friends, colleagues, after more than 5 months of voyage,
and he never forgets about collecting informations.

"Cloud" is now sit on the bench on sandy seashores of Long Beach,
under a palm tree, near a pyramid shaped antenna, keep turn on PDA device.

At his time zone, it is now almost sunset,
and stratified clouds near horizon are in pink and orange colors ...

"Cloud" says that his friends at many sorts and categories of jobs,
now think that another galaxy scale war is coming near, and some of them
already encountered with various kinds of Bio Mech thing crafts.

Sometimes some of them fly near airliners and space cruisers,
but until these days, no photoes have been taken.

I am now sit on a seat near commodore "Moor"
and watching carefully front side screens which are 4 stories tall,
and individual monitors on chair.

In this occasion,
I have to relay informations between skipper "Moor" and the "Typan" (in subtropical shirt)
and the "Typan" is now in a meeting room with his secretary Miss "White" and "Shiraz"
also watching carefully on the front big screen, data from carrier "Nicolais".

There is an unmanned freight ship near our carrier,
and if in case we overwhelmed by those Bio Mechs, carrier will jump to other space
and all the airplanes in this nebula will go to the (rescue) freight and then jump.

On the inside flight deck of "Nicolais",
2 more Type 260 and 2 more Type 260 L are prepared and ready for
up in the air ...

... to be continue ...


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I've been looking at this thread with wonder and confusion for a while now. Maybe I'm just missing some important piece of information, but what on earth is this all about? :confused:
... Inspired by ... famous novel "Sherlock Holmes" and ATARI video game "Zaxxon ( 3 D )"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-40 ... Reflections in dense Fog ... 5 ...
... Encounter with Ghosts ...
It's a fan fiction about a space voyage with ghosts inspired by Sherlock Homes and Zaxxon.
Interesting mix of inspiration, that's for sure! :)

I guess the weird line breaks and prose just threw me off... But, yeah, interesting...

Also, this kinda confuses me: "Another edit-it-yourself story block or module..."


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Rie lives in Southeast Asia and I believe he writes the stories (this and his prior WC ones) in Chinese and then runs them through some translation software into English for us.


Super Carrot!
Also, in the beginning he used to start a new thread for each new part of the story, so you might have missed the start.


In Human Minds # 41 ... Reflections in dense Fog ... 6 ...

... Inspired by ... famous novel "Sherlock Holmes" and ATARI video game "Zaxxon ( 3 D )"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-41 ... Reflections in dense Fog ... 6 ...
... Encounter with Ghosts ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... ( 6 months before war ) ...
... Nebula, between South East star system and Kadena base, Luson ...

There is even no escort missile warship for this 11 th "N class" carrier now,
but the 12 th is already in construction, and there are twelve more reserve carriers,
so 90 personells and even me, a humble business guy with notebook device,
want to encountering with the ghosts ...

What is ghost look like ?
Well, intelligence offices says that they are usually over 60 meters in length,
and about 1000 - 2000 ton in weight, and propulsion is seems to be DL system.

They would have some hiding (= cloaking) devices.

Their possible threat ?
It would be estimated that sudden attack to convoy vessels, for shut down
the galaxy trades and interstellate commerces.

If they are already over 100 produced,
then they could even break down maritime convoys from West star system
to (western) Central star system ...

From reports by admiral "Cyan" or skipper "Cloud",
there even are many evidences about their selling, that means, like other many bad
events broke out in history before, they are products by some other human.

It would be a
really serious threat to entire 10 billion human in this galaxy ...

I do not worry much,
though this mighty ship, which is over 3200 meters in length and 15 star fighters,
which has many back supports by the "Typan" , "Emirs" , "Maharajahs" ,
and even from "Islanders" ...

This carrier is too big to be damaged by those comparatively small things.
Simply, we cannot be defeated.

But, until now, only few of sunken ships is still in by unknown cause status,
and experts say that we cannot suspect those Bio Mechs or ghosts did that.

"Moebius" in Type 260 team (with 2 airplanes) reports that
he find something, and it is running away ...

"Miguel" in Type 260 L team turn on turbines, and accelerate to catch up
forward type 260 team ...

And 2 more type 260 (= JSF) and 2 more type 260 L (= Yak 141)
EMF catapulting immediately, and other on duty aviators rush to 7 airplanes ...

One by one,
the beautiful and wonderful crafts are up in the space, with cyan and (bright) amber
flames on nozzles ...

Commodore "Moor" is at the cigar and film hall, watching documentary on sofa,
and he also run to CIC hall ...

I am at the low deck,
measuring alloy metal fatigue by portable notebook devices, and start to
run to CIC hall ...

"Miguel" and "Moebius" teams
are in hard to keep chasing the Bio Mech in running away, because in many times,
only its sail and periscope could be seen by radar and sensors ...

Now other 4 airplanes are back up "Miguel" and "Moebius" , a little distance behind,
and 7 airplanes are flying all around this 11 th "N class" aircraft carrier ...

If in situations that this vessel "Nicolais" shall jump out from this area,
there are safty margins, so the airplanes near this ship would simply being attached
to the hull, and then all together jump to other space.

The CIC hall is in silence,
except some orders and repeats ...

... thanks for reading, these will be continue ...

( If you people find other writings by Rie in this web site other than
"Space Voyagers - In Human Minds" and "Space Voyagers - Waves of Strings",
please ignore them, or if possible, erase them ... )

( Yes, Rie is a chinese, but live and earn income outside China or Taiwan )


In Human Minds # 42 ... Reflections in dense Fog ... 7 ...

... Inspired by ... famous novel "Sherlock Holmes" and PC game "Starcraft"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-42 ... Reflections in dense Fog ... 7 ...
... Encounter with Ghosts ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... ( 6 months before war ) ...
... Rah planet, between South East star system, and Kadena base on Luson ...

There is even no escort missile warship for this 11 th "N class" carrier now,
but the 12 th is already in construction, and there are twelve more reserve carriers,
so 90 personells and even me, a humble business guy with notebook device,
want to see those ghosts, at least visual contacts ...

