Voyagers of Space - In Human Minds


In Human Minds # 95 ... A long range rescue ops ... 5 ...

... Inspired by ... Herbie Hancock “Cantaloupe Island”… Kenneth Gorelick “Silhouette”…

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, April spring days ... A daydream, imagination, and biomech ...

(I remember that there is no other way to evade from extinction of human,
nevertheless some people knew more about the project bio mech)

I am doing hanabi fireworks by myself (in polynesian tropical flower shirts),
pick up firework devices from white tent under palms, between tin potato and tomato.

And I also lent 10 small size white maltese dogs (alike Woodstock birds in animation),
they are so small, and like to snap under tree shadows, so except their lunch time,
one could not find easily all the 10 maltese dogs.

These dogs likes to dog swimming with small size tubes,
so I use a small size device, that maybe for pump up the tires of small size bicycle,
and air duct of that small device is thin, so some air delivered in small swellings.

It is nearly sunset, on remote white seashell sand beach,
and I gaze shore waves with white wind vapors, with some camels nearby,
bonfires on torches are warm, and with scent of coffee and tea on gas cooker.

(There are bright natural wood hut on lawn mound, alike “Dancing with the Wolves”,
but it is not in lent this time, I myself cut the extra budget for a short business trip)

(Different from endings in A Space Odyssey 2001, Odyssey 2010, Avatar, and beyond)

Some say that type-280 series (“Retaliator”) still under developing is really pride of
pacific nebula (alike beer “San Miguel” or “Corona” in real world), or the backside
areas of galaxy.

Although the length of fuselage is between type-220 and type-230,
not all the type-280 series are better than type-220, first test flight 33 years ago.

Actually, test types of type-280 are made at more than 5 different places all around
the rim margins of pacific nebular, some version equipped with smaller engines than
type-220, but they are the only alternative for West star system and some countries.

Less than 10 of type-280 series are with canard and delta wing, but current 5 tests
are all with forward wing design (they alike scale up X-29 fuselage with F-18 avionics).

It is open truth,
that even budget goes to wartime amount, type-280 could not replace all the type-180
on deck of space carriers, which also already decreased in number than precursor.

Type-230 series are as much expensive as others (ex. PAK FA et al), but still inferior
in some aspects, unsuitable for mass manufacturing, they shall never replace even
10 % of yesterday space airplane, type-150 series.

(So some people say that type-280 series are really the day after deck airplanes)

(Some say that cheaper versions of type-280 should be called as type-203)

But, I always wonder
that type-260 (they are alike JSF-STOVL fuselage with Yak-141 engine) could join
maybe the last battle of human history, and mainframe supercom intra-network calculate
that in these sequence, 250 – 500 bio mech ships will extinct all the human in a year.

(It is estimated that bio mech space ships are 5000 in number, with 10 tribes,
and one tribe with 500 ships are the most fearful, but they divided in half and half,
until 2X25, human lost 60 % of population, and 20 % are by other 4500 bio mech ships)

(Type-220, Type-230, Type-280, and Sukhoi T-50 PAK FA will in W O S series)

although these three nebula (ocean) size submarine cruisers are neither C-class
(Spruance class) nor I-class (Iowa super-cruisers in real world), they also could go to
one end of galaxy from other end, fast return, alike their previous ancestor ships.

They are 75 % in weight compare to C-class ships, but outer look is much smaller,
because technologically their basic blue print emphasized on low observability.

At the night garden party area,
sky is with dark white clouds reflecting search light columns all around, hanabi fireworks,
eastern european style lattice wood walls for climbing rose are full of star light curtains.

White apple flower trees are all around (small apples for jam), in night apple mint white.
(Dry ice evaporating alike night fogs flowing on sands and gardens, 1980’s style)

One after the other, matiz cars, damas small vans, damas open vans arrives,
parking at lots nearby big statues of periophthalmus (somewhat similar to frog Kermit).
(Periophthalmus fish is one of famous fish at Geoje island and Pushan harbor)

Young and not young women unload air travel suitcases from trunks of small cars,
and they are familiar to sleep in garrets.

(Some say these girls are small, because many are shorter than 1.65 meter,
but if I were there, I would say that they are all A, in other words A size girls)

At the 5 meter in length glass table, alike a ground plan ichnography of C-class,
there are many cocktails with AMOLED cup stays, and sticks with AMOLED decorations.

At the bow VLS multiple missile area (B-turret), there are some nude color cocktails
with ultra slim biscotti pinned, and “Typan (double casting, one with protruding teeth)”
in tuxedo & bow tie waiting and serving these, and says they (MiG-29) never going to win
direct over the sky from a C-class, if our airplanes helped by anti-air missiles in VLS.

Yet, Miss “Narajang” picks up one of those cocktails,
and eat fast all the 10 or more long biscotti on, with her (laser) light reflecting teeth.

Although it is not another equipment for nebular size space cruisers,
Type-103 (F-3 Tornado series in real world) could equip short range but much faster
thermal seeking missile, and this could turn its heading 180 degree, quickly after drop,
only by its high mobility foldable winglets on, and a cocktail named “Bikarabunzzuk” is
another miniature icon item (from unknown developer, alike one in Firefox or game ATF).

At the countermeasure area, nearby harpoon area,
there are cocktails named “Chimney Snow Mt”, with AMOLED effects alike fireworks,
if glass is tilted, then AMOLED fireworks more frequently, and tiny white smoke clouds too,
by gravity effect (to a chimney snow mountain resembled cannon barrel).

At the flight deck area, there are cocktails named “seasonings on the ice cube pyramids”
and it is old tradition that officers escape by shuttles (cargo helicopters), sailors by boats.

(An alias cocktails, “Sun on the Beach”, are homage items for the tomahawks with nuke)

If radars are similar to that in G-class series-III (Arleigh Burke flight-III),
than C-class are still with almost same tactical weight, because they are faster
in low latitude areas of galaxy than G-class (Aleigh Burkes more suitable for arctics).

Cocktail “Hanafuda bird of February” (with smaller umbrella reminding miniskirt)
is the very icon item for more light version of detachable phase-III radar for G-class.

Yet, all the young girls and not young girls take a cocktail named “Ulleung-bossunyi”
(which means delicious, fresh, ginger, and creamy icecream in local language),
“Asthma Penguin” sometimes go to Rhugyeong hotel in Pingyang, city of willow trees.

Waiters from europe made that cocktail for her, hoping pass (MiG-29) tests next time.
She dropped exam more than two times, to be a pilot of decent double engine airplane,
alike type-290 et al.

(Every party people unanimously agrees it is truly her own cocktail on middle of a sea)

... These pastel shades S F stories are optimized for home IMAX devices ...


In Human Minds # 96 ... A final countdown ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... Han Yeseul “You are different” ... TV Drama OST “As ever still (高 go)” ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, autumn days ... A daydream, imagination, and biomech ...

When I wake up in an ordinary morning, at hotel during travel,
at the central avenue of Gwangyang harbor, somewhat east from Shang star system,
there were construction ongoing, for last 10 years.

Every year, one module unit of this 150 kilometer length huge space station grows,
and seen from distance, looks alike long dragon lying over bridges few kilometers above,
local people misunderstand those are commercial department stores or shopping malls.

Before it launches upto space from bridges in the air,
and before “Typan (one with Burberry and sometimes Pushan intonation)" tells about,
I myself too thought that is another vanity fair, brings huge dark shadows to towns.
(Surely, those are built up for re-invading Philippines and South America countries)

Pushan, Gwangyang, and other south coasts are mediterranean weather alike,
somewhat similar to Morocco, Barcelona, Cannes, Genova, and etc, air filled with
scents of olive, lemon, lime, and also bean, myrrh, pepper, tea scents from east.

Snow city (Seoul city in real world), sometimes snowing in late autumn, November,
is where I grow up, and where pilot candidate “Asthma Penguin” spent gymnasium days,
“Asthma Penguin” got asthma pulmonary disease because of much soot and smoke.
(Incomes of Snow city dwellers are lesser than Gaesong industrial resion)

Now I watch TV series about a chinese girl named “Song” introduces world cuisines.
I remember that takeout box chinese meal during travelling around Iberia stars
especially good, more excellent when with pineapple tapas and corn nacho chips.

It is nearby famous shrine (Sankt Basil’s cathedral in real world, smaller than Ayasofya)
and this has many minarets, alike exotic turbans of many iberias or shower towels in hotel,
and nearby the shrine, a new tapas ristorante open (with luxurious illy coffee).

In front of tapas ristorante,
this TV program is on air, mainly for backpack travellers in Shang star system.

I think that if girl reporters wearing stocking-alike face protection due to winter,
it would be much alike a nowadays (parallel cosmos or 500 years later) pop opera
(“A Turandot Taoist girl-dancer”).

I like to order takeout chinese food in thanksgiving days and christmas days,
and sometimes, lunar-star alike chunky chinese fortune cookies follow with meal,
especially during thanksgiving days, christmas days, or new year’s days.
(Last year, I remember that “Always rewind optical disc before back to rental shop” )

When I see that TV program,
I remind my cotton bird alike cousin (somewhat pudong size) born at Changbai Mts,
who major in cuisine at one of women’s colleges and acquired 2 nd degree cook.
(My cousin born at winter, resembles a nurse working at Ghangnam, Miss “Hyejung”)

She once lived at a 150 square-meter home, at those yesterdays,
Hanshin (a character name in ancient chinese Chu and Han chronicles) apartment town,
at north Ghangnam, sometimes in red knit hat, bright beige raincoat, pearl white stocking,
yellow rain boots, and bright mint umbrella (maybe looks alike codfish).

And next, I watch a drama recorded in an optical disc.
The name of heroin character in drama is “Domisol”, with moderate lateral thoughts,
and she looks more myungrang (which means “Narajang” style daily drop of happiness)
than Miss “Hysteria” (typical image of DKNY wannabe major-geisha from small island).

As far as my memory go back,
Miss “Hysteria” is lack of lateral thoughts, tall but somewhat narrow minded,
(and I always curious that she tattoo alpha or S shaped red Long (dragon) at back)

A drama plays, and it becomes more clear, my assumes about Miss “Hysteria”
that she was an flight attendant without 3 rd class cook degree (so called robots)
which my cousin already has 2 nd degree, when she graduated a college.

(Miss “Saeri” said that herself once flight attendant, and no degree for 3 rd cook)

Any evidence ?
Well, Miss Hysteria was in (not expensive) raincoat, hair style was so classical.
And I know that out of gotham Snow city (Seoul city) days were her finest hours.
Best item of this big mouth girl was couple of instant cup noodles and boiled eggs.

(She maybe looks me up, she heard I always live in passenger jet alike interior home,
always instant food and delivery meal, and doctor “Watson” style academic comments)

I never lived in Hexagon city (Paris in real world), usually not more than a week,
but a good doctor acknowledged, and prescribed anti-depressants (from the Merck).

Sometimes snow flakes coming down from november sky of this city,
and nearby humble wood log desk and chair, there are vessels with sunflowers,
and on my desktop, there is a luxurious star series pen (by the Montblanc).

Recently, “Typan (one also called Ark Angel or Le Oligarch)” gave a gift to me,
3 D hologram device made of polygon glass crystal, which could project hologram graphic,
one version of type-280 series within, and surely it will fly future.

Brief manual says this version of type-280 emphasized on kinetic energy flights,
also has some unique turns, which could perform with extra canards and backward winglets,
quickly leaf up from wing-body fuselage, due to shape memory polymer composition.

I switch on that hologram device and it shows what written on brief manual,
with background effect of stars in various tracking curves (and waving auroras behind),
high above stratosphere, a space airplane lose (gravity) energy when falling steep,
yet extra polymer winglets leaf up, and than could perform some unique turns.

And just after detaching polymer winglets, this version of type-280
restores to kinetic emphasized status, and could go up back fast, in simple fuselage.
Detached winglets, bent due to too much air pressure even high at stratosphere,
alike falling silver leaves, reflecting star lights and glowing main, auxiliary vector thrusts.

And moreover, this device also presents virtual 7.1 channel digital sound effects.

(I myself nicknamed this version of type-280 as a new “Arcstar Ostrich”)
(This hologram blow headache off, and I put my hand on forehead with neck relieving)

Now I put this new hologram device with one future concept space airplane recorded
top at pyramid pile of tins of thanksgiving turkey meats with all sorts of (Africa) herbs.

Christmas days will come soon,
and this year, I will also put this glass crystal device on wood (or acryl) crane table,
which usually using for menu or music note, extended high up than white plastic trees,
(imported from the New Continents).

