Voyagers of Space - In Human Minds


... In Human Minds # 115 ... A harmony too far (or different yet same essence) ... 5 …
... Inspired by ... films of Luc Besson and Jan de Bont … musics of Rimsky Korsakov ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Tall human dauntlessly walking tubuc-tubuc into video conference hall ...
“Paulus (or Pentagonus)”,
warp an allotted 40,000 ton carrier near to E-calss at Londinium harbor.
Arranging 50,000 ton drill ship and 28,000 ton "Yongaritto" to keep collect newly detected
petroleum and transporting to Congo squadron and also for a 40,000 ton carrier, self.
(Somebody say 3 - 6 decent house and garden are too old and need reconstruction)
E-class, current commanding center (somewhat similar to an unit in PC game Starcraft),
was thought to more expensive 3 – 5 times than previous N-class carriers, yet, changing to
imported (petroleum) reactors, top speed over 35 space knots, more quickly into warp mode.
Important for Londinium people is a 100,000 ton and a 40,000 ton carrier cannot pretending
each other, and cannot using call sign of other ship at the remote side of galaxy (or warping).
After shaking hands with returned admiral “Cyan (once Boston lawyer)”,
these two big figures (in tuxedo style suits and raincoats) walk to video conference hall
(somewhat similar to one in "Demolition Man"), and this is first time they meet each other.
(Back music maybe cool jazz style instrumental version of famous songs by “Four Tops”)
“Cyan” says that it is long time ago for “Paulus (Pentagonus)” attending to galactic scale
meeting, yet it is same as past days, (for example, one WWE arena in Las Vegas, etc).
(Returned to active admiral “Cyan” much resembles Leslie Nielsen)
Inside video conference hall, about 10 members of West star system navy council including
“Moor” are illuminating on left side wall alike portraits by italian made optical projectors, and
about 10 people from eastern countries are illuminating on right side white (terracotta) wall,
yet, “Cyan” and “Paulus (Pentagonus)” plainly walking to their seats, their shoes tubuc-tubuc.
“Cyan” says three 5,500 meter bio mech major ships without any 2,500 meter escort cruisers,
deep strike mission, intend to protecting zombie factories recently revealed one by one.
(Due to these capabilities, major ship of 500 years later is battle cruiser with flight decks)
“Paulus (Pentagonus)” says possible invader location is not north nebula (north sea),
they maybe at middle of east africa (long) rift valley, but, that area is many times cloudy,
after galactic warmings aggravated and only reactor steam extracting petroleum left.
(In real world, some of east african rift valley is more desolate and winding than sahara,
and naturally there are only few ecological islands, alike kilimanjaro volcano and few others)
“Moor” wears mediterranean style modified mesh raincoat (imhotep) and mesh muffler,
and politely and neutrally says (with gestures), it is absurd that only 3 ships penetrating into,
although they far advanced than human, maybe more hidden major ships between 300 planets.
And “Stan (or Mariachi)” showing 3 D hologram (somewhat similar to scene about "Kamino"),
and says there is many weak areas of galactic satellite network (galileo-glonass network),
because 25 – 30 % of satellites, allotted to W.S.S. still not yet delivered as scheduled,
(although almost all 300 human dwelling planets open their markets to West star system).
And an old man “Sakharov” wears china collar shirts under decent dinner jacket, and says
this is another turning point of echo system, that evolution of human would be end.
(Some journalist girls say in low tones, that this comment does not help, maybe it would be
far better having take out coffee or tea at the corner table under 3 - 5 ikea stand lights)
And “Sakharov” comments if petroleum supply to human navy ships be enough once again,
then navy ships from all over the 300 human dwelling planets maybe have to search for
exact location of navigation satellites, and says once involved more than 10 years to an
academy, yet, there was no paper about blueprint or exact location of navigation satellites.
This is one of weak aspects of human side, that with these inherited navigation satellites,
human could only sail between current 300 planets.
There are few planet surface ruins, or ancient pyramids, nearby a wadi at one planet, and
there are only wall paintings left deep inside structure, without any satellite left.
Human cannot estimate how many planets 10 bio mech fleets have been pioneered, until.
And “Heman (Zhirinovsky)”, a man who studied anthropology and has concern about
etiquettes and manners in 3,000 different human languages, 300 planets need 20 engines
for 10 more drone airplanes (Sotsuc birds), so this is time for retreat 20 missiles (tomahawks)
hidden on sea rocks, aiming eastern countries, (seems to be pretty ridiculous at this time).
(Sotsuc bird is also nickname for beef stew precious petroleum microbrewery digging unit)
(And proud of holograms of an Yakovlev, an Ushakov, a Kuznetsov, a Typhoon super-sub)
Concierges and secretaries showing 3 D holograms of “Akula” (one of test type Yakovlev and
somewhat downsizing and restructuring architecture of MiG-29 series in real world) airplanes,
some of them already leased, and 3 D holograms of three kinds of new missile arsenal ships.
And comments about their current 4 ships for skirmish against 3 bio mech major ships.
(Maybe “Heman” means that now they have one A-380 and three 747 cargo airplanes,
so even the bio mech 5,500 meter major ships cannot easily break through this formation)
An old man from Gary harbor, look vanity, stops combing and down hand mirror, and says
at least 40 or more drone airplane (Sotsuc bird) need for get reputation to hear thief princess
of the seven seas (nebulars) of upper side of galaxy, and a big human seating right next to
and wearing leather jacket with cupid marking at left shoulder agrees with nodding head.
“Moltke (or Blucher)” showing hologram of ding-dong (or gung-gung) upgraded version of
type-270 space airplane (one of top ten tunings), with slightly over action gestures.
(This hologram version of upgraded Su-27 is an abstract sculpture itself and somewhat similar
to some asymmetric wall clocks which are reminding Salvador Dali, Joan Miro, Piet Mondrian,
Wassily Kandinsky, et al)
These dragoon size airplanes could even equipped with manipulators inside side weapon bays,
so with all angle stabilization capable new thrust vectoring nozzles, they could even catch
sample from steep cliffs of alps mountains, for example, edelweiss on the middle of cliff,
or could hold tight elliptical (human hip shape) airship when engine cooling is need...
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... In Human Minds # 116 ... A harmony too far (or different yet same essence) ... 6 …

... Inspired by ... films of Luc Besson and Jan de Bont … musics of Rimsky Korsakov ...

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... It takes too much fuel budget for carrying glacier ice from antarctica ...

"Moor" thinks that if were first human on orbit of Bretagne planet in West star system,
then maybe said entire planet is shining blue under binary sun.

Listening to these talks, (also first captain of citizen) “Moor” imagines next sailing of too old
E-class space carrier, maybe the last, and adding bourbon brandy into glass with ice cubes.

(In imagination, “Moor” is always in white tuxedo and white Boston hat, definitely resembles
“Imhotep”or “Satan” and much similar to “Arc Angel” character of TV drama Airwolf series,
who did not wear face mask made with thin gray iron)

Natural scenery of tanzania side of kilimanjaro volcano is much more preserved.
Mentor “Moor” is lying on lemon tree, thinks much and doing gestures alike “Arc-angel”,
and about 10 of kikuyu warriors and about 10 of masai warriors with ceremony costumes,
all overweight, keep training inside area of small white stones, never recognizing nearby
another Arc-angel typan (big merchant who doing universal exports and imports).

“Moor” sees the tallest but also oldest kikuyu warrior (anthropomorphism image of E-class),
and thinks that upgrade into more futuristic style, for example, ski jump facility at flight deck
(enough length 3-D EMF catapult, once described at the first episode of Battlestar Galactica),
need more money than already been spent, yet, currently the only one who has reputations
all from kikuyu, masai, (and various bushman robots or cobra series helicopters).

“Moor” thinks that with less than 3,000 – 4,000 (old) sailors and more than 90 airplanes onboard,
and doing almost same performances comparing to a new swiss watch, they need many automatic
machines and more steel alloys, and it demands almost same budget for building one more ship.

And upgrading to become another missile arsenal ships of in these days, with many long range
missiles and preliminary missile silo canister magazines, it also costs about building one more.

Unexpectedly, peoples from hamburg, gdansk, johannesburg, shang (shanghai), et al lend new
and powerful conventional engines to a T-W (Tarawa-Wasp) class, to an E-class carrier, (and
Congo team ships of past day middle weight cruiser weight already received at chittagong).

Mentor “Moor” wishes that this time, E-class squadron shall be voyage faster than any other
space vessels, including ships of one of ten bio mech fleets and unidentified zombie crafts, and
thinks with a triple printed big coin in hand that after win, they will get enough money for pay.

Exercises are usually between kikuyu versus kikuyu and masai versus masai.
Yet, “Moor” suddenly snooping into exercise and borrows a masai length spear pike, and
suggesting 2 unit team with a taller kikuyu, and matching against 2 usual height kikuyu.

Just after starting a stage between 2 warriors and other 2, one of usual height kikuyu
approaching pretty fast, and rotating kikuyu length spear pike, looks like white rainbow, but,
before that kikuyu (elmes of gundam series) reaches at a taller kikuyu, “Moor” crossing with
masai spear (zeong of gundam series), and sound effect from two colliding wood spear pikes
hearing somewhat loud, which means one kind of successful defense.

During video conference at holo deck hall of E-class ship, floating over east end of Londinium,
(and a T-W class 40,000 ton space carrier floating beneath E-class, like shadow gray cloud).

Sailors of "E-class" and "T-W class" carrier (including acting field captain Jonathan Meyers)
say that there are only 15 unmanned submarines (VT-16 of Star Wars or F-16 in real world)
and 10 of type-140 “Aquila” (virtual Yakovlev architecture number 140 airplane for training),
so there enough room inside hanger deck, yet, tombstone or stonehenge (Cray mainframes)
took 1/8 of hanger deck, all the sailors feel tightness, day by day, and the acting captain
also thinks that they shall embedded to computer hall of a “E-class” and a “T-W class”.

(And all sailors agrees that if bio mech and zombie crafts are set up hidden bases deep in
northeast corner of southern Africa, then that would be much pain for all the humans,
almost same as hidden lairs once set up by West star system inside of Vietnam, nicknamed
maenghoe, chungryong, taekguan, bidoolgi, baekma, baekgu, etc, about 50 – 60 years ago)

(In these series, only “Macchu Picchu” and “Nicholais” have full 16 cannons and 8 pop up
capable turrets and enough internal power supply facilities and reactors, and “Richelieu” and
“Mir (Varyag)” have half real 20 inch turrets and half fake turrets yet enough reactors and
EMF railroads for moving one real turret to other turret hatch sites, and “E-class” and “N-class”
have only two real turrets, and all the T-W class have 20 inch turret sites but without any)

“Heman (Zhirinovsky)” introducing two rookie test pilots to senior members of navy council of
West star system, which are still age in late twenties, super-model heights, alias “Mordred One”
and “Mordred Two”, (who cook neapolitan pizza and sicilia lemonades better than “Sakharov”,
and they are much resemble sports athletes, Maria Sharapova and Anna Kournikova)

Type-140 “Aquila” is still under engineering and manufacturing development status,
and serial number 11 to 14 airplanes are still doing various test flights at a small pebble island
nearby antarctica continent, inside 60 degree latitude or the antarctic area, same condition
that of various high altitude areas of planet atmosphere with much tiny ice vapor particles.

Due to hot spa and surrounded by sea water, this tiny island is less cold than continent,
and there also are hard clay natural runway seashores, so with assistance from AWD units
(one of Benz G-class powertrain in real world), which are in white color not to afraid of local
albatross and penguins, and this unit almost knockdown after type-140 take off from back.

During winter season, nearby sea water also freezing into ice and covered by inches of snow,
yet, new submarine cruiser like "Severodvinsk" class could hatch up in the middle of ice field,
and with help from elevator at sail of vessel, could bring back upgraded parts of type-140.

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... In Human Minds # 117 ... A harmony too far ... 7 ...

... Inspired by ... Novel “Les Etroiles” by Daudet ... Poet “Daylight upper half-moon” by Sukjung Yoon ...

... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Take me home country road, with brooks & gaguri chamoe (papaya) ...

If translate into plain physics, huge pulse wave or string wave is like a flood observed by Noah,
and each star is a reservoir, sustaining by dam or spinning power (means gravity in real world).

String wave could multiply curve space, big enough an entire star system, simultaneously,
each star (or reservoir, low areas of 4 D space) acutely increasing its energy (or water) level,
and suddenly exploding (flooding) or be red giant star with severe prominences (pyramid waves).

If someone seen from a planet surface, air and clouds heat waving by solar winds, lightning
everywhere, binary sun enlarged and into red, filament prominences, and thick aurora.

Until now, about one thousand star systems astronomically observed and serially numbered,
and about 10 billion human live in 300 planets in 9 star systems, all are adequate distance from
binary suns, but those planet orbits become stormy seas with snow tornado (or prominences).