Where are ghosts come from ?

Skipper "Cloud" says that, quotes some for selected viewers only papers,
officially hidden files made by some teams in terran military intelligence personnels,
they are (direct) descendants from those (submarine) crafts 100 years ago that
broke down trades by convoys between (geographically three ? ) West star systems
and (western) Central star system.

Why they come back ?

Well, analysis and assessment by admiral "Cyan" is like,
(in may times he shall not speak those all ... because he is one of them ? I thought )
that in these days, a galaxy with too overly populated more than 10 billion human,
over 300 nations, and many human societies are already in too much greed ...

Simply, many humans want more by all means, I thought.

Four star fighters, lead by "Miguel" and "Moebius"
now in (directional) radar silence and even in optical cloaking mode status,
keep chasing that one sail and periscope (maybe hull is in optical cloaking, too).

Four other fighters are about 10 kilometers behind.

That sail and periscope, a Bio Mech (submarine),
now floats through this fog like nebula, heading toward a Rah planet, a dead planet.
(which I will mention at "Waves of Strings" part 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20 )

Skipper (of 11 th N class, on this voyage) "Moor" wondering that
a dead planet, far far away from (terran's) Central star system, once watery planet with
small archipelagoes with coconut trees and tropical orchids, but some military organizations
occupied and turned into secret base 100 years ago, but totally destroyed few years later.

What is going on that dead planet now, I thought ...
( quoting PC game "Loom" and so on )

One of 7 fighters defending this aircraft carrier detect that
a sail and periscope (submarine) comes directly toward us from starboard side.

Detection is late because it has even optical cloaking device,
so it is already inside of our outer defense line by ship's missiles.

Luckily, or prepared,
our 7 fighters are now fly along our ship's second line of defense,
so some of aviators launch many missiles, and soon, that Bio Mech thing explodes.

But, only some time later,
another Bio Mech (submarine) lock down, by electromagnetic fields on 2 nd defense line,
made by over 20 satellites with shield generators, located port side of this vessel.

Two main gunnery turrets of this vessel open fire some
highly explosive shells across the bow of that Bio Mech for additional warnings,
and those shell explosions are pretty big comparing to that thing, 60 - 70 meters.

Our ship's 3 rd line of defense,
short range missiles and many CIWS phalanx guns, is in full ready status,
but do not need to open fire.

A hour later,
another freight arrives, and giant cranes with manipulator catch it
and load it (submarine) into the ship's big seal canister.

Admiral "Cyan" wants that ignoring this dead planet (with possible secret base)
and send to him about photoes taken by "Miguel" and "Moebius" team
and keep delivery 100 units of type 150 star fighters to Kadena.

Maybe this mission is quite dangerous than expected before,
I thought ...

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds # 43 ... Girl with shining Shoulders ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... PC game "Heart of China" and "Wing Commander III"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-43 ... Girl with shining Shoulders ... 1 ...
... They wanted everything, but lost all they had ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... ( 6 months before war ) ...
... Rah planet, between South East star system, and Kadena base on Luson ...

When I was a college man,
my future plan is just two, one is living at flat apartment (alone),
and the other is helping exceptionally good people (like Robin Hood or Quigon Jin).

At winter vacation (about 2 months long), I introduced to a medical doctor in 70 s,
and he runs a small Internal Medicine clinic not far from college,
at the main street of a bed town for college student.

Our college has no medical degree, and he is from foreign country.
( Like Mr. Sam in London or Mr. Tom in New York ... )

I would help him about input his many charts to computer.

There was another helper, a woman in mid twenties,
and although she is not a nurse, she will help a part time nurse in mid 40 s,
about sort up old charts, and put together if more than two per same person.

Her name, well, let us say, nickname her as "Jasmine".
She is religious minority, and only one in that student bed town.

She come from Shang planet (= Shanghai city),
and by that reason, her language is short, and many times just smiles.

Yes, she is a pretty girl,
about 1.675 meter in height, not big but long eyes,
slender egg shape face, big mouth and good teeth.

And there is no doubt that I help an old doctor to see her sunny smiles,
at those winter days in my early 20 s ...

Some of the patients are college colleagues.
(Many are from their medical records, so read and forget, please ... )

I am surprised to see a girl in shining shoulders again, at there, medical clinic.
Her reason for visit is about psychological problems, like hysteria,
borderline personality disorder.

An old doctor says that she is a daughter of a government clerk,
and just like many third world countries, her father married to a rich man's daughter.

In some third world countries,
marriage is not between two lovers, and not between a family and other family.

Government clerks usually always want to know about who has how much money,
and they always want to make use of official account books, in many ways.

Her worries are about, her current boy friends,
and when I hear about what she says, that more than half of her boy friends are cheating,
about their family's wealth, non existing rich relatives, and lies about their future income.

In my opinion,
her boy friends, most of them are college students always worries about their tuitions,
just nothing more than future corrupted government clerks, at best they could,
and to be a future clerk, much bribe are usually needed.

"Jasmine" is also surprised,
and even drop down medical documents she holds at that time ...

And where her borderline personality disorder comes from ?
Why her make up always thick and colorful ?

An old doctor assess that she is a beautiful girl, about 1.75 meter in height,
but she also has some sisters and brothers, so always in short in money,
which means she needs extra money to match up to her natural beauty.

Where those extra money come from ?
How could she earn that she is still in her curriculum ?

In third world society,
it is quite often that female college students live together with rich and old men,
as a young mistress.

It is not so wonder that I saw her at swim suit and lingerie shop before,
she needs those clothes to survive, and live her future ...

I have some rich relatives, truly,
and sometimes they give to me some money as presents,
so I could afford to go to a small sandwich and coffee shop or ice cream shop.

At the sandwich shop,
there is a part time job girl, and she is another college girl, who majors in music.

She is about 1.775 meter in height, and her body shape is a plus size model,
and she lives in her fancy that she is very rich girl who can buy everything.

