Episode 1 - Mission 2B - Scrambling to Jump

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Scrambling to Jump
Date 2668.220.0912
Fighter Stiletto
Wingmen Spoons and Dragon
Other Friendly Ships CAP (Stilettos)
  • Primary
    • Defend the Lionheart
  • Hidden Bonus
    • Scan Kilrathi Ship
Previous Episode 1 - Mission 1 – Nexus Sweep
Next Lionheart Jumps
Episode 1 - Mission 3A - Finding the Rock
Lose too many fighters
Episode 1 - Mission 3B - Jump Point Defense

Preflight Conversations


There is no briefing. This is a scramble.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

Instead of being able to launch in peace and face less opposition, the choice of ignoring Nav 2 in M1 has come back to bite you. The pirates know where you are going and have prepared a reception in your honor. This is a scramble mission. Four Talons await you at launch. They are followed by two Talons when they are destroyed. Eight more Talons will jump in in wings of two every ten seconds after the first two. There are six Stilettos and three Gladii present during this mission. Even with them, this mission is difficult because you are, again, flying a Stiletto. Follow orders next time Captain. Unless the Lionheart is destroyed, all ejections result in friendly pickup. The remainder of the mission is the same as Episode 1 - Mission 2A - Jump Point Run.