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... In Human Minds # 134 ... Dash havogotzivi ! ... 4 ...
... Inspired by ... Hollywood movie “Cleopatra (1963)” ... “Enter the dragon (1973)” ...
... Galaxy Year 2X2X ... Leader “Moor” inspects half legion in parade ...

For ancient corinthians, dancers of so called ok-liu club, naeng-myeon club
were famous, no less than cover and catalog girls in 1960s nonno magazine.
(Facts about corinthia.)

(Old pushan k-pop “A girl before 100 meter”, accordions & jazz instrument.)

Miss “Baek” once gathering yakcho and herb on gaema plateau high lands,
and did not know about ohenro (nippon or other style pilgrimage) wanderings,
yet, walking a lot during teen ages, so suitable for bulsapa squadron.
(Really, nerwa hut similar to a little hut of “Dunbar” in “Dances with wolves”.)

“Moor” sometimes wants hearing what happening, stands in crossing arms,
miss “Baek” usually talks to ear of “Moor”, recent diary on hand, standing on
back of ohenro girl nicknamed “new chochun”, because once flight attendant,
sometimes tugging rope of engine troubled interstellar airplane, with others.
(A tall girl resembles miss “Stig” is sometimes called deolreongyi.)

“Jihyo”, once worked at very old shandong style chinese cuisine house,
with white stone parking lots, similar to ohenro have to do, until sunset dusk.
And at shanghai on long river delta and new harbor at west stars, become
somewhat rich during late highteen to late thirties, her old friend nicknamed
her as “cleopatra”, an ancient egyptian girl had both bling bling and skills.
(Doesn’t like nickname “cleopatra”, so in “gungadin” double mushroom hair.)

“Jihyo” is also born mechanic, from teen age she could easily read manual
of iguazu style patbingsu ice machine, washing machine, and others, and
sometimes even fix white machines alike refrigerator and air-con.

(Old k-pop “zoeunnal”, southern america “directo al corazon”, jazz style.)

Ohenro girls concern about off time costumes (nice-claup, omsk, etc),
(and they are worrying half of them are short due to proto-culture ainu).

(All bulsapa half legion wearing costume of 1950 – 60 decades hollywood
western movies, gamma corrected dark skyblue uniform & steel buttons.)

(And maybe gyopo “Han Yeseul”, who wears LA gear, could nicely sing
so called “cotton fluff candy sajuiso” song, “atzogum atzogum” or cute &
small song, and “icecream sajuiso” or “directo al corazon” song, et al.)

“Moor” reading hidden old book, (published 17 th century mississippi),
and pen drawings are about 20 citadels of wood wall and soil wall, and
few tens of thousand (french speaking) people lived nearby lawrence
river and mississippi river, some wearing colorful uniform costumes.
(Maybe size scale is similar to “Oliver” frigates to modern spectators.)

“Moor” sitting on desk with charts, doing calculations by sliding scales,
and estimates if all the “Stra-eagle” from kabul moved to nearby of
“Amber sunset on tilted cross neon” refugee city, fuel consumption
will increase much, and maybe they also have to warp entire nemesis
Pe-nium field to nearby, which is alike behemoth or leviathan in myth,
with more and more increased drought pixels in hologram graphics,
and this is surely impossible.

(And next, calling voice phone at the center of skipper’s chart table to
norfolk harbor, and old day alumni skippers answer it is still quiet for
6 of “N-class” and 6 of “Wasp” class, except ice glaciers and small
icebergs keep closing, so huge LNG flames and laser CIWS in ops.)

(And the second New harbor is under constructon, at nearby charleston
fishery harbor, alike “Delta city” in movie “Robocop”, and although it is
not winter season, snowflakes keep falling on 9 – 13 museum ships,
including “Essex”, “Iowa”, and “Midway”, the before generation ships.)

“Macchu Picchu” or the “Majestic” are somewhere at inside amazon
nebula or congo nebula, and with most recently supplied space planes
alike type-28 (virtual cloak version of sukhoi “New Berkut”), “Albatross”.
(Because it is 500 years future, type-28 and “Albatross” could equipped
with external rocket devices, made by “Allende” laboratory in chile, could
ballistic flying from one region of planet to 20,000 kilometers away.)