Until now,
my favorite 3 D hologram device was about type-1600 (Tupolev-160 in real world),
which could delivery bomb bay module or passenger cabin module, both detachable,
in maximum air speed similar to type-1440 (Tu-144), much smooth during landing …

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In Human Minds # 97 ... A final countdown ... 2 ...
... Inspired by ... Movie film "Lord of War (2005)" ... "Ghost Rider (2007)" ...
... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, autumn days ... (Wind) Sailing over dried up budget ...
Galaxy Year 2X23,
“Moor” (also “Chef” or “Immotep”) planed a (small) next generation fleet,
with two western style carriers and two landing only amphibious ships (LHA or LHD),
each carrier with 20 – 30 next generation space airplanes, type-220 (F-22 in real world).
With upgraded engines, type-220 of these days could re-takeoff from landing only ships,
by itself, and could flying back to main carriers, call signs during ops “Ato” and “Ara”,
if fuselage troubles are little.
Yet, these updated engines and further thermal enduring (slope) decks should be
imported from companies in north nebula (alike Maersk, Beluga, Sovcomflot, and etc).
For overcome same old designs, since cold war era (only view from West star system),
“Moor” planed onboarding new generation design airplanes, surely cloak (stealth) capable,
but economy of West star system is still in depression, already from long time ago.
plan is rejected by navy council, decided by air-land command of West star system.
Instead, navy council agree onboard few more shuttles (helicopters) for pilot rescue.
Star category modern fast container ships and also carrier capable ships are
already 7 th vessel in launching status, and it would take too much money for repainting
fuselage hull colors into more brighter, alike those star series containers.
Every newspaper readers thought moratorium declaration of “Dark Ray Reonard” of Liberia
is mainly political, not to be part of war budget suppliers (alike Gwangyang harbor city
where 150 km length space station from) or so to speak, another harbor city fallen into
grips of galaxy-wide zombie economies and traders.
(Skipper “Moor” thought that economy status of Liberia is better than West star system,
reading newspaper at dining hall for high officers, having breakfast with peanut butter)
Yet, a “Typan (one from Arkhangelsk harbor)” could supply enough money
to lineup 4 small carriers with 8 airplanes (Yakovlev engines) per each, total more than 30,
and 20 various test type robots (assult helicopters).
"Moor" thought that fuselage of type-260 (JSF in real world) designed by West star system.
“Bean” (living at big cottage near Londinium with big vegetable farms), “Feta” (from Atlas Mt
area farm, somewhat similar landscape that of Alhambra, yet more trees and reservoirs),
“Mutass” (heir of an entire oasis with limestone houses and many sheeps, camels), “Zorba-D”
(born at a small island and heir of fisherman with ten boats), “Shiraz” (grows up in a huge
fruit qibbutz including pomegranate juice, nearby hills with wild flowers) and some other
(most) famous pilots are already shake hands with a “Typan”.
These gathered (storm) ships are smaller than N-class ships, but different from N-class,
alike "Cape Cheetah”, they are post cold war era design.
I hope to see more new,
more better well budget-balanced, star series containers and also part time space carriers,
but they were not included in this time, another lonely sailing.
In these galaxy days,
middle size between carrier capable star series container ships or N-class space carriers
and escort cruisers alike G-class (Arleigh Burke in real world) or Z-class (Zumwalt class),
there are amphibious support ships alike “Cheetah”, “Flying-D (Flying Dutchman)”, etc.
“Cape Cheetah” was upgraded during small conflict at Kachin (mid of this 25 sessions),
and one of few ships keep voyage from West star system, funded by private persons.
(In these days, all N-class ships are anchoring in west coast or east coast harbors)
At Chittagong harbor, Decca star system,
“Cape Cheetah” was upgraded completely, even sailor crews cannot recognize their ship,
after return from a small runway nearby Kachin area or Chittagong beach.
(It looks alike windows 3.0 became windows 2000, another major design change)
During sail from Chittagong to New Cape harbor,
remaking proved into more fast and convenient voyage, “Cape Cheetah” never slow behind
comparing to any merchant ships near Somalia, Kilimanjaro, and Tanzania.
(Surely, this alike return of 25,000 ton big size ocean cruisers from world war era)
Dakar harbor (Randezvous point of chartered ships once gathered at Londinium and Genova)
and New Cape harbor are almost same (futuristic) modern, with white low buildings,
many sorts of direct and indirect lights, and hologram big screens on roof-tops.
(These holograms are flat, so one cannot make use of those for hiding robot number)
Nearby orbit of New Cape harbor,
three space ships gathering, “Cape Cheetah”, “(The) Mc”, and “Flying-D (Flying Dutchman)”.
(When pulse engine powers are increasing too steep, alike a situation of emergency
escape and timespace jump, which EMF field shelters cannot catch up with, inside solar
winds, rainbow aurora alike visual lights are all around ships, alike halo around full moon)
These three ships are reentering into atmosphere, already longer orange sunset,
due to low latitude of New Cape harbor, where with more higher troposphere,
three (mousquetaires) space ships are alike amber white clouds on sunset air …
… This pastel shades S F stories are optimized for IMAX devices …


In Human Minds # 98 ... A final countdown ... 3 ...
... Inspired by ... Jazz music “Mo Metter Blues” ... Pop song “Stand by Me” ...
... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, autumn days ... A daydream, imagination, and biomech ...
Three ships floating up in the thicker vanilla sky over a mediterranean weather harbor,
with flat 3 D hologram flags waving, and flag of “Cape Cheetah” is alike green exit icon,
in many buildings all aroun (yet doing aerobic exercise pose is somewhat different).
(“Cape Cheetah” and “Flying-D” is almost same design, at the same time)
When I see that new flag for the first time, I thought an aerobic pose of elbow on knee,
and “Moor” explains that this is a pose in the middle of lightning aerobic.
(“Moor” is a human with tall and thin body figure, and also with born elasticity)
Sailors of these three space ships visit a farm house,
at nearby countryside from downtown harbor of New Cape city.
They go their by shuttles (cargo helicopters in real world), flying in low altitude.
(Scenery is alike that in real world Provence and Piemonte)
(Writer once visit sketch pasta house, and Seattle style restaurant at Ghangnam,
they opened for a while, because they rent part of building, rather than rent land)
They land on a open grass land, nearby small town with only 20 houses.
Next to pastry and delicatessen, a lady lives in a big house, and she invited sailors.
She is a lady who following family name of mother side (for example, Miss Miller).
Her father is member of orchestra, and now visiting other cities for performance.
(Interior of that house is alike IKEA style, basically white tone)
Country lady serves cheese fondue with assorted hams and sausages from next door.
At the mid of long diner table, there is line of candles, apple and mint aroma.
“Moor” wears futuristic business suit (rather than old burberry), thick plastic eyeglass.
(Outerlook is alike “Gandhi”during international lawyer, before cult fashion era)
After fixing personal amateur radio or HAM in that house, with spare parts from ships,
“Moor” recalls about when working at Chittagong, deconstructing and scraping ships,
and showing some scars on arm and leg.
“Yamakasi girl (Parkour girl)” with white eyelines and dark mascara,
(alike one in “Blade Runner”) says there was no happy memory in gymnasium school days,
only about rising up mobs and burning marketplaces, including Gwangyang harbor.
She says in pearl shining lipstick makeup status (she also has scar at scalp).
2 nd girl is from Wonju, a town inside southern Long White Mts, and daughter of bakery.
Sometimes, “Wonju girl” (a girl from Wonju) makes bread, cookie, and cake for crews.
(2 nd girl once mentioned one 25 stories ending at New Krym harbor, in robot with hydra)
(She is vulnerable to motion sickness, using white dimenhydrinate patch, not a born pilot)
3 rd girl (one who mistakes herself as real pale brown eyed girl) says that
she spent her teenage and twenties treating psychiatric problems, alike attention deficiency.
3 rd girl says that a human with psychiatric category problems only is
almost same as psychiatric problems plus a daughter or with dozen year younger sister,
and she says these sentences with facial expression whom electric brain washed.
(Ethical single mom is situation alike a character “Domisol” in local TV drama)
3 rd girl once working at New harbor nearby a long island,
doing part time sewing machine jobs, sometimes on 38 th floor, in thick plastic eyeglass.
Three temporary pilots are from Gwangyang harbor with many spring cherry blossoms.
(They bring “sarada”, their own salad with snow crab from East sea and Okhotsk sea)
(They call themselves sikermuns girls, which means girls with short dark hair)
But they are more than 3 inch shorter than G U Y dance team, 10 years ago,
before dark days, before economic collapse down of Snow city, Gwangyang harbor, etc.
So sikermuns wearing those same cloths after somewhat downsizing and resewing.
(They wearing white artificial leather span with high chroma blues, reds, and amber)
“Moor” thought that wearing white pilot helmet could hide their dark hairs.
Different from “Cape Cheetah (or The Exit)” with too skeletal crews,
sailors of “Flying-D” are more in number, including good pilots “Didier” and “Hamel”.
Skipper of amphibious support ship “Flying-D” is good at fast pastel croquis sketch.
(Eastern intonations and outerlook alike sportsman “Didier Drogba” in exotic hair style)
“Hamel” is another (luxury) lotion-slick faced old human, white beard,
white tone coat, talks seldom, pale presence, (also eastern intonations),
and owns small shuttles (personal cars alike SAAB in real world), white inside and out.
“Hamel” is a character that always proper for captain of commercial flights.
(Different from Australians, never be storm-trooper in everyday 6 hour dreams)
Meanwhile (during another last dinner),
“Watt”, leader of engine team in space amphibious support ship “Flying-D”,
very busy maintenance pulse reactors within and superconduction propulsions of ships,
all three space ships floating low, side by side, at a pier of New Cape harbor.
Dining hall of house is not as big as those inside “Cape Cheetah” or “Flying-D”,
but long and big mirror is on one side of wall, and when during screen-saver mode,
there are pen drawing landscape canvas floating (and file system is alike windows vista).
This time, crews of three small submarines are also in dining at a small dining hall
in a luxury hotel at Hanoi harbor, and each long dinner table crews feel as though
two longer tables are just nearby aside.
“Didier” says that africa star systems are unfamiliar to everyone, real exotic area,
even for all the sailors and crews onboard “Flying-D” (although where human begin).
And agrees that “Moor” could speak Amazon language, so could become chairman.
Three sikermuns girls also calls this action field chairman as “Bonbujang”.
Chief of escort cruiser “The Mc” is with white short mustache.
“Miguel” is arrived by type-1700 intergalactic cargo spaceplane (C-17 in real world),
from Subic bay, stopover at a Somalia harbor, carrying only 1 test type robot.
“Miguel (pride of pacific)” says if meet with bio mech crafts, 35 - 45 meter height,
than tips of elongating capable long-stick could become hot torch fires.
“Miguel (one of one-pair-gamble-man)” says power to tip torch fire supplied from
thin tube battery inside polymer long-stick, torch could switch low observable or glowing.
(Alike torch with Orichalcum tip that in PC game “Fate of Atlantis”, famous in 1990 s)
And when robot has to step on a wire between buildings, then polymer long-stick
could be more elongated and flaccid enough for balancing in the middle of sky.
(Backward tumble loop using actuators and air-plasma nozzles, catch elastic stick again,
also called Comaneci-Bulgaria maneuver of test type robots which also has ISO-900X)
If slipping down ski slope area, tip could twist into (christmas) hook and hang on any wire,
this could be possible because shape memory alloy wick also in the middle of inside.
… This pastel shades S F stories are optimized for IMAX devices …


In Human Minds # 99 ... A final countdown ... 4 ...
... Inspired by ... musics of “MC Hammer”, “P. Diddy”, “Ice Cube”, “Milli Vanilli” ...
... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23, autumn days ... Bling bling robots with long legs ...
“Moor” explains about the current plan that our 9 robots will invade from south,
and 20 robots and 30 type-170 (Matador-Harrier STOVL series in real world) arriving
almost at the same time from north, after departed from Dakar harbor.
And 2 carriers (Mistral class ships) with 16 upgraded type-260 (JSF-STOVL-Yakoengine)
will convoy container ships between Amazon and Dakar, with backup standby status.
Type-270 space airplanes (Su-27 series) also be at Amazon and Dakar, both side.
These upgraded type-260 from east are somewhat longer than still in test type (JSF),
and seen from front and upward, looks alike another long star (polaris over arctic area).
(Outlook of type-260 in IHM and WOS is more longer JSF with Yakovlev engine)
Old “Moor” says with lower voice that there is no doubt for “Didier” and “Hamel”,
but still cannot believe all the 20 robot pilots from north, and with less than 30 robots,
they will be significantly outnumbered by other local clans robots, and even shark funds
robots from all over the galaxy, and bio mech crafts will surely appearing.
House lady says that due to low latitude, climate is temperate and many tuna in sea,
but there also are many sharks in near sea from New Cape harbor.
(And says bill notes and golds maybe much more easier than stealing petroleum)
At the same time, Dakar harbor,
many armed ships gathering, for imminent falling of financial system of Liberia.
"Typan (one from Arkhangelsk)” hosting a big party (alike Oktober Fest).
White tall tents are setup on sand beach at riverside, where always breeze blow.
These are good with natural air ventilating, so cloths are keep without scents
even during fish roasting, and precious electric consumptions are very little.
Sailors roast in various methods, some with coal or charcoal, some with firewood,
and few with small size desktop natural gas cookers on small (IKEA) tables.
Wine and beer barrels are everywhere.
(Bands with many steel drums now playing African rhythm musics)
“Asthma Penguin (or 高 Goh Pretty)” is also dispatched this time.
(Prada rain jumper is put up on shoulders of “Goh Pretty”, a pretty from highland)
Although always sit on bench with ready status for auxiliary pilot,
yet I assume that “Asthma Penguin” also shining, sometimes called gwangmyungsung.
(Which means another polaris star in local language)
So, I could not see her from about a month ago, at Ghangnam, Snow city (Seoul).
I expect “Asthma Penguin” will come back soon in school girl fashion.
(Few days ago, I was about to send telegram message with my Motorola phone,
to face book or twitter website of “Goh Pretty”, yet did not repeating similar message)
As closer to Cantabile harbor at Liberia, sea fog going thicker and thicker,
and burned out skeleton of type-40 (F-4 Phantom in real world) lying on baobab tree.
Three space ships equipped with enough armors, many countermeasures against subs,
and have flight deck which are originally designed for aircrafts take off and landing,
different from with temporary flight deck designed for merchant or petroleum ships.
(The three space ships are alike “Potemkin”, another film by “Sergei Eisenstein”)
At the front big (multi) screen of space (hybrid) carrier and amphibious support ship
“Cape Cheetah (or The Exit)”, communication from “Dark Ray Leonard” on, who
temporarily suspended from chief or president, says that some of national bank note
printing machines are missing, and due to increased currency, inflation is too steep.
“Dark Ray Leonard” says that there will be a big city parade party next day,
with many fireworks, and maybe last chance for rescue people from economic collapse.
And people do not know that there is no gold bars in fort Nos, nearby Cantabile harbor.
“Dark Ray Leonard” is now resting at a tropical style luxury resort hotel, pool side.
“Moor” and other pilots alike three sikermuns, listen carefully on back balcony of CIC,
(and “Moor” is a human known as actual age printed on I D card).
(Skipper “Moor” moving cigar from rightward lip to leftward lip, perfectly shaved chin,
alike gamble-man doing gamble with vague enemies very good at table card games)
The next day,
at the observation level height of a high communication tower, there are 9 robots
from three ships, and as the time is nearby sunset, sky is oil-painting trophical vanilla,
amber clouds and mists from seaside are into downtown Cantabile harbor.
(Three sikermuns girls in futuristic and tight design bike suits have Kyocera phones)
Alike 9 wild geese in golden sunset ray, all are in amber golden bling bling.
(Test robots have empty ingot armor, alike feathers of phoenix or chinese dragon the Long)
Some white lights are on at head, shoulder, and other fuselage parts of robots.
Communication tower itself is alike giant christmas tree, due to many hologram screens.
(At that very moment, all big screens displaying various jewelry, alike Place Vendome)
Two of robots connecting to local network by wireless broadband laser,
some watching radar and sensor (with M-60 machine gun alike particle guns),
some are with laser cluster guns (bazookas or what they call small positiv pipe organs)
and carbine submachine guns, and all pilots drinking local fresh fruit juices.
Fireworks are just begin, and due to much magnesium, they are very bright.
These hoofs for yamakashi running are made by factories at Gaesung and Pushan,
and hoofs for three robots maneuvered by team sikermuns are more thicker sole pads.
(Processed to be sanitized against fungus, so after mission ops, will be reused into shoes)
They all looks alike fast cheetah or puma.
(In real world, Kawasaki OH-1 or bike are smaller than AH-66 or Aprilia bike)
(In IHM and WOS galaxy world, robots are alike expensive helicopters or bikes)
Many of software and hardware designers are with super-model body shape,
so their design, their product, these 25 meter test robots walking alike tall cats.
(Even I take part in outlook sketches of these robots, and for design references,
there are barbie hologram capable snow glasses on my desktop, alike “Domisol” et al,
and sometimes robot designing is hard, makes me bursted chinese rice bun)
Test type robot-106 and robot-107 are completely renovated.
(Alike chopper bike “Comanche” totally style changed by Italian company Aprilia)
(This time, robot-106 is maneuvered by “Hamel”, rather than “Mr. W”)
Elongating capable longer-stick which made with polymer has some more uses,
sometimes natural gas canister could be attached on at tip of stick, alike grenade launcher,
usually three times flame blowing capable, and only once in maximum setting.
(These add-on natural gas canisters are looks alike small “Sun” butane fuel tins)
... To be continued ...


