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Sector Enigma Sector
Quadrant Isaac Quadrant
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Tesla is a star system in the Enigma Sector. It is a territory of the Terran Confederation.

In 2667, the Kilrathi Empire began to establish a presence in the Tesla System. At least one communications outpost resided in the asteroid fields of the system, and several Kilrathi starships were spotted passing through the region. The TCS Concordia attempted to stop this flow of hostile traffic.

Eventually, it was discovered that the Kilrathi intended to occupy Tesla, and had sent a large strike force to take the system by force. The Concordia was forced to retreat, but the Gilgamesh-Class Destroyer TCS William Tell arrived to distract the Kilrathi and lure them away from the system. While it did this, Captain Christopher Blair and his wingman Dirk Wright were successful in destroying the fleet's flagship, a Ralatha-Class Destroyer. The William Tell was lost in its attempt to draw away the Kilrathi fleet, but its sacrifice severely weakened the Kilrathi's hold on the system.