Voyagers of Space - In Human Minds


Voyagers of Space 1-21 ... Adaptation Ideas from Original Writer Rie ...

Hello ,
good to see you all again ! ... Another edit-it-yourself story block or module ...

... Based on "The Myths of Nordic and Slav" ... by many writers and archaeologists ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 1-21 ... Adaptation Ideas from Original Writer Rie ...

1. "Carbine" Class Capital Vessel

- Maybe next to LHA / LHD classes of (real world) US Navy ?

- ( or , next to C-5 "Galaxy" class heavy transporting airplane ? )

2. "Orion" Class Escort Vessel

- Might be DDX-21 Cruiser / Destroyer (until now , she is just one of many naval concepts ) ?

- ( or , B-1 B "Lancer" of US Air Force ? )

- ( or , Tupolev Company's NATO code name "Concordski" or Tu-144 ... similar to YB-70 of US Air Force ? )

3. "Ingrid" Class Particle Emission Cannon

- Maybe New Battle Cruiser of former USSR Navy , NATO code name "Kirov" class ?

- ( or , Antonov Company's 6 engines type World best big sized heavy airplane ? )

4. tsc-26 "Road Runner"

- Might be Yakoblev Company's STOVL so called Yak-141 or ... ?

- ( or , Boeing Company and Rockheed Martin Company's XF-32 or ... ? )

5. tsc-116

- Maybe from one of concepts of two engines type new Fighter for VFs , the F-16 XL ?


Voyagers of Space 1-22 ... With Gibson girls in New York , Earth ...

Hello ,
good to see you all again ! ... Another edit-it-yourself story block or module ...

... Based on "The Myths of Nordic and Slav" ... by many writers and archaeologists ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 1-22 ... With Gibson girls in New York , Earth ... 1 ...

... Other Galaxy Year 2X11 ... November ... Onboard Battle Cruiser Synbaad ...

When I was in my early twenties , before I come to this galaxy ,
I worked and studied at New York city on our Earth ...

Miss "Bamboo" was suffered by her leukemia again ,
so I could not meet her during her chemotherapy ,
and that period was longer than couple of months ...

( I live in our Earth , mid of 22 nd century , around AD 2250 ... )

Her elder sister lent to me a personal mobile phone , in case for weekly greetings .
And I thought that I was not the only one who recieved this phone from her sister .

I arrived at New York city , by hypersonic airplane .
It took 2 hours from my home town to JFK airport .

It was foggy that day , and one of the airport worker noticed me to the TAXI stop .
At that time , there was war between sectarian rebels usually against the Earth Union .

The local government which New York belongs to was still in war against other sectarians ,
so the atmosphere of JFK airport was just like that of Vietnam War era , I assumed .

When a TAXI arrived in front of Hotel new Luxor , at the center of the Manhattan district ,
I looked up a hotel building which is over 200 stories high in pyramid shape ,
just near by Central Park .

When I reached at sky lounge , it was about sunset and the sky was full of vanilla like clouds .
Some clouds were in clear blue mint colors , some were in ice green mint ,
and some were in light orange ...

And some clouds were in cotton like white ...

I welcomed by "Jenny" , so called New Yorker ,
almost same age girl in early twenties just like "Bamboo" and me .

She was one of high school alumni with "Bamboo" ,
and I heard that she will surely help me during I stay in New York .

( Maybe she is another young Mecenat ... A member of rich clan of high society ... )

She and her friend "Meggy" say that after I sightsee
the skyline of high buildings of New York city and Union city ,
they will drive me to nice and neat beach side lodge at Coney Island .

I arbeit last summer vacation , so I could offer decent dinner for them .
"Jenny" and "Meggy" laugh together and agree on my gentle offer .

We go to the rotating restaurant in the sky lounge complex of Hotel new Luxor ,
and the chief manager bow to Lady "Jenny" and give us a free bottle of red wine .

When I look at the menu ,
I find that sea food is more expensive than beef and lamb .

In my home town at the other side of the ocean ,
usually sea food is cheaper than meat .

After the dinner ,
"Meggy" drive her 4 door sedan car to the Coney Island ,
and the girls offer drinking and I agree to them .

At the beach side beer house in many neon lights , we sit down at one of the terrace seats .
(Lady) "Jenny" says that this beer house is one of her favorite destinations around this metropolitan .

( Did you saw TV series that named ... Umm ... "McGeiber" or ? ... ... )

"Jenny" lives in apartment just near by the Central Park , alone ,
and her friend and also high school alumni "Meggy" lives in apartment
in SOHO area , also alone .

"Jenny" says that she cannot drive cars , another so called paper driver .
She is major in Archaeology at University which is located at suburb .

"Meggy" says that she lives in double deck apartment ,
and she is major in one of the modern Technologies at College which is at down town .

They say that they will pick me up by "Meggy" car tomorrow ,
for introduce me to a Professor and also a director of small advanced technology company .

After they go back to their home at urban ,
"Jenny" is by TAXI and "Meggy" is by her 4 door sedan car ,
I check in beach side lodge .

I turn on TV and one of the 24 hours news channel broadcasts that
war grows bigger and bigger everydays .

I thought that maybe representatives of all the sectarian militias meet together and
discuss about future plans for achieving another long term peace era ...

... Original Novel written by Rie ...


Voyagers of Space 1-23 ... Original Grand Tour ... 1 ...

Hello ,
good to see you all again ! ... Another edit-it-yourself story block or module ...

... Based on "The Myths of Nordic and Slav" ... by many writers and archaeologists ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 1-23 ... Original Grand Tour ? ... From Paris to Rome ... 1 ...

... Other Galaxy Year 2X11 ... November ... Onboard Battle Cruiser Synbaad ... Seeing 3 D hologram photoes ...

When I was high school student , year around AD 2150 ,
I travel from Paris to Rome with my pretty cousin of same age ...

She attended to another high school , and at there only girls could learn .

As you already knew ,
my cousin and I are all from middle class families , so tour budget was so tiny .

When we arrive at Paris international airport by hypersonic airplane ,
we assumed that Commander Caesar once occupied these territories
and set up main chateau (near) here .

At those days ,
(southern) Britain was Celt , France was Gaul , and (Rhein) Deutsch was Germania ,
quite different from that of in the mids of 22 nd century , now ...

Why Romans , or descendants of Trojans , invade the land that belongs to Gauls ?