In Human Minds # 100 ... A final countdown ... 5 ...
... Inspired by ... Books about “Lupin”, “Blucher”, and “Taras Bulba”
... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X23 ... An adventure of white long arm undershirts ... 5 …
Galaxy year 2X23,
climate into ice age, enlarged glaciers and desert areas, rebound to CO2 effects,
all (twelve) of N-class space carriers are at San Francisco, San Diego, Norfolk, Charleston.
At Charleston, there are heart poker fleet nicknamed by air-land command of West star
system, but sailors and (sometimes robot alike) crews call themselves as the 4 th fleet.
They are previous N-class (CVN-65 Enterprise in real world), “Richelieu (De Gaulle)”,
“Nicholais (Kuznetsov)”, and from rear side of galaxy, the “(New) Mir (or Varyag)”.
At first, previous N-class only left in Chaleston because this oldest ship has little metal
armor than current N-class, but still serves as a NORAD of (three) West star system fleets.
Yet this first plan by "Cyan" and "Moor" has canceled.
(Maybe there are 6 of N-class in Norfolk harbor, in these rainy days)
This heart poker fleet cannot expedition, under “Cyan” and “Moor”, to Cantabile,
because economic crisis of the whole galaxy shrank all the far more budgets.
(But supply to these four star fleets are even better, due to Wall-mart et al)
Already Londinium sea flooded half, so two I-class carriers start sailing from Plymouth,
and now joining sea and air-land group from north with other ships for STOVL.
It looks alike another storm weather coming near from the sea, to Cantabile,
there are more clouds gathering onto vanilla sunset sky with increasing lightnings.
And two local escort sloops come nearby, to a communication tower.
(Spruance-Ticonderoga class in real world, almost same size as Burke class, but
size readjusted for a while for visual effects, into about 200 - 300 meters in length)
One of these escort sloop arrives just nearby tower and other somewhat behind,
all the nine test type robots (helicopters or Stryker categories in real world) jump on
aft of an escort sloop, vertically landing on flight deck, and holding poles standing on,
longer and flat, and has oil machine alike (rubber) grips for robot manipulator hand.
(Robots could do pose alike stand still, one knee kneel, and creeping on deck)
All have axial, waist, and limb actuators which means same skeletal frames,
and there also are many pulley alike electric motors, so if ship stops and just floating,
one could hear somewhat noisy (sounds effects) even when robots walking.
(Alike an IBM OS/2 version with voice command capable, before year 1999)
But it is clear that they are lesser noisy especially when running fast.
(Alike those human size robots in movie Terminator series, Phantom Menace, and I Robot)
During a short flight into outer area of ops zone for air drop,
all the robot pilots could see huge A-class amphibious carriers, “Cape Cheetah (or The Exit)”
and “(New) Flying Dutch”.
“Moor” see illusions of resort hotel once visited, condominium cabin hut house,
at a muddy riverbank of a branch of Mississippi, good for fishing even at terrace deck,
where always wants to visit again but nowadays still in the middle of economic crisis.
“Miguel”, at left seat of twin seated cockpit, inside of chest of 2 nd type-106, with bazooka,
(AH-66 Comanche test type two in real world) says although they cannot find main item,
stolen printing machines for 50 thousand bill paper, they could see hell alike civil conflicts,
and if they survive and return to “Cape Cheetah (or The Exit)” and “(New) Flying Dutchman”,
they have to rewind onboard DVD and see if they were dauntless enough another
“Santa Ana” and “Pancho Villa” et al.
“Yamakasi girl (Parkour girl)”, at cockpit of type-107 robot, says with pearl shining lip gloss
on her lips, says that (marutas) want back to ship soon, there are lots of (Valentine day)
chocolates and cosmetics already arrived to “Cape Cheetah” and “Flying Dutchman”.
“(castella) Bread girl” and “Mising girl” say many greeting cards and letters to reply.
They are the first wave at this time, falken wind into area, vanilla sky is full of fireworks.
Five robots lead by “Moor (cook or wok)” air drop (free) into point A and four robots by
“Didier” into target B, lowering altitude, minimum glowing nozzles, splitting to two subgroups.
When “Moor” looks back by another multitasking window (maybe Linux window)
displaying up at front screen, two sloops transported them boosting up with nozzle clouds,
following other 8 or more escort ships from all over the galaxy (including Oliver class
with Aegis category radar and vertical missile cluster-launcher) already high above.
(Maybe Igor Stravinsky “The Firebird Suite” is suitable for back music at these scenes)
“Moor” pops up data net hologram, just for a short time, to watch 3 D ops map,
10 or more escort ships already circling around more than 60 kilometer altitude,
alike pale vultures, which means optical cloak all engaged, and two A-class circling
at an area between air drop spots and communication tower.
“Moor (cook or wok)” remembers past days of Liberia.
And last communication before splitting into two groups are about says thanks to
all the nine members, choosing big bird alike empty ingot feather armor, alloy metal.
(To “Moor”, streets were alike TV program “Sesame Street”, before civil conflicts)
(All the twin seats inside of chest cockpit shaking and waving during robot gliding)
And I was following other tourists visiting Cantabile harbor (or ugly city, bug-like city),
a tourist group leading by a guide “Dachima-sang” (with A B Road magagine or others).
I put on (precious) raincoat with trophical fabric, good for local raining season.
(And this states of art status still in test type has night UV white fluorescence by OLED)
… To be continued (Ending of this 25 sessions is with Foster’s “Old Kentucky Home”) …


In Human Minds # 101 ... A Lonely Sailing of Silver Cloud ... 1 ...
... Inspired by ... Books about “Lupin” and PC game “Loom”…
... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X21 ... A sailing to Pluto planet and beyond comet areas ...
From the viewpoints of planets
alike Sao Paulo, Rio, and Buenos on Ice (Buenos Aires in real world),
Havana planet (Cuba country in real world) is a place alike planet Pluto, described in some
ancient epics of old sorcerers, which means end area of stars (5 continents in real world)
or the galaxy (and of course, far areas from Havana are so called comet areas).
A huge ship from Amazon star system, "Macchu Picchu",
sailing lonely for real trainings of rookie sailors and for friendly visiting Havana planet,
including what they call a Hell citadel (Guantanamo area in real world).
It is another galaxy scale (small) ice age again, and this time because human errors,
alike too much fossil fuel consumptions or too much low tech engines.
(Zhuangzi books said that if a butterfly up in Patagonia, then raining at Tianjin and Binhai)
The Great Sandy star system, (Yukon star system), and West star system et al,
deserts are enlaged and glaciers moving down even near to New harbor (N Y in real world).
(So the six new N-class at Norfolk port needs more heating, by bursting LPG gas poles,
and building a Charleston harbor becomes national priority, surely for making budgets for
two brand new N-class, start in IHM series)
For the rookie sailors, Havana harbor and Hell citadel is another cantina with liquors,
but for the old skipper alike "Camdessus" and other prehistoric sailors, this is another
sand castle on an iceberg, just flowing and melting into vapors and plain water.
“Machu Picchu”,
(or what they call "The Huge Silver Cloud", which brings storms with silver rainings),
rainy cloud gray silhouette of fuselage hull is alike that of “Richelieu (De Gaulle)”,
but somewhat bigger and equipped with eight turrets which are pop up capable.
“Macchu Picchu” is multi-hull blended wing-body fuselage, alike “Nicholais” et al,
very good for both hypersonic flights and interstellar space clipper voyages,
and which has two side hulls for internal flight decks and for many engines.
All ot them including new N-class and North nebula fast container ships containing
both variable wings and delta wings, and even canards, all with extras and polymer ones.
Long and retractable winglets are in roof and beneath of nozzles at rear of sidehulls,
good for extra thrust vecterings and comet visual effects (alike X-31, PAK-FA, etc).
Inside main center hull, there are downscaled string generating reactors or pulse reactors,
which also supply string wave powers to internal batteries constructed with superconduction
solenoids, and these batteries are also safety buffers for eight turrets with double cannons.
(The new N-class in IHM series have only two turrets, different from "Macchu Picchu" et al)
(In real world, these pop up turrets are that of rotary launchers of "Kuznetsov" et al)
Outerlook of main center hull is double triangle, and being seen from off left side,
anterior triangle is longer than posterior triangle, and four turrets each toward,
which could aim to all, to orbit side of virtual sky sphere, and to terrain side.
And moreover, these new turrets of huge ships are all pop up capable, so whenever
go into a civilian harbor or fishery harbor, they look alike luxurious ocean cruisers.
Basically all of them (including prototype fast container ship carriers from North nebula)
are blended wing and body, and in this reason there also many small 3 D triangles or subhulls
between three hulls, almost all are empty, and could be filled with negative weight particles
or hardrons, both adballoons effect and weight ballasts effect, but basically they are not
designed for submarine tasks.
They could do hypersonic in atmosphere, just after jump from other planet far away.
And EMF shield generating (other) pulse reactors are also very vital for hypersonic
intraatmospheric aviations and for more lifting power, especially when with more payloads.
And all over the fuselage, there are many spaces for many retractable winglets for
higher level air maneuvers, many of which still firstly attempting, and also for airbrakes.
(Bio mech space ships too very similar design, but outer color is somewhat different,
more dark tone gray compare to more bright tone gray of ten new N-class and etc)
Some of Eastern star system (Eastern Europe and neighbors in real world) supported
20 of type-290 (MiG-29 series in real world), and they all have different markings,
(for example, one of them has tail marking of Slovenija, one has that of North Korea, etc).
Instead onboarding these type-290 space airplanes on “Macchu Picchu”,
Amazon star system using them for escorting type-3800 (A-380) and type-3400 L (A-340),
stationing at space port near Rio harbor.
“Macchu Picchu” is usually doing amphibious supporting ops,
and this time voyage for trainings, onboarding 20 or more shuttles (helicopters).
Two of type-141 (Yakovlev 141 STOVL airplane in real world) also rented from Eastern,
including two of transfuselage crafts (mobile armor or transformer in other SF stories),
which could do quick turn in almost 90 degree angle (alike Automan series), for example,
this becomes possible due to fuselage is consisted with many 3 D triangles.
Retractable winglets are all around, and with disposable polymer airbrake leaves.
Vertical takeoff and landing capability is not the all merits for 5 th generation avionics,
and these unmanned type-330 transfuselage crafts are now the only 5 th generation,
comparing to 6 th generation avionics technic of ten bio mech fleets with 5,000 ships.
(But, basically they are the mirrors of human, so some are elite, some are clumsy)
This almighty new ship even has more than twice the number of lifeboats needed.
During sail through Antilles nebula,
“Macchu Picchu” randesvous with a new prototype fast container ship and also carrier,
more are already starting construction at harbors in North nebula and Baltic nebula,
much bigger and longer than current new N-class space carriers.
At the left planetarium CIC deep inside the main center hull,
old skipper “Camdessus” in neat business suit, advisor “Jeff”, air team leader “Cavaldi”
watching bird eye view of Hell citadel, projected to internal surface of planetarium globe.
“Camdessus” is a man with thoroughness, rival to skipper of carrier “Richelieu”
who recently win supporting ops at West desert planet (Libya country in real world),
and likes to making supper with anchovy pasta, roast goatfish (mullet fish), by himself.
Planetarium CIC is a big globe with four overpasses through, two storied,
and all seats are on small terrace decks from overpasses, inside center of this globe.
… This future SF story series are optimized for home IMAX devices …


In Human Minds # 102 ... A Lonely sailing of a Silver Cloud ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... East Asian pop "Danger" by F.X. and old pop "Sweet Dream" by a Malaysian girl ...

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... They call it don Polaris on other Iberia or So they escaped to sea ...

Sky above high is with thin blue cirrus clouds and noctilucent clouds linear glowing,
and a heavy size space aircruiser "Macchu Picchu" floating over vanilla clouds in sunset,
and negative ballasting is helpful, especially slow approaching for visual identification.

Havana harbor is at 23 degree north, and during march and april, there are also
spring rains, sometimes accompanying winds.

(Maybe another Tahiti, subtropical), it is different from harbors near arctic or antarctic,
Tierra del Fuego, Stewart Islands, Anchorage, Cherbourg, Bergen, Kiehl, Gdansk, and etc,
where spring sea is more green due to increased planktons, and always long evenings,
especially evening of a day with much more bright auroras.

"Macchu Picchu" is now closer to a gray silhouette of pier, where thin mist all around,
and in spite of EMF shields are minimum power, rain drops cannot wet fuselage.
("Camdessus" says it is misty so all the search lights on, red and sunny, in dim)

"Camdessus" says that all de sailors brought raincoats, so they have no problem,
(in this brand new polymer sledge, designed near a mud well at north of schwarzwalt).

"Jeff (or Vasily)", who with long legs,
in Napoli or Brindisi weekend style suit, (and with pale bluish blond hair),
and also master level scent discriminator of various Mediterranean origin herbs.
(Alike "Basil" in Austin Power series or "Peter O'Toole" with bagpipe and submachine gun
in the other "Casino Royal" movie, 1967)

"Cavaldi" is a human born at Ethiopia country,
(without any single DNA of black human, sometimes "Moor" is almost black human)
and very good at roast chicken and turkey, in African style.

"Camdessus" is in luxurious business suit, and in front of TV cameras, inside CIC, next door
from planetarium sphere where ship maneuver and air boss capable with only 10 sailors.
Many parts of announcement are about greetings of this new season.

All the sailors onboard this new aircruiser and some of garrison watching.

"Camdessus" says that any senior should be another politician, (in neat business suit),
if one hopes to keep own destiny still in one's hand, rather than be units in chess plate,
(especially in these days, human divided and in war, under pressure of bio mech).

An hour later, after quarantine,
sailors of "Macchu Picchu" and crews of garrison gathering for party, nearby a fishery bay.
Garrison crews bring microbrewery rums, and enjoy roast mero fish and krill from antarctica.
Cooks and woks of "Macchu Picchu" also serving mayonnaise potato and cream macaroni.