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds # 44 ... Girls in bubble dreams ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Novel "A Doll House" and PC game "Heart of China"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-44 ... Girls in bubble dreams ... 2 ...
... They wanted everything, but lost all they had ... or ... Prelude to annihilation ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... ( 6 months before war ) ...
... one of Rah planets, between South East star system, and Kadena base on Luson ...

( I attended to a college at one of Rah planets, locates at north of Luson planet )

Patient number 5029 - 7305,
which means that an old doctor in 70 s has license number 5029
and female patient is a 7305 th visitor of his Internal Medicine clinic.

She is another college girl in early 20 s (from other Rah planet, so different accents)
about 2 years younger than "Jasmine" (a girl in 1.675 meter) and myself.

She has same medical problem like a college girl in shining shoulders ( # 43 ),
in medical terms, hysteric personality disorders.

She has beautiful face, but somewhat small eyes.
Her body shape is within limits, many people say that slim lines.
She is 1.75 meter in height.

She likes to wear (female) jacket, blouse, and tulip (line) skirt,
a standard cloths for a daughter of enoughly rich (side) family.

Whenever visit clinic, she never forgets advising about my wear abouts,
which is somewhat hard sentence for "Jasmine", who comes from Shang planet (= Shanghai),
accents, intonations, and pronunciations are different in many parts.

( My wear abouts are at best average level, and as time goes by, "Jasmine" follows ... )

One day, I meet another girl in shining shoulders,
on the main street of student bed town, at the center of about 9 different colleges.

She offers to me to buy beer and fried chicken.
I did not tell her my age, so she thoughts about same, I guess.

We go to a beer cafe, a entire two story building is a single cafe.
There is red telephone booths (like London), and (Singapore sling style ? ) mini gardens.

We sit on outside seats with parasol.

She talks to me about her problems.
Her father is rich, but has more debts than total wealth, and sooner or later,
interest on loans would bigger than monthly incomes, which means total loss.

She has some her own choices.
She major in economics, and at those days in Rah planet, almost all rich families
are concern in entertaining business, but in 3 rd world, its more like unfair gambling,
than guilds or masons.

What she says is so called management, but she has some her own or those days
contemporary problems, that she never bankrupt and she will always in
manager (she calls herself as "owner"), never (fallen) into player.

But, in ecomonics, as far as I know, no one is ever rich,
and in a Rah planet, one of 3 rd world, players are usually robber,
and I know that she is not a princess, and there is no man in the world that
tamely exploitated by such a small capital of hers, and her father is already broke.

I do not know her private life,
she maybe early bird that sometimes making family breakfast,
and helping her mother in laundry and cleaning when she stays at home.

She lives in a small flat apartment, and she says that sometimes a helper
payed by her father comes to her apartment and doing laundry and cleaning.

At those days, in a Rah planet,
some thoughts themselves as manager (in their term, "owner")
some as player who could become manager soon, after submitting their previous manager,
some as coordinator of those two, like government clerk, and intend to take all the money.

In my view points,
those economy can not be called as a capitalism, in many ways ...

... to be continue ...

( Not all Chinese society, inside or outside, are like Shanghai or Singapore ... )


In Human Minds # 45 ... Girls in bubble dreams ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Novel "The princess and the pauper" and PC game "Heart of China"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-45 ... Girls in bubble dreams ... 3 ...
... They wanted everything, but lost all they had ... or ... Prelude to annihilation ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... ( 6 months before war ) ...
... one of Rah planets, between South East star system, and Kadena base on Luson ...

What was Aryan like ?

when I attended to 6 years in middle and high school (gymnasium) in a Rah planet,
a poor planet which quality of life is always in substandard than average galaxy planets,
usually there is no library in school or town, so I had to buy all the books I needed,
so my knowledge about so called the origin of civilization, civil before ice age,
is very much limited and short ...

As far as I know,
and many of them are from Terran Aircraft command and Terran Fleet command,
from data in their cyber libraries, maybe they are not really existed type of human being,
rather than they are DNA and RNA sequences, mediating communications, like telepathy.
( Or should I call it as a mental sympathy between one and the others ? )

How could I communicate with a girl in early 20 s who major in music
and now working at a sandwich cafe, as a part time job waitress, temporary absence
from her college (I do not remember 2 year or 4 year curriculum) and making her own tuition,
by herself, but in 3 rd world planets, it is almost impossible, only increasing debts.

In Rah planet, like many other planets,
at the elemntary school, some of the students learn music and other arts by their money,
in case their rating is less than half in class, they cannot go to usual college, and that
means some of 3 rd world planets, over 50 % of middle and high school graduates
enter to college, which curriculum is usually 25 to 50 years behind than 1 st world.

And a girl in sandwich cafe turned to music class after graduating middle school
( or after 3 rd grade of gymnasium ) and continuing her musical instrument again.

In 3 rd world countries, sports is different from that of 1 st world (instant gambling)
and it is so called star chain system by Rah people themselves, only few spot lighted,
and many applicant just losing entrance fee or be robbed of, just alike their
entertaining business or so on ...

Now there are only few (or none left ? ) government clerks thought entire system is wrong,
every organizations or every facilities after set up, only few years later, they rotten
from inside, and what is left in it is many factions or lines, always trying to destroy others.

( Quite different from so called banana republics, many Rah people are far more rotten )

She is not a daughter of rich man or family,
but she has to spend a lot, being deceived as investment for future, but
what she have now is a part time job and much debts of her own.

I heard about her conditions at those days, far later,
and if I knew at that time, there is nothing that I could do for her, same ...

One day, I drive with her to a cafe inside a herb and tree garden,
along to the river side road, to upstream, and there is an abandoned lake for canoe,
surrounded by tall weeds, but it is only few places near a Rah city, visitable place
on weekends with friend by driving a car.

That sun shine day, a girl in plus size and 1.75 meter height, and me,
had an one fine day together, with temporarily forgetting,
in coming dark future ...

