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    Coolest Looking Spacecraft in WC

    pretty I would have to say fighter is the Bearcat and cap ship will definately be the Vesuvius. Love the looks of WC4 ships
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    Oxford & New Detroit Landing Platforms

    wow i forgot how beautiful Oxford was........Im gonna go play privateer now
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    Ship swithcer

    Dose the ship swithcer work with this mod??? If so what is needed to do it? thanks for your help
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    Priv with myjemm

    When i try to start the game in ms dos promt with windows me, i get this : Error code 2 By ross ridge public domain. What will i need to do to make this game work with the myjemm application. Thanks for your help
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    Karnes ship....

    In the WCA Episode 2 what is the fighter that karnes is flying? Also, why is an Epee in the episode, I thought that this was during WC1 time era.
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    Repleetah - Some questions...

    What bio-weapon did the Army of Iraq use against the the Kurds and Iranians during the 80's? Was it some kind of nerve gas?
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    do we ever see amazon in any FMV? I dont recall seeing her at all.
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    Where is the Landerich?

    Is Kruger still in power, and is the Mjonnir/karga still around?
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    Do we see spyder in any of the FMV scenes of prophecy? I dont recall seeing him. My only idea is he is that guy that hangs with Hawk.
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    Where is the Landerich?

    I just wanted to know where the landerich republic is located on the map? Also, any info on them would be nice. Thanks
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    Doug Funny

    Yeah, I remember, but pretty much the same stuff you do. I think the ships were pink or something like that.
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    The Best Wing Commander Battle

    Well, almost all of the other battles were not directly invoved with the continuence of the Terran homeworld, they werent so close to home.
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    The Best Wing Commander Battle

    To me the battle of earth was the best since there were no options but to win or loose. And I liked how there was the "take as many with you as you can" feel. I really like how the Landreriech and Bear are involved.
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    For the Gents

    Man, I would definatley take Flint, she seems like someone that you could really get along with and she aint slutty like rachel.
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    Fighter that you wish you could fly?

    no, I ment more like fighters that you couldnt lfy but would like to. sorry for the confusion