Garrison crews say thanks to sailors, when they received less than 180 days tin cans.

During party, "Jeff" and "Cavaldi" showing off their brand new equipment,
so called transfuselage, made of many 3 D triangles, in front of officers of garrison.

Audience are at side terrace of conventional bridge, at the mid of this aircruiser,
and when they pass through aisles of fuselage of this aircruiser by round trams,
they see thin ceramic coatings are everywhere, (alike before 16 C Azteca and Inca).

(When take off by EMF catapult, some acute angles, alike angles of stella star,
and diving board extensions protruding shortly for more guidance, just before take off,
somewhat different from TV movie and also TV series "Battlestar Galacticas")

Transfuselage are flying machines, which could do 5 th generation maneuvers,
doing by mechanical 90 degree EMF quick wheel spins of triangular nozzle subfuselage,
or quick folding machine joints of trianglular subfuselage upto 90 degree or more.
It is most helpful when vertically take off or landing.

(If audience see the transfuselage inside hanger deck, they surely say that scene is
alike Porsche AWD for professionals carrying Ferrari on camping trailor, or few others)

(Writer think that opening chase scenes in "Lost In Space (1998)" is the best SF, until now,
especially because pilots were alike doing their acrobatic gymnastics, in span cloths)

lookie wing commander or a small broadcasting unit rookie leader (by people's demand),
Miss "Cola" or 高原氷月 (ko won bing wol, which means ice moon on a snow plateau) is
spending another ordinary day in the mid of strike, against invasions to freedom of press,
having espresso cappuccino at ginkgo street, with half dozen pickets, nearby Han river.

(Hairstyle of a girl nicknamed Ice Moon, or 高原氷月, is enough funky alike "Manna"
in a PC game "A Steel's Girlfriend" or "Girlfriend of a Steel Heart", which released to market
in mid 1990 s, almost same time when PC game "Heart of China" was also on market)

On a hill at Bangbe streets,
a girl resembles announcer "Domisol" in a TV drama, sells roast yam,
(lonely alike musha "Harlock") in white pearl eyeline makeups and cherry pink scarf.

(She too was 空間航子, which means ohenro stewardess or flight attendant)

Smoke pipes from steam locomotive alike drum barrels (which are 1942 - 45 design)
to windows of this little shop with green steep roof, on a hill in Bangbe area, full moon.
(There some telescopes, she likes Hitchcock movie "Rear Window", in her white leggings)

(Professor "Red", still in 30 s, with dozen or more heron birds when she in bath or shower
in WOS, is more closer to some scenes in TV animation "Galaxy Express 999" series)

And whenever she match fires on charcoal for roasting yams, she says that
eastern European architecture 45 pyong apartment house with full floor heating pipes
would be far more warm than 60 pyong apartment at Apgujung without those pipes,
especially in these small ice era spring days, in Snow city (Seoul).

(Parents of Miss "Cola" gave 45 pyong apartment with IKEA, walking distance from Bangbe,
but she usually lives at nearby a broadcasting multiplex where she worked for)

Miss "Cola" knocks door of this house of witch, with spangling silver tinsel diner jacket on,
for hearing advices about future directions of this time strike.
Miss "Cola" thinks that a new Miss "Domisol" and herself both gained weight.

(A new "Domisol" thinks Miss "Cola" is resembling "Cicciolina" in nurse onepiece cospre,
or in makeup of yakuts cream tone Pushan girl Miss "Lizzy", with her pupils bounding)

(I always thought that if "Domisol" weared hare fur longcoat, alike "Galaxy Express 999",
10 years ago from now, then she could get a job in Cathay, ANA, JAL, or etc, once again)

(Comparing to ten years ago, writer spurted enough crystal capability of gifting, at once,
half dozen raincoats, flandre long vests, and half dozen scandinavian long wool skirts)

(Please remember that in WOS series, I struggle at fishery towns, near Shanghai)

there is a huge shopping mall opened on near sea from Hanoi harbor,
and local people and tourists from all over 300 planets, still do not know that this is
another disguising of bio mech hydra, with 10 orbit ports put together.

(Money will be directly invested to making another copy of 18 C La Grande Armee)

Could a LA class, full floor heating capable, could get near to the huge hydra,
once more, neutralizes or deneurolizes that huge giant, within 75 days, in next voyage ?

(In these future days,
there are couple of LA class submarines, 3/4 size of same 1980 s era Soviet subs,
still main in Pacific side sub fleet, and crews of one of LA class is from L A and N Y,
by inter-stella cargo airplane alike type-3800 (A-380), and these young will chasing giant,
made by wandering bio mech fleets and their human employees)

... Also see films "Star Trek the movies", "Battlestar Galacticas", and "Wing Commander" series ...


In Human Minds # 103 ... A Lonely sailing of a Silver Cloud ... 3 ...
... Inspired by ... 1990's PC game "Novastorm" and 1980's pop song "Take on Me" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... A girl in mint flavor from Pushan harbor ...
A newest space carrier "Macchu Picchu" arrives at North harbor (Norfolk in real world),
and a bird eye view from planetarium and hologram CIC of this bigger than N-class ship,
there are huge flames of LPG burning high, between ridge glaciers and harbor.
It is small ice era again, and glaciers extended from the great five lakes (or hand lakes)
already reached ridges nearby harbor, and some are melting by LPG flames,
making high waterfalls and frozen mists.
Whenever LPG flames bursting high up to sky,
10 of type-129 (rent from Eastern countries), 2 of test type-280, 2 of trans-fuselage crafts,
and dozens of shuttles, vertical winglets and other fuselage reflecting LPG flames,
due to optical camouflage off status when fuselage is alike silver mirror.
And 3,800 meter in length huge fuselage of "Macchu Picchu" also reflects flames.
(This new ship is enough for representing the biggest delta of America in real world)
And just behind, a new fast container ship built from Kiel harbor follows.
(The scenery is alike Pluto or beyond comet zone, far side of our solar system)
In front of harbor, there are six current N-class ships and an E-class (Enterprise carrier),
float on piers, and frozen mist flowing all around.
It is sunset, and this time also gold and platinum sunset.
Some buildings are lights on, and glass windows also glowing gold and platinum.
All the nine huge giant ships are shining alike silver clouds under gold rays.
Above all, some cirrus clouds are in bright amber.
("Macchu Picchu" looks like all the four Iowa class huge battle-cruisers in one fuselage)
In these moments, sailors of North harbor watching amber sunset,
at seaside park still with early spring snows, doing BBQ firings.
(Still in economic crisis, six N-class have less than 30 spacecrafts and 3,000 sailors, each,
and the number of spacecrafts onboard four carriers at pacific side are less than)
This time, there are sailors of two old container ships from Londinium harbor,
also doing roast beef category BBQ and also northern pudding (Yorkshire pudding),
these two container ships are in sunset pearl color.
"Camdessus" et al bring in vacuum vinyl iberian porks and african turkey,
by onboard shuttles (helicopters), and all sailors of North harbor welcome them.
One sailor of current N-class says that if urban areas of New Charleston harbor
completed, then many of New harbor (New York in real world) refugees already rent homes
at dark cola peninsula (Florida in real world) maybe lending much money from banks,
buy (king) homes again, and government earn enough money for making two brand new
N-class, almost same size that of majestic the "Macchu Picchu".
Others say that then current N-class will become another old N-class,
(Forrestal class and Kitty Hawk class in real world, they are 8 in number, not 10),
early retirement because of unexpected technological investment, greed of capitalism.
(And alike DDX-21 and many other 1990s future plans, cannot replace every 1 to 1 )
A sailor from Londinium says that they imported these two huge container ships
from Eastern countries (alike Gdansk harbor in real world), and if West star system
making new huge container ships within 1.5 - 2.0 times price than Eastern harbors,
they might purchase, but all the shipyards just only making space warships, since.
One E-class (CVN-65 in real world) is without any single space airplane,
doing upgrades for “norad of the sea”, but only 30 % completed, due to economic crisis.
This ship could remotely control trailer trucks for helping "Cape Cheetah" and "Flying-D",
lead by retired admiral "Cyan", call sign "Regal (a Wrestler)".
(People in equator think “Cape Cheetah” and “Flying Dutchman” is giant Congo snakes)
(Actions will be descendant of "Street Hawk", one of few white dramas in 1980's)
Miss "Heyoung", another cousin of me,
with her typical white raincoat and (tiffany) aquablue scarf and shoes,
amber flower umbrella with white thick handle, just arrived spaceport of Pushan
(Busan harbor in real world), by interstellar airplane.
Space port is on delta area of Nakdong river (I call blue copper river in my poets).
When it is sunset and misty, river streams are shining alike powder gold.
She is also daughter of a bankman worked for a bank also printing currency
(alike HSBC or Shangang Shanghai Bank in real world), another greenback category.
(An old and famous movie film "Doctor Zibago" took film at inland of Iberian peninsula)
(Writer always think “Heyoung” resembles a girl named Miss Song from Chingdao)
Compare to Miss "Domisol" in 1.77 meter in height and Miss "Cola" in 1.74 meter,
(and other girls in sneakers, more than 2 inches taller than me in the Reebok)
she is less than 1.70 meter in height (even shorter than myself), too routine in
countries in East Asia (where thai character and chinese character is main).
She is a kind of girl who makes eyes wide open in three piece suit, graduation day,
different from everyday cloths for running (Lining et al) in after school hours,
and when smiles, good teeth are another merit for gentlemen in business suits.
And Miss "Heyoung" always wears low hill shoes when I also present there.
Comparing to “Jiyoung”, a girl over 1.75 meter (part time racing girl model),
(“Heyoung” is shorter, but has bigger eyes and stronger white teeth frequently scaling),
lives only 1 subway station away from my parent’s 2 nd apartment where I live alone,
also nearby central railroad station (to Pushan harbor), just 3 – 4 stations away.
Snow city (Seoul city in real world) is 50 kilometers away from the yellow sea,
and there are many mountains, so her house is one of dozens of houses at a hillside,
one of many suburban hill towns in and nearby Snow city.
(When she became age 20 – 25, she found that inflation is too high,
of course her parents cannot buy small home for her, and it is impossible
cut off the half of 2 nd story of house, where she lived during teen gymnasium days)
(Parents and sisters of Miss “Jiyoung” never opposed about date, and I think that
because I using imported liquor Stolichnaya etc in straight glass and Carlsberg et al
to make puktan category cocktail, sometimes rarely called “stall free diving”)
She went to college for cook or chef, maybe she likes to watch me,
making hotdog or so-ya (a slang means sausages and vegetables by wok),
and whenever I wok so-ya, usually put on white cap and shaking body and hand,
(mini-component is loud in old time Elvis songs and remakes by UB-40 et al).
(She calls these faster foods are very similar to that of ronin ohenro stewardess,
means those flight attendants who did not graduate 2 year course for attendants)
... Also see films "Star Trek the movies", "Battlestar Galacticas", and "Wing Commander" ...


In Human Minds # 104 ... A Lonely sailing of a Silver Cloud ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Antique musics by pipe organs and 1990’s PC game "Novastorm" ...

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Early summer days ... Return to be a single (girl), first ...

I keep eating raw apple or others when cook, yet her father cannot touch currency.
She really liked my everyday five, the five course meal (which shall need to be updated),
and very kind enough to wiping up my fingers with fruit fluids, with her lacy handkerchief.

(Maybe she likes me in YSL newline label suits and coats, and just cousin relations)

Get back to nowadays,
there is another ginkgo street in Pushan, bigger than streets in sinsha, north Ghangnam,
cherry blossom trees are more than ginkgo trees, and many luxurious boutique shops,
now we walking this street, after step down from fast train via space port.

There are many white beam lights at walk ways of ginkgo street in Pushan.
(I aliased these lights which blur short legs into more longer as a pac-rose beams)

There are some cylinder shaped ice box vending machines,
and I pick up (of course Carlsburg) can beers (next to seven-up) from green ice box.
(These green ice box similar to green ghosts would be busted, yet more muddy color)

We go to duk (different from udong, this white food is bigger and dry snack) shop.
There are young girls in suits of gymnasium, and outside is already stellar sky,
“Heyoung” still good in nutcracker device (from Swiss or Austria, for pocket sacks).

The next morning,
she drives a rent car, very well, and we go to nearby white seashell beach.
(She likes to wear flower print polynesian style shirt and white flare skirt)

East coast is good for watching orange shining sunrise.
(She in smaller company than Cathay or JAL, so still away from economic crisis)

Some people even doing portable hanabi fireworks at white beach.
And some others training chinese long (or chinese dragon), many people together,
stepping up ladders and put off pretty cabbage chou in the air.

(This time, hotdog also called “18 th talent”, means outstanding in campfire contest,
another japanese slang english, and maybe another long and winding road to be ichiban)

In my memory,
45 degree latitude area alike Calais harbor is long golden sunset with vanilla sky
and emerald shining sea, and hills with wild flowers especially at spring season.

And 30 degree latitude area alike Shang harbor (Shanghai in real world) sometimes
orange sunset, and imported botanicals cactus, paprikas, musk melons also grow well.

(When writer was young, surprised at JAL postcards, yet name of artists sometimes
barbarian, zigeuner, or other exotic cultures)

Whenever travel to 15 degree latitude, for example, Ha Noi city,
summer climate is that of equator area, and troposphere is 1.5 times thicker than
middle latitude area, sunset time is shorter but magnificent with cumulative clouds.
(So some days, every sunset is alike reverse of rocket launching of satan the fifth)

There are wheat fields nearby beach, and stream with some cottonwood.
I throw up plastic sledge hammer upto morning sky with white clouds.

(For writer it is only few seconds in this story, but maybe 500 years in cosmos…)

Sometimes I think newest space carrier "Macchu Picchu" is alike white cloud
floating high up in the air, above cottonwoods nearby stream.

"Camdessus" is at desk surrounded by hologram displays, in skipper hall.
It was unforgettable gift feast with asado, cochinillo, port wine, sherry, et al.

As a newest ship from the muddy banks and forests of la plata river delta,
sailing and visiting planets in antilles nebular is not a hard work.

And think about those other 8 ships so called the half size N-class ships,
could contain only 2 air-cushion crafts (LCAC in real world) per each of the ships,
and all do not have so called dry deck equipped with winch facilities.
(And those 4 other half N-class at pacific side cannot even contain air-cushion boats)

Yet, "Camdessus" heard that recently tuning one, for example “Cape Cheetah”,
(half the weight of Iowa class), one of the ships some people calls "Congo team"
at equator, could contain 3 air-cushion crafts which hovering above sea waves.

By hologram displays,
watching dozen or more type-125 (Su-25 in real world) take off and landing
in STOL, on the comrade ship from Kiel harbor with phase-I flight deck upgrades.

(In these future days, engines of type-250 / 310 or MiG-25 / 31 are upgraded,
and basically with same steel alloy fuselage before 1970's, their top speeds are
even over mach 4.0 - 5.0 or more, another hypersonic category airplanes)

What I heard from one of tall men (or arkangels),
that type-280, a forward wing design from la plata delta is with disposable wings,
which means all the wings and winglets are by various metal alloy composites,
another considering about continuous income for their aviation business.

Now I turn on all the hologram device,
two type-280 (which I aliased as "Nova Storm"), two transfuselages (or "Nova Storm Z")
are in the air in hologram, in miniature scale size.

I imagine that if a girl (usually means pretty lady in these stories) left behind,
and a 150 kilometer in length huge space base station falling down from orbit,
and I am helping remotely maneuvering team of these new space airplanes.

First, one of transfuselages launching many missiles from one of weapon bays,
making a big hole at outer hull of space base and all serially incoming through, flying
(in bluetooth synchronized formations) as fast as possible, alike glowing comets.

Maybe some bandit (or zombie mech) airplanes and bio mech crafts chasing,
yet, rear transfuselage 180 degree quick turning one of triangular weapon bays,
and launching many missiles to backward and eliminating all bandits.

When they reach to an area where left behind girl still calls for help,
one of type-280, of course with "Allende (from Chile fjord)" exoskeleton add-on,
also designed suitable for hypersonic flights and easy put on even at flight deck,
floats in hovering (because it is future days), in front of that girl with hair waving.

"Allende" exoskeleton is mainly for extra backup fuels and missiles,
and has movable joints, could do a pose that nose of 25 meter fuselage erects up high,
with keep softly hovering above just few meters from the (antarctic ice alike) floor.

(And If that left behind girl is Miss "Domisol", and all the remote maneuvering team
agrees for me doing manipulator part, I shall hold empty wheat sack enough for two girls
inside at the same time, using as socuri elevator, upto two seated unmanned cockpit...)

... Also see films "Star Trek the movies", "Battlestar Galacticas", and "Wing Commander" series ...


In Human Minds # 105 ... A Lonely sailing of a Silver Cloud ... 5 ...
... Inspired by ... 1990’s PC game "Novastorm" ... 2000’s comedy “Sun on the Beach”…
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... All are now searching for their hidden debts ...
Truly, this is dark time for every human society on 300 planets...
All space carriers has full blended wing body fuselage and complete internal containing
capable canards, delta wings, variable wings, many winglets some only for visual effects
(alike those big size pocket surviving kit series from european alps).
If bombs or laser beams hit these composite and flexible structure wings,
then polymer wing grows quickly alike those of butterflies and succeed lifting power.
Yet, much percent of lifting power and rudder steering are by gyro electromagnetic force,
generated from many internal pulse reactors, also called micro category string reactors,
especially low air speed, and 3,300 – 3,800 meter ships maneuvering alike butterfly.
So silhouette of these could various, for example, low air speed with main delta wings.
Main shopping street of inside of hull is almost same as current N-class et al,
two rows of orange roof 2 – 3 story buildings by white bricks, between area is piazza with
futuristic trams, both side wall screen also different, left is chile fjord, right is patagonia.
Antarctic patagonia during mid summer is with amber and pale green moss,
under white and gray cloud sky with pale sun.
(If shepherds of Santiago, fishermen of western Hispaniola isle, bushmen in Kalahari
watching these space carriers flying, then they may all reminding the pyramids in their
finest hours about 4850 years ago, with full white plastering material on their surface,
shining below the setting gold sun and above shining river Nile…)
Before reach to other twin city of Snow (Seoul in real world), Cantabile harbor, Liberia,
the Congo team win every drag racing with commercial container ships, which were impossible
before their “vista” or “upgrading” at Chittagong harbor et al.
(Skipper of “Cape Cheetah” says they now insist their ships even faster than Seawolf class)
The name of 3 rd and 4 th ship of this small sea squadron is “Lime” and “Orange”,
dispatched from Shang star system, and sailors of “Lime” is from Canton and Vietnam,
and sailors of “Orange” is from the Shang harbor (Shanghai in real world).
(It is first time in human history, that 4 of this much size ship exist and sail together,
and different from ship Pequod with skipper “Ahab”, they shall return to their departure ports
always within 180 days, so called usual happy endings for all the sailors)
Different from Snow city, underground tunnels of Cantabile almost completed,
and underground piazzas (plazas), and water reservoirs, which could get through
tactical and long distance reactor weapon (nuclear) bombardment, and this is bad news
for foreigners occupying runways and air bases, also for near sea amphibious ship squadrons.
They suddenly encountering much faster and too huge space flying object,
and sensor alike serial mass wave detector and EMF radar signature is almost same as
that of new shopping facility floating over sea near from Hanoi, on recent newspapers.
During near nebula from hormoz strait until aden nebula and somalia nebula,
congo team trying to go farther and ahead for ambush, but they only find the fact that
maximum speed of the unidentified thing is much faster than themselves.
Now they find that they are under the shadow of huge monsoon cloud,
and busy doing analysis collected data of sudden and close radar encountering,
which only happened during night times, maybe hologram decoy remains at Hanoi bay.
“Asthma Penguin” recommended to be a member of type-225 modernizing project,
name is listed on a paper for extra pilots, waiting on bench eating peach fruit.
So we could not see her recently from streets of Snow city (Seoul city in real world),
and I imagine that if she on an airplane and flying faster than the speed of sound,
helmet looks alike reflecting tungsten filament lights, fast lightning backward alike firefox.
In these days, many of type-225 and type-231 (MiG-25 and MiG-31 in real world) are
refitted with new engines, and their maximum speed become mach 6.0 or more.
There also are some prototype upgrade engine versions, and their top speed is limited
upto mach 4.5, due to shortages in production of some engine parts.
(It is capable due to steel alloy fuselage, rather than aluminum or titanium alloy)
Six areas are completed (Dakar, Dubai, Doha, Mumbai, Shenzhen, Pudong in real world),
but other five or more areas are still empty, only with some drawing billboards.
(Binhai area is started lately, hoping to collecting all the shopping money alone,
so every buildings and monuments are bigger and fatter than Shenzhen or Pudong,
but still with only few noodle huts, including japanese instant noodle shops)
Shuttles (helicopters in real world) presented for all visiting tourists for shopping,
including retired “Cyan”, tall greek man “Zorba”, “Gaulle-B” same height as “Cyan”, etc,
and their eyes wide open, too, eating vanilla soft cone icecreams in business suits.
No one questioning about what kind of consortium are behind this huge project.
Near from shopping streets with high rise buildings are with big oasis lakes, with yachts,
and binary suns are on white sand beach near oasis lake.
One could usually see mirage, but some tourists do not like to watch mirage on sky,
maybe they hope to see mist, which is rare weather in deserts.
Every tourists acknowledged prices of sahara oasis or eastern islands are not so high,
the price tags in this shopping center above sky is same as that of real sahara,
and they excited with free caftan cloths, which are traditional desert wearings…
… You now see a series of new SF story, Space Voyagers – In Human Mind …


... In Human Minds # 106 ... A hidden card project ... 1 …

... Inspired by ... Film movie “A. I. (2001)” and “I Robot (2004)” …

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Maybe huge bean grass would save the delta area ...

Maybe one thousand years ago,
some of pioneers already explored overseas with their fast triangular yachts,
some giant clipper ships (alike over 300 meter carriers in real world) collecting
iron, coin copper, and silver ingots from overseas, (rather than aircrafts of debts).

Yet, some with dual commercial container usage and carrier usage ships,
from the Baltic nebular, voyaging for profits and reputations...

Four years ago, galaxy year 2X21,
about one year before annihilation of 60 % of 10 billion human,
a dark gray silhouette of bio mech space carrier of 5,500 meter in length
lowering altitudes between monsoon clouds, near from Pretoria city, southern africa.
Due to fossil fuel carbon dioxide, range of monsoon season are enlarged.

Beneath thick and gray monsoon clouds,
slit sun rays through thick clouds appearing one by one, upto eight or more,
and then three 5,500 meter in length bio mech space ship emerges, suddenly,
their hull fuselage is usually gray compare to white tone of human space ships,
and in this time, hull camouflage display on, so more darker than neutral gray.

Maybe one certain bio mech fleet of their ten, (alike outsiders in outer comet area),
(many intelligent teams mention same that those fleets may come from far future),
they think that they are intending to illuminate sun rays to dark side of galaxy,
but it is sure that they truly invaded Pretoria city with long time peace, once again.

About 20 aircrafts launched from these space ships, 35 – 45 meter in height,
airborne drop, and soon after optical cloak on and lens effects, these will fly to targets,
embedded between pipes and networks, for grasping and controlling local economy,
and they shall start to make zombie airplanes and robots.

Container ship aircraft carrying project on going at north delta (of Rhein river),
there are other hidden project at other delta named La Plata, about using bean seed.

This grows quickly upto giant bean legume plant, one bean legume per each seed,
and huge legume itself is hull of aerodynamic air cruiser, could fly in atmosphere.

After detach from stalk, peel off, and 3,800 meter bean legume floating in the air,
which grows so fast from just an ordinary size of bean seed, and many of tissues
are composed of foam aerosol with many hydrogen micro bubbles inside.

Pulse reactors and linear particle accelerating nozzles could be equipped quickly,
and self mobility cannons (Osorio in real world) move on hyper-conduction railways.
Flight decks and hanger decks could be added on, alike temporary play theater.

To maneuver, pilot of type-141 (Yakoblev 141 in real world) should connect to
avionics of huge bean legume above in air, inside of hull armor.
Pilots also could dock to this giant legume in the air by shuttles (cargo helicopters)
or by usual space airplanes, yet almost all prefer type-141 which has double engines.

Seen from a distance, silhouette of this huge thing looks same as “Macchu Picchu”,
which is bigger than “Richelieu (De Gaulle)”, and same navigation system software
which are onboard in “Nicholais (Kuznetsov)” and “Mir (Varyag)”.

With many phenotypes of luminous tissues, almost entire surface of legume,
which could also display serial windows, lines, circles, and various diagrams on hull,
one could not distinguish “Macchu Picchu” and “Legume”, especially in deep mist.

Due to nature of genes, leaf and leaflets are all somewhat different in shape,
so the 5 th generation software is needed, composed with many fuzzy algorithms
and 5 th generation crystal memory cubes, those are still impossible in these days.

So many parts of maneuvers are upto unknown sort of brain in canister, some says
brain from dead whale, and fast flowing hologram data inputs of whale swimmings.

If floats slowly over huge whirl on sea near Namib and Kalahari desert,
due to abnormal climate by too much accumulation of fossil fuel carbon dioxide,
and it seems to be this great “Legume” may call that huge whirl phenomenons,
including mountain top alike huge white cloud with many lightnings, above it.

“Macchu Picchu”, the almighty, and a 3,300 meter container ship, four escort cruisers,
now float over tropical rain forest and golden Iguassu falls, with counter circuits off,
so the huge great power fields from inside pulse reactors gathering noctilucent clouds,
above, and rainbow color auroras, artificial drawings on vanilla sky of tropical sunset.

Type-270 (Sukhoi 27 series in real world) space airplanes leading and escorting to
amazon delta from La Plata, flying nearby, with fuselage shining and nozzles glowing.
“Macchu Picchu” squadron also heading to hidden secret runway near at amazon delta.

All they heard that zombie aircrafts and robots made from zombie factory
located somewhere between Liberia and Nigeria, mutated by one certain bio mech fleet,
already start to broke down petroleum pipe lines from the northern areas of Nigeria.

And moreover, maybe their next target is amazon delta area.
But, human did not acknowledged mutated factory at Pretoria, southern africa.

Squadron slowing down for their dinner, up in the air.
It is tropical region, but altitude is enough for a terrace garden party of spring evening.
Water sound of falls are everywhere, vapor from falls are alike scattering gold sand.

“Camdessus” is now in futuristic tuxedo, (mediterranean red waist band), cava wine glass,
(former T V broadcasting network chief or caliph), truly a human of lotion manners.
Around terrace, all the search lights are upside, making columns of search lights.

But some people say that another “Janus” category, alike a man of shadow profile in history,
aliased “Charisma”, who created pyramid hierarchy for design, blue printing, and gathering
enough budgets to launch floating over 50,000 ton super-size cruiser, upto four or eight,
(somewhat longer than actual flag ship of human side, “Kirov” class super cruisers).

Skipper of “Macchu Picchu” put a crystal cube on a party table on terrace.
There is an ordinary green bean seed fixed inside of cube.

All the sailors at terrace party near center bridge want to test this bean.
And no one has doubt about originality of their own bigger stories.

Because type-270 backup teams arrived, “Macchu Picchu” will scout Cantabile harbor,
where suspected land bases of unknown zombie aircrafts attacking pipelines (from Nigeria),
and even doing reconnaissance flyings to amazon delta area for further invasions...

... You now see a series of new SF story, Space Voyagers – In Human Mind …


... In Human Minds # 107 ... A hidden card project ... 2 …

... Inspired by ... Classic music “Air on G in jazz style” and “Aida by brass instruments” …

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Notorious or nemesis are not their aliases ...

Before the many different ancient chronicles of human time line,
there were new pyramids under construction, at Giza (Gizeh), near Nile river delta,
their own chronicle, construction and transportation manual, their universe measurements
are only inside pyramid, maybe still sealed, for more than 4850 years of very long time...

Pharaoh “Khufu” is looking a new pyramid under construction which is delayed,
put on new blue prints which are about new construction methods for back on schedule,
and all Egyptians hope to be far advanced, comparing to pyramids by "Zeser" and "Snefru".

“Khufu” is a human who likes to present unique opinions about new methods,
and who could even draw more accurate triangular measure on papyrus, a new pyramid,
which is very useful for more than next 2,000 years, (until before metal age).

In front of ancient ladies and gentlemen, Pharaoh with sun smile alike (medic) Sphinx,
yet at the terrace cafe behind veil, under starry night sky at the middle of flat land,
disguised Pharaoh always in face of despair, in front of some beautiful girl friends,
it seems impossible to finish a new huge measure and calculating before ice age.

(Yet, construction speed of whole new pyramid become faster and faster, due to
recovery of economy by increased tax incomes from increased stone transporting...)

At those days, another small ice age coming near,
and winter season is elongated at Italy, Greece, Black sea, and Levant area,
so philosophers of those countries arrived in Giza to help keep struggling Pharaoh.

