Episode 1 - Mission 1 - Nexus Sweep

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Nexus Sweep
Date 2668.220.0720
Fighter Stiletto
  • Primary
    • Escort Lionheart to Capella jump point
  • Hidden Primary
    • Escort Lionheart to Nav 2
  • Hidden Secondary
    • Rescue the Oakridge
  • Hidden Bonus
    • Scan the Oakridge for contraband
Next End mission at Nav 2
Mission 2A – Jump Point Run
End mission at Jump Point Nav
Mission 2B – Scrambling to Jump

Preflight Conversations


We must escort the Lionheart to the Capella jump point. There are two waypoints along the way. The route is specifically designed to avoid the common trade routes running through this system, as we do not wish to give those pirates any advance warning. I'm keeping the Gladii on the flight deck for this one. They'd just be wasting fuel, since hostiles are likely to be minimal. The Stilettos will fly in two wings. I lead Alpha Wing, Cougar will lead Bravo.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

The first mission has Capt. Bradshaw escorting the TCS Lionheart to the Capella jump point. The flight path is comprised of three nav points with the purpose of avoiding the common trade routes thereby avoid alerting the pirates of the Lionheart’s presence. There is a fourth nav point that becomes active after reaching Nav 2. The player will be flying a Stiletto. It has two mass drivers and thin shields and armor. The Stiletto is not designed for standup dogfights. It is wiser to use hit-and-run attacks to whittle down your enemy. It is best to attack enemies from the rear and sides. Avoid head-to-head fights as you will lose the majority of the time. The player has two wingmen on this mission, Spoons and Viper.

Upon launch there are three Lionheart pilots flying Combat Air Patrol (CAP). The player will often encounter friendly fighters at launch that are performing this necessary function. Lt. Freyers will often have last minute instructions or words of encouragement at launch. Be sure to pay attention for any last minute mission details in later missions. To continue with the mission the player must hit (A) to engage autopilot and proceed to Nav 1. The player’s force now consists of the TCS Lionheart and two wings of three Stilettos.

There are no enemies at Nav 1. The autopilot light will quickly come back on and you will be able to proceed to Nav 2. The player does have the option of skipping Nav 2 and proceeding directly to the Jump Point Nav through use of the Navigation Map, however the same scripted events will still transpire to lengthen the mission. The change caused by ending the mission at the Jump Point Nav sends the player to Mission 2B.

Arriving at either Nav 2 or at the Jump Point Nav, the player will receive a distress signal after arriving. The TCS Oakridge is under attack by pirate Talons and is in need of assistance. The Confed Militia is also responding, however you are closer. A new nav point appears on your nav map called Distress Nav. Your autopilot is automatically reset and the autopilot light will come on soon after the message is received.

The report is that two Talons are attacking the Oakridge. When you arrive there are five Talons instead of two against your three Stilettos. Talons carry powerful guns so you need to be careful engaging. Use the Stilettos speed to get advantageous angles on your enemies.

If you skipped Nav 2, the Oakridge will have 90% damage already. Shields and armor will still be intact, however it is now much harder to save the Oakridge. If you proceeded to Nav 2, the Oakridge will have full health and you have a much higher chance of saving it.

If you save the Oakridge a new objective is unlocked. You need to scan the ship for contraband. Proceed to within a 1000 meters of the Oakridge and hit (I). After you complete the scan, Nav 3 will become the set nav and the autopilot will come on. At Nav 3, you encounter three Militia pilots flying Talons. You will then proceed to the nav point from which you left for the distress call.

If you fail to save the Oakridge instead of going to Nav 3 you will proceed directly back to the nav point you left from to answer the distress call. Either way, the mission is now over and you will land on the Lionheart.

The choice of skipping Nav 2 will have consequences on the player and will be reflected in Mission 2B.