[MOD] Wing Commander - Alliance - SOASE Rebellion 1.85

They are here. https://www.wcnews.com/wcpedia/Category:Privateer_2:_The_Darkening#Ships https://www.wcnews.com/wcpedia/Cruiser_CR2a

I had not made the mod without the wcnews wiki, thanks. It is very very very useful.
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Hi all. I have not published news for many time but I have not forgotten the proyect. Lately I continue working each day in the mod. My last work is the previous work, the pirate ships. I have added 4 ships and two fighters, all them privateer 2. These models take some of time and they are not finished at 100% but they will be soon.

My last plans are complete 3 factions. Perhaps I will add some units more as a replacement for the militia from planets. In other point, now the original game has been updated to 1.90 and it runs a lot better with mods. It will be good. There were not problems but now it is better. There are very few games in the world updated after 10 years after the release. This is one of the reasons because this game is perfect for modding and we have the support from the creators.

Well, when I have more stuff, I will publish more. I would like finish the addition of models soon and continue replacing other things as icons, several images and customizing everything a bit more.










Time this week for the addition from some Black Lance's units. This rogue faction will be present in the mod with the militia. Sometimes with you and other times against you.

This is the carrier from this small faction.



Time this week for the F-107 Lance, the stealth fighter seen in the game Wing Commander IV piloted by the Black Lance faction.

Progress goes a bit more slower than before but I continue working in the mod each week, more than enough. Next work will be the addition from some units from the Union of Border Worlds.

Black Lance and Union of Border Worlds will be part of the milita units. They are controlled by the IA for to attack you and help you in planets.



I have not published too much videos lately about this mod but I have been working in it each week. The last additions were changes in the militia units and pirates. Now you can see some of them.

Soon I will start to fix some problems and replace the main images from game, a much more easy work and relaxed.

Time to finish off the mod. Today after some months without work at it, I have continued the work. I have finished all the unit icons or at least what I thought how they were not completed. After this. I have continue with the faction icons.

These are the fleet logistic icons which I have added. I had not other ideas for this. I hope you like it. They are simple and effective.


For the record, this version is for the last 1.90.
Many progress today, thousands of text lines edited and many images edited. Customized the faction icons is not difficult or long, at least if you can save time with some pds created for my other SOASE mod time ago. But to find what you want or you can add is more difficult.

The main point here is how there are enough stuff from Kilrathi and Confederation but very very few from the Nephilim. I could easily to create the faction icons for the two first factions but I needed some of imagination with the Nephilim and the point is how at this moment, I have not finished them, if somebody have a idea about a flag, please tell me or show me.

About other things, before you tell nothing. The Union of Border Worlds are not finished and I know very well how they use a different flag.







Well, if I am not wrong, most of the unfinished graphic additions have been made and very probably I can release a first version soon.





Well. Now the point is to play and go improving things a bit more. By this reason, I will publish several videos from the games played.

About initial problems. Nothing which I did not know before. Some graphic errors and few more. Everything run good and fast. Perhaps you note a blink problem, this is because at least for me, the customized settings inside the game does not work very well and I must customized them inside the nvidia control panel. Nothing new.

Well, I have released the first public version from the mod. You can found it only at my site https://firefoxccmods.com , just check the downloads section or this link https://firefoxccmods.com/index.php?topic=1684.75

The mod works with the last 1.91 ver from the game Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion, just uncompress it into the Mods-Rebellion v1.85 folder. If you are curious after the 1.85, the game developers did not renamed the number from the mods folder. As you will see the mod replaces the original units by units from Wing Commander universe. There are many things new in the universe as several stations and starships created by myself, mostly with great imagination and modifing other units.

This version can be considered a test version, I do not know what you will find wrong inside. Any bugs can be possible. However, by quantity, this mod is very simple and it should work without problems, even, it will work equal or better than the original game because it does not overload the game.

Well enjoy it.