Miles D'Arby

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Miles D'Arby
- 2664
Place of birth Unknown
Place of death Repleetah
Allegiance Terran Confederation
Service/branch Terran Confederation Marine Force
Years of service -2664
Rank Lieutenant
Battles/wars Battle of Repleetah

Miles D'Arby was a Human officer hailing from the Terran Confederation.

A member of the Terran Confederation Marine Forces, Miles D'Arby was a combatant in the ongoing Terran-Kilrathi War. During his service, he took part in the infamous Battle of Repleetah, where he and his fellow Marines fought in vain against the Kilrathi for control of the colony.

By 2664, Lieutenant D'Arby was one of only a handful of Terran survivors left holding out against the Kilrathi on Repleetah, which the Confederation and the Kilrathi Empire had long since abandoned due to the strategically worthless value of the planet in the larger War. As the highest-ranking Terran officer still active on Repleetah, Lieutenant D'Arby ordered a last-ditch assault against the remaining Kilrathi survivors on the planet. In the battle that followed, D'Arby led his remaining Marines into battle, where they fought to the death in a final effort to claim Repleetah. Ultimately, D'Arby and the remnants of his unit perished in the battle, but not before wiping out the remnants of the Kilrathi forces.

The sacrifice of Miles D'Arby brought about a definitive end to the Battle of Repleetah.