The 3 rd generation string generator ships (for example, Typhoon class in real world), usually
30 – 40 kilometers in length, could annihilate one or two star system (continent in real world),
yet, newly developed 4 th generation string generator ships (for example, Borei class submarines),
70 kilometers in length, could wipe out entire 9 star systems including human dwelling 300 planets.

Less than few seconds, port side star system or starboard side star system is totally annihilated,
only bloated red suns left, almost vacant as deserts, and entire two carrier squadrons or more ships,
including giant space carriers with 25 inch turrets, could shelter between upper string generator
pillar and lower string generator pillar, where the placid area.

And high energy microwaves from remnant pulse reactor cylinders supplied to each ship, and this
could change spin status of entire hull structure and enable string waves transparently through.

Brown eyed girl “Bak (Park)” maneuvering defense system of one sort of type-107 robot (Kawasaki
OH-1 helicopter in real world), which is using (tuna fin) hydra rockets circling around EMF barriers
nearby robot, like fire butterflies (from mud beach with mangdung fish) gathering for twister wind,
with glowing magnesium sparks, and even could reflecting giant squid tentacles of bio mech crafts.

(Instead of the 3 colors and amber points suit, once Disney style ending of a conflict at Monrovia,
this time wearing audi or prada style pilot suit, same as other three girls onboard)

“Bak (Park)” is also lack of pilot curriculums or licenses, but, robot (helicopter) maneuvering,
especially defense motions are improved, almost similar to regular (chopper) pilots of (6 th) fleet.
(These type 106 – 109 robots designed aiming for long leg style, like Chopper motorbikes, and
alike airbag full around bike suits, type-106 comanche has ejection seats, upgraded than before)

She learned a lot of using (Brother) sewing machine from manhattan downtowns, so she could
self made (Burberry style) counterfeit fashion items for off employ times, and with these items
and pilot helmet on for hover-scooter, “Moor” applauses by tapping helmet top, (stars circling),
saying another big improvement of “short-pali” (a human body shape with short arm and leg).

And says, after tsunami at 7 th area of Far East, local drilling ships (E.T. ships) all wiped out,
and so, some of active and retired sailors shall go there, for temporarily extracting petroleum.

“Bak (Park)” in (1980 decade) plastic eyeglasses remembering an unfamiliar cousin, “Sangyeon”,
and she is different from “Heyonug” or “Cola-girl”, her character was older than actual age.
“Bak (Park)” sometimes visit Salvatore Cuomo pasta house at Abgujung (real post box address
Sinsha or new river sand streets), and thinks becoming shrimp pasta scented (young “Sangyeon”),
who lived at Daehakvro streets, north of han river, in baguette scent coated (Lacoste) shirts.

“Heyoung” had to wear used boy clothes, like many other students in Snow city (Seoul city),
yet, her eyes are wide screen T V comparing to usual school girls in far east countries, and
sometimes picked up for catalogue model (heavily powdered yang-gongju look style), and her
hobby is growing sponge cucumber during summer, at verandah of her apartment.

“Cola-girl” also average tong-tong girl during school (sometimes has Doutor tin cream-cocoa),
(she resembled miss ghost with ribbon in head in video game Pac-Man, average body shaped).
Yet, after much efforts, becoming multi-nationality giant company employee (or O L, Office Lady),
doing her jobs and part time side jobs be everything in her life.

When miss “Sangyeon” was 3 rd grade in gymnasium school, she visited hut of “Bak (Park)”,
located suburban area, (before moved to apple blossom Yangje basin), at Snow city (Seoul city),
(looks like Elgaim robot walks into), for baby sitting of “Bak (Park)” when she was preschool age.
(Daejeon & Ghangnam people think south of han river never belongs to Seoul or dark yesterday)

She sometimes brought white rose and put to a white china ware vase, playing piano interior,
with 26 - 28 inch fry pan and lid of (Vision) kitchen ware, she could instantly cook refrigerated
(tiger striped) shrimp pizza, adding ajinomoto and natural herbs like parsley, rosemary, lemongrass.
Scent of brandy flaming shrimp pizza, lavender perfume put “Bak (Park)” mouth open and steam.

(“Sangyeon” taught a few and simple French words, etiquette, nuance, gesture, petit, and et al,
under some IKEA style interior lights, similar to Brooke Shields movie “The Blue Lagoon”, etc)

(Alike linux, android, or symbian operating system), “Sangyeon” spends time by the schedule,
and instantly upgrading “Bak (Park)” fashion, with changing all the child clothes, pretty fast speed.
“Bak (Park)” took bath seldom, and as far as memory goes by, she suddenly into bath tub bubbles,
holding by arm and chest of “Sangyeon”, maybe “Bak (Park)” lost her mentality during milk bathing.

At those past days, galactic scale global warming was not so severe, eco circles of climate
was classical yet, so there still were afternoon shower of may and early monsoon shower of june.
After soul back into mind, outdoor is again under sun shine, cumulus clouds, and grass scents.
Chamoe (one of melon kind) field nearby a small (Vietnam style) village is on shining 3:00 pm…

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... In Human Minds # 118 ... A harmony too far ... 8 ...
... Inspired by ... Films about “New religion of people”, a maximum disaster of late 1970 decade ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... (2 nd, 3 rd, 4 th generation jet are maybe due to sonic-cruise duration) ...
Seven space ships lowering altitude, between different saturation orange clouds of a planet,
doing final turn and approaching to newly open spaceport (maybe 500 years later airport),
in column, air speed less than 1,000 kilometers per hour, subsonic, avoid making sonic boom.
“Moor”, in white bow tie, thinks that (european) father immigrated into West star system,
for researching rockets, satellites, and warheads at secret factory, not even printed on map, but,
other countries building new and more energetic rocket launching hub center at Guiana planets.
So factory where his father worked bankrupted, welfare ended, but, father never joined to groups,
“Invasion of P bay in Cuba”, or “New religion of people” who landed at Guiana planets more than
40 years ago, (and joined to “Boondock Saints” category militia, who chasing after missing princess).
(The origin of disasters is, already totally bankrupted society urgently need too much money)
“Didier” (orange edge), “Miguel” (one-pair pokerman from Venezuela), “Youngwu” (Columbia rain
jacket over suits), “Murakami (Nakamura)” (chief of “Yongaritto”), and others gathering at left side
planetarium sphere hall (planetarium CIC) of “Cape Cheetah”, all wearing (blue) jackets and bow ties,
(similar to real world suits for captain pilots of commercial airliners or “Zola-man”), and says this
mega size Gwangyuk city would be another secret lair of one more children’s (crusade) expedition.
Hologram display beeps it will raining, and they need (neon LED stick) umbrellas for visiting city.
And “Cyan (McCyan, Leslie Nielsen)”, "Mutassim (from sahara)", "Serpazinger (from Punjab)”,
"Face", et al, on video line, staying at Londinium city onboard a “E-class” and a “T-W class”, all
with laser printed news papers, on two egg shaped electric cars with basic quattro, usually seen at
ski resorts (for example, Atlas, Pirineos, and “Uludag” at Turkey), wearing cam-headphones (Nokia).
“Paulus”, another corn pipe hobbyist, already published “Paul bing-fa (Art of Paul)” before became
leader of one of european expeditionary army for long range deep invasion of foreign countries, yet,
(after only few poker card gap failure), spending few decades at (siberia) snow forest in bio-frozen.
12 books are still valuable in year 2X21, etiquettes and manners of foreign countries written in still
available, so “Moor” and (ohenro) girls reading before go sleep, and ask questions next daytime.
(“Moor” concerns number 5 and 6, with many drawings, because these are about West star system)
This city constructed at center of one of savannah area of africa star system, more huge than
all the 7 Gwangyuk cities in far far east, and those even born homeless, bankrupted could loan from
rush and cash, sanwa, iguasu money, so young generations all moving to here, and old people left
behind cannot claim welfare made for themselves, because no young left doing welfare works.
At the center of this mega city, there are buildings named “Gwangyuk Land”, “Bada Iyagi”, etc,
mainly for gambling without traditional regulations, and huge cement concrete religious shrines,
(already dead religions where they born), all established for training illegal “Moksa”, and even
sending these to other planets in africa star system, for addicting people living in other cultures.
Some of “Moksa” think they are humanized “Cheewu”, “Eeja”, and “Sejong”, in too old stories.
(They are resemble to dark side of “The Omen”, in same title and similar category movies)
For their only cash income, they shall go to work at Binhai petroleum mining field area, in Bohai bay.
(Where similar to black hills, sacred for Yak, Mig, Su et al indians, in novel “Seventh cavalry”)
At the beneath of city, there is very huge and empty underground area (movie “Matrix part III”),
where factory buildings are hanging on ceiling, and between, biomech crafts swimming over EMF,
manipulating the bankrupted, for occupy or destroy Binhai oil field, hundreds kilometers away.
People of “Johannesburg” city lend their own two 25 meter robots (“Rooivalk” in real world),
because they too in shortage of pilots, and they believe civilian pilots alike “Didier”, “Miguel”.
Return of two type-106 robots (“Comanche” choppers in real world) could be realized, due to
angel investment of veiled multinational capitals, and “Jihyo” is civilian engineer from far east,
helping upgraded type-106 back from Canton, and including one mockup simulator at Dallas.
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... In Human Minds # 119 ... A harmony too far ... 9 ...
... Inspired by ... “Megaforce (1982)”... “The Beach (2000)” ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Day by day, routine walkings on cockpit of robots, some crews snooze ...
Way to “Amber sunset on (cross) neonlight” city is full of dust sand, similar to Gobi desert.
(Alike one scenery nearby a tombstone village, once described at novel “Seventh Cavalry”)
“Moor” is now in row, in front of city municipal, (wearing gray bear hat and mesh-ball muffler),
and drivers (pilots of shuttle for human, Osprey in real world) waiting behind at big parking lot,
standing beside (tiltrotor) shuttle, (and their call signs are maybe “Nihil” and “Scotmeadow”).
At far background of this mise-en-scene, there are seven space ships floating in the air,
in front of late amber golden afternoon sky, and with help by many cameras at both side hull,
and mainly for hardware slipping and prisming enemy beams, yet, each plate armor is also display,
so these seven ships are look like glass pyramids or high speed baguettes in sunset.
(Some people nicknames this remote and dust sand city as “Green-back Frog city”)
“Paulus” changed a 40,000 ton space carrier (Tarawa Wasp class) to a “Grouchy” class carrier,
one of four ships recently completed at Bazan shipyards, in one of iberia star systems.
(Unmanned airplanes are same 20, yet, this time they even have lift-fans for hovering flights)
“Moor” asked to city mayor about temporarily setup ground satellite units, and mayor accepted.
So, for a time later, unmanned crab robots (Stryker vehicle or Comanche helicopter in real world),
with antennas, could be seen at many areas of city, usually nearby (coca-cola) giant neonlights.
They only walk at midnights and dawns, so most of citizens do not know they are satellites.
City is already bankrupted, long time ago, all the citizens are lack of daily necessities,
so twice per week, robots escort hover-trailers from Bulawayo, and this also is price of visit.
(“Moor” giving counterfeit landscape of Plymouth, by “Turner”, says own call sign is “Sugar Ray”)
After arrival of four type-109 robots (Rooivalk helicopters in real world), by FLA cargo airplanes,
two pilots spending much time for teaching embedded (4 th generation) simulator, and “Moor”
busy drawing many croquis and notes down words at personal diary (flanklin planner).
(Ohenro girls or yamakasi girls are not allowed, because none of them is blue red captain)
“Didier” also carried bellows veer (maybe one of classic ingenuity of Rein river).
At folded status, this item is alike folded paper veer, easily contained at backside of robots,
and when activated, thin plates and long bones of shape memory metals unfold into Z, and then
total length is tripled, and next this long veer turns alike clock needles, stops at certain angle,
and then widely unfold into long and rectangular shield, enough big for shelter an entire robot.
At the lower arm of robot, there is magagine containing polymer airbags, could support veer.
All the pilots are interested, and “Moor” nicknames this unique item as a dutch shield.
Pilot girls who allotted to robot-106 and robot-107 very surprised at these new robots,
and doing a (shibuya style) gymnastic dance motion, singing musical chorus “Rooi” and “Rooi”,
and call the three men as sun tan musketeers, who graduated grammar gymnasiums.
(“Didier”, maybe taller than most soccer ball athletes, sometimes does voice of “English Bob”)
Few days later,
a pilgrim (self-proclaimed) at Dallas city, keep testing same scale mockup simulator of type-106,
sending gifts to ohenro girls (delivered by DHL), human size fish glass with mint white LED.
Upto 2 meter person could doing UV whitening, inside rectangular glass with scallop cushions,
and these are eight in number, arranged to eight directions, and if (silver-arrow) girls too long
inside, then “Moor” finds by camera phone, and shut down switch could open all lids same time.
Total 19 robots, in four different types, including 10 of type-108 (“Beo-Wulf”) robots,
which are with mostly updated whale brain canister and A.I. supercom onboard, and they subgroup
into three teams, “Moor” team, “Didier” team, and a team of seven type-108 robots.
(“Moor” and others never report that sometimes type-108 robots doing too human gestures,
on duty, doing pantomime fishery motions and carrying shrimp baskets, opens beer tin and drinks,
because if eastern countries get back type-108, then they not sure for bonus when ending)
Around areas of a closed and forgotten iron bridge are filled with mist,
wind coming up from deep valley, and this weather reminding this land also out of civilizations.
A type-106 robot by "Moor (Sugar Ray)" and a type-108 (“Beo-Wulf”) by “Serpazinger (Hedin)”,
walking about one kilometer forward and a type-106 by “Jihyo” and three type-107 (“Gawasaki”)
by three yamakasi girls sneakering beside ten or more hover-trailers with container boxes.
Robots, individual weapons, and hover-trailers are with many lights on.
(This look alike eastern gas lights, and pilot “Jihyo” carries emergency light shut-down switch)
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... In Human Minds # 120 ... A harmony too far ... 10 ...
... Inspired by ... books of “Sven Hedin”, sketched taklamakan map ... movie “The Rocketeer (1991)” ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... (Seed gundams maybe RX or MSZ series, and new goddess also tapas scent) ...
Today’s chinese think real and scientific long (dragon of ancient chinese) is only sea whales,
neither kraken (in “Clash of the titans”, 2010) from old fairy tales nor biomech recently threat,
and maybe 500 years later, far away of galaxy, these few dead whales walking along a wild land,
(under fire supports from Tu-95 “Bear” series long time flying bombers, high above stratosphere).
(These openings of each sessions sometimes narrated by Gregory Peck of “Vacanze Romane”,
black and white still cut, with pilots in givenchy suit & raincoat, Carl Zeiss lens eyeglasses, and
aprilia kinds motorbikes, with holding acoustic guitars of Andres Segovia tuned architecture)
(From here, back music is mint pastel tone orchestra march of 1984 olympic games)
Bridge of iron is very old, and closed (with bar of Alps stripes), some time ago, lack of budget,
nearby is full of amber cosmos and bright white purple aster flowers, and mist keep flow.
Far mountain ridges are with white icecaps (Himalaya), and glaciers melting into streams.
Above stratosphere altitude, somewhere there are type-195 (Tupolev-95 “Bear” series),
which could flying in the air more than 20 hours, turrets of long range particle beams loaded.
And few (4 th generation) string generators (for example, soviet SSBN “Borei” in real world)
maybe involved in the operations, which similar to a giant convention center with (TGV) station.
(Alike many space ships in this story, string generator similar to Bilbao Guggenheim museum)
70 kilometer string generator alike two decks of transparent ice sticks, due to display armors,
with dozens of pulse reactors doing lens & prism for string waves, or create smaller (lake) waves,
and between areas are with space ships with cranes for maintenance and repair, factory ships,
container ships could catch containers launched on orbit by EMF mass driver, big cruise ships
for visitors, extra giant tile plate armors at one side for replacing armors of ships if in need.
(Seen from a distance, string generator looks alike swan of one wing open, or the great wall).
On the scandinavian style unpaved road, covered by small white river stones,
robots walking tubuc-tubuc (onomatopoeia of before history upper and lower Yangtze river).
Various robots still using electric solenoid motors rather than pure EMF field joints, because when
they are not onboard shuttles for robots or cargo airplanes, battery should be saved more.
One of ten biomech tribes, especially invasive characters, also using this for more invasions.
(If robot pilots are much experienced, then they could know current pose of biomech crafts,
by sound effects of electric motors inside their joints of axial spine bones and joints of limbs)
Six robots equipped with (or holding) long polymer pikes, and medieval style flags at upper tips,
which are long stripes of fluorescence white and cherry-pink colors, and inner mesh of flags are
also shape memory metal, so if electric power supplied, flags could erect, alike knives of kitchen.
A yamakashi girl pilot (her call sign is "Ghangnam-bulpae") says that at today morning, (columbian)
breakfast at comfortable hotel, she read about type-140 (F-14 “Iran” in real world), and number
estimated 10 – 20 exist in africa star system, and maybe all are recently moved from Persia.
Her last name is “Bak”, my flower deer cousin, calls herself Prof. Oh in scientific fiction world,
manga drawing arbeits, yet, she graduated food and nutrition, and sometimes flight attendant.
(Double erected comet hairpin, chosen-soren, resembles miss Song or miss Hyomin, local dancers)
A girl from Wonju city, at two parallel seated cockpit, inside chest part of other robot, says
if they equipped with multi-target multi-tasking radar, or real time (machine) radar, municipal of
West star system did not sell (almost all of) type-140 space airplanes (“Ayatollah”) to Persia.
She says learned a lot from type-140 manual, bought at Teheran bazaar with stained lampshades,
during ohenro style backpack travel during gymnasium days, (girls call themselves silver-arrows).
Another miss “Bak”, plastic eyeglasses, and in rolli hair style, giving tuna tins to colleagues,
who volunteer off duty fashion costumes & hats and sometimes design own pilot suits, once
doing fishery job, skipper of small ship catching squids, between Yeosu bay and Tamra island,
before trip to New harbor (New York in real world) for learn more about fabric designs.
She always says she likes wedge style potato fries, and potato of breakfast was also good.
“Jihyo”, a cute girl (in Korean-english or konglish style word, camjik look fashioned girl), who
graduated local college with expensive fee, says due to much gap in relative velocities between
type-140 and robots with turbine boosts (similar to one in TV drama “Street Hawk”), they even
cannot acknowledge if type-140 in air speed mach 2 flying nearby, or just another jetstream.
And alike volley ball, if suddenly slowing down set play, type-140 maybe lost target aiming…
... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...


