[MOD] Wing Commander - Alliance - SOASE Rebellion 1.85

I have not problems adding this type of scale. In fact, at a first place, I used the scale from MayorAPayne mod but I find it a bit smaller and very probably, I will change all the units.
Because there is time. I want know your opinion. Is the TCS Behemoth bigger or equal than the Hvar'kann? What size do you think for this ship?

If nobody tell me nothing before end the day, very probably, I will make it bigger than a Midway but not too big as a Hvar'kann.
There have been a lot of discussions on this topic over the years. I myself have seen estimates between 4 and 11 kilometers; I think four kilometers was the scale used by the Saga team, IIRC, and I know it's the figure I went with for WCRPG. Then again, it was precisely because there is no known canonical scale for Behemoth that she wound up in WCRPG Chapter 7.4, the Non-Canonical Capital Ship chapter...

Go between Midway and Hvar'kann and it's unlikely you can do too terribly wrong. My opinion, of course.
This is a example from the final scale. I have followed all the sources and when there was not information about one unit, I have used a good scale for the type of unit. If you want know, first I have made all the units with the same scale and after it, I have reduced them a 20%. Without this reduction, a ship as the Hvar'kann would be bigger than a planet and it would give thousands of problems. This new scale is equal to the scale from my Star Wars mod and by this reason, I know how it can be used without problems.

I want remember you how there are many things unfinished in the mod, weapons, particle effects, prices, balance, many things unfinished.

Here you can see how huge is the Hvar'kann size at comparation with other starships. By the moment, I have finished the Kilrathi starships but I go to take some of time improving other parts before I start the Nephilim units, even I was thinking if I should convert or create some starbases. It can be a option.




There are two options for the Titan. Or I add two Titans but you can not build more of one at same time, or one is a Capital Ship and the other a Titan. Now I am using the second option. The second Dreadnought is the MKII version from the Hvar'kann made by MayorAPayne. It is even a bit bigger than the MKI.



About the Nephilim models. Thanks to the Star Trek Armada Wing Commander mod from miklosgo, the stations from this race will not be a problem. But the starships.........probably I must make some variants and to use some big fighters as small frigates or corvettes. But I do not see a problem with it.
I seem to recall there being a few additional designs in Star*Soldier for Nephilim ships, at least two of them. One was the Earwig; trying to recall what the other one was called and I'm blanking...

Anyway, there was another mod that was going to include those designs; blanking on its name too. Getting old.

This post probably wasn't as helpful as I thought it was going to be when I started typing it out......
I saw some of these designs. But I will make my own variants with probably my own thoughts. If I must follow one design from other source, it will increase the difficult a lot. Other point is how the Nephilim have many big fighters.
Well, probably I will not add new models the next two or three days. The last work is normalize everything with the change of scale. By example the engines. If you are curious, at SOASE has a limit with the amount of engine lights added at each ship. By this reason, ships as the Waterloo have not lights in all their engines.








About some balance things. The Kilrathi super Dreadnoughts will be very expensive. However, these ships can destroy a ship with their beams. The same happens to the Behemoth. Of course the Behemoth can destroy a planet. The same will happen with the bigger of the Kilrathi Dreadnoughts.

I know, it remembers to the Death Star super laser but theses things are 99% canon if I am not wrong.
Ever since Conquest:Frontier Wars I have been looking for a game like this. Even the Sins game is great for the WC universe. For the canon stuff there is really A TON of material and this is the perfect place to find it. The one thing I would recommend is a slow ship speed in order to really make the CVs the center piece of any fleet with the long range provided by her "air" wing

As for the diversity in fighters I think its a good thing. If you look at the WC games, you can see quite a few different fighters and bombers; you had interceptors, space superiority, multi rol, strike craft and then light and heavy bombers.
By the way, the different races/factions in a game don't need to be equal or play just the same as each other, but they need to be balanced in order to make the game playable, that's the trick.

You can be certain I will be looking forward to playing this game!
I worked a bit with Conquest Frontier Wars but when I discored how it could be modded, it was a bit old. SOASE at least has been upgraded with the past of the years.

I agree, the speed from ships is too fast. I will change it when I finish the addition from everything. When I have all the units added, I can change things from all them at same time and balancing them easily.
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I was finishing the last Confederation fighters and I needed some of information about these three units. The Encyclopedia is a bit short of info.
F-106 Piranha
F-108 Panther
F-109 Vampire
Weapons, role, speed. I have played Prophecy but many time ago and I would save time if you tell me some tips. I am sure how there are people here which they know a lot about all WC units.
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Some images here from these last three fighters. Probably I will not add more Confederation fighters. Of course, I will add units from Black Lance and from the Union of Border Worlds. Perhaps even some from Privateer 2. Who knows...:)


Data form "Waypoint!" and Wing Commander Encyclopedia

F-106A Piranha - Scout Fighter

Mission/Role: FORCAP, escort, recon.