(When war at vietnam during 1960s, petroleum supply even short for
B-52 operations, and western front, only 2 aircraft carrier could be seen,
“Foch” 1 and 2, with missile frigates, and they were also the last force.)

(And alchan “Big-E” of “McCyan” and a “Wasp” of “Jonathan Meyers”

are supported carriers from west stars, under this incoming ice and
drought age, and “McCyan” maybe wants role of “Drebin” in intro part
of 1980s movie “Naked gun” series.)

At dried yellow sea side space airport, where bulsapa team occupying,
this half legion in parade, between 7 space ships floating on seaside,
(including a ship from johannesburg, a drill mining and refinery ship),
and temporary crowd seats at refugee city side.

They are less than a thousand and all wearing gamma corrected sky
blue uniform with steel buttons, robots in row toward floating ships.

( 6 – 7 building ruins, maybe once small stations with small domes are
defended by 5 – 10 crab robots per each, with missiles and rockets,
this firewall around runway is alike one in cartoon “Asterix” series.)

Robot-203 (official number of 106) and other 19 robots in two rows,
alike ancient greek columns, and robot-203 of “Moor” and “Jihyo” in
pose alike marble statue of caesar, (in front of franchise caesar hotels).
Robots could move by themselves, reflexes of dead whale brain & spine.

(Some robots are with m-60 medium machine gun and carbine gun,
some with m-82 with long trivet, some with beam-bazooka and shield,
and 2 aprilia bike style upgraded robot-203 and 2 gawasaki robots with
long-spear with LNG flame bayonet and inverted L-shape long-shield.)

If biomech are bio-mechatronic 8 legged arthropod category, then
human could use chemical gas for extinction, yet, biomech are 10 - 20
legged bio-mechatronic amphibious squids, so other tactics needed.

(From alaska and turkey, 10 – 20 “Stra-eagle” arrived under news media
of west stars keep in silence, and some of them equipped with TARPS,
and some are with downsized orion anti-sub kits, and some are with
GPS guided multiple sdb bombs, and some with incineration clusters,
and 10 – 20 pilots are sitting nearby “Moor”, leader of bulsapa.)

(Theme of musical “Jesus christ superstar”, high tone electric guitars.)
“Moor” and others are stand up in much proud facial expressions.

(And next, maybe preparing gokusen forgot remove wheat powder sacks
inside pink festival sphere balls, so after multiple fireworks spark upward,
pink balls above opening, big carp fishes pop down alike lake dragons,
and all around crowd seats are under white wheat powder clouds.)

Because jugent biomech ambushed nearby entrance to underground
sphere retreat after defeated in sunset, two crab robots could go inside,
role of unmanned and remotely controlled probes with various sensors.

Six girls controlling two crab robots, (alike xbox or pls video-games),
somewhat behind from “Moor”, and at the center of the CIC hall, “Moor”
wearing digital goggle and globes, and a remotely controlled robot-203
(upgraded robot-106 into more suitable for front lines), hiding behind
structure of space port harbor and relaying communications between.
(And when “Moor” in robot, remote controlling of “Cape Cheetah” as a
huge giant machine whale is capable, dead whale brain also within.)

Crab robots even could do short range vertical flying, and 2 crab robots
keep going through passage, finally arrived at gravity free underground
huge sphere, and sending films of 9 – 13 floating ships at the center.
(Poses alike 9 – 13 museum ships, including “Iowa”, at charleston harbor.)

They are same as half of the radar and sensor signatures of unidentified
space ships, and they are without main engine power, so one could assume
2,500 ships of 5,000 ships are 2 nd generation, and not yet operational…

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... In Human Minds # 135 ... Dash havogotzivi ! ... 5 ...
... Inspired by 1990s game “Ticonderoga – Wings of liberty” and “Silent Service” ...
... Galaxy Year 2X2X ... A battle in twister sand storms ... 1 ...

This is maybe 500 years future,
10 billion human live in 300 planets of galaxy, and ice and drought age
come to nearby, and during recent few years, human almost closer to
extinction, but, galactic weather crisis were slower than be expected,
because metal mines and Pe-nium fields for 2,500 biomech ships run
out of, and delaying self manufacture other 2,500 more ships...

