Hakaga-Class Heavy Carrier

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Hakaga-Class Heavy Carrier
Type Carrier
Primary User Kilrathi Empire
Introduction 2668
Length Twice as long as the contemporary carrier, ca 1800 meters.
Acceleration Poor
Turrets Quad Mass Driver batteries, Neutron and Laser batteries plus gatling launch tubes for anti-torpedo defense.
Armor Three concentric layers of heavy interior armor
Fighter Complement 300
Cloak No
Jump Drive Yes
Cost It cost six times more than a regular fleet carrier such as the Bhantkara-class.

The Hakaga-class was a Kilrathi Heavy Carrier designed to defeat the Terran Confederation in one brutal assault against Earth. A fleet of 12 carriers was under construction in the last years of the war in absolute secrecy though only 5 would be finished for the Earth offensive in 2668.

The carrier was larger and more heavily shielded than the contemporary Bhantkara-class carrier and had six launch-bays, three pointing aft and three forward, instead of just one. With a full compliment of fighters and bombers the number of spacecraft it could carry was 300. It could transfer spacecraft between the various bays using internal access corridors should one or more of them be hit by enemy fire. Unlike other designs the engines were more protected on the Hakaga which has been a common Kilrathi ship weakness. The carrier was designed to withstand heavy Confederation ordinance of the time including the Mark IV & V antimatter torpedoes.