Episode 1 - Mission 7 - Sabre Pursuit

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Sabre Pursuit
Date 2668.220.1923
Fighter Gladius
Wingmen none
Other Friendly Ships none
  • Primary
    • Bring in or destroy the stolen Sabre
Previous Episode 1 - Mission 6A/B – Sabre Pursuit
Next Episode 2 - Mission 1 - Family Reunion

Preflight Conversations

There are no preflight conversations.


There is no briefing, this mission continues directly from mission 6A.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

This mission picks up immediately where M6A leaves off with the jump to Famine. You are forced to engage Sparrow in a dogfight after she refuses to surrender. After destroying her Sabre, she ejects and you can either leave or pick up her ejection pod. This decision will have conversational effects throughout the game. All ejections end with friendly pickup.