Freya II

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Freya II is the second planet of the Freya System. As of 2669, it was under Kilrathi control.

Freya II is located in the Roberts Quadrant of the Vega Sector. It is a Kilrathi colony that may or may not have been under their control prior to the liberation of the Vega Sector in 2654. Since the entire Vega Sector was under Terran control after 2654, it is likely that the Kilrathi have since recaptured it.

Freya II is a barren and rocky world, similar to our Moon. It likely supports only a very small population of Kilrathi soldiers due to its unwelcoming landscape. The Kilrathi occupied it so that they could construct a massive shield generator designed to protect the system's jump point, which led directly to Kilrah. The Freya System's proximity to the Kilrah Sector would have made it an ideal point of intrusion for the Terran Confederation.

In 2669, in preparation for the Temblor Bomb's deployment to Kilrah, the Terrans decided to invade the Freya System so that their fleet could find a staging point from which to draw away the Kilrathi Home Fleet near Kilrah, giving the humans a clear path to Kilrah. They would use the jump point to enter the Kilrah System undetected. When Confed discovered that the jump point had been shielded, they ordered Colonel Christopher Blair of the TCS Victory to descend to Freya II's surface and destroy the shield generator.

Blair's assault succeeded and with the loss of the generator, the jump point to Kilrah was now accessible to the Terrans. Within days, the Terran fleet had occupied the Freya System and given Colonel Blair the path he needed to reach Kilrah.