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    SF writers and WC

    H'lo folks, I don't come through here often anymore, but I saw two WC references by SF writers that I thought you might appreciate: Jerry Pournelle Terry Pratchett...
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    Weapons question

    Heh. My first WC game was privateer, and I was overwhelmed with the number of different weapons on the civilian market. Because of this, I never really noticed the multiplicity of weapons in later games, and felt severely cramped in the earlier ones. When I eventually got WC1 through a...
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    Thanks, Tech support guys!

    Haven't been here in quite some time. Nonetheless, I recently got a new PC with WinXp last service pack before vista. Just got around to playing WC3 . #^$$%@#%@@%#. THANK YOU for the helpful tech support forum and the site on the main site! Without the patches and files there, I...
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    Do Confed transports carry commercial cargo?

    How about a radar that uses Tachyon emissions rather than radio waves? That would greatly expand the detection radius... Respectfully, Brian P. -- BTW Napolean, it's ASDIC not Aztec. -- BDP.
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    Possible plots for new WC games

    How about the next one be set 100 years in the future, with a mixed Kilrathi/human crew taking on a new, previously unseen alien race? I was thinking of a Hallas captain (like Hobbes, honorable) with a human CAG, and of course a mixed group of fighter pilots with Firekkans, Kilrathi, and...
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    Favorite WC1/2 missions?

    Recovery Mission with Broadsword facing Ralatha and final mission of WC2: SO1(?) with 2 Fralthi: 1. Kill all the fighters (doh!) 2. lock onto one of the cap ships with any weapon but a torpedo, then turn around and fly VERY FAR AWAY (say, 17-20k). 3. Stop and turn around. As long as...
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    Shields? What Shields?

    You can't delete. Ever. They do that deliberately so that no one can go back and pretend they never said something. Same with editing -- you can only edit something you have created within the last two hours. After that, it's set in stone forever. Respectfully, Brian P.
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    Does Quality matter to you?

    I don't really care much about Quality -- he wasn't a great pilot and his taunts sucked ... :) -- Brian P.
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    Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas! -- Brian P.
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    Can anyone confirm this...?

    I'm told liquid oxygen will get you to the proper temperature the most rapidly. The trick is keeping the grill around afterward ... Respectfully, Brian P.
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    Shields? What Shields?

    Why not? Synchronize the shield so that they drop for the second it takes the gun to fire, then pop it back up. I understand WW1 pilots had a similar synchronization mechanism which allowed them to shoot through their propeller arc without shredding the blades... Respectfully, Brian P.
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    Favorite fighter, Favorite bomber

    I disagree .. "Heavy" should probably refer to it's size and mass as well as it's armor. The two usually go together. I suggest that Lexington was BUILT as a heavy carrier, but advances in technology rendered it vulnerable, just as the "Tiger" tank of WWII was nearly invulnerable in its...
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    Who is most evil?

    Ermm .. Lehah, in real life, Col. Dom is in the US Air Force. So he *does* have a chain of command. Respectfully, Brian P.
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    Favorite fighter, Favorite bomber

    Fighter: Centurion. A joy to fly, cargo space, and as much weaponry as you can afford (a Centurion with 4 fusion cannons or 4 plasma cannons can ROCK!) . Bomber: Longbow. Small torp armament, but 16 missiles. In addition, in all the games it was in you could *choose* your missile...
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    Well, yeah. When every snot-nosed kid comes around toting the Ace of Aces medal it sort of de-values the whole thing for people who earned it killing Vakteeth and Sorthaks. Betya it starts a lot of fights in pilot bars .. "Hey, shrimp! All those kills are for REMORAS, aren't they?" [big...