Terran Uniforms (Pre 2656)

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The Terran Confederation uniform used up until the end of the Firekkan Campaign in 2656 represented a throwback in fashion styles, with uniforms very similar in appearance to those fielded by the armed forces of Earth in the mid twentieth century. Space Forces pilots embarked on carriers and installations wore their own distinctive duty uniform, while naval officers wore a different style. Flag officers and cadets also had unique uniforms. In addition, the Terran Confederation Marine Corps sported its own variation on the duty uniform.

Space Forces


Space Forces pilots wore a distinctive uniform from other military personnel during this time. The standard duty uniform consisted of a dark brown blouse worn over a tan undershirt, with dark blue slacks which were tucked into black boots. Rank insignia was displayed on the shoulder of the blouse. Two five point stars with comet trails were affixed to the collar. The name tag was worn centered on the right breast, while any specialty badges (such as Flight Wings) were worn over the right breast. Award ribbons were arranged in rows of four and centered a quarter of an inch below any earned badge. Any earned medals were displayed directly beneath the ribbons in order of importance from left to right. An award bar accompanied each award earned. For multiple awards of the a decoration, additional award bars were worn. Since Terran fighter craft of the day used ejection pods, the flight uniform did not need to be airtight. Pilots wore the duty uniform with the addition of a helmet when flying their craft.

Command Personnel

Space Forces officers in senior command positions had the option of wearing a different style of duty uniform. This uniform consisted of a blue blouse and trousers with black boots, along with a light blue undershirt. A black belt was secured around the blouse at the wearer's waist. A patrol cover of the same color as the jacket was worn as well. A cover device, consisting of a silver disc with wings was worn centered on the cover. Rank insignia was displayed on the collar of the jacket. The name tag was worn above the right breast pocket, while ribbons were arranged in rows of four above the left breast pocket.

Flight Deck Personnel

Maintenance personnel assigned to flight deck operations wore a light blue jumpsuit with a patrol cover. The uniform was not adorned with any visible insignia, presumably so there was a smaller chance of anything on the uniform catching on equipment during deck operations. Bold text

Marine Corps

The Confederation Marine Corps uniform of the mid 2650s was designed for simplicity and ease of wear. It consisted of a green jumpsuit worn with a belt and black boots and red beret. Rank insignia was displayed on the collar.