Pe-nium drying up more steeply, and west stars fleet staffs, councilmen
including senator “Moor”, and typans (big merchants) assume unidentified
and low observable giant mollusc crafts in fast increasing their number.
West stars sending one of the third largest ships named “Cape Cheetah”,
(and 1950 – 60 decades western cavalry uniforms), for find out more
about unidentified mollusc and 2 nd generation ships, under suffering
long term economic suppression and bankruptcy of budget...

(“Space voyagers - In human minds” or IHM are somewhat similar to
the ancient greek overspending era, and “Waves of Strings” or WOS are
similar to medieval era, shall have to cultivate far frontiers for surviving.)

At one area of dried yellow sea bottom, somewhat off seashore, there
is wreck of past day lost (nuclear) submarine cruiser, around area still
severely radioactive, and there is sign which printed radioactive hazard.

Refugee city mayor (actress miss “Han Ye-seul”) is doing solitaire with
an iberia card (hanafuda), for today’s fortune, maybe expecting luck of
peaked one horned clipper or courser, on skyblue blanket for refugees.

There were biomech dead bodies, every other day for recent two weeks,
hanged at deserted buildings leaning abnormally, alike one in pisa city.

It is under economic recession, price inflation, and it becomes certain
that those low observable biomech goesu are still do not running away,
they are wandering deserted underground facilities, and separated into
several groups, and maybe sentencing death penalty to other groups.

(Inside G.T.X. tunnel network, there are maybe deserted and forgotten
biomech crafts, several hundreds in number, some are watching TV
programs of human up on ground, some playing iberia cards, some
brewing low quality and toxic liquor, some are tattooing to others,
and many are crowded around bet boxing and courts for lynch.)

Mayor exhausted due to repetitively telling lie about hanged biomech,
because most refugees in this deserted city under a lot debt, and
cannot understand of unidentified and low observable goesu.
And complaining about extra LPG for burning hanged biomech crafts,
because this city is nearly running out of LPG.

Somewhere beyond stars over horizon, alchan “Big-E” and a “Wasp”
keep sailing, preparing for long range and silent attack mission, and
there are 20 of unmanned “Night Hawk”, 20 of unmanned “Commando”
(A-10 in real world), and although far less than half of a slava cruiser,
some long range missiles onboard “Big-E”, and 8 of “Albatross” and
8 of type-180 (virtual LNG engine version of “Hornet” airplane), and
leased phased array radar and VLS from “Bazan” equipped at “Wasp”.
(Theme music of two ships in role of past day “Foch” 1, 2 is “Aida”.)

“Macchu Picchu”, (number 5 or 6 of “Nicholais” or “Kuznetsov” series),
is a scale up one by sophisticated CAD/CAM software for architecture,
much longer, bigger, and futuristic than the previous space M.A.S. or
missile arsenal ship, reminding mysticism of pegasus hides behind mist
around lake at nearby high latitude emerald sea under amber sunset.

This majestic ship is with type-280 (virtual cloak version of the sukhoi
“Berkut”), and with the external fuselage add-on frame device made by
“Allende (of Chile)” lab, could launched ballistic to behind of a planet,
locating 20,000 kilometers away from the M.A.S. space carrier.
(“Lurker” girls alias as “Nova Storm” from top of celestial sphere.)
And there are enough “Albatross” cloak airplanes onboard, too.

“Macchu Picchu” usually sailing together with M.A.S. and amphibious
support space ship “Carlos”, for showing bigger than actual size.
(If comparing “McFoch” 1 and 2, and “Macchu Picchu” and “Carlos”,
“Moor” estimates cost efficiency aspect is maybe almost same, and
in the aspect of long range air to ground attack operation scenarios,
0.25 – 1.0 ton bomb could be delivered far more cheaper.)

(Maybe “Cyan”, “Moor”, “Didier” also regret over investment for “Iowa”,
so they imagine a ship in heavy cruiser sized, same number as “N-class”
and “Tarawa Wasp” class, and could platform for 2 – 3 air cushion boats,
“Didier” and others call these as “New Flying Dutchmen” space ships.)

