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Clarkson-Class Jammer
Type Modified Transport/Jamming Ship
Introduction 2673
Primary user Black Lance

The Jammer is a jamming ship built on the frame of a Clarkson-Class Transport built and operated by the Terran Confederation. This vessel has only been seen in the service of the Black Lance.


The Jammer is in reality a typical Clarkson-Class Transport fielded by the Terran Confederation in large numbers during the later phase of the Terran-Kilrathi War. However, it is heavily modified to serve as a jamming ship as opposed to an ordinary cargo vessel. Filled to the brim with jamming technology, the Jammer is capable of disrupting the communications and operating systems of enemy fighters and warships within a localized area, effectively rendering them defenseless on the battlefield and open to surprise attack. The Jammer has been shown to be capable of disrupting the communications of an entire star system, effectively rendering a total blackout across the targeted system and its populace and disrupting media and starship traffic. Such abilities can enable a faction to occupy an entire star system without fear of an organized resistance, making the Jammer a truly dangerous asset.

The Jammer is identical to the Clarkson in all regards except for the large jamming modules and antennae that extend from the vessel's frame. It is also known to be fast for a ship of its size and mass.


Only one Clarkson-Class Jammer has ever been witnessed on the battlefield. In 2673, the Border Worlds Conflict raged between the Terran Confederation and the Union of Border Worlds due to the machinations of the Black Lance, who sought to instigate war between the two factions. During the conflict, the Black Lance invaded Peleus, one of the major supply hubs of the Border Worlds. Determined to sever the Union's shipping lines while posing as Confederation forces, the Black Lance deployed a Jammer vessel in the system, disabling communications across the entire star system. The Black Lance then proceeded to prey upon numerous civilian targets and fighter patrols, killing many in the process.

When the BWS Intrepid was sent to liberate Peleus, its communications and radar systems were immediately disabled by the Jammer, forcing them to fly blindly through the system while in search of the source. During their campaign, they captured a pilot who was working as a mercenary for the Black Lance, and in exchange for his safety and freedom he agreed to lead them to the Jammer's location. Upon intercepting the vessel, the Intrepid's acting commander Colonel Christopher Blair ordered an assault on the vessel. In the battle that followed, the Border Worlds successfully destroyed the Jammer, restoring communications to the system and liberating Peleus.