John Dekker

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John Dekker
Callsign Gash
Allegiance Confederation, Union of Border Worlds
Service/branch Marines
Years of service Before 2663 -
Battles/wars Battle of Repleetah, Border Worlds Conflict

John "Gash" Dekker is a Terran Confederation Marine, and a survivor of Repleetah, the famous battleground where Confederation and Kilrathi marines fought to a stalemate which lasted for years. After four years of imprisonment as a Kilrathi prisoner-of-war, Dekker managed to return to Confederation space, and after the end of the Terran-Kilrathi War, joined the Union of Border Worlds.

His contingent of marines was assigned to the BWS Intrepid, where he later met Christopher Blair. During the Border Worlds Conflict, Dekker and his marines was instrumental in helping the Intrepid exposing the conspiracy of the Black Lance.

Later, Dekker returned to the Confederation and served on the TCS Midway.

By 2701, he became Editor-in-Chief of the Star*Soldier magazine.

Behind the Scenes

Dekker was played by actor Jeremy Roberts in Wing Commander 4 and Wing Commander Prophecy.