Yorktown-class light carrier

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Yorktown-class light carrier
Type Light carrier
Primary User Terran Confederation
General Characteristics
Length 720 meters
Mass 28,000 tonnes
Spacecraft Carried 40
Acceleration 10 k/s2
Maximum 120 kps
Dual-Mount Laser Turrets (11)
Default Missile Loadout
Capship Missile Launcher
Jump Drive Yes
Fore 3000 cm equivalent
Aft 3000 cm equivalent
Right 3000 cm equivalent
Left 3000 cm equivalent
Front 1000 cm
Rear 1000 cm
Right 1000 cm
Left 1000 cm
Yorktown-Class Light Carrier Target Designation, circa 2669.

The Yorktown-Class was a light carrier that saw service with the Terran Confederation. The Yorktown-class was designed in the late 26th century, roughly half a century prior to the outbreak of the Terran-Kilrathi War in 2634. During the final years of the war, after the Confederation had suffered greatly as a result of the False Armistice and in the resulting Kilrathi offensive to the Sol system, older carriers like the Yorktown-class were pushed into front line service as the Confederation built new carriers.

The most famous Yorktown-class was the TCS Victory (CV-40), commanded by Captain William Eisen. Captain Eisen had served as Communications Officer onboard the Victory during her maiden cruise. In 2669, the Victory was sent to the front lines with famed pilot Colonel Christopher Blair leading Flight Wing 36. During that year, the Victory took part in numerous operations against the Kilrathi, including a successful incursion into the Ariel System. The Victory was specially chosen to lead the escort mission for the TCS Behemoth, which was to destroy Kilrah before the Behemoth's untimely destruction at the hands of the Kilrathi. Finally, it was Colonel Blair of the Victory who delivered the Temblor Bomb that would finally destroy Kilrah that year, ending the Terran-Kilrathi War.

The Victory was later refurbished as a museum ship and now orbits Jupiter in the Sol System.