Alike alchan “Big-E” and a “Wasp”, there are two combat CIC (future
planetarium sphere with big tile OLED wall screens) in the “Cheetah”,
and from one end of 5 – 6 G.T.X. tunnels, more than 20 biomech are
out to refugee city surface, and that area is empty and dusty ground.

After move of VLS (vertical launching system) in front of CIC structure
by EMF rails, type-142 (virtual cloak version of yakovlev 141 airplane)
could vertically landing inside that area, and after socket connected,
“Moor” could maneuver entire “Cape Cheetah” within cockpit.
(This virtual yakovlev 142 sponsored by typan “Ark Angel”, et al.)

There are many wireless internet hot spot poles in this refugee city, and
remote cameras also on poles, “Moor” could see biomech crafts from
many directions, and usually two biomech come out from G.T.X. end for
reconnaissance in optically low observable display armor and EMF shield
status, but, this time 20 or more, so “Moor” decides to scramble up.
(Biomech could transforming into more aerodynamic status during flying,
somewhat similar to up and down arrow icons of stock market.)

(“Cape Cheetah”, virtual more stealth version of “San Antonio” class,
which design also similar to tupolev 144, tupolev 160, X-43 hypersonic,
and somewhat different from “N-calss” and “Tarawa Wasp”, more closer
to X-43 hypersonic, which is in long triangular fuselage.)

Robots walk, and preparing serial air diving from rear lower bay.
Pilots and mechanics are tilting head, one point dance for being united.
(Similar to opening fast tilting of a pop “Kyawoodung” by “Girl’s day”)

(All the “Lurker” girls are in stewardess caps, except another miss “Stig”.)
(“Lurker” girls say that these are really zwei scale or big scale ops.)

Head of robot is inverted slender triangle, polymer cover (fencing mask)
on front sensors, various pale lights on and off, alike waving neon on lake,
tearful and stellar sad facial expressions of marionette or pinocchio.
(Reminding avant garde makeup of “Pris” in movie “Blade Runner”.
Body silhouette of 25 meter robots, from type-201 to 205, are almost
super size fashion models and sports athletes, alike miss “Sharapova”.)

Robots in aerodynamic feather armor, ingot (polymer foam in) feathers
of various length as the real birds, (and when for parades, robots are in
detachable plate armors with inverted-L shaped long shields at left, and
rhythmic gym rainbow prism fiber long ribbon at top of polymer spear.)

(And at back side of robots, nozzles are similar to Y-22, Y-23, et al,
geometrically variable stellar shaped or the embedded thrust vectoring.
Back, lower leg, and other nozzles even with external thrust vectoring
capable curved metal plates alike in Y-31 test type airplane in 1990s.
Robots extra equipped with 4 - 8 external fuel tanks, long cylindrical
pinnacle canisters on back, somewhat nearby main nozzles.)

At the rear lower air jumping bay, 9 robots are preparing for launching,
and they will be running off from space ship, 30 clicks away from target
area, and leaning for surfing on air winds, minimal engine throttle on.
(After landing, fast hovering to streets, alike TV series “Street Hawk”.)

And from a similar ship from johannesburg, (not yet aprilia or other style
upgraded), a few UAV with dish radar and 10 other robots into air, too.
(UAV with frypan antenna or other space airplanes launching from rear
upper bay, with futuristic 3 D EMF catapult, alike “Battlestar galactica”.)

(Skippers of “Orange” and “Lyme” think that they maybe have to replace
platform role for assult helicopter alike air-robot, if ops into total failure.)

Miss “Baek” is behind, due to interference of long range radar by newly
emerging sand twister storms from everywhere, influenced by heat island
effect of downtown with too much concrete, (and acceleration black-out).

When miss “Back” finds out a robot-203 with psnym (or snym, means
buddhist) “Jihyo” rides, that robot is on grass mound of a deserted park,
from forward, remotely controlled search lights are flashing and flashing,
between cypress trees on the grass mound.

Miss “Baek” thinks that legs of psnym “Jihyo” are not so long as models,
and hip circumference is surely bigger than models, but, back silhouette
of robot resembles tall model, tight hips and long legs under many ingots.
(First show up silhouette of cartoon or movie mechanic is its windy best.)