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds # 46 ... Type 1081 and Type 1082 ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "I Robot" and PC game "Wing Commander III"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-46 ... Type 1081 and Type 1082 ... 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... ( 6 months before war ) ...
... one of Rah planets, between South East star system, and Kadena base on Luson ...

After defeating the suicide attacks of unknown (bio mech) submarines,
commodore "Moor" says to us to keep steer "Nicolais" straight ahead to Kadena.

Buddy aircraft carrier and her 4 escort cruisers already returned to the Long Beach harbor,
they already sailed more than 5 months in spaces, so they need routine refits and rests,
so other 4 standard size escort cruisers will be reenforced from Formosa planet.

"Moor", "Miguel", "Moebius" are all anticipating them so much,
and keep in hyper time space communications with those 4 skippers of cruisers.

Now I am at the cabin for guests,
and turn on the palm top size 3 D hologram album device, given by admiral "Cyan"
and there appears various 3 D poses of Robot type 1081 and 1082.

On the monitor of a digital book,
specs of those two robots are almost same, heights are same 26 meters.
There are only 10 to 20 EMD robots per each type, and they are now still in testing.

they are built from entirely different research and development teams,
and their primary aims are also very different.

Type 1082 is from (three) West star systems, and they are especially suitable for
rescue operations, for ejected aviators and so on (= heliborne paratrooper),
usuaully transported into atmosphere by shuttles.

Type 1081 is from other star systems, not from central star system,
and they are exceptionally specialized for parachuting from a planet orbit,
jump out from inter planet transport airplanes (= airborne paratrooper).

What would it be like, if they floats in the spaces and in the air ?

In my view points, they are almost same,
they could fulfill all the missions that needs for the airborne robots.

They could float and fly in the space by their particle emission engines,
and they could float in the atmosphere by their plasma engines (air particle accelerators).

They have cockpit suitable for up to 2 person, inside their chest parts.
Their forearms, back, and lower legs are almost filled with multiple engines.

They are really fast both in space and air, and could transform,
but could they handle the Bio Mech things, genetics and mechatronics monsters
with heights usually over 30 - 40 meters and equipped with unknown weapons ?

There also a lounge hall in the cabins for guests wing, inside a carrier,
and there are sofas, vending machines, news papers, and many windows by displays.

This area is under the many layers of armor plates,
so one could see the outsides only by display monitors all around the walls,
and now I pondering on the stars that flows to backwards,
on the gamma corrected blue space behinds ...

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds # 47 ... Enter the Dragon nebula ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Apocalypse Now" and "I Robot"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-47 ... Enter the Dragon nebula ... 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... ( 6 months before war ) ...
... Dragon nebula, near Kadena base on Luson ...

An aircraft carrier sails
from Singh planet (= Singapore) to Kadena base, over 100 of type-150 within ...

I am at a condominium on guest wing,
and time is near 11 o'clock PM, and I turn on a gift from "Cyan" on my bed,
a small palm top holographic device.

Type 260 (= JSF) and type 260 L (Yak-141) are already in services now,
and type 220 and type 230 are still in testing.

( Type 1081, 1082 robots and Type 260 airplane are all 25 meters in length,
and Type 150, 260 L, 220, 230 airplanes are all 28 meters in length )

Some of terran side military personnels already know that galaxy scale war
is impending and inevitable, but many want at least delaying the outbreak.

About few months ago, I heard that
many factions in terran side started to developing future secret weapon systems
over 25 years ago.

And one of them was fleets consisted with totally genetic mutants, ships and crafts,
mechatronics outer shells and bionic hybrid inside, Bio Mech.

Recent events tells that by some reasons, they back to human galaxy,
and breaking down commerces and trades between human planets, over 300 all around
this galaxy, and there is no doubt that terran side authorities, about 100 planets,
are behind them.

And it is an open secret, that carrier "Nicolais" is not the first ship
that destroyed these genetic mutant weapons.

In my view points, they are another means to destroy other human societies,
for more gains, profits, and resources.

And what if full scale war begins ?
In nuclear war, where could aircraft carriers and escort cruisers come back to ?

I turn off a palm top holographic device and lying on my bed.
If I knew situations would go this far, I should give my true heart to a girl.

At least, I should tell to a girl that truly I love her.

And who would that be ?
For which girl that my true heart given to ?
(So called, love of one's life ... )

A girl in 1.675 meter, from Shang planet, and works for clinic nurse assistant ?

A girl in 1.725 meter in height, and always wants another rain coat ?

A girl in 1.750 meter, older than me, and always visits clinic to care her hystria ?

A girl in 1.750 meter, and a daughter of a bankrupt businessman ?

A girl in 1.775 meter, and an unknown musician, part time job at sandwich cafe ?

The next morning,
carrier "Nicolais" and 4 standard class escort cruisers reenforced from Formosa planet,
enter to the Dragon nebula area of this galaxy, and through this is a short cut.

The nebula is red grey colored inside and many red stars are on backgrounds.
This is one of the solar (star) storm frequent spaces in this galaxy.

Our 5 ships are sails so closely,
so many aeronautical lights are on and off, including emergency landing decks
outside of "Nicolais" EMF catapults and internalized landing decks.

Some of type 260 and type 260 L are take off and land, sometimes.

And all the 5 ships has full hull armors, many layers,
but classically, outside of bridge area is lights on (like ocean ships)
and many cabins are too ...

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds # 48 ... Enter the Dragon nebula ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Apocalypse Now" and "Mech Warrior IV"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-48 ... Enter the Dragon nebula ... 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X12 ... November ... ( 6 months before war opening ) ...
... Dragon nebula, near Kadena base on Luson ...

An aircraft carrier sails
from Singh planet (= Singapore) to Kadena base, over 100 of type-150 within ...

Now I am stand inside a hall of blue print holograms.
( Likes a colonnade hall with many marble statues in ancient Creta, Peloponnesos, Scythia )

For those usual guests, only pedestal columns with various sizes are seen in a hall,
but I received a card for some visitors, so I could turn on some of the 3 D holograms.

One of those is Type 230 star fighter.

