Angus Santana (mission)

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Angus Santana
Date 2790
Type Delivery
Payment 4,000 CR
Objectives Land on Crius, transit to Shernikov and click on the receptionist. You will notice that 4000 credits have been added to your available credit next time you use the booth.
Once you've accepted, there is no limit to the number of landings you can make before going to Shernikov and completing this mission.
Failure The only way to fail this mission is to die before you makke it to Crius.
Disc 2
Previous Nelson Ramirez
Next Xavier Shondi 1

Official Guide

Angus offers you this mission after you hand him the package from Dr. Graham Gould. (See Dr. Graham Gould). He asks you to take another package back to Crius and deliver itto Shernikov. This one's easy oney - there's no time limit, and no combat outside of normal random encounters.


Angus offers you this mission when you deliver Dr. Graham Gould's package.


Subplot continues.


The subplot ends.

Combat Information

Random encounters only.


Angus (IA). Can you take another package for the return to Crius?

(Sure, why not? / Sounds a little fishy.)


Better get to Crius Hospital to pick up this pack.


Better get this pack down to Shernikov.


Collect package from Crius Hospital.


Now take the package to Angus Santana on Anhur.


Receptionist (SV). Just drop it right there.