... In Human Minds # 121 ... Time space warp O/S “Janus (or Siam)” ... 1 ...
... Inspired by ... Old video game “Raiden” by Seibu and “After Burner” by Sega ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... (4 th generation ships of West fleet also inverted V and inverted star) ...

“Moor” thinks this is highland tombstone, and reminds previous video message from “Cyan”.
“Cyan” said that what he found was 30 – 40 years ago strategic plan, and files were inside
of personal gymnasium cabinet, unauthorized pickup by one of senior admirals, and he gave
much maple syrups and some tundra herb oil for exchange with papers of nearly fallen leaf.

(On wallpaper of personal library hall of “McCyan” and “Moor”, there is portrait photograph
of “Ronald Reagan”, a nightmare strategist, popular scientist, and politician, 50 years ago)

These are about using 10 big carriers and 10 other carriers for occupying Kolkata and near
harbors, stealing newly developed and researched alloy metals, cannot made by West stars.
Many are planed by few immigrants from Londonium, Amsterdam, and eastern countries.

(“Cyan” says magazine “Signal” republished and back on tiny newspaper and chocolate shops,
and says this week, 16 mega Agfa true color CG photo of type-140 “Ayatollah” on cover page,
and people of Persia become to forgive petroleum and Vietnam gate, so their fans also back)

“Serpazinger” surprised and slipping fairy tale book (“Petite Princess”) with carrot design cover.
(Watching up her pale blue future gravity suit, which similar to “Stig” in TV drama “Top Gear”,
and others are without helmets, because they trust airbags on cockpit dashboards)

Amazon star system promised (to DHL) six type-280 “Condor" (Sukhoi Berkut in real world),
so, with six latest version of type-290 (MiG-29 or Mig-35 in real world), will be half squadron,
(quite enough for mag-lev style roller coaster actions on air of “Sunset on amber neon city”).

“Moor” assumes too much, yet, it is clear that 1 of 10 biomech fleets with over 500 ships,
is definitely parody and carrie culture of what West stars day dreamed 30 – 40 years ago.
And reminding two giant snake columns with 10 of super carriers and 10 of big amphib carriers,
“Moor” thinks they alike past day ceramic shuttles stacked on mag-lev railways, in front of.

“Moor” remembering about past day, when he was weekend account book keeper, using
his own call sign “Shadow Ball” or “Window”, thought that much similar to be a motorcycle
postman, but, he laterly acknowledged that he is on his own way to become another sort of
(Imperial or Jesus) officer of fully dressed up, in any kind of full set suits.

“Moor” sending word message, key typing keyboard on HOTAS, fast, (alike X-wing in movie
“Star Wars”), because he could type faster than talk, about if some N-class and T-W class
skipper personally approves deck landing of biomech crafts and discussing coalition with them.
(Compare to 2X25, Waves of Strings series, ships are not ready, due to emptiness of deposits)

“(Peter) Norton”, skipper of a Z-class (Zumwalt light cruisers, and different from real world,
they are the next after Arleigh Burke, and slightly heavier, less than one third sailor needed),
replies by (Blackberry smartware) time space warping word message, that none of colleague
skipper of ship, (each are leader of remote and inverted star shaped citadel, alike “Dunbar” in
movie “Dances with Wolves”), does not day dreaming alike those sorts of worries, until today.
(25 – 30 skippers, including few from Londonium, dinner together at great size round table)

Maybe small ice age back, and keep snowing at North harbor (Norfolk, Virginia, in real world).
(Ships in row reminding W shaped silver candle stands, or ICE, the Inter City Express train,
which could never become everyone’s future or wannabe, even in these 500 years later)

an UAV (similar to subsonic aircraft “Global Hawk” in real world, with frypan radar on back)
sending emergency coded signal that unidentified flying objects approaching pretty fast.

A Type-106 robot, and three type-107 robots (which 1 meter shorter, with all highhill rubbers),
running to the iron bridge, and formation into defense line, and about 20 hover-trailers on bridge
and nearby bridge turning to unidentified objects approaching side, (alike frigate ships in the
classic movie “The guns of Navarone”).

“Moor” says to “Serpazinger”, that if too much outnumbered by enemy bandits, then
shoot his robot down for undefeated ending, (alike one in movie “The last of the Mohicans”).
(Maybe it will take less than an hour crossing the Africa continent in real world, for example,
areas at nearby Kilimanjaro mountain)

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...


... In Human Minds # 122 ... Time space warp O/S “Janus (or Siam)” ... 2 ...
... Inspired by ... Classic movie “Gunga Din (1939)” ... Non-english movie “Whispering corridors” ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Company of robots shall defense, creatively and progressively ...
At dawn of another day,
a new generation string generator (Borei class submarine in real world) is at behind moon,
and dozens of tall and slender blue pyramids in 2 columns, upper and lower, both port and
starboard side, and their alias is “Blue Jacqueline, (Tupolev 160 “Black Jack” in real world).
They are alike main turrets of huge and heavy cruisers, and pulse reactor within each,
and blue pyramids could fire all beam cannons simultaneously, from orbit to planet surface,
and when attached to string generator, full salvo of each full beams could be curved, from
behind the moon, with help from S-wave mode of string generator, effects on moon gravity.
(For more freight protection from shockwave impacts due to full salvo, between each string
generator column, sophisticated string generators make short range counter string wave areas,
and each blue pyramids should keep open nozzles of main engines, to stand by position)
String generator could circle around orbit of diagonal, which is not circling entire planet,
with help from small black hole effect of star shining anchor, connected with string generator
by thin and long time-space string, although over 70 kilometers in length, could keep entirely
hide behind the moon, (similar to ancient weapon of “Cavaldi” in movie “Brothers Grimm”, and
this new biggest 70 kilometer space ship ozone stealing safe, than previous 30 kilometer ships).
Solar sail of antarctica glacier size (over 14 million square kilometers), made of shape memory
alloy mesh and thin polymer bubbles, could keep supply enough energy to string generator,
and could be located at far behind orbit.
(In IHM & WOS series, although they not prototype missile arsenal ships, (5 th generation),
some journalists believe “Enterprise” and “Nimitz” class are based on “Graf Zeppelin Mark-4”,
designed at Hamburg shipyards, and “Tarawa” and “Wasp” class are based on “Graf Zeppelin
Mark-2”, designed at Gdansk shipyards, et al)
Robots equipped with plate armors in this time, and surface of major armor plates are
coated with white thin ceramic tiles, enduring flames (alike Columbia class space shuttles).
EMF field of robot could refract or prism beam and rain drop, but, cannot reflect flame.
(Fire flame CG effects in 1990’s PC game “Novastorm” was one of those days best)
Robot 106, 107, and 108 are all with inverted-L shaped shield, when they in plate armor,
which is effective for more non-EMF protection of nozzles on back, many waist actuators,
(more than human), and this shield is long enough for covering knee actuators.
(Robot-108 “Beo Wulf” looks more greek, because Miss “Stig” in greek style body and pose)
Face part of robot is mid-mid (adjective of ancient Yangtze river spoken language),
because whitish polymer mesh covers various cameras and sensors, and sometimes this
looks more alike robot face covered by nylon stocking, rather than medieval fencing mask,
which is designed for lower radar observation, and even for lower visual detection.
(Upper head part sensors and short antennas are covered by red polymer cover, and
there also is telepathy antenna (almost same as single white wing feather of hen), so,
seen from a distance, these future robots look similar to hen with red comb on head,
especially when they jogging, not in row or column, alike movie “Chariots of Fire”)
On high altitude bridge, (rainbow frequently emerges at lower altitude),
robots take out long muskets (sort of old dragunov series), from one of 20 hover trailers.
They hide their long polymer spears into hover trailers, and these spears are made by
EMF powered elongating capable white polymers, and basic inside structure is alike optical
colonoscopy, and there long empty space within, artificial fuel for upper tip torch (for lighting
or bayonet), or liquid explosive can be contained, and sometimes spear could turn into soft,
throwing capable snake whip, and then entirely burning the target into gray charcoal tree.
An unidentified flying object flying through, as fast as storm, could be over mach 3, and
maybe three times short distance warp jumping, which still impossible in West star system.
That maybe have sophisticated vectoring HUD, and exactly hitting few payloads with 30 mm
white phosphorus shells, and big white flames emerges, (because “hiroppong” are inside).
All the robots shocked by what they newly find about another dark secret of this city,
and they all stand up, put L-shield on the stand with joints at back, majorly for beam
bazooka, and engaging winch and steel wire put on left forearm, rope down to under the
bridge, not to breath fume diffusing up by severe updraft wind from deep valley...
... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...