Length is same 28 meters, but somewhat different from Type 220 series,
Type 230 has more cloaking capabilities and original concept itself aimed 4.5 th generation
space craft (jet), but research and production costs are too high for year 2X12, now,
and many modules including some weapon systems are still under developing ...

So, different from first purpose,
they could not become left hook punch, not enough production number (less than 100 ? ),
far smaller than Type 220 series, the right straight.

Of course, I like those "N class" aircraft carriers,
they are over 3200 meters long, could handle upto or over 100 - 120 star fighters,
and when I visit due to after service of shipyards business, they even offer condominium.

They even could fit upto 8 main gunnery turrets with twin cannons,
but now only 2 turrets are equipped.

And the huge "D class" battle cruisers,
they are pretty dreadnought-ful, length are over 5000 meters, and also a huge carrier.
( also see first # 1 - 25 of Space Voyagers - Waves of Strings )

I like to watch
both 3 D hologram blue prints and 3 D outer shapes, of various scales.

But, the "D class" battle cruisers are only concepts, and due to budget limitations,
they can not be justified, even if nowadays, another impending a war situations.

Many would surprise
when they see the actual 3 D blueprints of the String Generator ships.

Outside is over 80 kilometers (= 50 miles) long and triangular elliptical objects,
but inside of them, there are columns of dozens of cylinder shaped Pulse Reactors,
along two main Reactors, that could generates strings, known as origin of materials,
and also end of materials.

They are so big, and comparatively,
even "N class" carriers would seen like Type 220 airplanes on her flight deck.

Theoretically, after opening of her many layers of outer plates armors,
the two main string reactors give some enough berth to each other and detonates
series of strings to near spaces, and diffracted by Pulse Reactors,
they could even destroy an entire star system.

Between two main generators, there is safe zone,
big enough for 2 carrier squadrons (= groups) and 2 amphibious (or airborne) squadrons.

But, terran high commands want at least two String Generator ships there,
when it eventually becomes to detonate the strings, the worst doomsday scenario ever.

After I visit a hall of holograms about aircrafts and ships, and doing my daily works,
it is near 2 PM and I would hurry for my lunch at a cafeteria for sailors.

Some comrades say that the captain of this ship, Mr "Moor",
now worries about copy-cat of Type 116 space crafts, already too widely saled to
planets with machiavellism, like Rah planets between Sanctuary star system
and Volcano planets.

Some of Rah planets are heavily armed, even with Type 116 fighters,
and now they are in their civil war with each others, but if things would changes,
they could even attack us.

Like the captain or Mr "Miguel" or Mr "Moebius",
now I am running the jogging tracks of this ship, usually along with the cabins,
and think about my yesterdays, especially with those young girls in their early 20 s.

Days during 12 th month to 1 st month of a year, with many snows,
festival days for Spring, Summer days on seashores, and Autumn days with fallen leaves.

For me, it seems about to be end of days,
and none of those girls (they might think ladies) gifted to me a small lunch box, I wanted,
filled with true loves for another human, or proposed about go together with earnest.

As far as I remember, each of them do not choose my true heart,
and what they want is easy money, only for their own greed, I guess.

They always wanted more from others, without any small efforts of their own,
too much expensive enough that one can not offer to others.

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds # 49 ... Enter the Dragon Nebula ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Lonely Voyages" and "Apocalypse Now"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-49 ... Enter the Dragon nebula ... 3 ...
... A girl next door "Melani" ... or ... An uptown girl "Melani" ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X12 ... November ... ( 6 months before war opening ) ...
... Dragon nebula, near Kadena base on Luson ...

An aircraft carrier sails
from Singh planet (= Singapore) to Kadena base, over 100 of type-150 within ...

Sometimes, I feel another admiral "Cyan" from a mid 20 s woman called "Melani"
but I like one of her nicknames, "Riot" (in dark blue hair)

As she is a businessman from aeroplane industries,
which major I do not know at all, so whenever I encountering with her, usually I listen.

She is very popular to some sailors in this ship "Nicolais",
due to always in cool attitudes and never lost smiles on her pretty face.

someone give her bundle of tulips, and someone give her roses.

At briefing hall, in front of all 20 aviators and "Moor",
she is explaining about latest upgrades of armaments for fighter planes.

One of them is the "Sledge Hammer" (= or hammer of Thorr)
It is one time only cyclotron accelerator which emits nova storm alike directional beam,
and then explodes into almost no pieces, because it could not have electromagnetic shells arounds it.

Type 260 L could equip about 10, and Type 260 could equip 6 - 8.
It is pretty powerful weapon unit, even the "N class" would not defend 3 simultaneous rounds.

And various missiles, like fire-and-forget or image acquisition type,
Type 260 L (= Yak-141) could carry over 20, and Type 260 (= JSF) could carry 10 - 15.

Laser guns or beam blasters (or cyclotron rail guns with depleted uranium shells in atmosphere)
could recharge upto 1000 - 2000 rounds per every sortie.

As far as I know,
we now very close to the within limits of copy-cat of Type 116 series, if they take aerial refueling,
but due to impending crisis at Central galaxy, 50 terran Type 150 airplanes and 50 (local) of
Volcano planets' own Type 150 s, at Kadena, now without any single refueling carrier aircrafts.

So until we unload over 100 Type 150 reenforcements from Singh planet,
potential enemies could fly farther than friends on Luson planet or ourself.
(buddy to buddy aerial refueling)

And as those conflicts between Rah planets go far and far,
almost every Rah planet mass product many copy-cats of terran's Type 116,
to eliminate other Rah.

Yes, I have been born from one of Rah planets,
so I am the most broken hearted of all our 95 sailors on this ship "Nicolais".
( I grow up at Shang planet and went to college at Dalien planet )

About 50 to 100 nautical miles forward from us,
some drones launched from our aircraft carrier "Nicolais" for early birds against any threats.

drones detect about 20 of Type 116 fighter planes, entire a battalion, directly toward us.

