[MOD] Wing Commander - Alliance - SOASE Rebellion 1.85

This is the first Nephilim unit. I have added the Stingray as the scout.
You just sparked me jumping up and down in front of coworkers and going off on a condensed history of Wing Commander, leading up to Prophecy and why i have such fond memories of it...

I am so looking forward to when this releases, complete or not!
I am so looking forward to when this releases, complete or not!
Usually I complete my mods. Only my real life can change it. But you can get date if you count the original models in SOASE from units and stations, next you must know how I add at least one per day. By this reason, I will end the Nephilim units at no more of 20 days.;)
Yes I know, there are more options. By example the Ray Node Cluster, it can be some as small carrier. A thing spawning other smaller units.
Two more units from Nephilim, the Skate Cluster and the Skate Fighter. The first spawn as a very small carrier to the second.


Well, with piece from the Hydra. I have made another design. It would be some as a destroyer and I have named it Stinger. If you have other ideas for the name and description. Please tell me. It is the replacement from the Psi Siege Frigate. Siege frigates are specialized at Bombardement. But the units from the mod have more weapons. Being as a Destroyer, it has anti-ship and anti-fighter weapon but it can not deploy squadrons.


This is the first version from the Worm, the Nephilim colonizer. When I have more time, I will make a better version. But the idea is this.

A sea cucumber! That's pretty cool! It does look like something the Nephilim might have come up with.
If you liked the Worm, perhaps you will like the Shark. The new design and model from today. Similar a size to the Tallahassee Cruiser. I have made this unit thinking a one ship mainly with anti-fighter weapons but without lose the anti-ship capabilities. It would be some as a support cruiser for heavier ships. By the moment I have not worked too much in the weapons and I use the stuff from the original SOASE. But it looks fun.

About the name, if anybody have some better. I have not problems at change it. Easily I could name it Tiny Orca.








A Washington Heavy Cruiser under attack.
Here I have other new addition for the Nephilim. The Echinus, a small boarding ship. After this, I will continue adding the second group of frigates.


Well, I have started the second group of frigates. This is the Nephilim light carrier. I given to it the name of Whale. A mix between the Leviathan, the Orca and the previous Shark. Similar at size to the Shark but without too offensive weapons. Have fun.


Today I have two new more units added. One is the Barracuda y the other is the Angler. The Angler is a ugly modification from the Barracuda. I have named it Angler because the Angler is a fish very ugly. This is a angler fish.

And this is the Angler frigate.



And this is clearly the Barracuda.


More additions and changes. At first place, I have made a small edit in the Angler. Now it is more different from other units.



The Angler is the anti-module ship. A ship with poweful anti-structure weapons. A support ship at few words.

This is the Nephilim module constructor. I found it in the Star Trek Armada mod from miklosgo.

And this is the Lamprey. Perhaps I have made it bigger than it should be. But it is better with this scale. It is a utility ship with some shield abilities.

Well, I believe how before end the week, I will be making the capital ships from this race, they will be easier because I do not need anything new.
This looks absolutely phenomenal. If you need any voices for this mod - I played the role of Kritharg the kilrathi in the audio drama Wing Commander: Defiant Few. I'd love to do some voice stuff for this! Makes me want to buy Sins of a Solar Empire now!
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Replace the voices by others would be great but it would request 2000 voices files or more. :) I can add the files if I get them.

And these are the news from today. Perhaps I need some new names for these ships, I have a lot of imagination but I can not make miracles.

At first place the Lamprey. A utility ship. I did not show it in the previus answer from me.

This is the Heavy Frigate from Nephilim. I have named it as the Monster. It is the biggest frigate Nephilim.

This is the Envoy frigate.


The last is the Triton. Clearly the freighter. I have made three versions. One of them deploy the starbase.


Well. Later or tomorrow, I will continue the mod adding the capital ships. I believe how I will make at least one new. The Tiamat will be the Titan.
Replace the voices by others would be great but it would request 2000 voices files or more. :) I can add the files if I get them.

And these are the news from today. Perhaps I need some new names for these ships, I have a lot of imagination but I can not make miracles.

It might be worth determining specifically what voice files would be required and what they need to say; I imagine there are plenty of folks here (like @Vernon Vincent and myself) willing to do the voice acting work.

I will shamelessly plug my Kilrathi lexicon here... Desh ri'rash le'i hale'k du trathkh daiB'nal, ni'harasha a korathrg'k.

As far as Nephilim ship names, in general you can't go wrong with sea creatures. I'll have to come up with some specific suggestions when I have a chance; I don't really have time right this second.
With time, I can give you some examples about what is neccesary for a type of voice. Later, I will tell you. It is very simple.

Just for the record, it would not be the first time where I record voices for a game.

About names, please give me names. I will be more than happy from rename them.

About other things, if you have not thought about it, very probably, at few days, I will finish the space units and I will be adding space structures. It goes fast. Probably some people think how I am in a race. ;)