One third of robots, all are type-205 from eastern countries except a
robot-203 which “Moor” within, running and jumping roof of unfinished
buildings, many over 1,000 meter, for extra saving fuel (NOS category).
(This is what they call “Tarzan mode”, one of robot usage.)

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... In Human Minds # 136 ... Dash havogotzivi ! ... 6 ...
... "Whispering Corridors" (1998) & about air battles, "History channel" (2009) ...
... Galaxy Year 2X2X ... A battle in storms - part 2 or A fantasy of Cheetahs ...

This deserted area is few hundred kilometers away from bulawayo,
and is at between binhai petroleum field and sector 7 petroleum field,
there more than 50 underground new towns constructed at beneath
areas, but, most are uncompleted and still empty.

Of these, songdo, yeouido, and bundang (new ulsan) underground
new towns are occupied by hundreds of 35 – 45 meter biomech crafts,
(alike revivial of previous jeonra-minkook political expansionism).
Six or more biomech ships are heading to this deserted refugee city,
detected by “Macchu Picchu” and “Carlos”, for extracting riots...

(In IHM series, next generation string generator ships “Borei” class
and next fast submarine cruiser “Severodvinsk” are still in tests, and
in WOS series, “Borei” are hidden base for west stars squadrons.)

(Robot-205 remotely controlled from the New Krym harbor, and different
from unit hallucination effects in “Starcraft”, there really are about 10 or
more robot-205 “Werewolf” inside space ship “Orange” and “Lime”.)

Some are hovering on air to naked iron frame, and then unfolding long
claws at back of forearm of manipulator, made by shape memory alloy,
and then hang on at frame, using alike claws of ancient pterosaur.
This for extra saving fuel when fire support, with m-82, beam bazooka.

When hovering slowly between high buildings, even in low noise mode
with decreased thrust and nozzle glow status, building parts vibrating,
due to nozzle thrust from a robot, being seen from inside of building.
And during hovering, unfolds back winglets of shape memory alloy.
Crab robots too have, alike bigger jacket compared to small body.

(Back music is k-pop “Hurricane venus” by singer Boa.)
(Sometimes, back music of “Comanche-2” is 1984 olympic theme
symphony, back music of “Cape Cheetah” is “Atlantis girl” by Boa.)

At high above, two “Hurricane” (Eagle) flying somewhat far away.
And on lower altitude, two teams of crab robots each with 10 units
flying through between buildings, (alike “Mutalisk” in game “Starcraft”),
and they too equipped with display armors, so after passing behind
a glass building, changing color from bright gray into dark gray.
Crab robots remotely controlled by “Watt”, “Miguel”, “Radioshack boy”,
and equipped with short range cruise missiles and 70 mm rockets.

(If these 500 years future air-robots, lesser than 100 in entire galaxy,
could become to be hyperdrive capable also on the air, then too much
NOS fuel required, next generation downsized nuclear fusion reactor
which fits robot, similar architecture of one in submarine “Severodvinsk”,
still in research, and robot joints are still made of electric motors than
superconducting EMF field joints which are almost without noise.)

Some are sitting on naked iron frames, with using waist anchor & wire,
and aiming m-82 toward avenues and streets under, and there also is
cluster white laser for illuminating, sometimes index way to wingmen.

Some standing at edge of roof, for aiming beam bazooka to under.
With beam bazooka, EMP pulse shockwave or lock down could done.

If compared to virtual human in 2.5 meter height, these future 25 meter
air-robots are proportionally stronger due to superconducting actuators
and electric motors, much manipulator power than bionic muscle.
And hardware too for janus O/S, a robot-203 could aim laser targeting
device on carbine gun hold on left manipulator for defend, controlled by
dead whale brain inside robot avionics, and human pilot concentrate on
m-60 gun hold on right manipulator, against primary threat.

(EMF shields of both biomech and robots in white ice waves, similar to
in “Star Wars” episode 3, somewhat different from “Wing commander”,
“Independence day (1996)”, and music video “Cartoon heroes”.)