... In Human Minds # 123 ... Time space warp O/S “Janus (or Siam)” ... 3 ...
... Inspired by ... Yeseul Han's song "Short hair", in Gackt style ... "Memories of a Geisha (2005)" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Yurk-sam is not ghangnam best, no money for move to Song-do …

When all was in youth,
of those girls, one girl adding vienna chiffon cream on cola, for holding bubbles...

When a soccer worldcup (2002 other half and half broken worldcup in real world) open,
J.S.T. or Jutek-Sanga Tower (half home and half commercial arcade building) completed
one after others also in ghangnam, some even over 250 meter in height, and song-do, etc.
(Alike many other South Korea products, constructed less than half budget of New York)

Part time TV anouncer, free lander (free lancer) miss "Domisol" was half back dancer
and half flight attendant (stewardess who do not have apprentice chef degree) those days,
and different from house at bang-bae hill where she grew, cannot roast or smoke salmon,
due to lack of vertical ventilating system, (her nickname "Sura Jiang", similar to a singer).
(Maybe non-hyun is one of a success, but, many limits alike sung-buk, etc)

Miss "Heyoung", my always flower deer cousin, says she could finally adapted to small
dormitory at tail of commercial airplanes, but, she cannot adapted to too slowly ventilating
and too humid air inside of buildings, so she cotton mask, and cosmetics up at cafe.
(She is flight stewardess and sometimes weather reporter girl in local TV news)

"Jungmin", a girl who really had date out with me, different from a girl named "Nayoung",
could promoted up to one of semi class director of a company, and using her increased
credit, loan more money from local juchook banks (hedge banks), and millennium exodus
to gim-po new town, where 20 - 35 story apartments are, (2 - 3 times than abgujung).

"Cola girl", also flight attendant and part time sports reporter girl, and although her age
over thirties, she has no money for move to these Jutek-Sanga Tower buildings, still lives
in studio style dormitory near an airport, almost similar size of those at tail of airplanes.

Maybe, what they wanted was having tin beer and watching soccer worldcup
at sebeat dongdong floating structures on Han river, under the autumn weather,
but, that structures never can be opened, due to shortage of budget to be completed.
(Mayor of Seoul, "Oh", nicknamed P.D. or producer, wanted more economic boost,
already bankrupted long ago, now hang on Jutek-Sanga boom, but another failure)

I find out my cousin on TV also a flight attendant (cafe crew) of a foreign company,
and I sketched foreign uniforms of girls in my diary, (by color pencils of tomboy TM),
and aliased girls as storm girls (or citizens in storm weather of Dover and Calais).
I am poor at sketch drawings, even I cannot differenciate which uniform in my sketch
is drawing of one company, and which storm girl is my cousin in worldcup days.
(If they find out a sketch alike group photo, maybe turn into big toads, heading onto me)

If one glances from 70 th floor, (similar scenary of O'Neill's drawings of space cylinder),
tiny garden with few slim and bony trees looks too far, even sorcerer "Kant" does not dare
to go downstairs to garden by elevator, at everyday afternoon for a simple life walk.

Different from others, my parents and I moved to abgujung apartment, and no house of
antwerfen-dam and amster-dam architecture could be built on our small land at yang-je,
and in real, there are no one thousand apple trees, blooming before having leaves.

Yet, being seen from a distance, on hilltop at one of Cheongchun (Cheonggye) hills,
afternoon shadow of a Jutek-Sanga Tower is 3 - 5 times bigger than building itself,
and from those dark shadows, illusions of JSF (Joint Strike Fighter) are vertically up,
one after others, and waypoint northwest to binhai petroleum field, for air intruding.
(Iron mask of "Mandela" is far from southern africa culture, and also illusions of JSF)

At that time, my life and I, all could be transported simply by air, only 1 or 2 rucksack,
notebook computer and wireless internet are almost all of infrastructure of my thought.
And professor Eisenstein's novel "Panzerkreuzer Poschomkin" was always in rucksack.

My cousin, (maybe best portrait of myself), and her friends are working in air business,
so I have no choice but to wearing simple clothes, for considering my cousin, and if she
wants those clothes and costumes, I will surely lend to, and I had D/O style raincoats,
(alike Michael Ende's "Momo"), which are designed in low (or angle) countries.

At one of river to huanghe mainstream river, there were model houses in almost desert,
which are designed for enduring khamsin wind from central asia deserts, and derezzard
(slang of blizzard alike snow storm from north), so wall and roof are in curved surfaces.

And at shanghai IKEA mall, there already are future interiors beyond my youth imagine,
and at a grand mall at south america, I found out that parts could be put into a house.
(Confucious and Mencius transporting books by wheel wagon, not by hand and leg)
I blue printed at note, but, I still wonder could those be helpful to part time storm girls.

"Moor" (raiden-1) in africa stars, in young days, receiving transmissions with many noises,
replies message, get down their robots, nodding to "Serpazinger", and running to bridge.
Robot-108 runs and jumps with (X-31 architecture) boosts to a mound hill, and will receiving
sensor signals from robot-106, (alike one session with T-38 / F-5 with EEG, in TV series
"Airwolf"), will maneuvering 10 or more UAV air drones, for forward (foxhound) ambush,
against 2 nd attack on hovercraft (rail) convoy, by unidentified dragoons...

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...
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... In Human Minds # 124 ... Time space warp O/S “Janus (or Siam)” ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... F.X. MV "Pinocchio (Philipcchio)" ... "Mo better blues, (Live in Montreux, Swiss)" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... (Get those sicko bandit crafts down, captain "Windstorm") ...

"Moor" or "Windmill" (similar to a priest character in movie "Omen" or "O-man"),
wearing tuxedo with silver spangling collars and silver spangling bow tie, in chest cockpit,
running to in front of bridge, and simultaneously, (future AMOLED) surface of 30 mm shells
detonating countdown in bright red (claw) signs, already impacted inside of big LPG tins,
(alike movie "Predator").

Big LPG tins loaded on hovercrafts explode terribly, one after another, and each explosion
with search lights effect (alike game "Mechwarrior"), star flaming fragments to 10 other
directions with white smokes on tail, enough for illuminating the bridge and nearby cliffs.

There are many actuators at robot neck part, innner of high collar armors, more number
than human neck muscles, so EMF actuator groups of robot does not frequently sprain
paralysis alike human muscles, and inverted triangular shaped fencing mask white
fluorescence illuminating in mist, mildly, because many sensors inside mask are busy, and
pilot could get more sense than naked human eyes, ears, and 6 th sense or telepathy.

"Moor" in young days assumes that other 4 robots also included in those explosions,
too much despaired, yet, walking onto the mid of the bridge still under explosions, and
inside cockpit, respiration sound and heart sound are loud, (in slow motion scene).
Display panels and holograms are with half snow noises, due to shockwaves of explosions.
(In certain setup status of multilayer EMF shields, shockwaves could prism sliding away,
and much decreased during between each EMF shield layer, better than story "Dune")

"Moor" puts out white (Thai silk) handkerchief, and puts off sweat drops on face, (alike
Richard Burton in classic movie "Omen" or "O-man"), and reminding one briefing at
space aircraft carrier "(Juan) Carlos", few years ago, once "Moor" thief listeing in pilot
seats, and an old pilot said that be patient, be reptile or lizard, when danger.

(At new space carrier, there are "Novastorm" airplanes, eurofighter-2000 in real world,
and Yakovlev type-140 airplanes, smaller and cloak version of MiG-29 series in this story,
10 - 20 are already completed and still under testing at a remote hot spa isle, inside
antarctic ocean of a planet, originally prepared for Johannesburg and Durban harbor,
but, Londinium harbor is in unidentified crisis, temporarily leased to a "Tarawa" carrier)

Second robot-106, (which also 1 head to 9 head mechanic body), walking into bridge,
(alike an arctic bat-fox), and both lower leg and foot parts are similar to human skeleton
with small plate armors, except opened ankle, and some thick rubber pads on sole enables
walking more silently, (lower leg and foot silhouette style is OEM ski boots by nike, and
lower arm and hand, lower leg and foot are small bone and muscle fused actuators).
(Undried china autumn leaves passing away, "Moor" still in forward line beer festival age)

Each robot part out from lower observable optical status, could be possible due to
display plate armors, walks into big glowing flames, (similar to movie "Das Boot"), and
half transparent additional ceramic tiles on armor (alike Columbia shuttles) mirror fires,
and although canister is needed when reentry from orbit, chest cockpit is very well sealed
and basically rectangular, enough room for parallel seats, could endure underwater and
orbit space, and there are many airbags, (also for "Hancock" style, usually off helmet).

(Silent and slow motion scene), and sound of electric motors, woofer sound of EMF cylinder
of actuators, and woofer sound of step shock absorbing sole rubber could be heard, and
old iron bridge severely damaged by 10 or more serial big LPG tin explosions, iron cable
wires break off with white powder effects, one after others, and bridge even shakes.
One robot foot off from bridge, and "Moor" has to manually controlling pose stabilization.
There some cotton thick clouds, elliptical smoke screen, and one hiding head of 25 m robot.

(Usually, neuron reflex is automatically controlled by onboard softwares which are long
enough as bhagavad gita, et al, yet, sometimes throttle and sidestick additionally needed,
and "Moor" monologues that this is also windy style but still SUV, not yet full HD AWD...)

"Jihyo", wearing gray suit (audi tone grays), on robot in shadow, still hanging on bridge
on the air, above over the rainbow, pathetic minded watching flaming parts of bridge keep
falling down to fearfully deep valley, feeling illusions of fencing mask and uniform parade,
each has one horn at back of heads, when fall of singapore isle, (a day in 1942).
"Jihyo" thinks if that isle falls again, shall bedouin to Shang harbor, with colleagues.

When "Jihyo" was in youth, goes to physics expo, verbal test in front of vice emirate leaders
and apprentice mullahs seating on panel chairs, once answered a human riding on steel
motorcycle-chopper could triumph, in the last, (in whole feather ballet costume minded).

"Moor" cannot find unidentified mach 3 variable wing space airplane, maybe new engines
overly accelerated than usual, or still need more radius meters than other more longer
dragoon length airplanes, (obviously and fortunately, robot-106 arrived before).
"Moor" assumes probably few dragoons already brain washed by biomech crafts, and
in youth biomech crafts cannot supersonic, due to their skeletons are still in growing.

Another "Allende (of Chile)" device driver already air supplied, and this small booster
devices enable automatic pose controlling of thrown spear (alike TOW-3 missile), already
turn into soften hosepipe during short flying, and with this, even could do snake around
bandit craft and then explodes.

There are many biomech crafts ambushing both side cliffs, lower than this bridge, and
maybe shortage of batteries, uncloak one after others, alike pale vulture birds.

Robot manipulators changing long greek spear with gas flame bayonet into double
bazooka in 140 mm calibers, with magazine similar to continuous tracks, and all auto
reloading parts are very compact and slim, and many parts of bazooka transforming.
"Moor" wants to loading two sparrow missiles, and pager (alike movie "Firefox") switch
on at waist (G. Armani) belt, and then sophisticated 3 D hologram of 140 mm put up,
(by wireless bluetooth), index pointing two, and then missiles actually reloaded...

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... In Human Minds # 125 ... Time space warp O/S “Janus (or Siam)” ... 5 ...
... Inspired by ... Cartoon "Roadrunner" series ... Nu Virgos (persia) song "Stop" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Sugar ray lasers from an umnanned and far remote turret ...

