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This mod is my second complete modification for the Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion game and I have choosen the Wing Commander universe because never a mod from this universe was finished before. It is not a proyect from few days ago, I have been thinking about it more of one year. It is not a proyect started without any chance, I have the skills, the time and the stuff for to complete it at a small amount of time.

About the mod. Mainly it will be a three races mod. Humans, Kilrathi and Nephilim. Clearly there will three factions with them but.......the Rebel factions will add things as the Union of Border Worlds. There will be units from Black Lance and Pirates.

Stuff? mostly from the original games, Wing Commander IV, Wing Commander: Prophecy, Wing Commander: Secret Ops, Privateer 2: The Darkening and from mods as FOC Wing Commander Invasion from MayorApayne and Wing Commander Armada mods from miklosgo. A complete credits list will be published when I publish some more than text and images.

Space structures? probably the biggest challenge. At a first place, I set the mod for to use the original from SOASE but now......thanks to the stuff shared, probably I can replace many of the space structures and I can make some new, it should not be too difficult if I use the same style from the other models.

Poor and old models? I have tested the old models from the original games at SOASE and they look good. The type of shaders with lights and normal maps from this game can help a lot. I have added some cosmetic details to the models as turrets, engines, reflections and lights. Perhaps you think how there are better models around the world, perhaps yes but I have not access to them and in the amount needed for this mod, probably no. However, if you know about some models, please tell me.

New models? probably yes, not only structures. Lately I have searching the models for the Kilrathi and I am sure how I will make some variants from other models. I will show them when I complete them.

Wing Commander I and II designs? I am not sure if I will use them because they are models from other style. I will add a big ? to this.

Amount of units? mostly the same amount from the original SOASE but with more fighters and bombers.

Heroes? probably yes. But it will be the last addition.

Good motivation? when I started the mod, I did not want show nothing about it because perhaps my motivation could replaced by other things. Now I believe how I will be finished. It is a good refresh for my mind.

This is a list from the completed stuff by the moment:

Terran Confederation:


Behemoth-Class Dreadnought

Capital ships.

Concordia-Class Fleet Carrier
Vesuvius-Class Heavy Carrier
Enterprise-Class Fleet Carrier
Plunkett-Class Cruiser
Waterloo-Class Heavy Cruiser
Washington-Class Heavy Cruiser
Hades-Class Quick Strike Cruiser
Midway-Class Heavy Carrier


Durango Heavy Destroyer - Fleet Carrier
Murphy-Class Destroyer
C-9 Pelican-Class Utility ship
Nimitz-Class Destroyer
Clarkson-Class Transport
Callisto-Class Destroyer
Liberty-Class Carrier
Envoy Shuttle

Small Frigates.

SR-51 Seahawk Scout Fighter
Caernaven Frigate - Light Frigate
Ranger Carrier - Long Range Frigate
Southampton Destroyer - Siege Frigate
Tallahassee Cruiser - AntiFighter Frigate
Hercules Colony Shuttle
Shuttle Marines - Corvette


F/A-105 Tigershark
F-104 Bearcat
F/A-76 Longbow
A-18 Crossbow
HF-66 Thunderbolt VII
F-27 Arrow V
F-103 Excalibur
Hellcat V
F-110 Wasp
TB-81 Shrike
TB-80 Devastator
F-106 Piranha
F-108 Panther
F-109 Vampire

Module constructor
Trade ship
Refinery ship

Empire of Kilrah:


Hvar'kann MK II

Capital ships.



Bhantkara - Fleet Carrier
Concom - Utility ship 0
Ralaxath - Utility ship 1
Fralthi Carrier - Heavy Frigate
Fralthi Cruiser - Mine Layer
Kilrathi - Starbase Constructor
Kamrani Heavy Corvette - Envoy ship

Small frigates.

Vaktoth Fighter - Scout ship
Kamrani Corvette - Light Frigate
Rakshaal Carrier - Long Range Frigate
Ralarrad Light Destroyer - Siege Frigate
Kamekha Carrier - Antifighter Frigate
Kilrath Colony Ship


Dralthi IV
Ekapshi III

Module constructor

I have added to the right from some of the units, the original unit replaced by them.

I will not create a moddb section by the moment but I will publish screenshots and videos when proceed.
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As I promised, I have some screenshots for all you. All them are work in progress. I have not added by example the icons from several units because I prefer to make a lot at same time, it is easier. Weapons, music, sound and more graphic changes are developing but after less of a month of work, it looks good because I replaced all the units from one faction and I start adding the Kilrathi units.



























Looks very promising.

Out of curiosity: How is working with SoaSE:R compared with "Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Coruption" for you?
Out of curiosity: How is working with SoaSE:R compared with "Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Coruption" for you?

About your question, in the begining SOASE was a bit difficult because it was different, perhaps the problem was read the manual. But one day, four years ago, I took the tools and the manual and with some of help from the SOASE community, I could start a Star Wars mod, I had some troubles in the begining but it was easy, I could convert more of the space models added at my EAW/FOC mod and to add them to SOASE. Other point is how SOASE has been updated for years, the last version was released this summer and I like edit a game which it is not forgotten by the developers with the past of the years.

