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This is the template that should be used for creating Mission Entries.

Every article should contain an infobox. The mission infobox must be used in this case. Not every line needs to be filled in. Only those lines that are relevant need to be filled in.

{{infobox Mission
|faction = 
|name = 
|image = 
|date = 
|fighter = 
|wingmen = 
|medal = 
|objectives = 
|points = 
|notes = 

Following the infobox will go the article text concerning the mission you are working on. You may wish to use section headings for mission details. Headings are created using the following code.

==Heading 1==

Missions should contain the following headings in this order:

==Mission Layout==

For WC1/WC2 only as it relates to Ultimate Strategy Guide

==The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong==
==Preflight Conversations==
==Mission Briefing==
==Mission Debriefing==

If there are extra images that should be included in an article, they should be placed in a gallery. Galleries are created using the following code.


After text is inserted articles need to be categorized. Wikipedia uses the double brackets for creating links. This is the example for Wing Commander 1 Missions.

[[category:Wing Commander Missions]]

Multiple categories can be entered by creating multiple category tags.

The following is a part of the raw code for Alpha Wing (Enyo System) entry. It will be useful as an example for creating other entries. Internal links in Wikipedia are accomplished by using double brackets

[[Article Name Here]]

You may also wish to look at other article's code by utilizing the edit tab located at the top of every page.

{{infobox Mission
|faction = terran
|name = Alpha Wing
|image = image:Navmap-enyo1.png
|date = [[2654.110]].0600
|fighter = [[Hornet]]
|wingmen = [[Tanaka Mariko]]
|medal = None
|objectives = 
Proceed to Nav Point 1 (2)<BR>
Proceed to Nav Point 2 (1)<BR>
Proceed to Nav Point 3 (2)<BR>
Return to Tiger's Claw (1)
|points = 6/6
|notes = 
Proceed to Nav Point 1<BR>
Proceed to Nav Point 2<BR>
Proceed to Nav Point 3<BR>
Return to Tiger's Claw
|previous= None
|next= [[Epsilon Wing (Enyo System)]]

Alpha Wing (Enyo System) was a patrol flown by Christopher Blair and Mariko Tanaka of TCS Tiger's Claw in the Enyo system on 2654.110.

==Mission Layout==

* Nav 1
** 3 [[Dralthi]]
* Nav 2
** Asteroid Field
* Between Nav 2 and Nav 3
** 2 [[Salthi]]
* Nav 3
** Asteroid Field

== Images ==

Image:Guidemap-enyo1.png|Mission layout from Wing Commander I and II: The Ultimate Strategy Guide.

[[category:Wing Commander]]