At a backside of a ridge top, off from deep vally, some distance from iron bridge,
robot-108 ambush, about 10 UAVs gathering from behind airs, alike shadow of condors,
much smaller than type-280 (Sukhoi Berkut series in real world) of Amazon stars, yet,
have merits of also unmanned 45 - 55 meter transforming trianglular flying crafts.

Pilot of robot-108, (similar to a miss "Stig" in TV series "Topgear"),
fastly maneuvering parameters of avionics, maybe doing human brain (linux) multitasks,
and if seen from a distance, this scene looks alike one big robot condor changing into
multiple smaller shadow condors, (alike one MV of pop singer "Madonna").

A sophisticated hologram of crossbow pop up at cockpit, and this could enable
controlling short laser beams of all 10 UAVs, simultaneously, focusing at certain target.
(And pilot hopes "Custer" shall arrive earlier than unidentified dragoons or bandit crafts)

The second wave assault of dragoon length airplane coming back again, almost same
high moment when ten shadow UAVs reach effective range and laser energy threshold.
Pilot engages all the laser beams, and this time, optical astigmatism hallucination effects,
reflection on EMF shields of port and starboard side of a dragoon airplane into weaker.
(These shadows could fly circling around, similar to take a role of raiden 2 up gamer)

Suddenly, from back of robot-106 of "Moor", a type-095 (Tupolev "Bear" in real world)
vertically down from cloud with snow, begins to open firing longer laser (sugar ray),
six and more rainbow colors, and mentioning power, power is very strong enough for
psyche illuminating cliffs of deep valley, iron bridge, and EMF shield layers of a robot.
(Both winglets on robot head, reflecting red laser lights, alike a chevalier "Artorius",
or star wars "Grievous", or motorbike rider characters in movie "Ghost Rider" series)

A (thick javelin alike) phoenix missile, looks too heavy for 24 - 26 meter airplanes,
fastly cometing with white smoke tails, damaged by laser, impacts on and shakes bridge,
and a dragoon airplane fastly flying under the iron brige, white serial round smokes left.
And some of biomech crafts air diving into fearfully deep valley, with white smoke tails,
(and ground impacting dusts of "Coyote", and sound effects of "Enter the dragon").

"Moor" remembers "Spooky" image, (real flying wolf surprised "Reagan", 50 years ago),
with fallen leaf 105 mm rifle cannon, alps oerlikon guns, fjord bofors guns, etc, onboard,
but, this type-095 looks much more fantastic, mirrors "Moor" shorter, and far futuristic.
(And thinks if B-29 could be supplied more engines, then wing of B-52 could be fit)

An old man at Dallas, (brother of "Jeff", doing consultant on carrier of amazon stars),
nearby lying down robot-106 mockup, telepathy capable, maneuvering instruments for
detailed video analysis, films link to many cameras on robot-106, robot-108, and finds
all biomech in panic, communications relayed by "McCyan", current skipper of E-class,
on air of east end of Londinium harbor, now under green sea water flood.

"Anglican Bob", (or rhine delta Bob), and wingmen, maneuvering robot-110, and
air drop from bigger (FLA series) cargo airplane, behind moon is huge, (alike "E.T."),
touch down landing at about few clicks distance off from the iron bridge on fire.

Some type-110 robots, from johannesburg and durban harbor, could even supersonic,
during level hovering alike hovercrafts, this unique merit is capable due to antimatter
pipelines, (or aqua pipelines), innerside body fuselage, neutralizing 50 % gravity weight
for a while, and multilayer EMF shields shall into wedge, delaying be overheated.

("Moor", Reagan laughs, four tops rhythm, says without type-109 drones, wins again)
"Anglican Bob" talks in communication, only to "Moor", that first of next generation
string generator (Borei class with few Severodvinsks) arrived, up in curved sunset sky,
there bright venus sort stars (blackhole anchors) curved shining, at Lagrangian points,
scenery is similar to artificial constellation over antarctic sky, (yet actually Himalayas).

"Moor" and "Anglican Bob" helping other robots winch up back on iron bridge,
and "Moor" robot hands up "Jihyo" robot, says type-106 heavier than type-107, but,
"Jihyo" says to whom they call "Muk PD (producer)", heard at guangzhou, main power
also up, so specs including mobility aspects are better than prototype (comanche).

"Moor" says impacted big missile is definitely phoenix missile, (one of pterosaur claw),
and still do not know exact number of 24 - 26 meter dragoon size airplanes flying
through iron bridge, due to bad weather and still under testing long range UAV with
(fry) pan radar, yet, type-140, once called rocket anchor on O-class, M-class (Midway
class), especially when amber sunset, are definitely included in unidentified airplanes.

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...
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... In Human Minds # 126 ... Time space warp O/S “Janus (or Siam)” ... 6 ...
... Inspired by ... Movie "Megaforce (1982)" ... Back musics of "Strawberry shortcake" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Farewell to all last century's number seven secret hood comrades ...

Due to emptiness of budget, and another ice age in west star system due to arctic
weather change, because of controlling failure of too much heat from old architecture
reactors, New harbor (New York in real world) is already evacuated, and although winter
season of Charleston harbor much longer than before, all the 9 ships of (chrismas) seals
or harken lined number seven reserve fleet (Essex, Midway, Iowa, etc) could be seen.
(Borrowed old cruiser museum "Belfast" from Londinium is also together, it is true
that other later version vessels are much enlarged during only five or less years)

By museum income of these, eight ships lead by "Moor" and "Cyan" could funded,
and some more radiation cleansing could be done in E-class (or so called "Imhotep").
"Cyan", sailors only extra wearing all body tights underwear for attenuating radiation,
and a Tarawa class (skipper resembles "Jonathan Meyers") could be close to nearby.
(All the 10 of N-class ships are temporarily closed, and all the sailors run to business)

The 6 ships, a flag ship (one of San Antonio, tuned for faster than container ships),
china version of two same class ships (similar to San Antonio in real world), for extra
flight deck, and hiding missiles borrowed from other ships (Slava class in real world).
There are few mini size spooky or transforming triangles ("Osprey" in real world), and
when mist, rotor blades silhouette are alike tripple cannon of I-class ("Iowa" class).
("Paulus" is maybe another "Stolz", santa beard "Apple-man" from Syria or Caucasus)

A container ship equipped with temporary flight decks for dozens of forward wing
UAV (similar role of Protos airship carrier, game Starcraft, and equipped with 12.7 mm
guns from retired MD-500, at west desert of West stars), a petroleum drill mining and
refinery ship, a buoy & manipulator refuel ship by "Murakami" (one of Iwo Jima class),
all floating in front of dome stadium, (and "Murakami" & others call the ship as "787").

This planet is at far side from center of this galaxy, and usually with mint orange clouds,
without moon, alike all the other 300 planets, so double helix creatures cannot be born.
With two continents, (smaller one is full of red deserts and bigger one called africa),
and few hundred years ago, pioneers or pilgrims planted forest at bigger continent.

At jactung (local slang, means low quality fake) city of angel, a dome stadium is now
temporary anti-biomech center, and there are many hologram projection screens.
Under an art hologram (big collections of snake series by "Miro"), and in front of
marble fireplace, mobile, made by marble from guizhou, many argues are on going,
in front of LPG (snake) flames, "Jungnam" pleading men in air captain gold buttons.

Mayor (resembles "Han Yeseul") says because "Moor" squadron (or volleyball team)
failed transporting white powder (hiroppong), there only one month left for citizens.
"Moor" answered if they knew some of parcels were filled with not approved drugs,
then they did not accept the ops, and all the other somewhat tight air captain jacket
(local cartoon "Zola-man" or "B-guy" category), "Murakami", etc, agree that speech.
(This with many neon lights but poor city maybe "Incheon", "Tokyo", "Tel Aviv", etc)

"Moor" says when european father was (boondock) saint category, new cities in africa
was better than in these sunset days, (with misunderstood indian fashioned girls).
All the five girls, including "Jihyo" and miss "Han", wearing bling bling and funky style
costumes, (alike "Cyndi Lauper" in 1980s), alike snakes pop out from hologram grafiti.
(Back musics are girl dance team (ex. five dolls, kara, etc) version of "Today different
from yesterday" once by local dance team "Noise", and "Farewell" by "REF" or "QEF")

"Moor" has civilian helicopter international license, because of much debt during
oversea study at New harbor, and other 5 girls went to foreign simulation course
because their parents bankrupted and they also fired from (worldcup 2002) soccer
committee, due to politically deprived half of games and loans for new stadiums,
(and main reason is they are lower 50 % beauty of those doumi girls for worldcup).

Girls had to do many sorts of arbeits, and when went to free library of cities, they
seduced by same book and optical disc of helicopters (for example, "Flight Simulator"),
and their first formation flight was simple commercial helicopters, (french Puma series).
And they become to have same outlook of life, they shall not again bankrupted by their
own societies, so when they first off line meeting at cafe, still reading daily newspapers.
(Ancient Shang harbor myth say that once pygmy arian dwelled in khuriltai islands)

Season becomes (chrismas) and new years day, and when they go to a local mart
(similar to movie "Back to the future" series), they look alike usual suburban small town
gamers, and buy vacuum vinyled asado of all kinds with gaucho herbs, non rebottled
(directly imported) tin beers, and dreaming if they could bath in one of this year's new
shining shower & tub, (for example, "American Standard", etc).

"Moor" wears white round shirt and gray (nike) cotton sportswear, and thinks still
colleagues know only face part of body is dark, enough power pushing cart alone,
(same as ancient martial arts man "Conan" in movie "Conan the barbarian").
Other five girls pushing cart and buying items together, and miss "Han", mental leader
yet in short height, (too short for riding future roller coaster or robot), sitting on
baby seat at in front of cart, (alike once "E.T." sitting in basket of shopping bicycle),
all the five girls temporarily forget they born in already Sodom and Gomorrah world.

Sometimes, so called boutique street girls, (miss "Lee", once writer matsun at cafe),
A-level model "Domisol", and more taller "Kim Re-pa-si" in somewhat farther view, and
other model size girls together come to another local mart, and seen from a distance,
bling-bling level is which cannot be reached by usual luxury shower and powder room.

Meanwhile, at the same time,
underground of "Amber sunset on (tilted) cross" city, there are huge sphere space,
inside lightings similar to snowing climate of arctic & antarctic, with cirrous clouds.
And at the center of sphere, ships lights on, 2 of (real) "Essenheim" space carriers,
2 of "Highway" space carriers, 4 of "Eiger" (100,000 ton) space battlecruisers, and 4 of
big and fast (Maersk category) container ships equipped with extra flight decks.

These vessels are maybe made by two or more next generation steel alloy, and "Eiger"
equipped with pop up capable turrets & especially more than 20 inch double cannons,
(so they could be called as the first fleet or MiG-25 kind innovation in space vessels).
From under sides, many search lights are toward these 12 ships, maybe from future...

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...
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... In Human Minds # 127 ... Time space warp O/S “Janus (or Siam)” ... 7 ...
... Inspired by ... Movie "Wrong is right (1982)" and "The nightmare before christmas (1993)" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... She says saving money by arbeits with jacsal (harpoon) size car ...

When it comes near to end days of year 2X21,
I received post card from pompidou modern art museum, and my flower deer cousin
wrote this post card with pompidou pond photo, at in front of real pompidou pond,
with her usual leggings with artificial wool knit shawl, another off day flight attendants,
(sometimes cospre themselves as white and black eastern crane, with back red hair).

I sit on pond display table, tropical fish saver on, in front of big size LED display,
with commercial version of "Yanus (or Siam)" O/S, (with "Adobe", "Animation studio",
"Photoshop", linux windows open), leaning at wood bezel of lower display fireplace,
living room is enough for rainy day watercolor, chamber instruments, coterie musical.
(Indirect and crystal psyche "IKEA" lightings, similar to "Black Rain" by Ridley Scott)

Han river (or maybe 5 th Liao or Yaw river in prehistoric days) is 2 kilometers north
from an apartment (less than 200 square meters) on mound hill, where I live in now.
Within past 50 years, because of greed of manju people and avarice of West stars,
late spring cumulus cloud and shower disappeared, early summer monsoon too, and
willow (liu) trees are much decreased, (far serious than "Willow" by George Lucas).
If high dams in northern territory demolition down, then huge flood wipe out all.

She said (in Pushan intonation), also heard recent intergalactic crisises, and if planning
temporarily hiding to "Amber sunset on (tilted) cross city", she could ask ticket sail.
She and her friends think peninsula is another manju, which means northern territory.
(She always manga drawing snakes of pond, at P.S. line, and asks more weight losing)
(And I thought peking recipe Shanghai burger is somewhat donald-dark category)

She is different from a deutsch language teacher from Pushan, (resembles "Jihyo"),
who sometimes wakes me up with thin and long pine wood, (made for cigarette pipe),
when I sleeping on bench, after reading archeology book (by "Graham Hancock"),
(all thought she has big mouth and maybe real C cups, means miss "Apple" category).

