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Type Space-to-Surface Bomber
Primary User Terran Confederation
Introduction pre-2634
Source Wing Commander: Action Stations

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The Thor Bomber was a bomber at the time of the McAuliffe Ambush and there were some located at the bases in McAuliffe in 2634, though it has been noted that some if not all of them were not in a flying condition.


Wing Commander: Action Stations

  • Chapter 12
    • " "We're going up. Maybe Concordia can get under way in time."
      • Geoff broke into a flat out run, heading for Lazarus , dodging and weaving his way through the swirling confusion of fleet personnel, ground crews, pilots looking for ships, and even some civilians who had tagged along as the military police emptied the town's emporiums. Apparently word that an attack was coming had already hit the crowd, which was quickly degenerating into a mob. As he ducked around a line of Thor bombers, most of them propped up on jacks, their wheel bays empty, he saw half a dozen men gathered around Lazarus , one of them hammering on the access key to the hatch."