Vespus (planet)

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Vespus is the main planet of the Vespus System in the Sol Sector.

Located in a star system not far from Earth, Vespus has a fairly high Terran population and is one of the Sol Sector's major colonies. It is a major vacation spot for Terrans and is known for its beautiful coastlines. Among these is the famous Mistral Coast.

Sometime prior to the Battle of Earth, Colonel Christopher Blair and his lover, Colonel Jeannette Devereaux, managed to acquire leave to this planet and spent a romantic evening under the sun on the coasts of Vespus.

In 2669, after Earth barely survived the Kilrathi invasion, the TCS Concordia was reassigned to this system to mop up Kilrathi stragglers from the battle. Sadly, the ship was destroyed in a concentrated assault by the Kilrathi and plunged down towards Vespus, where it crashed into the sea. Almost the entire crew and all contact with the ship was lost. Brigadier General James Taggart and Colonel Blair led a salvage team to locate the vessel.

The two eventually discovered the ship's burning wreckage lying off the Mistral Coast, where it lay partially-submerged with its bow sticking upwards. Blair reported to High Command that the Concordia was a total loss. The wreck still stands on Vespus.