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Game Notes

  • Wing Commander 2 has many branching missions. There are even some duplicate systems. Make sure you are looking at the right one.
  • Unlike Wing Commander 1, there is no way to win medals, nor is there a way to advance in rank (other than the promotion received upon completing the game).
  • Most capital ships can only be damaged when fired at with torpedoes.
  • Unless used as a plot device, most wingmen eject rather than explode with their ship.
  • Tractoring is done by maneuvering close to your target, switching to a turret (one or more of the buttons F2, F3 or F4), aiming at the target, pressing 'g' to switch to the tractor beam, and then firing the beam. If this does not work, try getting closer. (Note: Only ships equipped with tractor beams can retrieve objects)


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