Maybe because at those days , BC 1 st century ,
the global weather changes so fast , become more hotter , I guessed .

If it really happened , Romans could not grow oatmeal and wheat any longer , and Iberia may same ,
and before they could understand how to grow rice , they had to struggle not to starve .

Might be wheat imported from Egypt was not sufficient enough to supply to all the over 1,000,000 Romans .
At those days , maybe many Etrurians was also gathered to the City of Rome .

Commander Caesar and his 8 to 10 legions ( similar to nowadays regiment ) ,
went over the high Alps ridges ( at those days , it was called Helvetia ) , and enter into Gallia ...

And they struggle more than 8 years to control that land , nowadays France .

But ,
some Roman legions led by other Commanders successfully occupied Greece and Asia Minor ,
the lands that once their ancestors live and trade as the name of Troy , I assumed ...

My pretty cousin and me onboard the magnetic train together ,
and the high speed train was bound to Zurich , Swiss ...

And soon after we had some lunch and nap , we could see
magnificent Jungfrau with white glaciers shining ...

... Origianal Novel written by Rie ...


Voyagers of Space 1-24 ... From Niagara Falls to Ayers Rock ... 1 ...

Hello ,
good to see you all again ! ( Another edit-it-yourself story block or module )

... Based on "The Myths of Nordic (= North ? ) and Slav (= South ? ) " ... by many writers and archaeologists ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 1-24 ... Sea Gaia Airline ? ... From Yukon to Ayers Rock ... 1 ...

... Other (Single) Galaxy Year 2X11 ... November ... Onboard Battle Cruiser Synbaad ... Seeing 3 D hologram photoes ...

( Earth year around 2150 ... Those areas are connecting with commercial ballistic aerocrafts ... )

My same aged couson always wondering about why she is much more pretier than me ,
I sometimes thought ...

( My couson is 5 cm taller and 5 kg lighter than me at those days ... )

And I almost could not remember did I really sometimes get higher points during middle and high school ,
though she never show me the results of many , many exams and tests .

Almost all of her hobby was about photography , like taking photos and so on ,
and whenever she has some extra time , she always travel foreign countries ,
and only some special occasions asked to me to accompany her ...

( But I did not think she really travels alone ... )

Whenever those special occasions , just before departure ,
she bring me to (independent building) boutiques ,
and turn me into up to date fashion conditions .

( But I always wanted state of art gadgets and gismos ,
but already I told you before , buying new things was not always possible ... )

And she never forget to say thanks to me about I always pay
my aerocraft fees and decent hotel charges ,
but I could only handle some payments about meals
and ready made teas during tour .

( She is just few months older than me )

Once we arrive ,
she takes as many photos as possible , always in analogue films .

Sometimes it makes me much too boring enough for wondering
if she really has some mental problems ,
but if not with her ,
I surely read novels about all genre in visual images ...

Anyway ,
she is almost one of "Miss highteens" of her women highschool ,
and that is one of many reasons about why I always go to
other schools without her , I remember .

Truly speeking , maybe I really like her beauties about minds and body images ,
but sometimes cannot tolerate some of her (unique) attitudes ...

... Original novel written by Rie ...

... ( Thank you for all your sincerities , all people whom I met during traveling Vladivostok , Vancouver and Sydney ) ...


Voyagers of Space 1-25 ... Adaptation Ideas from Original Writer Rie ...

Hello ,
good to see you all again ! ( Another edit-it-yourself story block or module )

... Based on "The Myths of Nordic (= North ? ) and Slav (= South ? ) " ... by many writers and archaeologists ...

... TITLE ... Voyagers of Space 1-25 ... Adaptation Ideas from Original Writer Rie ...

... Other (Single) Galaxy Year 2X11 ... May ... Onboard Battle Cruiser Synbaad ... Seeing 3 D hologram photoes ...

1. "Orion" Class Escort Vessel

- Might be "Kilo" class submarines or "Victoria" or "Colins" class submarines ?
( ... that of in real world ... )

2. "Ingrid" Class Particle Emission Cannon

- Maybe New Ocean Cruisers of former USSR Navy , NATO code name "Slava" class ?

3. tsc-26 "Road Runner"

- two seated because she alone could operate a whole Cosmos Vessel ,
docking at one of the control socket & panel inside of cargo bays ...

( This means that in Voyagers of Space cyber world ,
one tsc-26 unit with two aviators could maneuver even a entire Battle Ship ... )

... ( Thank you for all your sincerities , all people whom I met during traveling Vladivostok , Vancouver and Sydney ) ...


In human minds 26 ... When a campus colleague acts more than girl friend ...

... Inspired by ... movie "Firefox" and "Lonely Voyages"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-26 ... When a campus colleague acts more than girl friend ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ...
... (one of six) Lah planet, in same star system including Volcano planet ...

In these days,
a business man could go one planet to other planet
by direct express transplanet transport craft or by orbit to orbit craft.

The difference ?
Well, express liner is more expensive but has heat shields and wings that could
make possible to re entry, so one could go one airport to other planet airport directly.

But, passenger needs to stop over at orbital port station
and change to local shuttle when he uses orbit to orbit craft.
Yet it is more cheaper and popular way to travel.

One day, I had to go Lah planet for business.
It was so busy, so a flight including me had to go around the high atmosphere
(about 10 - 25 times that of speed of sound) until the runway become accessible.

Through a window,
actually it is a high resolution display inside many layers of heat shields,
the gamma corrected blue skies, the space are full of stars.

I like to see stars after with my indivisual light lamp off.

At high atmosphere,
there are almost no cloud, and much more shiny and twinkling stars are everywhere.

In situation like this,
usual passenger call company for about being late, and read newspapers
or listen to music, but I sometimes remember my old day girls.

Probably, no man could understand the real mind behind a girl
who changes attitudes so differently this time compare to past days.

When I was a college guy,
a girl was introduced to me by accidentally, and she was in blue cotton slacks.
She was other college student, and she gave me her business card.

A week later,
I call her and she says yes for having a casual cafe lunch with (only) me.

At the day,
she is in her medium length skirt and casual blouson.

She is not a girl with big bust, but has some senses to cover her weak aspects.
(Her bust is more like cliff, almost with no volumes)
Instead, she has great looking knees, and she willing to show them off.

Lunch was good, and tea was great,
but, her act changes immediately after.

When she and I go to harbor side and watch sunset,
she spill her can soda on her skirt, and acts like she is very surprised,
and says that she need another cloth, now.

