Enigma System - Series 7 - Mission 1

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Enigma System - Series 7 - Mission 1
Fighter A-17 Broadsword
Wingmen Jeannette Devereaux
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Mission Layout


The Memoirs of Lieutenant Colonel Carl T. LaFong

I'm not sure why Tactical Command felt it necessary to attempt a dangerous double jump. We'd just lost the Tell during a similar move, but I guess the people with all the rank must have reasons for the things they order us to do. We needed to clear a path for the Concordia and, after the loss of Downtown, Angel would fly the patrol route with me in Broadswords.

Our route would first take us to check out an "unknown." Then we would proceed to a jump point and head out-system to Enigma, where we would again meet the carrier.

Angel saw the three Drakhri first, heading in from above and ahead of our position. I ordered her to break and attack, then headed after the lead ship with all the speed I could muster from the Broadsword's engines. It wasn't much, and since we don't have afterburners, didn't give us a chance to keep up with the medium Kilrathi fighters.

While I was having trouble putting the Drakhri in my sights, the other two Drakhri slipped in behind my Broadsword. My gunnery crews were on the mark, however, and, with some coordinated fire from the rear and side turrets, were able to destroy the threat from the rear. The third Drakhn fell to Angel's guns, although I couldn't tell whether it was from a forward, side, or rear position.

Our jump went without a hitch, although we ran into a wing of Sartha and a capital ship as soon as we hit Enigma System. I ordered a break and attack, never expecting that Angel would go after the large ship while I tried to take out the fighter wing. The Sartha were like mosquitoes buzzing around. They were more an irritation than a threat, but my gunners and I were so busy firing neutrons and mass drivers that I didn't see Angel's torpedo run. It must have been perfect, because she destroyed the capital ship before I had even finished off the Sartha fighters. That's why she's commanding the fighter wing, I thought.

Mission Briefing

Mission Debriefing