Due to global weather change, wheat harvest from Nile delta decreased,
could not supply past exports, so upper Nile or east Sahel area become important.

East Sahel is somewhat more civilized than west Sahel,
yet, many foreign workers need for fast cultivating those remote upper Nile area.

So during winter season, Pharaoh has time and somewhat surplus manpower
for constructing a huge triangular measure, needs for more accurate forecasting.

(To hide incoming doomsday, real ice age, maybe similar to between 1999 and 2000,
Pharaoh wants to decorate with gold, including those days portable measure obelisk,
and some of beautiful girls like these bling bling days...)

At the briefing hall of ancient stone age,
“Camdessus” in ancient costume introducing new calculating machine made of wood,
and inside structure is much complicated alike today’s mechanical watches from alps,
(and number is 7 or more alike those supercoms once inside "Buran" space shuttle).

“Imhotep”, came from east Sahel, always carries sphere papyrus for faster sketch,
proud of presenting newly made and bigger cargo ships with triangle sail, “Solar Yacht”,
seven in number, and seven more under construction in shipyards by friend “Lee”,
and these could transport heavy stones from Aswan more faster...

Skipper of “Cape Cheetah” wakes up from desk, center of library hall only for skipper,
still wearing white long suit for lab, still open many thick books about archaeology.

Book shelves are alike Nubia pyramids and could move self by super-conduction field.
“Moor” thinks there are maybe three principles in researching bio mech 10 fleets.

First, they were human made artificial creatures, different from whales in ocean,
second, year 2X21 human and bio mech have same origin of 30 years ago technology,
third, nowadays bio mech become non-human intelligent being, still in evolution
much faster than our human societies, so 30 years ago blue prints are far outdated.

(And current researches reveal, whales in planet ocean prefer bio mech than human)

On the desk, there also are hologram devices, and after switch on,
1 to 100 scale miniature size 3 D holograms about two cloak capable training airplanes,
(one is MAKO and the other is Yakoblev in real world), the newest STOL version.

These two different companies developing cloak capability by frequent design change
their training airplanes, assume to be at least facelift in every 10 new products.

Skipper hall and own library hall are upstairs from left planetarium CIC sphere,
(or some people say the main trench bunker of this high speed amphibious cruiser).

By egg shaped small tram, goes to ships only hanger decks from skipper’s library,
and at downstairs hanger deck, there are half squad, five test type robots in upgrading,
(2 "Comanche" and 3 "Kawasaki" helicopters in real world), by prof. “Noza”, Oslo college,
and other half squad robots at upstairs hanger deck maybe no time for upgrading,
(this time all in plate style armor, suitable for optical camouflages in urban night).

The lowest 3 rd deck is for multiple usage, and this time three hovercrafts onboard,
off ship platform for multi-launching cluster rockets, (or the pipe organ of Stalin).

“Gamble Boy”, african, says only one robot (assault helicopter in real world) squad
onboard this middle weight cruiser, due to ongoing galaxy economic depression,
need on time and precise fire support from the Bear series inter-stellar space airplanes,
(or so to say sledge hammers of “Thor”), upgrading communications are also important.
(It would be alike theater movie “Megaforce” and TV movie “Airwolf”)

(“Gamble Boy” in red hat, and other engineers busy helping apprentice professor “Noza”,
and “Gamble Boy” could pronounce various artificial sound effects during telephone)

“Flying D (or Finish D)”, same 25,000 ton, also preparing and upgrading 5 test type robots,
other half of this small sea squadron's only one airborne robot squad, (with pilots on).

(They agree that hyper-sonic flight in atmosphere is alike special pose of snake,
for example, hyper-angle status of cobra, maybe same loading for nerve or mainframe)

Alike pioneer ships with triangle sails before early ocean clippers,
there are long fins under hull for further stabilizing, and at opposite area of center bridge,
center long fin is located, and micro pulse reactors or tiny black holes equipped at tip,
auxiliary for quick turn of this new space cruiser, and also for artificial gravity generation.

And fins also could be extended by wires, alike pivot anchor with heavy status black hole,
some of fins with wires could attach to cliff, enable these ships (San Antonio class in real
world) to hide at wall of cliff with emergency gravity sustaining, alike tannenbaum tree.

Three girls in suits with white, blue, red colors (originally made for motorbike racing),
participated in an ops a year before, but this time, they go more deep into Nigeria,
and high probability of direct encountering with bio mech crafts, 35 – 45 meter in height.
(Three girls from far east eurasia will maneuvering robot-109 or “Kawasaki” once more)

Other sailors in 25,000 ton cruisers “Orange” and “Lime” still have high enthusiasm,
and skippers and staffs agree there were nothing like these, especially 170 years ago.
(They carrying cargo shuttles and hovercrafts for backup “Cheetah” and “Flying D”)

There are seven turrets, which are pop up only during artillery are in need,
(and upside forward two turrets are same caliber on 100,000 ton future “N-class” ships),
and usually with delta wings in atmosphere, for distinguish from “Macchu Picchu” et al...

... You now see a series of new SF story, Space Voyagers – In Human Mind …


... In Human Minds # 108 ... A hidden card project ... 3 …

... Inspired by ... Film movie “Conan the barbarian (1982)” and “Ivan the terrible (1958)” …

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... What is different with new musketeers than previous ones ? ...

A whole new huge triangle measure (Giza pyramid) cannot shield small ice age itself,
and within couple of century, Nile river also could not sustain wheat field.

During the 2,000 years of small ice age, human exposed to the matters of survival,
and yacht sails to west continent societies near more accurate pyramids were stopped,
which were constructed more near to the equator line.
(And clipper sailors of A D 1500 published those stairway pyramids still remaining)

Human societies become into wandering groups less than hundred per each,
and sometimes a group of fishermen could not know other side fishermen catch well,
and a group of people into different steal instrument from people over Hand lakes
(the five great lakes in North America in real world).

Winter season become almost all of the every year,
near equator areas become to short mid summer, and some had big evening party.

Sometimes have to burn an entire big tree, and feeling heaven warm for a while,
and some groups living nearby natural gas holes may had more warm sleeps.

If snow storm coming too quickly, one group should evacuate into cave immediately,
think that they are cursed by white snow compare to other groups, this time.

And passing a night, some would drawing wild cows nearby fireplaces inside cave,
some understand carbonized steel could have hardness and elasticity to break ice,
some improved wares into slick ceramics, alike not melting ice dishes with water in.

The next day,
dozens of people who went into cave escaping hurry from blizzard or buran storm,
wake up and find air is polluted by fireplace smoke, cigarette smoke, and anti-bat smoke,
because entrance of cave usually closed by thick ice cap during last night.

They put out two apple size hammers and (alps pike) long wood shaft,
in front of fireplaces inside a cave, still burning and fire flakes are still pop up.

By four men in one team, this heavily reenforced volks doing sledge hammer serially,
(few doing two sledge hammers by one man), ice cap breaking down, they could finally
spurting out from cave, ice pieces scattering, and they stand up again, smokes keep vent.
(Maybe alike a roaring and shouting “At-at” machine, in a film “Empire strikes back”)

Being seen from a distance, it looks alike dinosaur head & drill keep waving to forward,
consisted of many men holding hammer, who want to grasping own destiny, again.

And outside snow field under shining sun would look very big,
looks 40 million square kilometers of snow field, enlarged twice than before snow storm,
and melting ice keep closing other openings of caves.

Before small ice age, and after a long ice age, so called prehistory era before current,
people lived in more warm weather and lower populations, and huge pyramids were built,
and some even sailed to and traded with Aztec, Inca, and Far East.

During this few thousand years of prehistory era,
people get to bronze instruments and wares, and doing stone sculpture for chronicles.

Year 2X21, space with stars and nebulars...
In these days, human lives 300 planets, but scattered within less than 5 % of galaxy,
about 100 thousand light years in diameter.

Yet, submarine cruisers, especially from eastern countries (for example, “Severodvinsk” )
could sail all over the galaxy, with help from many space satellites.
(Their “glonass” navigation system is the most accurate, for avoiding iceberg comets,
and “glonass” could do weather forecast, in and out galaxy which is keep rotating)

“Cyan”, retired admiral, receiving gold ingots by people from northern provinces,
could speak about return to sea, relaunching E-class and using as the 11 th N-class,
and this ship will sail to Londinium harbor from Nofolk harbor, (across atlantic nebula).

(In these days, Londinium harbor half flooded by sea, global warming accelerated)

“Romi”, “Gaulle B”, “Jeff” and others in space navy council of West star system,
most of are previous admiral-man who doing admiralty say to “Moor”, although it maybe
end days of human history, but West star system at last accomplished what they
first intended to, which was exporting E-class to foreign country.
(Many businessmen show drawings after upgrades, alike a film “Superman III” )

Gold ingots are enough for upgrading 11 th carrier into their mobile nerve center,
or their norad of the seas, and West star system in economic crisis could recall entire
two space carrier squadron for next 180 days, return sail to galaxy nebulas.

(These 4 ships are not at same harbor, yet if one sees them at saturday evening,
with many illuminating lights, one may assume Satan or Judas really existing spirits...)

Alike W-class and A-class (San Antonio in real world) they could using hovercraft
for reloading supplies, due to some modification tunings of aft side hull.

And they buy 10 new shuttles (cargo helicopters), all sailors can escape from ship.
(But, their cray main frames took much more internal spaces than “Richelieu” et al)

Sailors (previously on frigates) at remote desert could assist this return of E-class,
by hiring W-class medium weight space carrier from West star system, and they
transplant two vertical missile launching system from two elongated O-class ships
(Oliver and MEKO class frigate ships), also with their own phased array radars.

(The sailors with career from frigates call this unexpected ship, “Surplus and Silent” )

By using only air to air radar unit which once were on old versions of type-290
(MiG-29 in real world), these new airplanes (MAKO and Yakoblev training airplanes
in real world) still in block series of engineering and manufacturing development status
could even equip imported medium range air to air missiles upto 4.

(A remote desert area, also included so called comet area which are outside of pluto,
also in economic crisis, they could rent 8 cloak airplanes than capacity upto 20 - 25)

Maybe W-class in 40,000 ton (Tarawa Wasp class in real world)
are not 1 st line or 2 nd line space carrier with modern 1 st line or 2 nd line airplanes,
these new airplanes could even takeoff with 2 missiles loading inside their weapon bay,
STOL or short takeoff & landing, by fuselage design, without assistance of EMF catapult...

... You now see a series of new SF story, Space Voyagers – In Human Mind …


... In Human Minds # 109 ... A hidden card project ... 4 …

... Inspired by ... “Watercolor in rainy day (song by Miss Yeseul)” ... “Informer (1993)” ...

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... A girl from Dalian with can beers, dreams pastel every night ...

At the dawn of current history, (maybe era of gray iron and gray ash),
glacier melting at early summer were much amount, changes landscape annually.
So moving frequently by wagons were only way for community farmers.

(In recent years, Rhein river from alps always near to flood almost every year,
alike spring season of Sichuan region at west china, and patagonia near antarctic area)

Some chronicles say first emperor in china was making weights and measures.
During younger ages, spent much time daydream, looking (triangle) clouds flown away,
yet, after meet and farewell some beautiful women, start to making weights and measures,
and after 5 – 10 years passed, those metals was indeed the best in china continent.

It became much easy, measuring again land after another flood.
And this human descended monarchy to other last name human, Mr “Liu”,
who thinks and calculates pretty fast, and even uses not set up equations for simulation.

Recently on local newspapers of Snow city, there are big photo on cover page,
about sea combat ships sailing near remote africa coast, which are departed from
Gwangyang harbor, once giant 10 space stations also observed.
(And I think those campaigns cannot cut petroleum supply to Shang harbor)

The truth is, different from many big cities in Shang star system at near,
outside cities alike Snow city (Ghangnam region etc in real world), Gwangyang harbor,
and other cities are under heavy debts, status of moratorium since 25 years ago.
(Almost all homes are with much loans, no one has hope of liberation from interests,
and employment rates become to lowest in their history, every year)

I assume that un-identified hedge fund invaders, (their alien bases are at their planet),
never studied too, about past history of Nile, (and Beuk Lan island at yodong peninsula),
maybe they are another loan company, lend money from bigger loan companies.

“Godori (Asthma Penguin)” who attending to private school at Pyongyang,
and white beige antidust longcoat during autumn, (could even do triple axle hop),
sometimes visiting Snow city, (and never complains of my daily OEM remnant cloths).

She had some plastic surgeries for raising her nose,
and always wearing white hairband on or bunches her hair with wild flower white scarf.
(She is a student who usually doing ballet, and study hard only before test,
yet always marks good record on test, oh yes, another brilliant young and pretty lady,
and I remember my records were not even close to her, although every time studying)

Sky and streets of Snow city in autumn are full of petroleum remnant soot, everywhere,
from many chimneys of many petroleum refineries, all always with dark smokes.

There are huge palace-towers of dark tone, at Dogok area (valley of outlaws previously),
and alien characters, white lights at night, are printed on equator of round sphere.

It seems that she could read and understand about the un-identified characters,
but she did not informed to me about in this time, (maybe need much snow to cover),
she faints and needs some arm support, shadow on her young and pretty face, for a while.

Mr “Jungnam”, tall and big, who is international attorney and always in business suit,
yet, at this time visiting Snow city, wears red artificial leather longcoat made in Gaesung,
the city more closer to Beuk Lan free trade island than Snow city, long time ago.

“Jungnam” gives long horn style soft icecream to us, for everyone, ments do not worry.
And says if no one concerns about dark palace-tower any longer, those evaporated soon.
Many bling bling accessories are shining under afternoon sun, (alike prehistory era).

(Especially during Paris airshow week, we companions chorus, fly “Godori” !, fly !,
and we four companions, alike 2 diamond, 3 spade, 4 clover, 5 heart poker cards
all making round circles with two hands, hoping true victorious day will be to her)

“Cape Cheetah” and colleagues arrived Durban harbor, for business trip to Bulawayo.

There is another 3,300 meter huge and fast container ship from Baltic nebula,
next nebula to North nebula, where “Flying D” et al was designed.

“Miguel (Goth Jeelor)” an ace pilot, “Noza” an apprentice professor of Oslo college,
communication expert “Gamble boy”, three Yamakasi girls (Parkour girls), all too much
astonished observing 3,300 meter container ship again, (on their 2,100 meter ship).
(They already observed others at “Yemen”, “Tanzania”, and this is third, since)

This time, that huge ship is nearby too old and all insurances rejected ships,
one of those ships is named “Yongaritto (Mini size Yongari)”, Yah class, 28,000 ton.