At cockpit display, flow-mo (“Photoshop”) zoom up could be seen.
And high altitude areas are good for communication relaying, silently
tapping, and jamming or distruption web on wireless antenna.

Robots on ground from two ships are into two groups, one are five
robots (type-201 “Rooivalk” & type-202 “Beowulf” or “Tiger”) leading
by “Didier (Drogba)”, at one side of a street toward sunset.

And six robots of (“Lurker”) girls at other street, toward opposite
from sunset, so look alike dark shadows in front of setting sun.
(Of the nine air-robots onboard “Cape Cheetah”, there are two of
type-203 “Comanche-2”, seven type-204 “Gawasaki” and type-202
“Beowulf” or “Tiger”, and type-202 resemble type-205 “Werewolf”.)

(“James Bond” style k-pop music “Run run run” by Yoona and girls.)

It is sunset time, and miss “Baek” and senior pilot psnym “Jihyo” at
the left side of girls, few clicks forward, and miss “Baek” somewhat
cooked so twisting open mineral water plastic bottle and drinks some,
and still in tension, water pouring jureureuk from one side of lips.
But, reminding part time jobs at country farms, then narcissism back.

All the girls are in unique eye makeup (alike movie “Clockwork orange”,
but more colorful corona and rainbow sun rays maybe by “Guerlain”),
and in beige pilot suits for supersonic airplanes, and these suits are
designed even for manteau, but girls usually do not wear manteau.

(Some resemble dancers, Five-dolls “Sumi”, Tara “Areum”, Aoa “Choa”
or “Dunggeulyi”, and exorcist & politician “Gyungwon” in type-202.
All the girls once backpack traveled Chile fjord and Brazil jungle.)
(Psnym “Jihyo” and “Gyungwon” equal “BBQ-man” and “Na do-yeol”.)

Four robots, consisted of three type-204 and one type-202, sending
wireless message to miss “Jihyo” and “Baek”, their sensors detecting
more than 10 craft units, behind glass buildings 1,000 meter away.

“Jihyo” and “Baek” surprised that other robots lead by “Didier” did not
first close encountering with unidentified crafts, and they decided to
run few clicks away to four other (“Lurker”) girls.

Display armor of robots are in white gray tone and dark gray tone,
once designed for tundra under white night or desert area sunset,
two robots in ingot feather armor fuzzy running, with thrusts on.
(Alike mint flavored bigbird roadrunners, wake up 1,000 years sleep.)

Robots and unidentified crafts encountering at broad cross street,
and only few hundred meters away, regard each other as rattle snakes.
Maybe bandit crafts are diversion, too, bandit units look at each other
as totally unexpected encountering, and hesitant few seconds.
(Sound effects from macaroni western movies in 1960 - 70 decades.)

Sand storm covering entire area, (dust covered fight alike cartoon).
“Moor” in robot-203 also running and jumping over the roofs of high
buildings and already arrived at the scene, before actions start, and
watching with picture in picture and zoom up mode, in cockpit.

Inside the twister sand storm, between high skyscrapers, pilot “Moor”
could see many hwayeombeung thrown to robots by 10 – 20 tentacles
of each biomech crafts, and EMF shields of robots effectively defend,
all fire bottles are exploding on the surface of EMF shields.
(Biomech crafts equipped with multiple bear box alike VLS at back.)

And then, five robots are against back with long polymer spears, and
solid LNG burning through alike curved particle beams (glowing flames),
long spears are in dim shining cyan blue, (look alike chimney of “TGV”).

Many hwayeombeung blowing off at tentacle tips before they thrown to,
and unidentified biomech crafts begin to running away.
Some crafts blown off and fly to backward fire flames on, by ballooned
LNG gas explosions at tip of long polymer spears, (tentacles of running
away robots alike fast round dadada in cartoon.)

“Moor” sees zoom up images, and hurray when bandits running away,
in ice hockey goalkeeper wearings, pronouncing acapella sound effects,
(even plays electric harp, “Tristan” and “Loom” played at bretagne.)

Miss “Baek” running into, says get down all, and firing m-60 on right
manipulator and carbine on left, but, all bandit crafts already away, and
old building collapsing down, ash and dust covering entire area.

