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Sector Kilrah Sector
Quadrant Kur'u Caxki Quadrant
Locations H'hrass Communications Station
Jump Links G'wriss, Ghoran, K'n'Hhra, M'shren, T'lan Meth, Hellespont

H'hrass is a star system in the Kilrah Sector and a territory of the former Kilrathi Empire. Its alternate name is "Hhrass".

H'hrass was largely ignored during the Terran-Kilrathi War, but was invaded by the "Nephilim" in 2681. After fleeing the enemy in the G'wriss System, the TCS Midway arrived in this system in hopes of reaching the H'hrass Communications Station, where they would reestablish contact with High Command. A Terran marine force was sent to secure the besieged station while the Midway and her pilots cleared the enemy fighter screen. Commodore Christopher Blair joined in the assault.

The Terrans secured the station, only to find that its entire crew had been massacred by the Nephilim. To make matters worse, Blair was captured by the aliens, and no rescue could as of yet be attempted. The Terrans sent a distress signal to Terran High Command, alerting them to the Nephilim threat.