Epsilon Wing (Cheng-Du System)

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Epsilon Wing
Date 2654.135.0600
Fighter Hornet
Wingmen Jeannette Devereaux
Other Friendly Ships Valkyrie piloting a Hornet at Nav 1.
Medal Gold Star
Objectives Rescue Valkyrie
Previous Sigma Wing (Gateway System)
Next Iota Wing (Cheng-Du System)

Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

I wasn't around for the missions in the Cheng-Du System. Halcyon had sent me to HQ for a few days, where I helped out with the training of some new pilots. On my return, I looked over the mission reports of pilots who had flown while I was away.


Major James Taggart, Wingleader
Captain Jeannette Devereaux

Ship Type:



Hornet Valkyrie approaching with Krant on her tail. Hornet's computer contains vital information concerning the position of a Ralari destroyer. Rendezvous with Hornet and cover retreat to Tiger's Claw.


Four Krant attacking Valkyrie at rendezvous. Taunted all enemy targets. Three responded and attacked our fighters, while the fourth Krant continued its assault on the Valkyrie. Called "attack my target" and turned to protect the light fighter from the single attacker.
Devereaux approached from the right, I headed straight in with afterburners firing. Ignored threat from three following Krant and took out the target with combined laser cannon fire. Impossible to credit the kill to one pilot or the other.
Changed to "break and attack" to engage rest of the Krant. All started to run. Weakened rear shield of trailing Krant with lasers, then destroyed target with Spiculum IR missiles. Last two Krant allowed to retreat.
Fell into position behind Valkyrie and proceeded on autopilot to the Tiger's Claw. Mission Accomplished.

Preflight Conversations


So, Maverick. Here we are in the Chengdu system.
Ever been to the planet Nanjing, before?
Wonderful place. Not a single higher animal native to the planet.
But it makes up for that with bugs ... big ones.
They got six-foot-long huntin' insects in the forests...
Colonists call 'em bugbears, and they stay clear of them.
No idea why anyone'd settle here.
They say there's lots of hydrocarbons...
...but it just don't seem worth it to me, with all them bugs!

Talk to ANGEL

Ah, bonjour, Captain.
I have been reviewing our data on the Kilrathi starfighters.
Our information indicates that in all cases...
...their side armor is weaker than that to the front or rear.
Mariko Tanaka
Making it doubly foolish to close head on, into the enemy's guns.
Jeannette Devereaux
Indeed, mademoiselle.
The best attack line would be from the flanks.

Talk to SPIRIT

Konichi-wa, honorable Captain.
Captain Devereaux and I were just discussing the enemy's shields.
She was pointing out an excellent tactic I have used myself.
Jeannette Devereaux
When tailing the enemy, it is good to fire several volleys of lasers...
...while keeping an eye on his sheilds in your targetting computer.
Mariko Tanaka
Once your lasers have brought his shields down...
...then fire a heat-seeking missile to finish him.
Jeannette Devereaux
Data indicates a missile is over twice as likely to destroy a fighter...
...if it hits when her shields are down.

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Chengdu System, 06:00 hours, 2654.135.

Peter Halcyon
We've got a Hornet coming in from patrol with four Krant on her tail.
Maverick, you and Angel are going to go out and see that she gets back safe.
It's Valkyrie, of Yellow Jacket squadron, on her way back in.
She's got a fix on a Ralari-class destroyer in system...
...so it's vital she get back to download her mission report.
Computer, display Epsilon.
Here's the scenario...
This is Valkyrie's current position.
She's got a wing of four Krant on her tail...
They're within 20,000 klicks and closing.
You'll rendezvous with her, and cover her retreat back to the Claw.
We need the data in her computer, so keep her safe.
And remember, there's at least one Ralari in this system...
...so stay alert out there.
Questions, Maverick? Angel?
Christopher Blair
No, sir. We'd better just get out there!
Peter Halcyon
All right then, get to work.
Squadron dismissed.

Mission Debriefing

Mission Debriefing. 09:00 hours, 2654.135.

Peter Halcyon
Good work protecting Valkyrie, you two. She just touched down.
Tactical is downloading her mission report right now...
We'll have full information on that Ralari any minute.
Christopher Blair
She won't be giving us any trouble...
We scattered her atoms across the system!
Peter Halcyon
Excellent work, Maverick!
I haven't seen the mission report yet, so fill me in.
Christopher Blair
I got 4 of the hairballs, sir...
and Angel got 3.
Peter Halcyon
I see...
That'll be all then, dismissed.

Hangar Deck. 09:20 hours, 2654.135.

Peter Halcyon
For meritorious conduct in confronting the Kilrathi enemy, in the Chengdu system,
on or about 2654.135, the Terran Confederation is proud to present the Gold Star to Captain Blair.
Your courage is exemplary of the Confederation’s finest defenders.
Good job, Maverick. Congratulations.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir.

Filled with pride, Maverick meets the applause of his fellows.