Predecessor Mr “Junior” is expert at logistics, so original design of A-class (San Antonio)
shall need to become more current ferrari (than Z I L), to be faster and slicker outlook,
but due to economic crisis, only one ship “Cape Cheetah” modified until now.
(W-class ship is double hull, compare to three hull structure of N-class ship)

Alike N-class, these A-class are with inter-stella jump and hypersonic flight capable
fuselage, and powered by many micro size string generators or pulse reactors at spine,
and super-conduction empty solenoids and vacant halls are alike fuel tanks of motorbikes,
vacant ducts after air intake are linear accelerator, both in and out of atmosphere.

(String waves from pulse reactors sometimes destructive, need multilayer prism structure,
and not to mention of summer green sea of arctic and antarctic area, glaciers and icebergs
of winter season also into emerald shining, when “Severodvinsk” with reactors at near)

By front long EMF shield alike marlin tuna’s spear, pair particle creation from rear,
air drag statistics are much lower than calculated by fuselage shape itself.
(Crews onboard “Cape Cheetah” are all without debt, and calls N-class as amber tuna)

After reentry into atmosphere, local FLA cargo airplanes (jet engine version),
could land on fight deck at upper backside of fuselage hull of Congo team ships.
These new FLA cargo airplanes could carry upto 6 to 8 airborne robots per each,
intruding efficiently and fast into above sky of target zone.

In these days, many cities alike Bulawayo, Durban, et al are with high rise sky scrapers,
and during night, urban area is full of outer lights, various street lights, neon signs,
so luminescence capable plate armor and shield which could display various signs
would be more effective for urban night camouflages and distractions.

Sometimes, robots have to using EMF elevators outside of many sky scrapers.
Of the 10 robots onboard, 5 are controlled only by dead whale brain in canister,
non-human intelligent being, differ from 5 th generation computer, or (6 th) bio mech.

Robot-107 are branched from one of previous designs (AH-1 “Cobra” in real world),
so their height length is 1 meter shorter than robot-106 (AH-66 “Comanche” chopper),
they supplied amber color rubber from Pushan, on foot, to be same height 25 meter.

... You are on a 12,000 kilometer biosphere and space ship, the earth …


... In Human Minds # 110 ... A hidden card project ... 5 …

... Inspired by ... Debussy "Clair de Lune (star lights)" ... Clint Eastwood "Clair de Lune" ...

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... What is different with new musketeers than previous ones ? ...

In these days (maybe 500 years future from now),
flying over mach 20, faster than orbit cruising speed, utmost hypersonic speed,
is still too much energy consumption matters, so even "Macchu Picchu" and "E-class"
boost up to low orbit of planet for flying very fast from one continent to other.

And if new test type future space airplanes from La Plata delta,
type-280 (Berkut series in real world), when take off from hypersonic speed carrier,
they do need cone shaped shock wave rider (capsule shield of Soyuz), jet star effect,
which means 5 - 10 wave riders covering each space airplanes glowing like comets,
up on vacant sky, (there is no X shaped shadow of tall tower cloud over space carrier).

Glowing flakes keep bursting off from margins of capsules, like magneseum effects,
lasting about 10 seconds until take off airplanes decrease air speed below mach 3 - 4.
Thrust vectoring nozzles of type-280 (New Berkut) enables flight pose status control.

It is clear sky, without any X shaped fogs, different from North harbor (New York).
Seen from a distance, wave rider capsules look like twinkling small stars in jet stream.

At hypersonic, airplanes shall off from vessel through backward tunnels for depth charge.
(Only big ships over 40,000 - 100,000 ton could radiating EMF shield rays enough for
against shockwave impacts to capsule and to fuselage of airplanes)

(Far side iberian) "Moor" is also council member,
and attending to tuxedo evening party of council members, inside a big convention hall,
with many decoration flowers and garden wall star lights, for asking some more financial
helps to "Cape Cheetah" (upgrading and tuning of a San Antonio, middle weight cruiser).

Some of council members do not like some aspects, including gathering together with
other 25,000 ton cruisers from foreign countries, its not fit with tall man with whiskers,
and some members say they want to go to new future with 100,000 ton big (ark) ship.

"Cyan", also council man, think 25,000 ton ships could easily pass through panama path,
between hurricane remnant and bermuda remnant of after exploding super novas.
Remains of over hundred years ago, and to foretell future one must see past day techs.

Chief "Cyan" now commanding returned space carrier "E-class",
and hovercraft shuttles (LCAC aircusion boats in real world) from dry deck of carrier
lowering altitude, three in number, and deploying unmanned submarine vehicles.

The shadow side of Londinium (London in real world), which means submerged half,
the high latitude sea water is shining like emerald, under amber golden sunset.
Councilman admiral "Cyan" hopes to connect with main frame of a submerged airport.

Half of hanger deck is filled with slender ceramic tombstone (similar to Stonehenge).
"Cyan" says to other old sailors that at december, they shall have stripe stick candy,
but, "Cyan" slipping off candy from fingers, and others very like sweetness of candy.

Also returned 40,000 ton space carrier (Tarawa-Wasp class in real world),
equipped with many network systems inside hanger deck, like another tombstones,
connecting to satellites in orbit with two unique devices, (once on Longbeach cruiser).

This communicating device is for winch up and aiming past day ship-to-air missiles
up to anywhere position of celestial hemisphere, and now remodeling for antenna,
and many say somewhat similar to coat hanger.

And there also are two ram alike devices, which could illuminating same size hologram,
gifted from peoples of Johannesburg, and now view four ships of Congo team.

Skipper of this ship attends to (christmas) dance party in front of a clock tower.
(Maybe very similar to Mr. Jonathan Meyers)
Arrival of the two ships and amazing adventures of "(New) Congo team" surprised many
citizens of this old harbor city and visitors (many with white turbans), and they shall
gathering to quay area of city to see the ships.

Skipper in silk hat sells some palladium ingots, so the dance party could be open.
"Mutassim", advisor and jitterbug expert, helped much when selling these palladium.
(Inspired by 1980's pop music "Wake me up before you go go" by Wham)

Amber cosmos and tulip flowers are decorated everywhere, some are also in silk hats,
and of course, many doing classic waltz style dancing, with philhamoic performance,
and night sky is full of search lights and winter style fireworks...

People applause and shouting, new space airplanes (STOL airplane of Yakovlev made,
down scale version of MiG-29 in real world) take off and landing on deck of 40,000 ton
returned carrier, and too surprised at ability of short distance take off and landing,
due to their avant garde and innovative design, (even more than MiG-29 series).

Skipper emphasizes on fuel efficiency, especially in these high petroleum price days.
They could be equipped with 1 particle beam gun and 2 medium range missiles
with much extra fuels for various air defense tasks of squadron and fleet.

Skipper keep laughing, yet, behind the scene, there are only 10 leased airplanes inside,
and they could on air only 8 airplanes at best, including airplane allotted to skipper.
Local announcer girl (spangle jacket) asked to open up the door of garage (hanger deck),
but skipper obstruct and says this ship's garage open maybe next time...

... You are on a 12,000 kilometer biosphere and space ship, the earth ...


... In Human Minds # 111 ... A harmony too far ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... 1990's PC game "Comanche" ... 2000's "Mechwarrior (Maybe Stryker)" ...

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Flight squadron of dead whales, or what they call Long robot ...

It is sunrise time of a day,
and remnant snow on winter grass, building windows are all in pink red.

These two cities still under constructions, New Krym harbor and Binhai harbor,
downtown buildings with white ceramic wall, surrounded by wheat fields and lakes.
Downtown areas were designed not alone as new traffic center for future days.

Big lakes with oaks are also hot spas, (extra hot water pipes from nuclear plants).
(It's better with nuclear plants, than still vacant after completed, lack of heating budget)

During the winter, there are frozen mists, frequently, and white birds on oak trees are
essential for prohibit grasshoppers, because artificial eco system is too simple.
(There already are Dubai, Mumbai, Shenzhen, Pudong, etc, yet, Binhai is a new one)

"Typan (of arc angel)" is now at a corner of rear lounge, somewhat inside from
front lobby of newly completed luxurious and classic hotel, downtown of New Krym.
(This hotel is very similar to one in Rio De Janeiro, with many tropical botanic pots)

There are 5 - 6 hologram devices on classic glass tea table, and displays 3 D images
of 3 - 4 type-280 "Condor", a "Transfuselage" (60 meter in length space heavy aircraft),
and at center, a new 3,800 meter "Macchu Picchu" (the Majestic) space carrier.

"Typan" using new remo-con (similar to Nintendo wii controller), change into blue prints,
and specification data in characters and numbers are put on, beside of each hologram.

These extended functions are capable due to a new backpack where supercom within.
Other comrades all agree, if pessimistic assumtion is correct, then they are the last.

(The outer silhouette of "Macchu Picchu" and "E-class" is somewhat similar to more
lower radar observable Su-27 series, and future Tarawa-Wasp class is similar to Tu-144,
and future San Antonio is similar to EF-2000 Typhoon, all are elongated much longer...)

The bionic half of bio mech have been evolved by themselves for last 30 years,
after deserted from politicians and scientists, because cold challenge era was over,
and until recent few months, no one worries about their sudden disappearance.

Few samples, maybe terminated by other bio mech, found at remote deserts,
two of them are inside "Macchu Picchu", and locations of other samples are classified,
and they are important because they assume to telepathy to others, far away.

One thing is certain that they are returned as non-human intelligent being,
far different from giant squid with mainframe computer and mechatronic exoskeleton,
in imaginations of rookie college students and local razor attendants.

Their brain and nerve is structurally different from human, whale, and natural squid.
Until now, two kinds, 100 meter commanding squid inside center of their space ship,
and 35 - 45 meter space aircraft squid, (and by their parallel telepathy, maybe they
are more huge giant, than few thousand meter or more, in total length of crowd).

When walks through robot hanger deck, one feels like stand between dead whales,
gripping long spears with banners, holding longbows, or with big crossbows, under
various illuminating lights, including upward search lights.
Yet, three girls call them as Longs (chinese moon dragon, et al), or Long robots.

Head part of robot basically similar to digital cine projector or digital camera,
anterior to posterior length is longer than width, and slightly inverted triangle shape.
Lens and sensor parts are covered by thin goggle sunglasses, in multilayer.
And there are rain and sun visors, also multilayer, vertex top side of robot head.

(They are different from head parts of drone robots in "Iron Man 2", that these are
basically aerodynamic design, and folding capable side winglets like "Asterix" series,
and antennas for telepathy between whale brain in one robot to others)

Drone robots are 25 meter in height, and basic body shape without armor is thin.
(Seen from a distance, their body shape is similar to the mummies inside big pyramids,
maybe offsprings of more than one million years, those naturally selected few...)

Long tube canister where brain and spine of dead whale within is located at heart
and backside skeleton area of robot body fuselage, between the mainframe computers,
and they are essential when walking, running, and spontaneous reflex responses.

And there are wireless telepathy connections between pilot and cerebrum, cerebellum
of dead whale brain inside long canister, so with only HOTAS throttle lever and sidestick
rudder (same as AH-66), robot moves almost exactly as an onboard pilot intends to do.

(Three girls taught a lot about Judo, so with image data base, could be put to Judo,
similar to other high grade Judo character "Buzz Lightyear", in film "Toy Story" series)

And macro motions of aiming and firing M-60 machine gun or M-61 gatling gun,
with depleted uranium shells which are deep penetrators, or with high explosive shells,
by robot manipulators, all are automatically and serially commanded by mainframe
computers, matching in sophisticated with data in memory crystals.
(One of future memory crystals are first visualized in film "A Space Odyssey", 1968)

Three girls from far east take rest in chinese yumcha style shop, inside ship,
receiving message from their first leader, all with take-out paper cups with new straws,
(all are after onsen and massage relaxed state, soul back in there small size bodies).

Her name is what they call "Sosoh Gabek (A more snow on snow)" and she was once
instructor of them during elementary course of flight academy, (parody of prof. Einstein).
(In these days, chinese category people using bone character, similar to future icons
and first prototype of those sort characters, used more than a few thousand years ago)

"Brown Hair" is also middle course instructor of flight academy, sent to Congo team
for helping finish their middle course, (once in sewing machine jobs at New harbor).

"Sosoh" says she asked help to Shang harbor for sending a guild course instructor,
and will soon be arrived at Durban space airport, and joins Congo squadron...

... You are on a 12,000 kilometer biosphere and space ship, the earth ...


... In Human Minds # 112 ... A harmony too far ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... Jamie Foxx (Ray style) "Happy new year (Abba)" ... Stevie Wonder "same" ...

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Fourth snow white or arctic glacier crystal, Miss "W. Jihyo" ...

At the hall of shopping streets inside "Cape Cheetah", girls walking under gas lights,
and various decoration lights for end days of last year and new year's days.
What the 4 gyaru (one of fashion style) girls like most is avant garde gardens and
white sand beach with high grass, like those at sea sides of North nebula area,
(with ceiling and wall screens displaying sky and sunset what Vincent Gogh watched).

Gyaru girls all imagine that if they togther ballet on a frozen pond surrounded by
avant garde North sea style gardens, in ballet suits of decolorized ostrich feather,
including a lady girl "Sosoh Gabek", (together making alphabet W, by ballet dancing).
(They might look like bunch of green island eskimoes or far east chukchies)

Yet, skipper "Moor" says if this hall be real, then this is where they bankrupt down,
deposits become zero, soon enough, (alike "Grey" in a story "Treasure Island").
(This hall is almost similar to a street of lower Montreal and port Calais in real world,
and due to myth of Krym, there are apple trees decorated with empty gold apples)

The next new generation middle weight cruiser "Cape Cheetah" (one of San Antonio),
and "Flying Dutchman" by Mr. "Watt" (a dutchman and originally designed 1 st ship of
Ferrari style middle weight cruiser, fast and capable of amphibious ops, which "Moor"
copied a lot with many details, for carrying Aprilia tunning choppers and Gawasakies),
ships from far east "Orange" and "Lime" are floating on pier eight of Durban harbor.

Shuttles for robots are blended wing body, (reminds 2 nd generation of "Columbia"),
and could carry upto 8 robots per each with extra equipments, (jet FLA in real world).
Two shuttles alloted for each middle weight cruisers of Congo team, on only flight deck.

But, onboard robots (Helicopters or Strykers in real world) in the 4 ships of Congo team
are only 20, one full squadron, 6 manned and 4 unmanned in "Cape Cheetah" and
4 manned and 6 unmanned (only dead whale brain canister within) in "Flying Finnish".

A drill ship from Hamburg harbor is 50,000 ton, and could intake if there is only small
amount of sea bottom petroleum, whenever detected by sonar category sensors.
"Moor" calls those kind ships as big straw ships, modified from early day container ships.

