Blue Point Station

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Blue Point Station
Type Star Base
Primary User Terran Confederation

Blue Point Station is a space station in the service of the Terran Confederation. It served as a security and refueling outpost in the Nephele System.

During the year 2673, the Border Worlds Conflict was brewing on the frontier of the Terran Confederation. On Nephele II, Major Todd Marshall recalled Colonel Christopher Blair to active duty service, and they flew to the nearby Orlando Depot to acquire a shuttle to the Sol System.

Unfortunately for the two pilots, Orlando was destroyed by a mysterious attacker who claimed that he was from the Union of Border Worlds. In reality, he was a Black Lance operative. Running low on fuel, the two pilots diverted their course to the nearby Blue Point Station, which was unaffected by enemy activity. From there, the two pilots flew a shuttle to Sol to receive their new assignment.

Behind the Screens

Blue Point appears in the opening mission of Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom.