Bistangio X

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Bistangio X is a planet located within the Bistangio System of the Epsilon Sector. It is a colony of the Terran Confederation.

Bistangio X is a beautiful planet renowned for its vast ruins scattered across the planet. They are considered national treasures and are surrounded by beautiful landscape. It probably hosted a moderate to heavy population.

In 2669, Bistangio X hosted a concert for Terran servicemen. Music star Eddie Rickenharp agreed to play at the concert for the servicemen. Tragically, Bistangio X and possibly the entire Bistangio System was attacked by the Kilrathi as the concert took place, killing thousands of soldiers and laying waste to many of Bistangio X's ruins. Rickenharp survived, but was in critical condition, and it was never confirmed if he recovered.

Bistangio X likely remains under Terran control following the end of the Terran-Kilrathi War.