"Moor" wants to go into insides of defence capable areas from Kadena, Luson,
as fast as they could, but air leader "Miguel" and "Moebius" want to encounter with them.

So, "Moor" decides that 8 fighter planes will lead by "Moebius" to encounter with threat,
and "Miguel" will lead other 7 fighter planes and keep defend arounds our small squadron.

About 25 nautical miles from us, there also is a freight ship in sailing,
in case of (total) loss of (all) our vessels ...

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds # 50 ... Enter the Dragon nebula ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Lonely Voyages" and "Apocalypse Now"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-50 ... Enter the Dragon nebula ... 4 ...
... Attack is from 3 different sides ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X12 ... November ... ( 6 months before war opening ) ...
... Dragon nebula, near Kadena base on Luson ...

An aircraft carrier sails
from Singh planet (= Singapore) to Kadena base, escorted by 4 ships Dane cannon within ...

"Moebius" leads 8 of Type 260 (= JSF) and fly to those unknown threat
with 20 fighter planes of copy-cat Type 116, coming directly toward our vessel squadron.

And "Moor" wants stand off assults if needed, that means
8 of Type 260 would do alike satellites that made for global or space positioning system.
( Switch on their internal onboard active GPS device or SONAR device )

After calculating accurate relative positionings and vectors of possible enemy threats,
then those data would download to 2 front side of 4 ships that Dane cannon within,
and then long range stand off precise particle beam assults would follow.

5 of Type 260 L (= Yak-141) and 2 of Type 260 (= JSF) by air leader "Miguel"
are escort flying around our squadrone with 5 vessels.

( In these situations, writer guess that STOVL aeroplane has much more advantages )

An aircraft carrier "Nicolais", and 4 escort cruisers (= Spruence class) from Formosa planet
keep current direction and maintain in battle speed, many necessary lights still on,
for avoiding mis-firing to friends, rather than against foe.

"Moor" is at CIC of aircraft carrier "Nicolais"
and keep thinks about being the first actual real battle user of this "Sledge Hammer" weapon,
and of course he is not willing to do this, I guess.

For example,
"Miguel" team with 7 fighter aircrafts has over 60 of "Sledge Hammer" weapons,
and that is far over enough to blow off our entire squadron with 5 ships.

But, what I (= a humble business guy from Dalien planet) really want
is firing that weapon (one time use only expendable cyclotron that emits a beam pro and aft),
and see the glowing columns all over near space around us ...

And there comes 2 nd threat, and they are consist with
more close outer look to original Type 116, and their number is over 30.

Soon after,
air leader "Moebius" with 8 of Type 260 (= JSF) fighter planes and over 10 drones
detect that the 3 rd wave, consist with another copy-cat of Type 116, and their
number is estimated about 70 or more, distance over 100 nautical miles.

"Moor" decides that
other 2 escort cruisers (= Spruence class) with Dane cannon to front side,
and all the 4 ships are now ready for precision attack toward those 3 waves consist with
20, 30, and over 70 aircrafts each, incoming threats to our squadron and fighters ...

after first open fire of our 4 Dane type long range cannons all together (or first salvo),
all of copy-cat of 3 waves consist with various sorts of Type 116 fighter planes
turn their direction, and run away to their home bases, as fast as they could.

That is not what I expected.
( Maybe I want to see the demolitions of copy-cats that made by Rah planets )

But, "Moor" says that this is quite enough for today,
and says all the 4 escort cruisers will reformation into conventional defense setups
and all the 15 space crafts will return to carrier immediately.

Old "Moor" and young "Riot" want to refit and recharging of all the weapon systems.
( "Riot", a woman in dark blue hair, looks under than age 24 - 25, for me )

Some time later,
our squadron arrive on orbit of Luson planet, a planet with ground bases for aircrafts.

From the observatory deck of port,
I could see 100 of Type-150 ground base fighter aircrafts unload from "Nicolais" by cranes
and fly 2 by 2 to surface base on Luson.

A long line from orbital port
to Luson planet is full of Type-150 fighters, in autopilot mode.

The leader of small port garrison team (less than 100 personnels ? )
says that commander of Kadena base want to see "Moor" and his team,
inviting to their welcome dinner.

We all, over 95 of us and few from orbital port garrison team,
onboard a shuttle and go to Kadena base.

... to be continue ...

... And that is actual end of episode I of this series, # 26 - # 50, and episode II will be continue ...


In Human Minds # 51 ... A tale from deep thriot ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Movie "Indiana Jones" and "Fire Fox"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-51 ... A tale from deep throat ... 1 ... Beginning of Perish

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November or (February) ... Bosphorus planet, center star system ...

A-class (or N 1 - class) space craft carrier and 4 of auto-nav capable G-class cruisers,
by sea leader "Moor" and less than 500 sailors, now at the Bosphorus harbor,
at pier 55, floating in the air, few meters above sea water ...

Before I attend to an onboard meeting with some of
legendary 500 sailors including leader "Moor", amigoes "Miguel" et al,
I had an appointment with "Typan" (big merchant) at an old cafe at Bosphorus.

( I only wear jacket and tie, but could enter into )
Two men in business suit come in, one in white shirt the other in blue shirt,
and take seats with us, they are somewhat thirsty and drink beer, first.

Inside an old cafe, colors are green and amber, tables are about 30.
( Interiors are somewhat different from that of maxim style )

And after lunch dinner with so called deep throats,
gentlemen in business suits, we went to a park near downtown,
and walk along the lake with swans, surrounded by birch trees ...

What they tell to us at there are about what they call bio mech,
mixture of genetic monster and have mechatronic outer parts, including weapons,
they could be still alive in too cold and dark space.

And they could change body shape from walking ground craft (robot) into space craft,
it could enable them to run away much more quickly and easily.

The deep throats could not bring out any photoes and blue prints,
it is that much top secret, and of course, "Typan" gives money cards to them.

I wonder that how could those monsterous bio machines could be built ?
Who and which organizations funded to ? What planet ? Where ?

And the "Typan" still could not agree to that
recent increased cargo ships loss are done by such genetic monsterous things,
more likely, assumed by deep throats and et al ...

