Episode 1 - Mission 2A - Jump Point Run

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Jump Point Run
Date 2668.220.0954
Fighter Stiletto
Wingmen Spoons and Trigger
Other Friendly Ships CAP
  • Primary
    • Escort Lionheart to Capella jump point
  • Hidden Bonus
    • Scan Kilrathi Ship
Previous Episode 1 - Mission 1 – Nexus Sweep
Next Lionheart jumps
Episode 1 - Mission 3A - Finding the Rock
Lose too many fighters
Episode 1 - Mission 3B - Jump Point Defense

Preflight Conversations


We're gonna keep moving towards the jump point. It should be a short and easy ride. However, we are two hours behind schedule, and it's possible that the pirates are already aware of our approach. If there's a welcoming committee at the jump point, we must ensure they're never heard from again. The Gladii will be launched only after we clear the jump point - they will jump ahead into Capella to secure the other side. I lead Alpha wing, and Cougar will lead Bravo again. Stalker and Longshot will lead the Gladii wings.

Mission Layout

Player Notes

The Lionheart is continuing to move towards the Capella jump point. You are again flying a Stiletto. Your wingmen are Spoons and Trigger. Unless the Lionheart is destroyed, all ejections end with a friendly pickup. Once you launch you can proceed to the Jump Point Nav. All wings and the Lionheart will follow. Arriving at the Jump Point Nav, you will find a single Talon. A short conversation will occur between Freyers and Spoons, however before you can attack, the Talon will jump to Capella. The first Talon was a tripwire for the rest of the pirates. Ten seconds after the Talon jumps out, nine Talons jump in in three waves of three and engage. Eighty seconds later, two more Talons and two of the stolen Sabres appear. You need to watch the Sabres. They carry torpedoes and consider the Lionheart their primary target. It is recommended you save your missiles for the two Sabres so they can be quickly taken care of. After you destroy all the pirates you get an additional mission requirement. There is a blip on the radar you need to investigate. Intercept Nav will now be visible on your nav map. Autopiloting will take you to this nav point. There is a Kilrathi Gothri fighter at the intercept nav. It is not hostile because of the truce. After a short conversation, your job is to get within 1000 meters of the Gothri and scan the ship. You do not need to scan the Gothri to complete the mission, it is only a bonus objective. Either way, you can return to the Lionheart at your discretion. At the Lionheart, six Gladii have launched and are preparing to jump ahead and clear the jump point. They jump out and the player is allowed to land.