At the end, at EAW/FOC, I can edit almost everything and with SOASE, I can edit almost everything. Other point is how I have made mods for more of 6 games and I have more of 16 years of experience making mods.;)
This is the progress from today. Two Kilrathi fighters and one starship more. The Kamekha carrier, the Dralthi IV and the Ekapshi III. Clearly there are some additions to the Wing Commander Universe, it must be made if I want replace most of the things from the original SOASE.





Perhaps you are curious about this. It is the module constructor from the Kilrathi.
This is a early preview the mod. For more of one year. It will need a lot more of work, fun work but at the end, more time of develop. But if I could make it at less of a month, I am sure how I will finish all the mod.

Well, this is the progress from today.

Probably you saw this unit in the video, it is the envoy shuttle from the Terran Confederation. I found the model in the Prophecy Secret Ops files. But I am not sure if it was a shuttle or what. Do you know about the story from this model?

This is the new unit today. The Kilrathi Envoy. A easy modification from the Corvette. Because the Kilrathy are not a friendly race, this ship can bomb planets and it has more weapons.


Another work from today, it was improve the textures from most of the Kilrathy models which they share the same textures. The previous textures from these models made by MayorAPayne, probably they were made with the textures from the models in the Wing Commander 3D site http://wcmdf.solsector.net/kilrathi_capships_hi.htm , mostly from the Kilrathy Dreadnought made by Zohrath. Now I have used the same sources and I have added different graphics.




I have added other style of lights, it was added originally in the Corvette from Prophecy Secret Ops and clearly it looks more alien.

Other work from today but I have not screenshots by the moment, it is the weapons. I will try to add most of the type of weapons from this universe but it will be difficult to get the exact color or effect, at the end, even with all the games, there are not a lot of information. Perhaps I must play a bit the old games.......however by example, I have made a Kilrathi laser weapon watching the film. The cruiser from the end battle, it fires green shots. Slow green shots. I say slow because in the original SOASE, all the weapons are very fast. But in my mod, they will be slower. Well, weapons will take a fun but long research.;)
ships and abilities matter a lot more than the weapon effects in the short run.. you are doing good work here.. and I love sins... so I'd be happy to help out with testing
Probably you saw this unit in the video, it is the envoy shuttle from the Terran Confederation. I found the model in the Prophecy Secret Ops files. But I am not sure if it was a shuttle or what. Do you know about the story from this model?
That's just a Vampire without the engine pods. I definitely wouldn't use it as a shuttle - there are already two different shuttle models that you can use.
Thanks, I will search another model. If you know about other models or pack free. I found the WC4, the Prophecy and Secret Ops and Privateer 2. I do not go to count the pack with models from the older games because they are a bit imperfect for this game and I like more the designs after WC3. I do not know if a pack with the WC3 models was released.

ships and abilities matter a lot more than the weapon effects in the short run.. you are doing good work here.. and I love sins... so I'd be happy to help out with testing
By the moment, my plans are replace the original models by WC models universe. By this reason, by example, the Southampton has the same abilities from the Tech Siege unit. Similar things happen with other units. With a few additional units, the abilities will be the same.

About testing, people will test it when I release it. If I can finish it at a small amount of time, perhaps xmas or before, without any error in the development tool from SOASE, it will be more than enough. I want remember you how I finished my Star Wars mod for SOASE at less of 6 months. I do not go to be making this years.

Other point is how you can edit it when I release it. If other people want make another variant of my mod, there are not problem, just with give credits to the creators.

At the end, this is my way making mods, I work very fast because I do not make mods if I have not the skills, the time or the stuff and after a big first release to the public, I prefer continue edit them more slow while I play them. I am sure about how you will like this instead of to wait ten years.;)
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Ah if I have not told about it....if you have any idea, suggestion, please tell me. By example one question which I will make you, it will be what type of fighters must be loaded in the different carriers. Always looking the type added by me.

About shuttles. I added this Marine Shuttle as the corvette replacement and with the ability of capture enemy ships.

Other two curious units are these. This is the trade transport from Confederation. A design from Private 2 game. Convert these models take time, not a lot but I like them. Probably I will add more.

And this is the refinery transport. I did not know at 100% if it was from the WC universe because it was in the Star Trek Armada mod. The Armada mod from miklosgo is a great source, it will help a lot.

More news. The Clarkson-Class Transport will be the Starbase Builder. I added it time ago but probably I did not show you it.

There will be many fighters, most of them designs from WC3, WC4 and Prophecy/Secret Ops. Thanks to the people which they converted the files before.

And this is the unit from today, probably I will add another later but I have added the Bhantkara for replace the Vasari Fleet Carrier Frigate.



Time for another unit added, the Ralaxath Heavy Destroyer. The addition from Kilrathi starships goes well. However, I go a bit delayed with fighters. But I will make another amount of them when I finish the Kilrathi starships. My goal is finish the addition from models the fastest I can and after it, I can work at other parts from the mod.