William Jefferson

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Confederation Space Force pilot, callsign "Carnival", assigned to the 88th Fighter Wing, TCS Tiger's Claw. Jefferson, a Lieutenant JG, was killed in action on 2654.070.

Jefferson was part of a four-plane flight tasked with seeking out Kilrathi along known patrol routes. The flight, commanded by Lieutenant Commander Kien "Bossman" Chen, launched from Tiger's Claw at 1600 hours, and made contact with a Kilrathi corvette and three fighter escorts at 1724. Jefferson's fighter was heavily damaged, unable to keep formation. Chen ordered the other half of his flight back to Tiger's Claw, remaining behind to escort Jefferson. During the return trip, Jefferson and Chen were set upon by a flight of four Dralthi, which killed Jefferson early on in the fight.

In the 88th Fighter Wing casualty report, Jefferson was listed as "killed in action against the Kilrathi enemy". entry. He is alluded to in Lieutenant Commander Chen's Bronze Star recommendation, as well as Lieutenant Commander Devereuax's letter of condolence to Chen's widow.