TCS Coventry (card)

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TCS Coventry
WCTCG Modifier TCS Coventry.png
Rarity Rare
Equivalent Destroyer Bordrav and Destroyer Trak'hmar

TCS Coventry is a Wing Commander Collectible Trading Card Game card.

Card Data

Card Type Modifier
Card Rating 3 Muster Points
Side Indicator Terran
Artist Credit Origin Systems, Inc.
Card Title TCS Coventry
Card Text Destroyer, capital ship.
All friendly fighters at Nav Point are at +1 to attack. If destroyed, Terran player loses 4 Power Points.
Attack Value +1

WCCIC Review

With all these cards that give a +1 Attack, we're presented with a ship that sets +1 to all your craft at a Nav Point. For just three power points, that's a very enticing option.
I'm inclined to use capship modifiers just because they look cool, but the smart thing to do is consider them very closely. The +1 Attack applies to all friendly ships and stays at a Nav Point with that Nav Point so that future ships that pass by get +1. If you've somehow set up a blockade, that's a nice way to bolster your force. But remember that if your capship is caught undefended at the beginning of the combat phase, it's a goner. And if you lose the Conventry, you've not just lost your 3 Power Point investment, you lose 4 more as a penalty. I'd love to use one of these at my Carrier to make it all the more threatening, but you can only use Modifiers at one of the five "central" Nav Points and only one per point.
If you're committed to defending her, the Conventry will serve you well. But if you're going to take the resources to defend this capship, does a +1 Attack all around help that much? It's up to you to decide if this relatively small advantage is worth a 7 Power Point risk.
Rating : 5.0


  • The TCS Coventry and the TCS Sheffield are the Victory's escorts for most of Wing Commander III.