So we go to the nearest mall with many boutiques.

It seemed that what she wanted is over 3000 units worth clothes.
(In nowadays, I never go to a shopping mall with woman)

Finally (after more than an hour passed),
she find a jacket with much affordable prices for me, much less than 3000 units.
She looked so happy that evening, keep wearing her victorious smiles on face.

A month later,
she call to me and says that she wants to have a lunch and tea with me again
on weekends.

This time, she wears a very expensive looking costumes,
and also in a too expensive looking full color make ups on her slender and oval face.

At that day,
she asks about expensive things no more, and seems like satisfied with
spaghetti and maccheroni like casual luncheon.

She brought a female friend of her with,
and says that I am the guy that she mentioned to her sometimes.

When we reach to in front of squirt fountains,
it was sunset times and around the fountain, there were many pairs of couples.

But, we were three in number,
so when it comes to take a photo, she decides to give only her photo for me.

(But, now I do not keep it anymore, maybe lost during moving)

That day, she smiles somewhat seldom,
and looked her small mirror frequently.

It took more than a minute to take a single photo,
because she changes her hair wave settings more than three times
at that moment.

... to be continue ...

... Star Wars ... Battlestar Galactica ... ... Space Voyagers (here) ... ... Wing Commander ...


In Human Minds 27 ... A specialized Type 260 ...

... Inspired by ... movie "Firefox" and "Lonely Voyages"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-27 ... A specialized Type 260 star fighter with extension ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X12 ... September ...
... Convention center near Pier eight, Shang planet, in Sanctuary star system ...

A year ago,
about six months before
eruption of this full scale galactic war against those thing crafts,
I had to visit Shang planet for business purpose.

At that time,
a big defense exposition was held in this city,
and many news companies are in busy for interview Terran's new star fighter,
the proto test type aeroplane of fuselage extension version of Type 260.

The two new star crafts of Terran military organizations,
type 220 "Retaliator" and type 230 "Silver Fox" was introduced about 7 years ago,
so they are now very popular to every (usual) human.

Instead this time,
the extended fuselage version of Type 260 is on spotlight.

The size is between type 220 and 230,
about 24 to 26 meters in length.

She has two main engines, that could works as plasma accelerator in atmosphere,
and also as particle emission propulsion in outer space.

She was originally designed to suit to be escort carrier based star fighter.

But, there already is Type 260 series,
and usual escort carrier could load extension version about 4 - 5 per each ship.

It is much smaller than original Type 260, they are usually 10 in each escort carrier.
So the production number would be much smaller than other current fighters.

(Maybe just similar to the famous Excalibur fighter in WCIII "Heart of Tiger" ... )

Two escort carriers were at pier eight of Shang harbor.
They are so big in size, so everyone is very surprised.

After the display of test type fuselage,
two specially extended double engine 260 fighters are lift off vertically from show stages,
and drift slowly toward their mother ships at pier.

It is so magnificent view in my life ...

... to be continue ...


Space Voyagers 1-28 ... A mission with 11 th carrier ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... movie "Firefox" and "Lonely Voyages"

... TITLE ... In Human Minds 28 ... A mission with 11 th carrier of "N class" ... 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... March ...
... Singh planet, in outskirt of Deccan star system ...

When I get a call from my office,
my business colleague lady "Shiraz" says that I would go to Singh planet
as soon as possible for another important business ocaasions.

She is about 1.675 meters tall,
with big eyes and over B cup bosom,
and always wears traditional costume of her ethnic group on late weekdays.

She sometimes take her colleagues to a restaurant
which is owned by her female cousin of almost same age.

It was early in dawn,
and the message is about the boss or "the Typan" wants me to accompany
colonel "Moor" and his team again.

When I arrived at orbital port of Singh,
I saw a giant aircraft carrier named "Nicolais",
a ship that over 3200 meters in length, and due to size she cannot reenter into atmosphere.

I meet "Moor" and his team again,
and their number is also less than 100 including best pilots like "Miguel" and "Mobius".

Admiral "Jason" ,
the direct senior commander of "Nicolais" says that Terran commanders
wants to deliver reenforcement airplane crafts to base on "Luson" planet,
to general "Sheridan" and his garrison soldiers.

Many intel reports tell that a whole scale galactic war against those thing crafts
has came near, and estimated invasion route is toward "Shang" or "Luson".

But the number of Terran aircrafts are so limited now,
so they could send 100 airplanes to "Luson" only.
It is so desperate era for every human.

all 100 airplanes cannot take off from or land onto carrier "Nicolais",
and Terran Navies cannot afford to any single escort guarding cruisers,
so the entire defense is upto 14 aircrafts, with 10 Type 260 jumpjets and 4 extended 260,
and less than 30 aviators and 70 mechanics.

"Moor" himself is a very good aviator with over 20 years of air services,
yet this time, it looks like that he is hesitating about take the mission.
Most of his men want this adventure but final decision is upto "Moor".

So "Moor" and his team go into ship's CIC
and begin to input many data into main frame computer
for simulating the odds of success and potential threats during the voyage.

I have more than a day,
so I onboard the shuttle and go to the "Singh" harbor on planet surface.

After arrive on airport,
I transfer to hover machine to go to bayside hotel.

The silhouette of down town buildings in sunset
is so much amazing itself, and white high clouds are glowing before red sun.

Near down town,
there is an old citadel chateau (very similar to that in Lille, northern France)
the walls of that looks like gatherings of many snow flake like stars,
when it sees from the air in hover machine.

I am not even close to military personnel,
but it feels like that if there is any invasion to this city,
I would like to take part in this citadel for defend.

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds 29 ... a mentor ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... TV series "A Team" and PC game "Loom"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-29 ... Mentor (Demian) or a girl with turquoise (or cyan) ... 1 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... March ...
... Singh planet, in outskirt of Deccan star system ...

After elementary school,
it is so hard for me to meet with a girl with same age,
especially for an average poor man like me in too over populated 3 rd world mega city.

There was a revolution during my school days,
and after those, some men get too rich suddenly,
and their behavior was far over than that of just showing off a fortune at a stroke.

I was not a rich student,
but some of the previous rich men's sons, not even close enough to friends of myself,
wanted to run away to foreign countries, so they made a long lie and sell off me.

Many of their parents was
entrepreneur with too much debts, dark soldiers and so on.

So I had to spend more than 2 years in remote hut,
and my seventeen and eighteen was so poor that nothing could be remembered.