During I attended gymnasium course, sometimes comparing my flower deer cousin,
with (C cup) deutsch language teacher, and year after year, my cousin becomes into
more barbie body shape, (becoming A cup and maybe upto B cup, years later), and
I afraid of, my (cappuccino fancier and air guitar string session girl) cousin growing up
to be just another (bling bling) Pushan teacher category.

(If I did not seduced by slogans, alike "I. T. revolution", or "Super internet on fingertip",
or game "Need for speed" series, might able to ride original car since college days)

One of robot-107 pilots, (one of psychedelic girls), once sewing job at New harbor,
resembles one of friends of my flower deer cousin, once she surely introduced to me.
(When see "Breakfast at Tiffany's", I hope I could lend diamond to, also fit for necklace,
in front of heart of woman, under a blue moon, at terrace deck of tea & flower garden,
nearby shining fountains, and big oak trees with new year's day amber LED lightings)

At those end days of 2X21, I lived at a standard size apartment on mound hilltop,
and one of my hologram device collection is type-230 (in real, Y-23 "Blackwidow"),
a version of ram jet or scram jet engines, could hypersonic above high altitude.

There already are other scram jet crafts, (MiG-25 and MiG-31 series), yet, in those
days, many facts are behind of veil curtains, and internet cyber space is full of various
misunderstandings, and news medias say only two of test version type-230 completed.
(At days in year 2X21, many aliased type-230 as "Mordred", from ancient myth books)

(If really sitting on within hypersonic scramjet space airplane, maybe stars flowing
backward, alike raindrops in amber sunset and neon lights, after hypersonic starts...)

News on smart-pad is about flaming ships, on nearby sea from cape hormuz.
Maybe West stars airborne landed somewhere, (alike at sevastopol, 170 years ago).
Because petroleum mining ships, tanker ships, and bulk ships are much slower than
100,000 - 300,000 ton fast container ships of year 2X21, and far outdated comparing
any other platforms, (and even warranty ended, tax evasion, and with illegal betting).

I too worrying about galactic scale crisis, but, arbeit at rural areas, with ("Fiat fiat")
compact car (jacsal size car), about 8 - 10 years after on market, busy earning incomes,
(sometimes daily income is enough for become a "gold card member", in someday).

When I driving ("Fiat fiat") car, with postcard from my cousin on, nearby space port
area, where interplanet space planes (similar to Tu-144 and Tu-160, fusion and hybrid
design) approaching, it feels like big shadow covering my car and all around, and
ice frozen artificial waterfalls and glass buildings reflecting curved and tilted images.

If move to "Amber sunset on (tilted) cross" city, then I maybe saved from terrible
flood of Han river, but, other disasters never been experienced shall await...

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...
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... In Human Minds # 128 ... Time space warp O/S “Janus (or Siam)” ... 8 ...
... Inspired by ... A fairytale theater "Peter Pan (1904)" & movie "Stealth (2005)" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... (Imagine if could D.I.Y. pastel sketch unique younha cards) ...

Every corinthian tells lie, youth or elder, from distant past or until far future days...
(Letters from corinthia, one chapter from encyclopedia about ancient myths)

(From here, back musics are same of "Blacksheep squadron", HD DVD version)
"Moor" is in front of intranet video conference, with 10 - 20 other members, in
pole position presentation, about (new) 2 nd and more unique, test type-230-2,
similar concept design of much curved and serial number as project "Mordred".

This is next of type-160 (Y-16 "Falcon" in real world), with double scramjet engines.
"Watt (or Wattsonski)", who plays celestial and aurora piano musics by "Chopin",
(sometimes goes to takeout china ristorante at New harbor and rhine delta harbors),
somewhat astonished about small search lights illumination, focusing and scattering.

"Moor" and "Watt (or Wattsonski)" says this concept space airplane could (faithfully)
(mariachi style) do "tour-en-air-chat" or "tour-en-air-yoga" (ballet) maneuvering.
(They look alike "Tom Soy" and "Huckleberry Finn", during hologram presentation)

In engineering view, this another next generation space airplane equipped with
more actuators and EMF field joints, could use same serial number parts of robots.
(In this reason, fewer than 100 low observable robots, could produced at next line)
So, after take off and flying in troposphere, could unfold more canards and winglets,
being seen from backside, looks more stellate silhouette than previous spaceplanes.

And "Watt (or Wattsonski)" further explains that due to nano honeycomb steel alloy,
and sophisticated controlling of EMF shields, this new version space plane could
accumulate mach 3 - 7 shockwave pulse spheres, for a while, then alike ping-pong,
elastically bouncing to satellite orbit, helped by double scramjet & booster engines.

Code name "Born Swan", or some bedouins say "Lancelot" (swan born at snow lake),
type-273 (virtual version, Su-23 "Persian tomcat", with sukhoi engines and avionics)
are presumed to be also could do these kinds of over budget maneuverings, same
plasma particle stellate sparks everywhere around, shortly during shockwave surfing.
(CG and 3 D blue print motions are about orbiter airplanes with B & W ceramic tiles)

And one of type-260 series (virtual version, Yakovlev 140 with V-shape tail winglets),
alias "Albatross", originally designed for southern africa, less than 20 of EMD status
produced, and some are still under testing at an spa island near antarctica, and
about 10 are leased to a ship (Tarawa class), also leased by sydney harbor,
could equipped with simplified double scramjet and booster, yet, no budget left.

Despite recent intel reports become more and more pessimistic, human techs
shall no match for 10 fleets, 5,000 ships of self evolving biomechatronic creatures,
but, there are some projects still on going, preparing for dooms day scenario.

If it assumes to be close to end of double helix creature human, due to discrepancy,
then biomech fleets first strategically targetting riviera, byzantium, crimean coasts,
so far side harbors like asuncion, johannesburg, etc, shall survive the after days,
and there will be needed other local licensed space airplanes, than few imported
type-250 (MiG-25/31 in real world) or type-270 series (sukhoi 27 series).

Upgrading european type-180 series (european Y-18 "Hornet" in real world),
to be more curved, more low observable, more cloak to radar and sensors,
(and after renovation for using 25 or more years, looks similar to a renault formula
team maybe from Ukraine spring field, few years ago, when display armor on).

Two carriers, "Carlos" and "Trieste", standby for voyage go-go at dubrovnik
harbor, (with Spain Y-18 and Finland Y-18, in skyblue and sunset amber colors).

All the other members surprised, wake up, (alike all "James Bonds" & candidates,
watching new leggings circus of "Jinx" in eyeglasses & "Felix" in silver sunglass).

I hoped if biomech could become smaller in complex medical tube, into 3.5 - 4.5
meter in height, and my deer cousin ("Dr. Oh" in her delusion) in A-line onepiece,
walk together or riding on shoulder of biomech, boutique streets of brindisi harbor,
then my cousin shall gift tripple gelato to biomech colleague.
(Back music is waltz, Radetzky march by a philharmonic, with applauces)

If sail to nearby mediterranian sea, harbor will hided by white cumulus clouds,
aquamarine water is bottomless, triangular pioneer yacht looks bluefin tuna...

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...
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... In Human Minds # 129 ... Time space warp O/S "Janus (or Siam)" ... 9 ...
... Inspired by ... Books about "7 th Cavalry" and 1990's game "Comanche" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Long time ago, a girl in blouse & crystal hearing my S.F. suda ...

The most highest person in corinthian tribes is one with finest brandy manners.
(Letters from corinthia, one chapter from encyclopedia about ancient myths)

"Moor" and "Didier" attending hologram video conference, and hologram
images of "Sheridan", "Cherokee", "Stuart", and the security company leaders
"Guy" and "Schwarz", and others discussing about strategies of West stars.
(All in 19 th century west business suits, reinterpretated in 1950 - 60 movies)

"Sheridan" says they still do not know what attacked hormuz bay and strait.
(Gestures and intonations similar to "Rumpelstiltskin" in CG movie "Shrek 3")

"Moor" and "Didier (Drogba)" again surprised, when watching at the center
hologram, about legions, (OCP category) company legions, spaceship squadrons
moving around 30 planets of 300 human dwelling planets, all over their galaxy.
This is overstretched, and local societies near these scattered petroleum field areas
become more and more chaotic, conflicts about shares, alike these westerners.

"Cyan (McCyan)" assumes that recent sunk of east end dam area of londinium
harbor is due to too high rate petroleum minings of north sea fields.
And, "Cyan" and "Face (O'Face)" also worrying more about too early drought of
nemesis petroleum field, than geological hologram simulation analysis.

(From here, back rap musics are "zinzza", by "c.b. mass" or Ga Bon asteroid)
"Cape Cheetah" in sunset is also returned big gun, euipped with two pro turrets,
each full automatic turret is double cannons, shaft is very long and multistaged.
(Basically, this unit similar to upgraded B-70 plus "Lancer", faster than "Concorde",
or upgraded "Whitby Island" or "San Antonio", upto faster than "Spruance")

In shiny days, "Moor" and the 6 (psychedelic) girls, (includding "Ribbon Stig"),
robots ("Comanche" and "Kawasaki" in real world) maintenance, at aft outer deck,
and deck end, there is type-141 (yakovlev-141, "STOVL Foxhound" or "Super-man").

Unmanned crab robots ("Stryker" series in real world) are busy during dawn,
and finally found there are huge sphere at the beneath of "Amber sunset cross",
by underground radars, and most of citizens did not observe these silent crabs.
(But, jugent biomech crafts, also 35 - 45 meters, in bankrupted G.T.X. tunnels)

At sunset of (aral) lake, sometimes these robots training, and after aft underhatch
open, crab robots air diving to lake surface, one after the others, through clouds
and small jet streams, then hovering or swimming, (maybe book "Time Machine").
"Moor" and 6 girls wearing plastic hat, (alike an old music video "Intergalactic"),
because graduated maintenance course, (of these fast "Fiat" in armor world).

"Moor" is sitting on center desk of skipper's hall, and bookshelves alike past day
mainframe units, combination of book and computer, self hovering capable.
One bookshelf with books written by "Paulus", (maybe "Jobs" in "Stoller" beard),
and the books are with hard covers of white and winter night, in north seas.
(And there other books in amber green cover, written by politician "Rumsfeld")

"Moor" receiving telephone message from "Zhirinovsky", (maybe yakovlev front).
"Zhirinovsky" says does not know about type-280 (or "Yoshi Berkut"), onboard
biggest MAS (Missile Arsenal Ship) "Machu Picchu", a hidden card for "Moor", and
8 of type-145 soon be arrived to "Moor" space squadron, perfect A/S guarantee.

"Albatross" is somewhat shorter than type-220, yet, double engines are enough
powerful to scattering antimatter particles when need, and equipped two radars.
So if bandit spaceplane chasing after, then "Albatross" could do early detecting
radar waves in aiming, and then engines automatically power up and scattering
antimatter particles, and gatling shells reflecting, starry sparks and alloy sounds.
(Bandit tracer shells ballet alike flower snakes, due to gun camera trembling)

And fuselage of "Albatross" becomes to visual light transparent, when scattering
antimatter each time for a short, (and someone tells this as parallel slipstream).
Due to rear radar, gun would be equipped at external, similar to fuel tank.
"Moor" surprises about futuristic performances, which told from "Zhirinovsky",
(and thinks if they really flying, far better than "Hornet" and "Spring Hornet").

"Moor" remembers once "Iroquois" pilot, (wearing dubai mumbai style turban),
with palestine fume and persian style cushions, about 50 years ago, 5 th space fleet
(pacific side fleet) busy in emergency evacuation at Saigon bay, (southeast asia).

Before 10 of N-class ("Nimitz" class in real world), there was E-class ("Enterprise"),
and different from nowadays, equipped with too expensive old model pulse reactors,
rather than recent diesel power units, and West stars under bankruptcy, too.

From lower aft side underhatch bay, where usually robots and aircushions air drop,
sloop size commercial WIG ships lifting up by big size cranes (similar to canada arm),
and from hovering capable WIG ships, refugees in business suits stepping down,
(and they are usually minus deposits, out of credits, and tax evasions).

"Cyan (McCyan)", (once slim body shaped alike "Cochrane" in movie "Blue Thunder"),
dropping baggages of VIP level refugees to bay water, (wearings alike movie "Titanic"),
for safe landing of flying shuttle, nearby upperside bridge CIC of past day E-class.

"Moor" thinks if there 40,000 ton carrier (1 of 4 catapults borrowed from E-class),
and 15 of type-145 (virtual yakovlev) fully operational, then they could air patrolling
and air visual identifying, over entire small fleet with 10 - 20 ships, in front of lines.
(Far advanced than "B-wing" or "Tornado", and "Arrow" or "Eurofighter-2000")

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... In Human Minds # 130 ... Time space warp O/S "Janus (or Siam)" ... 10 ...
... Inspired by ... Air simulation games in 1990's and "Airwolf, a combat at citadel" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... ("Firebat" and "Lurkers") strike back alike twister winds ...

Some of corinthians still wearing eastern style gymnasium (or runmin) cloths.
(Letters from corinthia, one chapter from encyclopedia about ancient myths)

"Moor" doing wireless ("blackberry pad") chatting at desk, mid of skipper's hall,
and thinks after sponsor upgrading interior & exterior at durban and chittagong,
basic interior concepts are alike (virtual) owl castle, (somewhere in nippon isles).
(Back music from 1980's "Winds of war", season 1 & 2, string enhanced version)

"Moor" using 3 D avatar of pen slim human image, (also resembles to space
ships in very slim silhouette, movie "A space odyssey" and "A space odyssey 2"),
with ("Nils") goose feather on empty round head part.

And others on line (maybe "Facebook"), and "Murakami", skipper of ship "787"
using similar 3 D avatar, with big bow tie in white and red dot, and "Georgia"
(maybe a CNN journalist who likes tin coffee) in thin 3 rounds snowman avatar,
and a greek face handsome (TV series "Hornblower") in a ("Fido-dido") avatar,
a turban pilot ("Mutassim") in a ("Tarawa") ship in a ("Java") coffee cup avatar.

"Moor" says N-class ("Nimitz" class in real world) more lower radar observable
than previous E-class ("Enterprise" carrier in real world), assumes same level as
modern french frigate ships (for example, "Lafayette"), but, there are no more
type-140 (virtual sukhoi-23 "Persiacat") super shining aircraft, and not a single
type-220 (virtual Y-22 "Raptor" which could takeoff from carrier) arrived yet.

(Back music is changed into "Blue danube waltz", same in "A space odyssey")
So, due to past century space airplanes onboard, it becomes hard to evading
modern day radars increased in number, about 300 planets all over the galaxy.

Few crab robots ("LAV" or "Stryker" in real world) watching at building roof,
(sailors think they are fast vehicles, due to 8 legs), and time is already sunset,
(inside, there is life supporting system for human, alike in soyuz capsules).

"Miguel" (who sometimes called "Benhur", rescued a drowning commodore),
and a chinese crew sometimes onboard together and peeping theaters, with
eyes wide open, (alike computer virus nicknamed twice legged big ear rabbit).

"Moor" backs to bridge CIC, and at the center, hologram images are seen,
reconstructed from collected image data by underground radar of crab robots.
At the beneath of amber sunset city, there is huge sphere, and "Moor" assumes
if huge energy beemed into certain underground, by unknown string generator
ship, energy up anti-matter would decaying entire sphere mass, into empty space.

"Moor" (pilot suit "dracular of cherry blossom" or "fire infantry"), 6 girls ("Lurker")
cannot understand these hologram images, and construction purpose still unclear,
and "Moor" space squadron cannot directly warp into that sphere from orbit, yet.
(In a game "starcraft" view, "Moor" alike glowing blossom rotating shielded rich)
They are navigating to a 2 nd londinium harbor, for more close observations
using further sensors onboard a A-class ("San Antonio" category in real world).

And before arriving at nearby for close observations, "Moor" in drowsy.
(Back music "Funiculi funicula", "Murakami" or someone aliased "Yatppa yatppa")

Inside daydream, moor is standing at in front of bridge CIC of somewhat future
"Cape Cheetah" or "The Zwei", under amber sunset in arctic ocean, lighting up 1 st
(magic) match, then illusion of turret number one and two pop up from pro side,
and they are with long and multi-staged barrels, two for each turret.

"Moor" lighting up 2 nd match, and then illusion of watching automatic reloading
system rotating somewhat fast, and thinks similar to inside huge drum magazine.
When lighting up 3 rd match, "Moor" is standing at illusion of a new 3 D control
unit, with future data goggle and data globe on, and by these devices, controlling
turrets for automatic (EMF) launching, shells with (yakovlev developed) winglets.

Shell with winglets could adjustment ballistic lap time, and simultaneously impacting
chess rectangle area of mega city, and explosions of many dozen white phosphorus
shells incinerating entire impact area, alike halogen glares, into fragile white ashes.
Each barrel rests and water cooling, alternatively, and steaming alike big whale.

Suddenly, radar and sensor signals detected,
20 or more (jugent ages) biomech crafts, flying from everywhere (eight) directions,
and "Moor" assumes that 2 nd londinium tower citadel where they sailing toward
totally empty, and biomech crafts are hiding undergrounds, ten or more places.

Previous lecturer of three of six girls video phone calling, (much older looks),
and says if situations would be similar to amphibious landing at P-bay beach or
new religion of the people crisis, who rushed to in front of ("Arian") rocket base,
then total back shall best policy, and "Moor" agrees, too, then video phone calling
to other spaceships following behind, says engage individual countermeasuring
for not to be another yom kippur crisis.

The (psychedelic) six girls go to remote controlling seats, and fast gathering
UAV with frypan radars ("AWACS" UAV) to air above this floating castle of owl.
Search lights on one by one, to outer fuselage of "Cape Cheetah" and a type-142.
("Moor" and 6 girls gathering in break dance and silent hurray & bandai motion)

"Moor" in cherry blossom manteau arrives at a type-142, with personal hover bike,
and double hatch with display canopy and sliding cover armor both open.
And "Moor" scrambling up type-142, with amber gold, silver, shining ruby red printed
carp fish muffler, (thinks self a "Hanshin" in china classic, who departed but returned
15 years later, and showed futuristic ghangnam apartment alike houses to friends).
Cockpit is enough pressurized, so without helmet, (and hairstyle in many Z-curled).

At the head up hologram image display of a type-142 maneuvering by "Moor",
20 or more triangular signals rushing from everywhere altitudes and vectors,
(and this capable due to broadband data link with ship's phased array radar).
(Urgent communication voices, various air sounds alike 1990's simulations)

"Moor" launching 1 st "Thor" canister, hiding UAVs with frypan radar help data.
"Thor" explodes big with lightnings, and broad beams directly hit 2 of bandits,
their EMF shields are covered with small lightnings, then down with smoke.

(After so called "Jitterbug" fast turn), type-142 launching 2 nd "Thor (or Gungadin)"
canister, another 2 more bandits down with smokes, in above "twister ship" air.

And suddenly, 10 or more laser beams from outer, (alike many throwing knives),
one of UAV images, sensor detected by non visible light spectrum, on front display,
and "Moor" pushes aside with manipulator pop out from side weapon bay.

And charged energy for optical cloak decreased, all the UAVs could be visible,
and their joint ("Lurker") maneuverings, biomech surrounded alike chased wolves.
High energy external ("Django") beam gun of type-142 engaging pretty fast, with
white vapors of air left behinds, another 6 - 7 biomech crafts go down with smoke,
(and "Moor" again maneuvering type-142 into "Jitterbug" dance turn up on air).

Unfortunately, maybe due to onboard software limits or avionics overheated,
type-142 (virtual cloak version yakovlev-141 twin engine STOVL) flipping rounds more,
alike a falling leaf, then drowns into lake water, and all CIC crews disappointed.

But, it near from white shell sand shores, so 6 - 7 crab robots standby submerged
gathering quickly using underwater boosters, and a few seconds later, walking fastly
together out from lake, waters keep falling out from nozzles and other aircraft parts,
over the pincers of crab robots, (and fortunately, lake is not yet acid level polluted).

6 - 7 other crab robots at shore gathering, too, and these robots pushing up,
throwing type-142 into the air again, and type-142 quickly pose controls, scattering
water drops into all directions, and then vertically and 45 degrees up, back to sky.

For a moment later, remaining biomech running away, helping the limping crafts.
(Maybe they surprised when yakovlev-142 also doing cobra and kulbit, too)

During air combat under setting sun, as severe as twister winds, "Cape Cheetah"
fast launched dozen gliding shells with winglets for precise pose controlling, and
barrel of a shell elongated during ballistic flying, and after explosive tip part for
penetrating hits target asphalt, then main barrel of depleted uranium into deep.
(This is similar to arrow of longer longbow, used by "Will" in sherwood forest)
Artillery shells with cams deeply into underground, to deserted G.T.X. tunnels...

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... In Human Minds # 131 ... Dash havogotzivi ! ... 1 ...
... Inspired by ... Book "The brothers Karamazov" and movie "Rush hour" series ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Please, hugging tightly six psychedelic girls ! ...

Carp fish (silk fish), which also be found in pond lakes in the middle of streams
corinthia, was source for survival, where winter sometimes 5 months long.
(Letters from corinthia, one chapter from encyclopedia about ancient myths)

"Moor" and 6 of "Lurker" girls attending aerial briefing at 150,000 ton ship,
usually delivering containers, inside, and fast enough for part time air carrier,
(and 6 of "Lurker" girls surprised at human network of "Moor", all over galaxy).
(Back music is "Tok-tok", one of pop songs by dance team "mighty mouth")

"Paulus" briefs these newly arrived "Albatross" (virtual yakovlev-145 airplane)
are somewhat shorter than type-220 (Y-22 "Raptor" in real world), yet, equipped
with more energy saving double engines, much easier future version software.
(Basic architecture concept of this is short body version of sukhoi-50 "Pakfa",
and 6 psychedelic girls alias an april "Up bird" of "hanafuda", an iberian cards)

(Including "Didier (Drogba)" and "Miguel", they could scramble all 8 airplanes,
and scene similar to 3 of "snoopy" and 6 of "woodstock" listening to "gagamel")

They go out to (emergency) roof landing deck, for see type-145 airplanes.
6 (psychedelic) girls are much curious about brand new airplane, which basic
design drawn and test flied at a hot spa island nearby the antarctic peninsula,
so to speak, born from antarctic glaciers with snows and crystal hard ices.
"Jihyo", double mushroom hair style (local cartoon "Gungadin"), also surprised.

(If I were there at year 2X21, then I reminding pop song "Hoi-hoi" by "rainbow"
dance team, including miss "Hyomin" et al, cheer girls from rural home town)

Due to recent full page photograph & computer graphic magazine ("Signal"),
type-140 (virtual upgraded sukhoi-23) already upgraded much, not only newly
equipped scramjet engines, but also fuselage itself is elongated, (so become to
be longer than Y-22), and nozzles are also changed into (stellate design) thrust
vectoring version, (nozzles of Y-22 in real), yet, softwares support even 3 D.

(Girls say this is similar to 5 years ago beauty comeback with high-hill boots,
and "Moor" thinks no could say "Popular science" still best in advertisements)

After briefing and forward area temporary air exhibition, "Moor", "Miguel",
"Didier", and 6 of girls go to shopping street of ship, (similar to "Dubrovnik"),
where is (meditation) hut of skipper "Paulus" also exists, and alike (future)
sao paulo, many mint white apple blossom trees, all bloom before leaves.
"Moor" says "Paulus" grew up at sao paulo, somewhat plateau and all time
spring weather, and scenery is similar to balkan seaside shores and harbors.

("Paulus" is similar to a character in "barbarian client", one of "sherlock holmes",
spontaneously bought 1 of 10 forgotten shipyards at north sea and baltic sea,
and made this fast container ship, and drill & refinery ship for shipyard income,
and a person still investigating Inter City Express crisis, but, nothing improved)

("Paulus" or "Gary Oldman" in religious etiquette, after return from siberia exile,
serves eastern brandy, "Moor" wants stolichnaya vodka also prof. "Noza" likes,
all drink more than usual, including "Watt", chief engineer of "Cape Cheetah")

"Moor" says that "sector 7" petroleum field, closed decades ago, south from
"(amber) sunset on (tilted) cross" city, there other biomech units detected by
non-visual light spectrum sensors, on 10 - 20 closed tower mining ships in lake,
and maybe they are conflicting against jugent biomech in G.T.X. tunnels.
"Didier" and "Paulus" agrees, say shall regards them other unidentified bandits.

"Moor" asks critics about leader "Pentagonus", 10 or more years ago.
"Paulus" answers bankrupted ecomony due to I T bubble crisis, (including "Iridium"
satellite network bubble crisis, 25 years ago), lack of budget for next generation
airplanes for more than a decade, dunes of ("Mesopotamia") desert itself moved,
it became hard to find previous terminal valves, so there was almost no strategic
and tactical breakthrough pathways left for command center (with new fabric tents).

Yet, "Pentagonus" had patriot missile trailers, much luckier than any other days,
been first lines for 10 or more years, enough tested in various tactical situations,
but, different from 10 - 20 years ago, there no frog and scud missiles, any longer.
(New "thaad" and "leap" missile systems almost never have been to front lines).

(This so called "Gungadin-shield" was definitely adventage comparing 75 years ago,
nothing against "V-2" missile with non-dynamite or non-napalm warhead...)