Now I watching at 3 D holograms, back to my cabin inside an A-class carrier,
6 palm-top devices shows 6 girls in motion pictures, whom I met during my college days.

Doomsday, annihilation of human, end day is coming,
but girls in hologram memory devices are always in laughing and smiling ...

A girl in 1.675 meter, from plateau, a cook (and one of my relative cousin)

A girl in 1.700 meter, grow up at Shang planet, and works for clinic nurse (assistant)

A girl in 1.725 meter, usually day dreaming, and always wants another rain coat

A girl in 1.750 meter, an office lady, and always visits clinic for care her hysteria

A girl in 1.750 meter, TV announcer alike makeup, and a daughter of almost bankrupt businessman

A girl in 1.775 meter, and still unknown musician, part time job at sandwich cafe

( A girl in 1.725 meter in height, thin body shape, and a part time dancer, How about ? )

... This 4 th generation S F stories will be continued ...

... Type 260 L ( Yakovlev 141 ) , Type 260 ( JSF ) , Type 115 ( F-15 ) , Type 116 ( F-16 )
... within In Human Minds series copyright is upto their real owner ...

... Type 220 ( YF-22 ) , Type 230 ( YF-23 ) , Type 260 ( JSF )
... within Waves of Strings series copyright is upto their real owner ...

... "bio mech crafts and ships" are upto their graphic and other files owner ...


In Human Minds # 52 ... A tale from deep throat ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Novel "Sherlock Holmes - The Valley of Fear" and ARARI game "Zaxxon"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-52 ... A tale from deep throat ... 2 ... Beginning of Perish ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November (or February) ... Bosphorus planet, center star system ...

A-class (or N 1 - class) space craft carrier and 4 of auto-nav G-class (compatible) cruisers,
by sea leader "Moor" and less than 500 sailors, now at the Bosphorus harbor,
at pier 55, floating in the air, few meters above sea water ...

After two of deep throats back to their office,
"Typan" phone calls to colleagues, so I walk alone for about 15 minutes.

Now the time is around 3 PM,
and shadows of human and trees are becoming longer and longer.

Pale sunlights between thin white clouds disguise gardens, park itself,
and the world, into digital pixel bitmap graphic alike figures.

I think that
what bio genetic mechatronic machines really intending is collapsing of human,
human societies and humanism itself.

Originally, they are created by some human to annihilate other human society,
and it is assumed there are more than 10 secret organizations of human, behinds.

They have never been used since, and fogotten almost 30 years past,
but what is certain now is that their number is increased more than 30 times,
and their outerlook is far much changed by themselves.

They choose merge than annihilating each others.

How many secret bases and shipyards do they have, nowadays ?
And how could they supply that much huge materials in less than 30 years ?

They upgraded themselves,
presumably at those not developed planets between 300 human dwelling planets,
and maybe already spreaded into unknown half of this galaxy.

They are now far more advanced in quantity and quality,
than their creator, human ...

"Cyan", a retired commodore admiral, is now on the phone.

At the bench, near one of the network connection zone (= hot spot),
"Typan" communicates with "Cyan", and this time, I could attend to in close distance.

( By flexible OLED touch screen display, a thin 15 inches, which could be put in suitcase )
( During these communications, of course, I carry business suitcase of "Typan" )

"Cyan" says that in recent days,
many early bird satellites all around 300 human planets of this galaxy, left sides,
detect over 10 different sorts of fleets, each composed with over 500 ships.

( Space ships of bio mech crafts are also genetic mechatroic mixture, itself )

If they are not balloons or hallucinations, multiplied reflections of virtual mirror in space by
electromagnetic fields, by pulse reactor, their overall number is about 15 times bigger
than total military ships of human.

( West star systems, already divided, have less than 250 active ships )

Back to hotel room, one of remnant of twin rooms,
sit on sofa under room lamp with shade, and turn on device, a gift from Mr "Cyan",
and various poses of type 1081 and type 1082 robots pop up in 3 D hologram.

They are alike dragons,
which in many stories around center star system (= orient) and far east star system,
and if more precisely described, it is human shaped dragon, in my view aspects.

( Dragons are in sunglasses, and all the weapons are carried by their hands )
( Some sniping rifles are alike that of Cossack, white stripes are painted )
( Legs and foots are alike that of sports player in winter sneakers )

Some legends say that oriental dragon has many metal scales
all around body, like that of feather of birds or prehistoric dinasours,
and each are erectable and somewhat movable.

... These 4 th generation S F stories will be continued ...


In Human Minds # 53 ... A tale from deep throat ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... Jazz music "Shining stockings (long legs)" and Video game "Space Invaders"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-53 ... A tale from deep throat ... 3 ... Beginning of Perish ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November (or February) ... Bosphorus planet, center star system ...

To win over the "Space Invaders",
some craft behind thick bean walls has to retreat counts (or CAG crafts) of each 12 stages ...

A-class (or N 1 - class) space craft carrier and 4 of auto-nav G-class (compatible) cruisers,
by sea leader "Moor" and less than 500 sailors, now at the Bosphorus harbor,
at pier 55, floating in the air, few meters above sea water ...

( Named after unsinkable human,
(alias Nibelungen), who served as foreign minister during a too long war )

Escort cruisers are somewhat different from that of usual G-class,
they are long triangular shaped, also Pulse Reactors within, and some parts are
transformable especially during firing 2 long range cannons pro, and during re-entry.
( Outer look is similar to that of Viper space crafts in "Battle star Galactica series" )

At pro of these cruisers, there are movable EMF prism generating parts for precise targetting
of 2 long range super cannons, routinely - 15 to + 15, at maximun power - 5 to + 5.

Officers in intelligent bureaucracies suspicious about reports from drone crafts
certain 1 of 10 bio mech fleets encountering much more frequently than others,
looks like purposing impending invasion into 300 human planets.