(My relatives worked so hard to earn huge money enough for my ransom)

"The Typan" knows about this,
because asterisk maritimes and stan shipbuildings wanted my personal history.

As I am still a freelancer businessman,
people with those company usually would not ask about my days during 17 and 18.

I think sometimes I remember a girl (with cyan),
who was not a same class mate, and met only during a theatrical drama play.

Just like those aged boys and girls,
she is taller than me, more than an inch.

Her role was somewhat like one of the three Magi,
and I was, as my memory goes, a hairy boy who lives in deep mountains or forests.
(Very similar to a boy in "Jungle Book")

Well, when a civilized person meet with wild life,
more hard to understand is for a wild life man acknowledging about civil cultures and costumes.

Many scholars say that wild life fears everything about civilizations,
but usually a civilman could not acknowledges about it.

But, a Magi like girl with a big eye(s) in her heart(s),
could see through many uncivilized clothes and styles,
and finally understands whats he/she thinks like and about.

It seems like another cliche story,
but when I was ten years old, I was truly indulged in that play, and my role within,
I thought ...

Just before a Magi girl in cyan left wild fields,
she says to many lives that sometimes a man left alone, by natural or compulsion,
but rely on self, trust on myself, holding one's hand by another hand, tightly,
and keep walk to future, even if it looks far difficult than past days,
always remembers better than reality of those pasts ...

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds 30 ... a mission with 11 th carrier ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... TV series "A Team" and PC game "Loom"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-30 ... A mission with 11 th "N class" ... 2 ... a long way to north east ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... March ...
... Singh planet, in outskirt of Deccan star system, South of Galaxy ...

Leader "Moor" is another unique aviator whom I know.
Too make a long story brief, he is a man like old day campus big senior.
(Not in the pedantry, but in the conversations and hearts, I guess ... )

For other aviators like major "Miguel" and captain "Moebius",
he is a big brother who can count on when fly with especially on front sides of theaters.

Yet, for me,
he is a pagan or heathen, whose religion is far different from majorities of
(their distant) galaxy, definitely he is another religious minority.

When I was busy in meeting my company counterparts in Singh planet,
attending at many conferences of bureaux and other sister companies,
commodore "Moor" and his team is busy in strategic meeting.

At the meeting room of 11 th of N class aircraft carrier "Nicolais",
senior and staff officers of Moor's team sit along with Emirs and Maharajahs of
this southern parts of (their distant) galaxy, and explains about future plans.

Their are two main ways to get to the "Luson" air base,
one is to go their more closely asides the eastern center of (their) galaxy,
of course stop over at "Formosa" planet on the way, it is far more short cut,
saving much time, but having more chances to encounter with one of
the major squadrons or fleets of those unhuman things,
and that could means a war would erupts accidentally ...

"Moor" keep says with 3 D holographic visuals which is from middle of
the long rectangular table with many 360 surround speakers.

The other way is through northern planets of the "Nesia star system",
and then go eastward to "North Mariana star system" and then turn into
north west by north, directly toward airbase on "Luson" with general Sheridan.

All the attendances agree with there are urgent needs to reenforcing
100 more Type 115 planet surface ground based star crafts, in addition to
"Sheridan" and his 90 to 150 (I don't remember the exact number) star crafts.

But, almost all worrying about putting too many forces into the forward lines,
and that means 2 nd line of defense would be getting more thinner than before,
and more over, the "Luson" air base itself is already located too deep inside theater,
they thought ...

At the orbital port of Singh planet,
hundreds of original crews of "Nicolais" and over 80 crews of commodore's men
work together in very busy, like resetting up many into automatic modes control
only from main CIC, and uploading supplies into this huge ship besides at pier.

And some giant cranes are loading star crafts,
including 5 type 260 long body double engine and 10 usual type 260,
the only stubborn defensing units of this huge and long vessel,
instead of few missiles and some layers of EMF shields.

... to be continue ...


Space Voyagers 1-31 ... A mission with 11 th "N class" ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... TV series "A Team" and PC game "Loom"

... TITLE ... In Human Minds 31 ... A mission with 11 th "N class" ... 3 ... a carrier Sea Quest ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... March ...
... Sail Day 5, near Mekong star system, South East part of Galaxy ...

I heard that intel reports many times about sudden appearances of
those thing crafts and ships in these regions, began more than months before.

Are they plan to land on planets near hear ?

When our "Nicolais" approach to planet Cam Ranh,
leader of other carrier nicknamed "Sea Quest" which is included into same "N class",
and her 4 guarding escort cruisers and 2 fast freights, communicates to us.

captain of "Sea Quest" visits our vessel by shuttle.

At the backward of CIC, there is a big table for instance conference,
and this time, 3 D holographic device at the center of the table shows us
about space nautical charts of this area.

Admiral "Cloud" says that drones of his squadron group
found many evidences of possible impending invasion, and one is that some thing crafts
which are shoot from behind by other thing crafts of their own during escape.

Some of them not burn into ashes, and his squadron group already collected
about 5 samples of thing crafts, and not only outer mechanical exoskeletons
but also many remainings of inner organic parts including nervous tissues.

One of two freight keep researching about those unhuman samples,
and one of the temporary findings are that they are manufactured more than 20 years ago,
but many parts are far more advanced than our current space crafts.

And his staff officers says that they even observed thing star ships,
usually 2 to 3, but sometimes more than 10.

During the past days,
Terran was divided into many subgroups, and much budget was disappeared secretly,
and nowadays, many decades later, some of the council men and military high commanders
knows about existence of human made things and secret bases to contain them.

Yet what they know now is only from just some papers,
and very few photos took by fearless frontline soldiers like
admiral "Cloud" and his crews.

"Cloud" gives us many valuable data
about possible performances of thing crafts estimated from remnants
that could be used to upgrade our simulators into more realistic.

If the air to air battle is inevitable in this voyage,
could our Type 260 star fighter win against those thing crafts ?

Crews of our ship begin to resetting and detail up our star fighters ...

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds 32 ... a mission with 11 th "N class" ... 4 ... through nebulas ...

... Inspired by ... TV series "A Team" and PC game "Loom"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-32 ... # 4 ... through supernovas and nebulas ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... March ...
... Sail Day 8, northern parts of Nesia star system, Outside of limbs of Galaxy ...

Hyper jump,
or "Jump" itself is still difficult even for well experienced navigators.