An Yah class ship, "Yongaritto", is 28,000 ton, remodeling from a fast container ship,
for break through a strait under embargo, past day Sing strait, nowaday Malacca strait.
("Moor" describes this ship as polymer straws on upper deck, like wings or stabilizers)
These ships reminds crews of Congo team, it is era of another too high oil price wave.

"Moor" watches TV made with transparent screen, at living room of deluxe suite,
with a sack diamonds within, thinks what is short for them is lighter and faster cavalry,
traditional eastern style, which were with carbine bows and longer bows.

During watching commercials between routine news, thinks that maybe find answer,
(DHL could deliver), calls to the navy council of West star system and et cetera planets.

Few days later from calling a phone to number on TV (commecials on CNN news),
a galactic delivery company (DHL et al in real world) delivering from all over the galaxy,
space airport of Durban is busy with bigger interstella cargo airplanes (A-380 series).

Pier 8 is busy with sailors of Congo team, that assembling wings and winglets back on
main fuselage again, from each package, (camouflaged with Kilimanjaro coffee & flavor).
All 20 unmanned aircrafts are still in different markings and camouflages, too hurry,
some in tropical jungle leaves colors and some are in arctic glacier fields colors.

A ship named "Apostle" (which means human of angel minded, aliased by "Moor"),
(Skipper is almost same outlook as one in 21 st century "Battlestar Galactica" series,
also named "Saul" or "Paulus" in this story, a typical fisherman style of northern seas)
Skipper of "Apostle" says it is first time to see two (half) squadrons of drones at once.

"Gamble Guy" and prof. "Noza" connect to deep galactic satellites all over the galaxy,
with help from coat hanger antenna (once missile lift on cruiser "California") of newly
joined space carrier "Apostle", sending message to "Bear" team (Tu-95 in real world).

Connection to decoy drones of usual 3 - 4 "Bear" bomber formation team is successful,
and drop bomb shells onboard "Bear" interstella airplane gliding dozens of kilometers,
because it has all around circle wing and rear circle winglet, and small engines.
They are more powerful than 16 inch guns on "Macchu Picchu" or pipe organ rockets
cluster on number 1 turret location of "Cape Cheetah" and other similar design vessels.

"Gamble Guy" was sad human when attending to gymnasium, due to hurricane katrina,
galactic scale many anti wall streets demonstrations, take on self away from recruiting
officers who compelled to do from politicians who want to send more soldiers to
mesopotamia and south caspar area (southeast area from caspian sea).

"Gamble Guy" once asked help to a gentleman living in a wood hut near at
Michigan lake or Mississippi river, for hide, and a man with whisker serves trout dinner
and playing cello (one of suite for solo cello by Bach), and "Gamble Guy" said wants to
emigrate to Bulawayo or other far far away places, away from war recruiting.

That was "Moor", and said is it true that a daughter of chief living there open wallet
every early month, and finds another 2,000 units (green-back dollor category), again.
"Gamble Guy" answers could not assume how to dinner with those, at exotic places,
for example, what are said yumcha hut (chinese trattoria grade ristorante).

A man with whiskers said that we cannot even expect next month of life,
and one should know many things about the region where wants to emigration,
(not to be exploited like politician Mr. Nelson and et cetera in the past history).

"Moor" is now at temporary terrace deck nearby CIC hall, retracted during flying,
on upper side of amphibious cruiser "Cape Cheetah", which is still floating over pier,
in tuxedo category business suit, a full set including thin dust coat and sand muffler
by mesh fabric, mediterranean dry season breeze of Durban harbor keep blowing,
and nearby ships shining like orange clouds during sunset time of a sunny day.

"Moor" think that they could encounter with zombie robots and bio mech crafts,
when they scouting Pretoria city, and they would especially short of total firepower,
and if things going wrong, they have to hide in fox holes and call to "Bear" bombers,
yet, "Moor" does not sure where they are in this star system, and willing to help...

... You are on a 12,000 kilometer biosphere and space ship, the earth ...


... In Human Minds # 113 ... A holding hand too far ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... An aphorism "No one wants blown off dimsum" ... k-pop movie "Napjaru (air-girls)" ...

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... And architectures including all equipments are born from supercom ...

Year 2X21,
another high petroleum price era on going, all the 300 dwelling planets
are under the biggest tidal waves of economic inflations ever in human history,
(almost all 10 billion human back to beggar, homeless, hopeless, and helpless).
Yet, few who without any loan keep sail, searching after bio mech fleets...

Returned 100,000 ton space carrier "Big E" (The Enterprise in real world),
floating 30 - 60 meters above an emerald sea, under late afternoon amber sun rays.
(In this story, 10 of "N-class" has nicknames alike Orange Cloud, Bombay Cider, etc,
and if airplanes of each space carrier move to theater air field, call signs also same)

These east end area was the most densely populated area of Londinium city,
but, a year ago, flooded by north sea waters, due to land sunk and glacier melting,
and the temperature of sea water is still too cold for human divings.
(These east end down towns and new towns also called Narrows in new "Batman")

At CIC hall, returned "Cyan" sitting at veranda of rear 2 nd floor, asking to a human,
searching space port runway area once more, comparing past 3 D blue prints displaying
on left big monitor, with current scenes by cameras on 15 meter drone submarines,
(which have beneath single water jet tube, similar to VT-16 in "Star Wars"), on right.

At the middle of hall, Londinium area of hologram hemisphere (google earth) turned on,
including "Big E" and other carrier miniature hologram icons twinkling, and 3 D hologram
of east end area is poped up with ten or more 15 meter submarine drones and 3 - 6
aircushion boats floating by EMF field just above the sea for communication relays.
(Dark rubbery touch balloons of LCACs become more rubbery, due to extra EMF field)

This integrated user interface could apply to not only for control aircrafts, also for
aircushions with cluster pipe rockets loaded, and submarine drones which has various
connecting and log-in devices at the tip of four manipulators in side weapon bays.

A two meter tall human with rocky muscles, "Wild Turkey", key punching pretty fast,
and doing sums in mental also fast, (maybe local governments earns only net tax),
so there are four egg shaped seats, but this human could do all works only by one.

(Usually with dark span shirt, and at backside, thin AMOLED with daily comments,
and somtimes thinks this is also good for logistics of trailers with heavy logs loaded)

(Maybe on OLED, backside of shirt "...grill interface is an all purpose, not only good
for steaks served to first area of airplanes, also good for control bacon, ham, and
longer hotdogs or heavy trailers..." or maybe other aphorisms widely agreed...)

Meanwhile, one of bio mech ten fleets,
already almost completed zombie robot factories few hundred kilometers north from
Bulawayo, somewhat near from bohai dry lake (or bohai bay) where petroleum are.

And if an outsider bio mech fleet completing pipes, then zombie robot and zombie
airplane production would be much accelerated, soon outnumbering local total.
(Half of Bulawayo people brain washed, including Meunchan, Musuk, Myongok, etc)

After a while,
Congo team dispatched 20 robots (helicopters or strykers the 4 th generation vehicle),
transported by ten or more aircushion boats and cargo airplanes (FLA in real world),
and they arrived at an old and closed space port with two broad runways.

Robots put on two dozens or more slim and clustered search lights around air field.
These search lights has laser sensors, full flash on when necessary, for saving batteries.

These robots are fundamantally many actuators on steel frame skeleton.
Total number and each function is similar to those muscles inside human body.
Basically, these robots are designed and motion simulated by CAD/CAM in supercoms,
and so there is no complex 1/100 scale mock up, only graphic data files exist.

Without software for super computer, scientists cannot even sketch each view,
and maintenance, upgrading, attaching armors, and equipping could be realized by
supercom files, truly, with full eqipments, they born from parallel C.P.U. network.

And when doing maintenance at front base like this airfield,
pilots are at open phone booth (motion capture device), in whole body leggings,
and data of current body shape, weight, and walking motions would implant to robot,
so, a pilot with more ability, alike judo, robot moves almost same as onboard pilot.
(Weekly maintenance is somewhat upgraded from C-3PO, robocop, i-robot, and et al)

Plate armor is different from feather armor, and robots could attach and detach both.
Feather armor is good during air drop from airplanes (for example, FLA in real world),
these are basically polymer structure, covered by metal tiles, shape memory capable,
so, each feather elongated some more during air gliding, alike real various feathers.

With plate armor attached status, robots also could do jump up for air drop,
yet, wind drag increasing, so antigravity battery tank reducing to empty more fast,
and if batteries all into vacant, then pilots have to wait about 60 seconds, recharging
from internal pair production and pair annihilation reactors, also called pulse reactors.

Plate armors are usually multi-layer, so complex and many actuators of robots
could be physically defended enough, from every attacks flown from anywhere angles,
and robots could carry auxiliary hardware shields, inverted L shaped and multi-layer,
sometimes into all tiles transparent, with AMOLED display panel tiles also on, for more
undercover against visual encounters from left side views, including nozzles at backward,
especially during night ambushing at roof top of a glass building, surrounded by neons.

In feather armor attached status, all nozzles of a 25 meter robot are pop up,
yet, in plate armor status, some of nozzles for turbine boost could be closed down,
(after Space Shuttle vector nozzles, X-31 tested post exhaustion thrust vector plates),
and extra protected by thrust vectoring plates (paddles of X-31) and backward winglets.

Energy from antigravity battery tanks directly supplied to boost nozzles,
so cannot be engaged more than a few minutes, yet, main nozzles are connected to
air accelerating linear ducts inside fuselage of robot, could thrust much longer.

And when turbine boost be needed, for instant 3 - 6 times thrust power increasing,
winglets at shoulder and backside are wide open side to side, and boost nozzles up,
and after (backward) loop maneuver finished and robot landed into ground, then
shoulder and backside winglets returning to folded, boost nozzles also closing...
(Robots could do hyperthrust, even during ground hoverings, alike "Street Hawk")

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...


... In Human Minds # 114 ... A harmony too far ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Stravinsky "(Stellar) Firebird Suite" ... Verdi "Aida (remixed in soul a cappella)" ...

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... And architectures including all equipments are born from supercom ...

It is a planet outside far from any other 300 human dwelling planets,
and one of suburban uptown area is almost abandoned, near from downtown of Dallas,
empty factories and power plants, (looks far different from Bilbao or Tate gallery).

A big and deserted loft is with an inch of fine sands flown from monument desert.
(It is much similar to suburban huts in film movie "E.T." and "Back to the Future 3")
At the middle of loft, there is actual size mockup of type-106 robot (Comanche in real
world, and robot-107 of four girls are Kawasaki OH-1 in real world, same size as AH-1),
in plate armor, lying down on a heavy size trailor unit for big size containers.

Many window panels of a 25 meter robot is open and connected with naked optical
cables (manufactured from scandinavia), mainframe computers at left, head, and right,
shining like six colors of rainbow when data transferring by laser signals.
One could enable 3 D hologram after panel open, for more easy setup changes.

If one walk into doors, under noon sun from backward, sun rays from roof windows,
polymer shoes (actually, these are polymer pads) of a lying robot looks pretty big,
and many naked optical cables with various lasers look like tentacles of bio mech.
(In an old IBM logo style, or big blue font, alien character "003" marked in OLED)

A man is leading 8 - 10 college students, from Rhein delta and La Plata delta, for help,
(three of them are V-secret level body shaped tall college girls, always acting together),
simulating new techniques add on, (which always wanted to be, during previous 1 st
captain or centurion of West star system, predecessor of current leader "Moor").

They are brilliant young brains, and carrying 3 - 5 cluster LED handy flashes per each,
illuminating flash lights to opened panels, and upgrading this future instrument.
And they all say that if this new shoes gifted to them, they all could run pretty fast,
white sand beach of antilles sea (caribbean sea), under palm trees.

Also professor of logistics, and keep communicating with "Cyan" leading "Big E",
"Moor" and "Paulus (or Pentagonus)" leading Congo team, and sometimes calls to
brother "Jeff", acting advisor now in "Macchu Picchu" the majestic.

College students think that maybe with post stress syndrome, (movie "Deer Hunter").
(Similar to a character Mu La Flaga in "Seed Gundam", or a character in movie "Virus",
or an air team leader in film movie "Stealth (2005)", but, much more older)

(At this time, there are 2 of Comanche longer chopper, 3 of Kawasaki series, and
5 of Eurocopter Tiger in middle weight cruiser "Cape Cheetah", and there are 4 of
Rooivalk and 6 of Hokum in same size cruiser "Flying Dutchman (Flying Finnish)",
and two more spare middle weight cruisers "Lemon" amd "Lime" from Far East)

These robots could be equipped with long size main cannon, so called silver arrow,
and during flying, could be mounted on the pivot at upper center of back, between
nozzle units, and could angle to up and down, left and right, for more stabilization.

One also could choose usual middle machine cannon (M-60 gun in real world),
yet, silver arrow cannon is mainly for dum-dum shells, have high explosive warheads
inside depleted uranium outers, could stuck deep and ignite irreversible demolition.
Their number is only 20 robots and 20 drone airplanes (20 meter in length and also
called night butterflies or moths), so this could be very much helpful.

And sniping muskets supplied to them, including 3 - 4 times stronger silver bullets,
(longer and more metallic than one in 1992 film movie "The Last of the Mohicans",
and all these equipments put on to robots by mobile manipulators like "Iron Man 2")

Silver arrow cannon and sniping musket could be put together into one body,
and robot could hold other weapons, with this main one mounted on pivot.
And robot basic power is good enough, not to be effected by this extra weight loading,
especially when walking and running on road, or boost jump from roof to roof.
(Similar to an instrument of scientific fiction, held by Darth Maul in "Phantom Menace")

And bazooka category could be also mounted on mid back pivot,
yet, different from cannons equipped on N-class, T-W class, A-class ships, energy
supply is limited, so deep penetration mode is usually almost impossible.
(Shells of nuclear fusion by chemical reaction, and linear EMF rails inside barrel)

Stinger (or avenger) missiles are inside weapon bay at both upper back,
and some pilots say that explosion is limited, so effects are similar to ancient swords.

Seen from backward, robots have H-type backpack, two containers for stingers,
and lower two long containers (long ostrich egg canister) for guided hydra rockets or
highly effective and concentrated aerosol for anti-fire, annex for pure water.
And two slender long canisters, angle capable, carry chaff, flare, and jammer.

At left pelvis, there is audio gun mounted on extra magagine container unit,
also put on pelvis pivot, and could be angled to forward and rear, up and down.

At right pelvis of type-106, there is hand gun nicknamed 318 i-drive,
and this is also smart IT equipment, could remotely control bazooka and silver arrow
main cannon previously setup at roof top of nearby building, or held by other robot,
(directly connected to pyramidal tract of whale brain and spine, and communication
antennas on robot head unit, by wireless intranet blue tooth devices).

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...