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This page is the template that should be used for creating Star System Entries.

Every article should contain an infobox. Not every line needs to be filled in. Only those lines that are relevant need to be filled in.

{{infobox Star System
|faction = There are four options: Terran, Kilrathi, Neutral and Unexplored. Please use the proper faction.
|name = 
|image = 
|sector = 
|quadrant = 
|allegiance = 
|places = 
|other = 
|links = 

Following the infobox the article text should begin. Most will be small, so there is little need for headings or image galleries.

Here is the raw code for the example Star System, Rostov, so that you may see the code in action. Internal links in Wikipedia are accomplished by using double brackets

[[Article Name Here]]

You may also wish to look at other article's code by utilizing the edit tab located at the top of every page.

{{infobox Star System
|faction = neutral
|name = Rostov
|image = 
|sector = [[Vega Sector]]
|quadrant = [[Downing Quadrant]]
|allegiance = Neutral or Uncontrolled
|places = [[Rostov III]]
|other = 
|links = [[Pephedro]], [[Hell's Kitchen]], [[Hubble's Star]], [[Port Hedland]], [[Dakota]], [[Venice]], [[Kurasawa]]

Rostov is a star system in Vega Sector. As of April 2654, it was neutral or uncontrolled but was located in Confederation space. The system contains the planet Rostov III, which is a jungle planet home to a race of primitive sentients, the Mopoks. Due to this fact, the Terran Confederation refused to colonize the planet, except for scientific missions.

The Kilrathi attempted to enslave the Mopoks and exploit Rostov's natural resources in 2654. The TCS Tiger's Claw was dispatched to the system to aid in its defense. Some of the missions preformed by the Tiger's Claw included:

Rostov was eventually liberated and the Mopoks themselves aided the Terrans in the capture of several stranded Kilrathi marines.

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