For usual passengers,
it seems like just couple of minutes or couple of hours have passed until arrival,
yet in steering hall, navigators are always busy in collecting newest (NAVCOM) data
from many many satellites throughout almost half (or one third) of their galaxy.

person like me, structure manager, have nothing especially to do,
and during my college days, it was so hard or too boring for me to understand
subjects like space navigations or orbital positionings and so on.

What I only know about is that
supernova is like a typhoon that we should never go too close not to lose a ship.

And in the nebula,
not only just like inside a dense fog in geoid surface,
the small particles interfere not only satellite communications
but also hardware itself.

Terran confederations,
nowadays only galactic human society representative councils,
had been spent lots of budgets to send drones to almost everywhere
in this galaxy, and put satellites on the way between each individual
human inhabiting planets.

More than a decade ago, it suddenly became that number of active satellites
decreased severe enough to influence even on the sailing safety itself.

For me, another science journal reader,
these phenomenons are just because too much over stretch of human society,
more than one thousand planets throughout almost half of the galaxy,
and budget is not enough for catch up with too many satellites need for
so much space routes keep increasing.

Maybe it is due to just another human limit,
like many other problems of nowadays human societies, in many aspects.

would computer calculation itself needs another major technological breakthrough ?

Is the galaxy too big and complex
for exact measuring many deviations and aberrations by us live in nowadays ?

Leader "Moor" says that it is the time that
they would add on "devices" onto a first satellite for many purposes,
like increasing calculation speeds, self detecting problems due to not maintaining
more than 10 years, and detecting codes if it is suspicious enough for threating
even for the Space Navy themselves.

Two type 260 "Jumpjet" launch from EMF catapults of the carrier,
with glowing cyan afterburnings, and fly to the first satellite which we meet,
about 250 nautical units away.

Two more type 260 are patrolling nearby spaces inside this nebula.

Stars and super novas are like glowing rainbow before ashe purple gray
background fogs, and the type 260 star fighters, as they fly in the nebula space,
they seem like comets and meteors, and for them, our carrier is like citadel,
floating on the vast and boundless universe ...

The main CIC is busy for assisting a type 260 fighter which is doing job
with her two manipulators from side weapon bays, for adding on devices from
canister on the main weapon bay.

Other wing fighter which is floating nearby the leader,
positioning drifts in her own small cubic space, with her nozzles
in vectoring movements ...

... to be continue ...


Space Voyagers 1-33 ... When a campus colleague acts more than girl friend ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... TV series "A Team" and PC game "Loom"

... TITLE ... In Human Minds 33 ... When a campus colleague acts more than girl friend ... 2 ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ...
... In a nebula, with many backside nova stars, Somewhere between South East and Nesia star systems ...

it is too hard for men in early twenties to dress up with some manners.

Another ordinary college weekend day,
I went to a district of middle sized city nearby metropolitan harbor, which is
with more than 7 - 8 colleges within, I remember, and that district is filled with
2 - 3 story villa like cubic shaped buildings along 4 traffic lanes streets.

( ... somewhat very similar to a street in TV series "Macgyver" ... )

At that time,
an old man (with wealth) presented to me a small 5 seat hover mobile, used one,
and it was far more expensive than my summer part time job salaries,
so maybe my employer's friend liked my style of working, I guess.

On that day,
I drive my hover mobile to that boom district for late teens to late twenties,
half of the stores are for eat and drink, and other half for equipments and clothes.

After I check my credit card to toll machine aside street,
I found a girl with sunglass on her uphead talk to other friends in one cafe,
on outside deck seat with parasol.

She acknowledged me first,
and like before, send some hand signals to me to come to seat with her and friends.

Again, I cannot refuse to that ...
( Why ? ... why ... and I thought that she knews me more than I do ... )

Frankly speeking, that district is usually for average youngs, like me,
not for a girl with over 3000 units worth costumes and accessories, like her,
but she wears afternoon onepiece in white stripes,
different from many pedestrians.

After she hears about why I come here, she offers to me that she would help me,
this time (for the first, I remember).

Accompanying her,
a beautiful girl for everyone but whom I would not like to encounter somewhere like here,
I walk into multi item shop for save time and money.

In those shops, brand labels are just stickers, some are red, some are green,
but I am also a guy without any muscular volumes, so I always thought that
usually I do not need high price clothes.

And sometimes I even put one of those stickers onto my shirts pocket.

And at the same time,
I find that one of my same college colleague, a girl with pretty face and smile,
looking for her new swim suit for this summer days.

She wore an upper garment without sleeves,
so her shoulders, round and shiny, could be seen clearly in late afternoon sunlights,
and also collarbones and neck lines which is better than expected.

She was in too different clothes compare to her usual look in campus.
I heard that she is somewhat older than usual colleagues,
maybe between 3 - 5 years, I estimated.

( In early twenties, average guy would not want to be friend with elder girl ... )

And at that time,
I could clearly see she has almost no groove, usually glamourous women have.

Now, I stand between two girls with no groove.
( Should I accelerate upto maximum between cliffs speed and run away to my car ? )

Later, after becoming businessman,
I found that usual working lady in three piece suit are with small bosoms.

Is it because they work so hard that their bosoms have no time to grow bigger
or nowadays office work environments are more suitable for those cliffy women ?

Or because I am the last humanist to acknowledge that point ?
But I say nothing about or make no facial expression changes about that look point,
all the times until upto nowadays ...

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds 34 ... Reflections in dense Fog ... 1 ...

... Inspired by ... famous novel "Sherlock Holmes" and ATARI video game "Zaxxon"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-34 ... Reflections in dense Fog (or Boxing with Shadows) ... 1 ... Sudden scramble

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ...
... In a nebula, with scarce backside nova stars, Somewhere between South East and Luson planet ...

Our new hope "Nicolais", the 11 th N class aircraft carrier,
now sail alone in the deep universe, area with almost no human town ...

Sometimes, commodore "Moor" says to his men to deploy (our own) satellite,
that is loaded onboard this huge ship when she was at "Singh" planet orbit.

Admiral "Jason" and admiral "Cyan" told that maybe there is no one to trust
in this lonely voyage, people inside or out, and the council thoughts same.

Until now, there is almost no threat,
and all of one hundred Type 115 (heavy) Fighter (or Fighter attacker)
are still under our crew's control.

Every personnel, less than 30 aviators and 70 mechanics,
all are in busy in keep maintenancing our only hope, 15 fighter airplanes.

