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Aeronautico - this page contains many factual errors that need correcting. Jukaga was not in charge of Project Hari. That was Thrakhath's pet project. Jukaga had just been brought back from exile when he suggested the armistice.

Also you need to be clearer in your text. Confed didn't gain a real upper hand until 2667, after the Tarawa raid. Prior to that it was still a relative stalemate.

You should come to the IRC meetings, I think discussing these issues will help a lot.

Thanks - Dundradal

I'll try to clear up these errors soon, but please let me know how I might attend these IRC meetings. I'll be waiting for your response.Aeronautico 01:05, 2 February 2009 (UTC)

You'll need an IRC client, like mIRC. Here is a link that should get you up to speed, .--Vinman 04:08, 8 February 2009 (UTC)

I've got a few edits in. Be warned: This is still a work in progress. There will still be errors for some time. They WILL be properly amended.


Made some more edits. Once again, work in progress. I AM reading Fleet Action.


Tidied the article and removed most of the references to Jukaga. This is an article about the Armistice, not the Baron, and removing those reference also addresses Dund's aforementioned concern about Jukaga's involvement with the Hakaga fleet. (And I also wasted a long time reading Fleet Action when I didn't have to. Not a good idea in the early hours of the morning.) - Wedge