Intended as a short-ranged, lightweight escort and reconnaissance fighter, the Piranha sacrifices shield, armor, and firepower for maneuverability and acceleration. A pure dogfitghter, in te hands of a skilled pilot the ship's small size and nimble moves make it so challenging a target that the esing concessions are offset.

The Piranha is most often seen assigned to very small escort carriers tasked with counter-insurgency and anti-pirate operations, but a few are assigned to the TCS Midway, where thery're tasked with low-intensity fighter missions and the occasional coutiong hop.

Type Light Fighter
Primary User Terran Confederation
Length 12.50 meters
Mass 12 metric tonnes
Max Velocity 500 KPS
Max Afterburner Velocity 1400
Acceleration 650 KPS^2
Max Afterburner Acceleration 1800 KPS^2
  • Heat Seeker 1 x 4
  • Image Recognition 1 x 2
  • Fore - 250 cm
  • Aft - 200 cm
  • Fore/Aft - 210 cm
Decoys 24
Cloak No
Jump Drive Yes
Crew 1 (pilot)


F-108A Panther - Space Superiority Fighter (Class B)

Mission/Role: BARCAP, TARCAP, offensive counter-air, escort, some FORCAP, some recon, wild weasel.

Usually assigned to light escort carriers, the Panther is a smaller answer to the Vampire. Though it falls short of its bigger brother in terms of long-range combat capability, its exceptional acceleration and maneuverability make it preferred by some pilots, who consider it a superior dogfighter.

Its shields are lighter that the Vampire's, but exhibit similar excellent recharge charavteristics.

Type Space Superiority Fighter (Class B)
Primary User Terran Confederation
Length15.33 meters
Mass 16 tonnes
Crew 1 (pilot)
Acceleration 530 k/s2
Maximum Velocity 528 kps
Maximum Afterburner 1300 kps
Max Acceleration 2200 k/s2

Default Missile Loadout

  • Friend-or-Foe 1 x 6
  • Image Recognition 1 x 6
Decoys 36
Cloaking Device No
Jump Drive Yes


F-109A Vampire - Space Superiority Fighter (Class A)

Mission/Role: BARCAP, TARCAP, Offensive counter-air, escort, some FORCAP, some recon, wild weasel.

Usually assigned to heavy fleet carriers, the Vampire is customized to destroy other fighters. The Vampire can engage in long-range missile duels, with good chances of survival.

Its shields are of medium strength, but exhibit an excellent recharge rate.

Mass17,000 kg
Max. Velocity 530 kps
Acceleration 720 k/s2
Afterburner Max. Velocity 1500 kps
Acceleration 1800 k/s2

(Normal Loadout)

Particle Cannon x 2
Tachyon Gun x 4

Image Recognition (8)
Friend or Foe (8)
Tracker (4)
Decoys 48

(Enhanced Missile Loadout)
Enhanced Long-Range Image Rec (8)
Friend or Foe (8)
Tracker (4)

(Wild Weasel Missile Loadout)
Long-Range HARM (4)
HARM (4)
Image Recognition (4)
Long-Range Image Recognition (4)

(Enhanced WWMissile Loadout)
Enhanced Long-Range Image Rec (4)
Image Recognition (4)
HARM (4)
Enhanced Long-Range HARM (4)
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I have added the last three fighters from the Kilrathi, the last at least by the moment. If I find other models from other designs, I can add them.



Thanks. If somebody have any suggestion, do not save it for yourself. Please tell me. I am sure how many of you know more about WC than me.;)
I go to start now the Nephilim and I go to make them different from other races. The problem with the Nephilim is the lack of frigates or corvettes but they have a lot of fighters. Thinking it, easily, they can build these fighters instead from the frigates. Even I can make them with the same movement from a fighter, as a corvette. It would be realistic and I would add the capital ships from Nephilim as the capital ships. Have fun.

Structures are not a problem with Nephilim. The Star Trek Armada 2 mod from miklosgo had a lot. The same happens with Terran Confederation. This great mod had a lot of structures from them. However, it did not add the Kilrathi but I am sure how I can make structures from this race easily.

Well, I go to continue the work and I will show you.