I thought about the talkings of commander "Cloud", few days ago when he visited,
that thing crafts are usually over 30 meters in heights (Type 260 is 22 and 26 meters long),
and their weapons are so fierceful enough to cut things into halves,
and burn organic parts inside of mechatronic exoskeletons.

He collected 5 samples until now,
and at the conference briefing hall, he shows to us 3 D holograms about inside
his squadron's secret facility in one of Freights, hanging on ceiling by many wires.
(very similar to dinosaur skeletons in museums of natural history)

In my view points, they are just satan alike looking scraps with some remnant organisms,
but "Cloud" says that his team working hard to scanning into 3 D hologram models.
(And calculating their RADAR reflection surface areas for preparing any possible future threats)

If I encounter some of those things in the middle of the down town,
I first would become into panic status, and freeze enough to foget about running away ...

Couple of hours later, during launching another our own satellite into space,
sensors team in one side of the CIC hall acknowledge to all that
some unidentifiable signals are detected.

"Moor", "Miguel", "Moebius" are looking on the forward side big screens and holograms,
but surroundings in deep inside a nebula is much like a submarine ship dived into seas,
all the active and passive sensors are interrupted by solar wind like flows in nebula.

If one shoot some illuminating star light flare shells into skies with dense fog,
the part to parts differences of density or thickness within would disguising
a little experienced traveller into thoughts that flickering silhouettes of some
unknown creatures, and he would be afraid of them.

we already put more than 20 satellites along into our scheduled space routes,
and by latest hyper space communication technics which "Moor" team brought,
the signal analysis is becoming much more accurate and precisive.

But, just like all other occasions,
some of the aviators would better to fly into spaces of possible threats.

This time,
2 of 5 long range version of Type 260, scrambled into outer space immediately,
to catch signals of unknown more, not even in our vessel's current data.

All in the CIC are in so quiet not to disturb sensor operating crews.

If someone looks outside from the two flying Type 260,
it would be looks like dark gray objects inside middle gray tone fogs.

(And if some thing crafts are fly over there, they would be look like floating giant monsters ... )

Aviators of the 2 airplanes from "Nicolais"
watching carefully into displays all around the cockpit (including HUD and holograms).

... to be continue ...


Space Voyagers 1-35 ... Reflections in dense Fog ... 2 ...

... Inspired by ... famous novel "Sherlock Holmes" and ATARI video game "Zaxxon"

... TITLE ... In Human Minds 35 ... Reflections in dense Fog (or Boxing with Shadows) ... 2 ... Admiral Cyan with gunnery turrets

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ...
... With cirrus cloud alike shining nebulas behinds, Somewhere between South East and Luson planet ...

If all the (back) lights are on,
insides of virtual hall of "Nicolais" is looks like a empty cubic area with white walls,
which are covered by many tile alike regular square (OLED) displays.

And when all the displayers are on, and display about stars and nebulas,
people in the middle (double) circle line (emerges first when all displays are on) of
inside of virtual hall feels like they are floating in the outer space.

I thought that our proud "Nicolais" is circling around a big round route,
and locates many satellites around her circular route.

About one third of "Moor" team are very busy on signal analysis.
They already could have developed cloaking technics, all believed.

More ominous things are that after basic analysis of data given by admiral "Cloud",
"Moor" team find that they already equipped over charge engine (similar to after bunner),
not along with additional outer booster parts (sometimes used as decoy),
and maybe their power is better than our proud Type 260 series.

That means,
although current maximum speed is pretty similar, Type 260 and those thing crafts,
but if accelerated by over charge parts (similar to turbo), the durability of thing craft is longer,
and it could overcome our star fighter by speed.

And during reentrying into atmosphere,
they could transform their structures into various forms needed,
so their maneuvering would be more agile.

They are bigger and also faster in some occasions.

A freight ship appears to us, and this time admiral "Cyan" visits our vessel.

He is an average height man with big briefcase, usually always smiles,
very good in humors and jokes, and always good in public speechs.

( I hear later that he is one of highest 10 admirals in Terran Navy ... )

This time, he visits Moor's "Nicolais" in business suit, somewhat in autumn red color.

During meeting at conference table with "Cyan" and some staffs,
our crews and seamans of a freight busy in unloading 2 mobile turrets to "Nicolais".

Admiral "Cyan" says that high commands of Navy are planning to build
new generation ships with long range guns, but the budget is lesser than 25 years ago,
so their size would be almost same as nowadays (standard) missile guard ships
of Navy and that could limits the size, smaller caliber than gun ships
that of 100 years ago.

The turrets he brought to our ship is smaller than on EMF rail cannons
sometimes could be seen in some of the planet geoid surface bases.

But, these custom made big guns are bigger than guns of new space cruisers,
and have more longer range and firepower.

He shows us about 3 D holographic blue print model of our "N class" carrier
eqipped with new gunnery turrets he broughts.

Our "Nicolais" already has some EMF rails outside the armors,
and at first they were planned for anti air (laser) beam guns, but it could also
fits somewhat bigger guns, that could directly fire at the target on planet surface
from sailing on the orbit.

Their are 8 locking sites that could hold the mobile gunnery turrets,
front upper 2, backside upper 2, and other 4 beneath the ship, and they all
linked together so guns could be moved from one site to another.

( And the 3 D hologram showed us about mechanical movements of guns )

If all the sites are locked with gunnery turrets,
and if one of them damaged, it could be move into near waiting place of deck
and could be replaced by other turret soon.

The EMF rail itself is many special tiles attached on outer armors,
and locking is by somewhat manipulator alike mechanical parts,
and it could detach heavily damaged turret, if still possible.

At the virtual room,
he shows us other graphic visuals of Terran's new fighter airplanes with cloaking capabilities,
Type 220 and Type 230, still in developing.

Their 3 D images of outerlook is in various tones of whites, with many contour lines,
more denser at two vertical stabilizers, wings and body and others are all in plump shape.

He brought another gift to us, an ammunition with multi short range missiles within,
when it deploys, the outer covers of this elliptical bomb opens,
and many short missiles fires simultaneously.

In motion picture 3 D holograms, it looks like fireworks with many bright stars,
and if chasing by many enemy crafts, it could save few more seconds to run away.

The chasing crafts would needs
urgent evasive maneuvers to avoid these missiles ...

