TCN Article 13-2-28A

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TCN Article 13-2-28A is a military document regarding the request of ship-to-ship transfers by officers in the Terran Confederation Navy.

Amended on 2668.027, the document decrees as follows:

No officer, in wartime, shall have a request for transfer approved if any of the following conditions exist:

1.1A - The said officer has served in Special Forces operations in the previous nine months.

1.1b - The said officer is currently under investigation for treason, felony, or Class III misconduct.

1.1c - The transfer request is deemed primarily to promote personal interest.

On 2669.198, Colonel Christopher Blair received a notice from Admiral Geoffrey Tolwyn informing him of his request for transfer to the TCS Bradshaw having been rejected due to the guidelines laid out in Article 13-2-28A, as he had until recently served with the Special Operations Division. Blair was instead reassigned to the TCS Victory soon afterward.