( Type 220 and 230 crafts, unmanned drone crafts, and type 1081 and 1082 robots
are all 25 meters in their length or heights )

( Type 260 series crafts are 20 meters in length, and type 260 L is 25 meters )

Analysts and professors assume that their weapon systems are far more advanced
than human in the apects of science, but their economic system is still in nomadic culture.

And if 1 of 10 bio mech fleets thoughts that their share is far less than other 9,
and different from over 70 planets in (north) East star system (behind the great walls)
they have no other choice but to invade other planets, incluing human dwelling ...

(( This time, they are not out from the forests, they emerges from a dark nebula ? ))

Once upon a winter time,
at a famous ski resort, I met those two girls (cola girl and cider girl) again, yesterday,
they were busy talking each other at a table near one of center side fire places,
and over that fire place, caquelon is hanging on for fondue or stew soups.

( Cola girl is in red and grey ski suit and Cider girl is in white, amber, gray ski suit )
( Cola girl is about 1.725 meter in height, Cider girl is an inch taller and has longer legs )

At the outside of window, there is Matterhorn alike mountain peak, snow flakes keep fall.
( Similar to a situation in "Star Trek - The next generation (TV series)" one at cafe in Paris )

It take about 3 credit cards for each girl to spend a whole week at ski resort, far away.
( This ski resort is one of St. Moritz alikes or original, paradise for both riches and skiers )

Hide away, behind a pine tree,
I think that whom they waiting for will never come to them, sooner or later.

Who, rich or somebody,
would spend their busy life treating girls without any (family) name value or fortune ?

They, (at least cola girl), would lower her gaze, rather than current high aimings.
Because those portraits on high side walls are always about too well known human,
and these kinds of human are not fall into single at any time in their life, I guess.

Back to my hotel room, I turn on 3 D hologram device again.

Could these half dragon (from legend) and half bio mech (because neurocom canister within)
save human in heart cockpit (alike parasite worm in tuna fish ? ) inside their body frame ?

They have movable plate tile armors just like scales of dragon, or bird warrior.
Different shaped armors are on shoulder, arms, dorsums, chest and belly, legs, foots.
( Much more complex than that of Medieval knights and warriors )

And those armors at back side are also functioning as canards, winglets, and drag fins,
and they are on extensionings with joints (thin cranes), attach to main body frame.

... These 4 th generation S F stories will be conntinued ...


In Human Minds # 54 ... Deep Scouting ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Music "for Salvador Allende Gossens" and Books by "Ernest Thompson Seton"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-54 ... Deep Scouting ... 1 ... A bait of an air battalion ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November (or February) ... Bosphorus planet, center star system ...

A-class (or N 1 - class) space craft carrier and 4 of auto-nav G-class (compatible) cruisers,
by sea leader "Moor" (pagan ? ) and less than 500 sailors, now at the Bosphorus harbor,
at pier 55, floating in the air, few meters above sea water ...

( Named after unsinkable human,
(alias Nibelungen), who served as foreign minister during a too long war )

( That ship is another N-class spacecraft carrier, alike "Nicolais", "Niihau", and "Illusive",
same 500 sailors from "Nicolais" maneuvering different N-class in this mission time )

( 5 ships of carrier squadron altogether looks like huge Sphinx in front of pyramids,
sky lines of many giant temple alike post-modern and futuristic buildings ... )

In these days,
Bosphorus harbor city itself became another dystopia, post-modern optimistic failure,
another total system failure, many buildings and architectures of city itself is
already empty, residents deserted them.

Locals now constructing new small cities all arounds, over 20 in number.
After being completed, old city would be totally deserted by locals.
Many buildings become ruins, too large to demolition.

Type 260 space craft has some cloaking devices, although still in developing,
they could even optically cloak themselves for about 30 seconds.

They have chosen due to their new abilities (belongs to so called 4 th generation jets)
but at the same time, bio mech crafts parasited in city has more cloaking abilities,
presumed by many intelligent organizations.

"Miguel", "Moebius", and other 8 courageous aviators valunteer
a ground based deep scouting, and lease entire facilities of previous airport.

"Typan" ask me to help maintenance type 190, an old two engined space craft,
many spare parts would be found at black markets, like those in this city.
Type 190 will be used as a bait, after restored.

Once parasite bio mech craft arises, from dark side of soon will be deserted city,
dozens of search lights will be on and begin tracking, controlled at CIC of N-class,
spot silhouette and shadow, and it would be easy during fog and cloud weather.

Mass wave detectors are too scarce in number to be used in this huge mega city.

During late fall to early spring, it is also dry season, sometimes especially
due to dry Sirocco winds from the great desert near equator.

Belongs to eastern climate zones, Bosphorus has long autumn season,
many trees are already in various autumn colors, some fallen leaves are around.

There are mounds (less higher than hills) and mounds around these area,
but "Typan" choose this good mound top, maybe because of cosmos flowers around,
like came from, where grew up and attended to gymnasium for 6 years.

We, 10 people including "Typan" and me, make sure that do our best,
maintaining this old spacecraft to fly well in the sky, once again.

A deserted runway at mound top, a small plateau area, about 50 meters higher than
rest of Bosphorus city, makes it easy for air resupply by type 1700 shuttles from orbit.
During type 190 is not in needs, off duty, whitish high tent will cover entire fuselage.

"Moor" do not trust local leaders, always divided and argue against each other.
To set up this tiny air camp, secretaries of "Typan" had to bribe many locals.

At the outer orbit,
carrier "Nicolais" (or "Nibelungen") circling around, other 3 air wing battalions within.

"Moor" already know that even in this keep escalating situations,
terran council expect that about half dozen N-class (Atlantic fronts) could be supplied
type 220 and type 230, and other carriers have to do with type 260 L and type 260.

( type 190, type 260 - 20 meter, other crafts & drones - 25 meter, bio mech - 35 meter )

Professor "Allende" think that type 220 and type 230 would need further reinforcement parts,
keep study on new creature, Exo Frame device, could attach on type 220 and type 230,
preparing for desperate future (another ice age alike) ...

... This 4 th generation S F stories will be continued ...