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds 36 ... Reflections in dense Fog ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... famous novel "Sherlock Holmes" and ATARI video game "Zaxxon"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-36 ... Reflections in dense Fog ... 3 ... Encounter with Ghosts

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... ( 6 months before war ) ...
... watery area of a solar system, somewhere between South East and Luson planet ...

Watery area of this solar system, located only in Terran military charts,
is a one of comet rich orbits of this solar system with 3 suns, coincidence with
moderate temperature zone, is one of the most suspicious areas of hidden thing base.

Skipper "Moor" and his team locates many satellites in serial circle,
to calculate positioning of their base ship "Nicolais" in this part of galaxy, more exactly,
and also they could detect potential threats (by things) to their aircraft carrier
more early, hoping earlier than those mean things.

Admiral "Cyan" (very similar to a character, "Microft" in Sherlock Holmes series)
after see the files from "Cloud", says that he thinks they may could dive into water,
and the evidences are that some exoskeletal parts are very similar to ventilator,
and organic remnants inside of that is somewhat like gills of fish category.

And latter parts of some tentacles could open up into fin like organ.
Some of the team say that it could be acts like flap or air brake during atmosphere flight.

if they are submerged into the seas of planets, in dormant status meanwhile,
they would be detected by sensor buoys (SOSUS) , or observed by people in beaches,
yet until now not a single case have been reported ...

Two type 260 take off from EMF catapults of "Nicolais"
to sensor (RADAR) scanning further.

There are also more problems that new gunnery turrets could not aim directly
those objects which are in underwater, especially inside waters and vapor fogs in space.

So the star fighters would deal with by themselves and reenforcement fighters,
and no one could sure how the test type bomb would be effective.

"Moor", "Miguel", "Morierty" and other crews are in the cubic virtual hall,
and what they see is from cameras on the star fighters.

They hold a triangular (hand gun alike) shaped control units with many buttons.

Some crews are busy transducing these hyper space visual data from type 260.

What I saw was not motion picture files, but only still image photoes in hardcopy,
some of them shows thing alike images between waves.

These space waters are very mobile,
evaporates quickly, and also turn into water pretty soon.

The waves are too huge, even 1,000 - 10,000 bigger enough than our "Nicolais".

And ice particles surrounds those is also very dangerous.

The "Nicolais" could voyage more close to those natural environment
compare to any other Terran ships due to its big hull size, over 3200 meters.

We were sailing through the micro ice particles,
with help from multi layers of EMF shields, but not all shockwaves are inevitable,
so after for a while, "Moor" says to type 260 to come back.

A long triangular shaped carrier keep voyage through endless space ...
( With 2 catapults at both left and right sides and 2 spares both sides )

... a fourth generation SF story will be continue ...

... Type 260 L ( Yakovlev 141 ) , Type 260 ( JSF ) , Type 115 ( F-15 )
... within In Human Minds copyright is upto their real owner ...

... Type 220 ( YF-22 ) , Type 230 ( YF-23 ) , Type 115 ( F-15 ) , Type 116 ( F-16 )
... within Waves of Strings copyright is upto their real owner ...

... "those mean thing crafts and ships" are upto their graphic and other files owner ...


In Human Minds # 37 ... When a campus collegue ... 3 ...

... Inspired by ... TV series "Star Trek next generations" and PC game "Loom"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-37 ... When a campus colleague acts more than a girl friend
... 3 ... Cherry liquors chocolates ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ...
... In a nebula, with many backside nova stars, Somewhere between South East and Nesia star systems ...

it is too hard for men in early twenties to dress up with some manners.

Three months after I took bills about her costumes, season has already changed,
( I remember that I bought her a jacket and two different scarfs ... )
she call me to ask me out for another dates.

At that autumn days,
to be perfectly honest (for you all the readers), I was in chasing other girls,
but as the things always goes like that, still in single home living.

And college studies goes harder and harder,
so I am back in my usual shirts, cotton trousers, and hoods with (big) buttons.

She arrived there, a burger and sandwiches cafe, before I come,
and at the first moments when I have been there, I even never acknowledged her,
not because I was chasing other girls, but because she was in her unique look ...

She call me first, and says hello to me.
She is in a ... What can I say about ...
Umm ... Not a single item is fashion brand product.
I am more shocked than surprised, she in white beige raincoat ...

And after that just moments,
I have no other choice but to treat her as an rookie Admiral.

She buy me sandwiches and a cup of strawberry milk, my favorites.
And she takes ham bacon hotdog and a green lime juice,
with smiles in her face.

After 15 minutes,
I get my thoughts back, and ask to her about her new arbeits.

What category ? Which grade ? How long the working time ?

She laughs, ha ha ha,
and says that she thoughts that her current job is not for elder women,
and pay is good, but between her new arbeits and college lectures,
she has very little times ...

I could not be bold enough to ask her about she missed me much.
She wants to go to jewelry and accessory boutique, this time.

After arrived there, she passes through show ups,
pass by colorful and shiny items, pass by expensive items, pass by golden items,
and stop before crystalline items.

And she look me down, though she is in her low hills shoes.

Some items are about animals, some are about hearts and bookmarks,
and some are rings and necklaces ...

When she bends a little, her body shapes are almost in perfect S lines ...
And she turn to me again, in a little distances.

After 1 hour passed,
we are on the bench together, with lights,
and the maple trees, half red and half vermilion, are all around that small garden,
nearby that sandwiches house and a cake bakery.

I was ... umm ... what could I say ...
Maybe I postponed my answers to distant futures ...

I ask her to drop in a cake bakery,
and bought a big chiffon cream cake for her.

She says thanks to me, and her small, egg like face coming closer, closer,
and her breaths also more closer ...

But, she laughs again, ha, ha, ha ...

My face is all in red color, more red than carrot or tomato.

If my lips were on her lips,
what would that be taste like ? A cherry liquors chocolates ?

Maybe I would rather ask about that
to my few months elder female cousin.

... to be continue ...


In Human Minds # 38 ... Girls in vest ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... Album CD "Shampoo" and PC game "Loom"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-38 ... Girls in vest ... 4 ... Young girls like playing pool ...
( When a campus colleague acts more than a girl friend part 4 )

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ...
... In a nebula, with many backside nova stars,
... Somewhere between South East and Nesia star systems ( Singapore province ? ) ...

it is too hard for men in early twenties to dress up with some manners ...

A campus girl, in about same age like me,
which I nicknamed "Snow Petal", ask me to join her weekend hobby, playing pool.