Few moments later, cyan colored beams incoming, (alike “Star Wars”),
maybe other 10 – 20 bandit crafts running into, and six girls decide to
break up spread and gathering at other point some distance away.

(Back music is k-pop “Honey” by Kara.)

Refugee city mayor studied theater stage lightings at college, sitting
on in front of pipe organ scale (psychedelic) control panel at a tower.
By this panel, lightings of entire downtown could be controlled.

Due to twister sand storms, (alike harmattan and khamsin storms),
sight range is less than a kilometer, and the mayor controlling serial
search lights on skyscraper roofs toward incoming bandit crafts, and
entire lightings of serial glass buildings are on and off, alternatively, so
it is hard to find out break up robots fast hiding to behind of buildings.
(Alike space ship version mechanic “Lurker” up from desert ground.)

“Jihyo” maneuvering robot-203 parkour (yamakasi) running at back,
and jumping, one foot holding naked truss frame alike eagle claw,
then vertically 360 degree overhead turning (in slow motion scene).

Lower from big OLED about advertising with carp fish, robot turning &
firing carbine and (“remington”) pulse shotgun, bullet cases keep out,
EMF shields of 3 – 4 bandit crafts short circuited with tiny lightnings,
then collapse down to ground, and type-203 already running away...

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... In Human Minds # 137 ... Dash havogotzivi ! ... 7 ...
... Remembering 1980’s Atari “Space Invaders”, 1990’s “Comanche” series ...

... Galaxy Year 2X24 ... A battle in twister sand storms ... 3 ...

For all the sailors less than 1,000 in number, and for “Cyan” at “Big-E”,
“Paulus” and less than 100 sailors work on broadcasting facility inside
a drill ship, beneath of sphere shaped planetarium CIC, and there are
many monitors on, live films from cameras on UAVs and crab robots.

(Live broadcasting sequence is similar to “Moon landing of Apollo-11”,
“Paulus” announcing in headphone and desk stand mike, lively.)

(Back music is harmonica instrument in “Huckleberry Finn”.)

“Moor” alone on roof of building (alike paint artist “Bob Ross”), receives
data from (“Iridium”) satellites and UAVs with frypan radar on air, and
three more bandit crowds incoming nearby (in 3 D hologram images).

Second group (“Djang”), running from 10 – 20 deserted Pe-nium mining
ships at 7 th gwang-gu, once sea but dried up due to global warming.
These 35 – 45 meter biomech crafts resembles nerve neuron cells.

(Compared to “Harlock”, “Moor” in airplane captain suit for pressurized
cabin, and thin and tall body shape similar to a cartoon “zola-man”.)

“Moor” maneuvering touch screen glass, and simultaneously, 8 turrets
pop up from internal socket sites at front side of 4 space ship fuselages.
(Cannon shafts stored under cover armor plates, and after turret pop up
main deck level, cover armors open, 2 shafts expose, alike “Zumwalt”
series next generation escort cruisers in real world.)

Glass display shows CG of still cold shaft & big drum magazine with shells,
next glass shows map of ballistic of eight turrets floating and target area,
for “Moor”, same macro sequence needed when using a “m-60” gun.
(Similar to “Artillery support” macro in 1990’s game “Comanche” series.)

At the same time, robot of “Mutassim” is down from thick rain cloud,
approaching to Pe-nium platform, air dropping from “Big-E” & “W-class”
on upper side of cloud, at north sea, off from north shore of britain island.
(“Mutassim” is also a thrifty bedouin, similar to “The little match girl”.)

Inside two interstellar (hypersonic) air carriers, there also are type-180.
(Different from real world, outlook is 25 meter “X-29” in double engines.)

Usually, “N-class” (“Nimitz” in real world) and “W-class” (“Wasp”) are
floating 100 kilometer above by EMF-gravity convert power, and shuttles
(“C-2 Greyhound” in real world) air transporting robots to 10 kilometer
altitude and then robots air dropping to ground level.
Robots could boost up to cloud level, return to “A-class” (“San Antonio”
in real world), and then back to “N-class” and “W-class”.