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... In Human Minds # 132 ... Dash havogotzivi ! ... 2 ...
... Inspired by ... “Apocalypse now (with F-5)” and "Call to glory (with F-4, 1984)" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Yesterday of a citizen and an old pilot “Cyan”...

When thirty years old, (new yorker) “Cyan” was one of “Phantom” pilot,
and “Phantom” fuselage is over 19 meters, could flying mach 2 or more,
and flight interface is complex with lights, (similar to “Columbia” shuttle).

“Moor” taxing plane, and search lights, other lights scintillating alike yacht
lights, and due to engine heat, space port looks waving mirage at noon.
Bahrain space port is futuristic architecture, in mist with thin gray clouds.

(Before, “McCyan” sees many blue prints about detail parts of “Phantom”,
magnifying still cuts (alike photoshop S/W), test maneuvering film AV files,
at small theater in bahrain intergalactic space port, alone in business suit.)

It was 40 years ago, many precise Pe-nium (petroleum in real world)
delivering space ships are sunk at hormuz sea, due to gulf area conflicts.
(In this series, petroleum on fire looks birthday glowing magnesium stick.)

One sector is full of sunk space ships, maybe over 20 in number, some
totally inverted, some are half submerged from pro, some floating on air,
and all ships are with glowing amber flames with gray tone thick smokes.
They all marked with panama and liberia, “Cyan” flies by and takes film.
These less than one third of sunks, and others different insurance lines.

Few years later, air above baghdad, test type
plane "Night Hawk" flying,
next version of “Stra-Eagle" (last version but no stratosphere scramjet).

(Maybe “McCyan” hoped pay back time against longinus or something.)

They even shut down engines and free gliding (alike “Columbia” shuttles),
alike bird shadow under full moon, and super-size 1 ton free falling bomb
slipping into chimney or stairs to roof, few moments later, total explosion.

Air speed before primary target upto more than 1,000 kilometers per hour,
and electric towers, communication towers, buildings backward very fast.
(Trained with sophisticated multi-screen 3 D simulators plus satellite data.)

(In this part, CF song “Pusher-pusher” by k-pop “F.X.” maybe suitable,
similar to driving “jeep” over snow ridges or asian martial “jeet-guan-do”.)

It would be very difficult that main targets, usually buildings with various
antennas and dishes located in downtown less than few square kilometers,
more than 10 of “Night Hawk” arrive almost simultaneously, less than only
minute of window, over heavily guarded areas with all sorts of ammunitions.

But, satellite photo above downtown baghdad very seldom, few per a week,
maybe real active satellite number (and true budget) less than half or less,
and they cannot know if building facilities already moved to rural huts.

“Cyan” is pilot of newly arrived “Stra-Eagle”, faster than previous planes,
flying over Pe-nium (petroleum) lake of 5 kilometers width, alike black mirror,
and if without search lights on both wings, smog air is too dark for flight.

“Cyan” bodhi (acknowledge) this is not triumph, but another huge disaster,
(reflection of F-15 “Eagle” on lake is skull satan ghost with big reaper sickle).

After up altitude for takes film, there more than 50 mining towers on fire,
with glowing amber flares, also multiple white stellate explosions frequently,
and dark and thick smoke keep emerging, it is noon but scenery midnight.

2 of type-110 “Commando” (A-10 in real world) are flying nearby, and
due to object tracking capable multi-camera unit, alike external fuel tank,
“Cyan” could see zoom up image of flying type-110 on display in cockpit,
rolling fuselage and wings for greeting, and type-110 replying with rolling.
(And thinks 30 mm depleted uranium shells are alike quark particle beams
in scientific fictions, bigger caliber than 7.62 mm gatling or “flower snake”.)

And 10 years later, I T bubble crisis collapsing down entire economy.
Few years later, another gulf war made mesopotamia into total moratorium,
including big banks lending much money to I T companies of west stars.
Mesopotamia is a land with old clay houses, far from modern architecture,
but finally, this war made it impossible to lending more money from there.

After flight filming terrible mining tower fires, "Cyan" quit airplane pilot.
Over 30 years until recently, worked at civilian firms and studied business,
and even made statistics computer software with hologram device of newer
"Big-E" space carrier, yet, always impossible due to capitalism inflations.
(Thought nemesis field more belongs to west scandinavia than londinium.)

("Cyan" too young to be pilot during vietnam conflict, maybe biggest hours,
because west stars really supplied "Phantom", "Tiger", "Stratofortress (B-52)"
front lines, yet, this biggest in history galactic airforce did not get victory.
"Cyan" thinks type-210 (MiG-21 in real world) are smaller, lesser numbered,
but, similar architecture to "Mirage" plane, could lower cost, had sophisticated
ballistic calculation and graphic avionics, better radars hided behind in jungle,
so airplanes on two previous class big carriers chasing after jungle radars.
And training airplane "Dornier" maybe had simple futuristic flight interface.)

First action of "Cyan" after returned to front line was leasing biggest diesel
engines, shipyards in gdansk harbor, and fundamental sailing performances
still the best in space carrier category, "Big-E" again could be the fastest.

("McCyan" remembers one of famous air leader and lecturor "Le May", first
100 bombers project, maybe knows nothing about quantum physics.)

“Big-E” preparing for sailing to “(Amber) sunset (neon) cross” refugee,
and a “Tarawa” and a 150,000 ton container ship each with 8 – 10 next
generation “Albatross” still in engineering and development will escort.
(And if they need, then could use number 1 and 2 catapult of “Big-E” ship.)

(“Big-E” hypersonic architecture similar to “Tu-144”, “Tu-160”, and “X-43”,
bigger than fleet carrier “Tarawa”, yet, more curved and somewhat slimmer,
alike 10 of "N-class", two double barrel turrets, similar put in architecture of
barrels of "Zumwalt", could move to 8 pop up power socket sites by EMF rail,
and if EMF energy supplied to all armor plates, lights alike white & gray LED,
space ship temporarily looks geometric, alike stellate citadel of Lille, et al.)

At the left side of fuselage of “Big-E”, (hybrid of Tu-144, Tu-160, X-43
in this 500 years future fiction), number 3 and 4 catapult is changed to
single variable launching power EMF catapult from electric winch catapult,
could launching stratosphere UAV with frypan, “Night Hawk”, "Commando",
and they all lesser aerodynamic and decades ago test type airplanes.
There are 6 of UAV with frypan, 20 of "Night Hawk", and 15 of "Commando".

“Spring-Hornet” (similar colors alike 2000 – 2009 renault racing team) flying
nearby “Big-E” and much more number than “Albatross”, at nemesis fields,
(and “Cyan” heard that many are equipped with new engines of LNG fuel).

(It maybe certain alternative plan of navy was few 40,000 ton carrier with
20 - 30 double propellers "Junkers", comparing 100 of "B-29" bombers, and
country with
1 million square kilometer agriculture dream 100 of “B-29”.)

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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... In Human Minds # 133 ... Dash havogotzivi ! ... 3 ...
... Inspired by ... "Shimshon" stories in bible and 1980's TV drama "Airwolf" ...
... Galaxy Year 2X21 ... Yesterday of a leader and an old pilot "Moor" ...

Although, never have been closely encountered, or visual rendezvous,
25,000 ton fast space cruiser "Cape Cheetah" keep chasing a huge
comet or snake, once 10 - 15 luxurious ships on planet orbit.

(And no one knows how they embedded, but, 100 meter brain & spine
biomech are already inside, and big nerve axons communicating at
hall area for mainframes, with various lights alike tentacles of squids,
and these brain & spine biomech took almost all the O/S software of
10 - 15 ships, and also there are more than 50 crafts per each ship.)

"Moor" thinks that if ugent biomech training in G.T.X. tunnels and other
biomech hiding towers of sector 7 of dried sea, and if this huge comet
under control of 100 meter brain & spine biomech would ops in union,
then this squadron no match against those (three jacks or cosacks).

(Biomech sometimes religious at inside chimney, once for nuclear reactor,
and these are 10 or more, also for air stabilization vertical wind tunnel,
biomech looks neon leaves in monuments, alike zokbari j-pop stage.)

It becomes certain that biomech project which sealed 30 years ago,
returned as 5,000 space ships of 5,500 meter and 2,500 meter.

Spontaneous encountering since a year ago, only one of their 10 fleets
with 500 ships, and human navy ships are less than half of one fleet.
Analysis certain they are really total 5,000 space ships or more.

So, five skirmish plans are cautiously simulated by supercoms.
And council of 300 human planets assuming budget per each plan.
(This alike typan "Ark Angel" cards, some are kwang, means nothing.)

1. old york carrier "Big E", one of two new "Macchu Picchu" finding
biomech galaxy positioning satellites and aiming at warp location
2. type-150 from alaska and turkey, with "Moor" squad doing AWACS,
aiming strategic weapon payloads at possible warp location
3. spend more budget to type-1080 ("Lancer") and type-1090 ("Spirit")
inter-stellar bombers upto satisfying initially intended tech specs
4. 10 of "N-class" and 10 of "Tarawa-Wasp" back to front zones and
supplying 200 of type-230 and 200 of type-220, (in carbon fuselage),
and daring full scale battle against front 100 - 200 biomech ships
5. total evacuation of "Sunset on neon" refugee and retreat more

(Back music is "Harlem desire" with synthesizer & strings, in slowly.)

"Big-E" departing gdansk harbor, after equipped with two EMF catapults,
and left side two conventional catapults moved to a "Wasp" class ship,
newly arrived gdansk harbor for replacing a "Tarawa" class ship.
Alike "Big-E", another giant size diesel engines equipped, and sailors,
"Face", "Mutassim" from west desert ("Libya" in real world), also moved.
("Face" calls this as red nova star "Science vessel" alike in "Starcraft".)

(For emergency upgrading alchan "Big-E", "Wasp", shipyards workers
from new york, johannesburg, amsterdam, antwerpen also helped.)

South of "(Amber) sunset neon (cross)" refugee is desolated desert,
once eastern of yellow clay sea, became to drought many years ago,
sometimes in dark rain or dark snow due to evaporing Pe-nium.
(And huge towers at sector 7, remnants of petroleum mining facilities,
which terrible failure, made city into moratorium about 50 years ago,
also high risk investment of zankee business, alike south-east asia.)

And most people are refugee from han river flood, decades ago.
(Alike diaspora of some balkan people to black forest at north europe.)
City major "Yeseul" thinks saved by emergency rescue supply from
bulsapa space squadron, lead by junior politician (senator) "Moor",
sponsored from "Zhirinovski", same sponsor typan of "Yeseul", too.
(Call sign of "Yeseul" is "Daramgee", which means far east squirrel.)

(And "Cape Cheetah" is not 250 % scale up "Iowa", but in 50 % weight,
and "Yongaritto" or "787", "Lyme", "Orange", similar outlook of "Whitby".)

(Back music "Harlem desire", acappella lauching & wood xylophone.)

Before "Cyan" flight filming Pe-nium mining tower fire,
there were severe air battles, first generation eurofighter ("Tornado")
also suffering many losses, and ejected out pilots mostly captured,
and had to on TV programs, had to read jahabipan propagandas.

"Moor" attended weekend pilot school, but, after watching gulf TV,
about pilots abused politically for propaganda, quit to become pilot.

And later, maybe destined to be, temporarily worked as mechanic for
"Spring-Hornet" (some with LNG engines) on space carrier "Carlos".

invited from teheran, old friend of (white) father ("boondock saints")
and allowed using simulator with futuristic software, (beside at Su-23).
And watched that Su-23 are keep upgrading, even elongating fuselage,
and display armor on in white, blue, red in mint LED tone, for "Moor",
(and could equipped with downsized AWACS, or ECCM, or anti-sub kits).

(Fuselage of Su-23 "Persia-cat" elongated, same or longer than Su-27,
and shah of their society paying money to 20 or more galactic hackers,
and if 2 of "Persia-cat" take off, space jumping with refuel planes, and
air launching cruise missiles, and if missed, hackers blow off targets.)

(If someone decorating tree at years end as horn and new year days,
with plastic models in 1/100 size with display surfaces and LED, then
still Su-23 "Persia-cat" is most popular at the top polar site of tree,
among MiG, yakovlev, dassault series, and other sukhoi series.)

"Moor" heard from "Cyan" and council members, not a single unit of
"Stra-Eagle" moved from kabul to karachi, bahrain, tel aviv, kilimanjaro,
which for cavalry ops, keep supporting cannon unit "Cape Cheetah".
(Maybe no battalion upgraded to lookdown radar or scramjet engine.)

"Moor", others surprised "Stra-Eagle" of right wing is news media play,
illusions made by west stars council and read by young announcers.
("Moor" thinks if turkey people were made dozens of "Silent-Eagle".)

... You imagine main, episode, and session titles of this story in kiril characters ...

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