Other girl, a friend of her,
living in same hometown, whom I mentioned before, comes together with her.
She is about an inch taller than her, ratio of head torso and legs is 50 and 50,
which is quite an ideal body ratio, but in boys view, its too long ...

She also has egg shaped pretty face, and good in singing and dancing,
and just only one year younger than the "Snow Petal", (more close to a classic femme fatale)
but sometimes their relationship is more like, a noble girl and a concierge.

Her hometown friend, wing girl,
usually does put on sneakers, but has no choice but to wear low heels,
to become meet with her fashion wing girl, who has ratio about 52 to 48 ...

Of course, they do have some weak points, in their body shapes,
their breast is more like, round and flat, hash brown potatoes or scrambled eggs.

One of their camouflage is wearing sleeveless shirts in summer days,
and put on somewhat tight vests in winter days.

Anyway, for an average guy like me,
it is somewhat hard to see girls with long legs, holding a long cue in hand.

My role ?
Collecting prize money from losers, but until now on, this weekend,
they lose more than win.

I have to put on my pink beret, and holding a pen and memorandum book,
and wearing somewhat cunning facial expressions, again.

In 3 rd world countries which population is over 200 men per a square kilometer,
and if the lands are with many mountains and hills, plateaux and wastelands,
golf is for the foreign travellers check in luxury hotels.

That is the reason that those young and daring girls choose pool for their hobby,
much more cheaper and accessible.

When we arrived their, with my small hatchback 5 doors car, together,
there already are many other girls, but a clerk like me is seldom, there.

Girls in red accessories,
about just same ability to the "Snow Petal" and friend,
challenged to us again, and no other girl duets in the two story building filled with
many billiard tables, concerned about them, because the 4 girls are all still in novice.

"Snow Petal" and her wing girl,
put off their rain coats, simultaneously,
and they are same in school girl look skirts and short leggings ...

I find that there only left billiard tables near to corners, with big wall mirrors,
which is not good for girls whom always concerning about their body shapes to much.

About half an hour later,
"Snow Petal" is somewhat in upsetting mood, because I gave red apple juice cans
from vending machine to the girls in reds, for friendship and for expressing intimacy.

She orders to me, to bring a cola can and a cider can, for her and her wing girl,
in somewhat irritating voices.

Outside of the billiard house, snow come from white skies,
and the ornament lights on trees around are twinkling ...

... To be continue ...


In Human Minds # 39 ... Reflections in dense fog ... 4 ...

... Inspired by ... famous novel "Sherlock Holmes" and ATARI video game "Zaxxon ( 3 D )"

... TITLE ... Space Voyagers 1-39 ... Reflections in dense Fog ... 4 ...
... Encounter with Ghosts ...

... (Distant) Galaxy Year 2X13 ... November ... ( 6 months before war ) ...
... Nebula, between South East star system and Kadena base, Luson ...

Our 11 th carrier "Nicolais"
now sails toward Kadena air base on Luson planet (nearby Volcano planet) ...

"Moor" , "Miguel" , "Moebius" all are now on backside CIC of ship,
where they sit on seats at balcony like place, 2 nd floor from fore area or main CIC,
and front and upper side of CIC is full of big screens, and this time they display
inside a rainbow colored nebula with many nova stars glowing.

Our only fighter battalion,
with 5 Type 260 L (= Tu-141 ) and 10 Type 260 (= JSF )
are now busy in preparing for take off by EMF catapult whenever they need.

Three days ago,
one of satellites launched from other N class carrier by admiral "Cloud" few months ago
lost signal and "Cloud" thoughts that it would be attacked by Bio Mech things.

N class carrier and her escort cruisers located about 20 satellites in a circle
southern space areas from Luson planet for a sort of radio telescopes use,
collecting all the signals from all over this galaxy.

Are they trying to breaking one of our early warning systems ?
Why they demolished just only one satellite ?

And what if it was not destroyed, and instead, stolen by intention,
by some secret organizations or by Bio Mech things itselves
or those who behind them ?

It is quite different from losing a single diamond from a necklace,
I thought.

In nowadays,
in this too over populated galaxy, with more than 10 billion human within,
over 90 % of them live in mega city those population is usually over couple of millions,
tensions and stresses are high and governments already lost their powers.

Almost no government last more than 5 years, easily replaced by others, so almost
all the policies of every society are based on populisms, just for short term profits,
which is easily collapsed by one after the other, like domino.

And over a decade ago,
many of the social infrastructures, like educations, finances, civil services, and so on,
became malfunctioning, though they are already too complex for every human.

Now almost all the societies became nothing more than swindle,
human became to think (public) education course itself as a series of lottery games.

And more over,
no society or a single citizen never gives up their claims,
and in many cases, they want more by cheating someone else, by all means.

Once again,
human using sciences for evil purposes, subjecting others for more exploitations,
making a big fortune at a stroke, in a too short period.

And maybe, those Bio Mech things would thought that now is time for annihilation,
by their own armageddon to human ...

Admiral "Cloud" and his carrier squadron had to return to Long Beach harbor,
for rest and refit, because they already sailed more than 5 months.

From now on, we would have to sail alone, until we reach to Kadena base.

To find out more,
commodore "Moor" needs to send patrol teams to those areas.

Two type 260 (22.5 meters) take off first
and two type 260 L (26 meters) take off soon after, and two teams will backup each other.

I thought that if we have Type 220 (24 meters) and Type 230 (26 meters) with us,
their cloaking capabilities and all the upgraded flying abilities and advanced engines,
but they are still in developing conditions, so if there already are some EMD versions,
they would firstly sent to the areas that they are urgently needed ...

South of those satellite circle,
put there on by admiral "Cloud" and his squadron, there locates a small star system,
and a beautiful planet named Cebu is one of them.

I met lady "Shiraz" for the first time at the seaside resort on that planet ...

At those days,
I was a lonely backpacker traveller, and she was a helper for main cook,
and she helped pretty much a main cook, also a woman in 50 s ...

She was a diligent young girl, and sometimes gave me a rose syrup caramel cake
which was very sweet and a lump of goat cheeze and also a cup of lamb milk.

She did not drink any liquors.
(due to respecting her forefathers religions ? )

I was so happy to see her again
when I employed by the Typan (= a grand merchant) ...

... to be continue ...
I've been looking at this thread with wonder and confusion for a while now. Maybe I'm just missing some important piece of information, but what on earth is this all about? :confused: