Barracuda-class corvette

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Type Corvette
Primary User Nephilim
Maximum Yaw 21 dps
Maximum Pitch 21 dps
Maximum Roll 21 dps
Acceleration 900 k/s2
Rotational Acceleration 50 dps2
Minimum 84 kps
Default 280 kps
Maximum 364 kps
Turreted Maser (4)
Fore 1000 cm equivalent
Aft 1000 cm equivalent
Shield Power 2000
Minimum Recharge 2.5 cm/second
Default Recharge 25 cm/second
Maximum Recharge 37.5 cm/second
Front 800 cm
Rear 800 cm
Right 800 cm
Left 800 cm
Core Damage Points 800
Source Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy


Wing Commander: Prophecy

Mission Appearances

Origin's Official Guide to Wing Commander Prophecy

Four Maser turrets make this small cap ship worth watching. The corvette is small and light, suitable for attacking targets requiring more firepower than would be available from fighter squads. However, they are slower and less maneuverable than fighters and they aren't shielded or armored anywhere close to the extent of the larger cap ships in the Alien fleet. Because of this, they are by no means out of the running as potential targets for adventurous young fighter pilots.

Fighters are typically not a priority target for the Barracuda, but as with any ship they will return fire at anything that antagonizes them. Note that a Barracuda's turrets are too small to be targeted -- the only way to take them out is to destroy the corvette itself.

Wing Commander: Secret Ops

Mission Appearances


FF - 4a Barracuda
Mission Role: The type of missions this ship was built for
Cloaking: No
Jump Capable: Yes
Max Speed Set/Aft: 250 kps
Max Y/P/R: 70/50/70
Acceleration: 50 kps2
ESM: Yes
Radar: 20000
ID Sensor: Unknown
Shield Strength Fore/Aft: 800/800 cm equiv.
Shield Recharge Rate: 30 cm equiv.
Armor Strength Fore/Aft/Port/Starboard: 130/110/120/120
Guns: 4X Multi-directional laser spheres
Missiles: 10X Alien Image Rec.
Follow rules for: Standard Wing Commander Sized (smaller) - Cap Ships.
Constituent parts: Engines, Bridge, Turrets, Con Towers, all weapons.
Shield Emitters for: No shield emitters. This ship has internal shields for everything. Has fore/art/port/starboard armor.
Target ID: Skate Corvette
Length: approx. 130 meters
Width: unknown
Mass: approx. 3300 metric tonnes
Description: Intended to lay waste entire formations of opposing fighters, this is a massive, heavily shielded and armored (but not particularly maneuverable) vessel. It is armed with several small “disco ball” weapons which emerge slowly from the hull to spray concentrated and devastating anti-fighter fire in almost any direction (though the potency of the fire decreases rapidly over range). The balls then must retract into the hull to recharge, rendering the ship temporarily vulnerable for several seconds. Additionally, the balls themselves can (and generally must) be targeted and destroyed just prior to firing, when they are in the process of rising out of their charger housings.