Ghorah Khar System - Series 3 - Mission 3

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Ghorah Khar System - Series 3 - Mission 3
Fighter Rapier
Wingmen Ralgha nar Hhallas
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

Angel was telling us that we were to meet two Broadswords and then take on a Kilrathi task force headed toward Olympus Station, when the Concordia came under attack. We couldn't have launched any faster.

Five Sartha were blasting the carrier when we hit space. Hobbes and I broke for different targets and started taunting the enemy pilots to draw them away from their main objective. The Sartha were pesky, but Hobbes hit one immediately and the carrier brought one down while I was still chasing my first. I found a tail position on my first two targets, weakened their rear shields with lasers, and took them out with my Javelins. The last went down to our combined laser fire.

We met the Broadswords and headed toward the task force's position near Nav 2. We were 6033 kilometers away when we sighted the four Grikath and single Kamekh. It was up to the Broadswords to take out the corvette, while we would concentrate our fire on the heavy fighters.

Hobbes and I both fired friend-or-foe missiles into the middle of the task force before the large, torpedo-laden fighters were too close to the action. I locked a target, told Hobbes to attack it, then headed off in a different direction to head off the Grikath. Only one responded to my taunts, and when he made a wide, sweeping turn I closed in with my full guns blazing. The Broadswords seemed to be handling two of the Grikath with their turret neutrons, so I moved on the enemy Hobbes had weakened. One more shot from the particle cannon was all it took.

We kept the remaining Grikath busy while the Broadswords lit up the Kamekh with their torpedoes. We finished them off with tight, turning maneuvers that gave us perfect position on the ponderous enemy fighters and helped us stay away from the rear turret guns.

We landed at Olympus Station.

Author's Note
The Kamekh must be destroyed if you are to continue on the winning path in the Wing Commander II game.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing