Nelson Ramirez

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Nelson Ramirez
Date 2790
Type Escort
Payment 4,000 CR
Objectives Land on Janus IV with Nelson in your hold. There is no limit to the number of landings you can make before going to Janus IV - Nelson will continue to wait patiently in your hold until you land on Janus IV. Even if you buy a new ship en route, he will move to the hold of your new ship.
Failure The only way to fail this mission is to die.
Disc 1
Previous Louissa Phillips
Next Angus Santana

Official Guide

Nelson is a "collection agent" who's probably broken one nose too many. He's certainly in a hurry to get out of Dodge.


Ramirez appears in the Sinners Inn after you rescue Ralph McCloud. No spaceflight email triggers this subplot it begins when you click on Ramirez and hear his story.


The subplot ends.

Combat Information

Random encounters only.

Don't look for Nelson's ship after you take off he's going to hide out in your hold until you reach Janus IV.


Ramirez (SI). I need escort off the planet, to Janus IV.

(Sure, why not? / I think I'd better not.)


Take Ramirez to Janus IV.

PAD e-mail

Thank you my friend. Really appreciate this. Meet me at the No Name Inn for your payment and a drink.


Better get Nelson to Janus IV.


Better go to No Name Inn to see Nelson.


Ramirez (NN). I've had the money we discussed transferred to you account.