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Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Space Force
Years of service 2667
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Unit TCS Gettysburg

Lieutenant Colonel Poelma was a pilot from the TCS Gettysburg who committed mutiny after his commander, Commodore Cain, issued an order to fire upon unarmed transports.

When the crew of the TCS Gettysburg committed mutiny against Commodore Cain, Colonel Ransom organized the capture of the Rigel Supply Depot in order to obtain supplies. But when a prisoner tried to escape, Colonel Ransom's team killed many or all of the prisoners. Jason Bondarevsky and Lieutenant Colonel Poelma's squadron abandoned Random afterwards and returned to the Gettysburg.

On 2667.093 when Christopher Blair informs Poelma that the Gettysburg crew have been pardoned, Poelma agrees to return to the Confederation with the Gettysburg, but also alerts Blair to a Confederation convoy that they detected heading for the Rigel Depot. Blair, Poelma and a wing of Bombers launched and destroyed the Rigel Depot, then the crew of the Gettysburg returned to the Confederation.