Operation Thor's Hammer (LaFong)

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The following entry continues the memoirs of Lt. Col. Carl T. LaFong as found in Wing Commander I and II: The Ultimate Strategy Guide.

Previous Memoir Entry: After the Vega Campaign

Heading to Goddard

The Colonel's announcement and briefing didn't add a whole lot to what I had read the night before concerning the loss of communication with the Goddard colonists. Terran Intelligence Command's scan analysis indicated the use of a new Kilrathi weapons technology against the planet. At this point, however, they weren't sure what effect it had beyond the disruption in communications. Scouting teams were being sent to the planet's surface to investigate.

The Tiger's Claw would jump to the Deneb Sector tomorrow, make her way to the Goddard System, and provide whatever support activities were required. We wouldn't know whether our posture would become offensive or defensive until the investigation of what had taken place on the planet was completed. Rumors ran rampant on the carrier as we prepared for our jump out of the Vega Sector. There were reports that the new weapon had wiped out the use of all electronics on the planet with an advanced Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) generator, but that the colonists remained alive. Others swore that the entire colony had been wiped out by a "beam" weapon of unknown origin. No one knew for sure, but we were all stunned by the turn of events.

The euphoria following our success in the Vega Sector quickly subsided. We all waited for word from Goddard. Shotglass was concerned about the safety of his cousin, a colonist, and many others on the ship knew people who lived on the planet as well. We felt helpless. I told Bossman how I felt and his reply reflected his many years in the space navy.

"You cant become a part of the rumor mill Prankster. It just doesn't pay. There isn't a pilot alive who benefits from getting all worked up and emotional about something that might not have taken place," he explained. "You won't be able to change any-thing anyway.

"I've learned to just trust my superior's judgment. We're in one of those need-to-know situations, and we won't understand what really happened or what we'll do about it until the Colonel decides the time is right. The best thing you can do is to try to stay calm. One thing's certain, we'll see action before we leave the Deneb Sector, so save your adrenalin for then."

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