Robot keep lowering altitude, approaching in lesser noise engine mode.
And this robot-109 “Werewolf” with display panel covered ingot feather
armors for optical cloak, sometimes in bitmap-dot cloak in jungle forest,
and even equipped with plasma devices for radar evading.

Along with air dropping robot-109, there are 5 – 6 UAVs gliding together,
borrowed from eastern countries, (similar to computer graphic of “X-47”).

Intending shut down unmanned mainframe supercom, remotely controlled
by 6 of biomech ships, attempt to extracting hundreds of riot biomech.
(Similar situation in movie “The guns of navarone”, year 1961.)

This is because some brain biomech units are in ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral
Sclerosis, one of unknown regression of brain and spine) disease.
(Old pilot “Cyan” assumes connection between Londinium and “Djang”.)

(Back music is 1990’s pop song “Girl power” by Shampoo.)

“Moor” remotely controlling artilleries (“Fast crusader”) of four ships,
aiming at one of incoming bandit crowds, live on video cameras.
(“Crusader” in real world, and in this story nicknamed as “Undertaker”.)

Turrets with two cannon shafts per each quick turning and up angles,
and this is fast due to turret rotating and shaft angling by EMF field.
EMF rails inside shaft energy up, turret showing with strong electricity
powers, (and sound effects reminding high electricity charged status).

These cannons are basically made of superconducting EMF rails within,
and their firing sound effects are similar to TGV passing tunnel, fast,
and when firing simultaneously, EMF wave diffraction into echo sound.
(And there are some woofers at peripheral of main deck, attenuating
sonic boom wave sounds from two cannon turrets, when firing shells.)

Because firing shells fast, and sometimes serially, glowing flashes from
openings, and there are many small lightnings stretching from openings.
Due to high electricity, vapor streaming from openings when firing shells,
and shells are too steeply into supersonic, so vapor lines are alongside
ballistics, and sometimes even with many firework star spark effects.

Few seconds later, silent because shells self EMF-attenuating shockwave,
about 10 % of city, surrounded by dried up parks, into many explosions.
Many bankrupt buildings, only in skeletal frames, explode alike sands.

There are many lightnings inside dust cloud, and into mushroom cloud,
because shells containing warm temperature nuclear fusion powder,
which make chemically incinerated thermo-nuclear chain reactions.
(Explosion CG effects with lightnings similar to in “Firefox”, year 1982.)

Robot-109 with “Mutassim” in standing in front of a big control panel,
big enough for key in by manipulator of 25 meter height robot, and
shut down is easy, because button switch is with diode lamps on.

And next, 2 nd crowds of more than hundred biomechs power down,
all collapsing serially, getting tangled due to sudden stop mob running,
some thrown to front alike springs, and there is severe dust emerging.
(Similar to stadium breaks down with hooligans, because of shoutings,
and these mob scenes photographed by different angled cameras.)

(Back music is “Jet-byul” by a k-pop group F.X.)

User interface of big interstellar airplanes (“San Antonio” in real world),
and air robots are similar, with HOTAS throttle lever and sidestick rudder,
and when pilot “Moor” remotely controlling big airplane, onboard dead
whale brain and spine maneuvering robot motions, automatically.

“Moor” in air captain suit with gold lines, it seems similar to commercial
airliner pilot at cockpit cabin, (yet, never had been airliner pilot).
(Reminding disaster movie “Airport 1979”, with Concorde jet.)

When remotely controlling inner atmospheric hypersonic space plane
by throttle and sidestick, display shows landscape in computer graphic,
alike in 1990’s airplane simulation PC games, so pilot could differentiate
easily from video camera views of real time robot maneuvering.

Front side VLS is at bow, and this area also socket site for type-142,
and pilot of type-142 (virtual cloak version of “Yak-141” STOVL) could
maneuvering entire “A-class” at inside cockpit, after intranet connected.
(It seems “Moor” also good pilot for big airplanes, similar to “Harlock”.)

Third group, coming from another direction, somewhat behind because
they are with born short tentacles due to too early gene mutations, but,
make effort to running dadada fast, to go to center downtown of city.

“Moor” maneuvering 2,300 meter space ship into flying very low altitude,
and some of hundred short tentacle biomech fly away to backward by
twister turbulence, and remaining biomech running dadada backward...

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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