Alpha Wing (Anchorage System)

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Alpha Wing
Fighter Raptor
Wingmen Etienne Montclair
Medal Bronze Star (70)
Objectives Escort Drayman to Nav 1

Escort Drayman to Nav 2
Return to Tiger's Claw

Victory Points N/A
Notes Escort Drayman to Nav 1

Escort Drayman to Nav 2
Return to Tiger's Claw

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Mission Layout

Preflight Conversations

Talk to Shotglass

Hello there, Maverick. What can I get you?
Christopher Blair
The usual Sam, thanks. Anything new going on?
Not really. That offensive is looking pretty definite, but we still don't know where or when.
I know the cats were building a research base there a couple years ago, but who's to say for sure?
If you follow our pattern so far, we've been clearing a sort of path to that system. It fits.
We'll find out for sure soon, I suppose.

Talk to Maniac

Todd Marshall
Hey Maverick! They finally let me out of sick bay!
I was hoping that we'd fly a mission together… but I have to be back in sickbay in another hour.
But I'm sure they'll send me back to active duty soon… and we'll fly a mission together then.
I know how much you always want to be my wingman, Maverick.
And I know that we're going to do something important.
I don't know what it is yet, but I'm sure we'll wipe out a lot of the furballs before they kill us.
Won't that be great? Well I... I guess I'll have just one more drink before I go back to sickbay.

Talk to Angel

Jeannette Devereaux
Allo, Maverick. I've been writing a letter to Bossman's wife. I want her to understand what happened.
Christopher Blair
Angel… it wasn't your fault. You have to understand that.
Jeannette Devereaux
Je comprends, mon ami, but it is (a) very hard truth to face.
I have always thought of myself as different from you and the others…
that if I did not care about anything but myself and perfecting my skills, I could never be hurt, never feel pain or fear.
But I was so very wrong, non? If you would, Maverick, just sit with me for a while.
I think I need your company right now.

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing. Anchorage System

Peter Halcyon
All right pilots, listen up, we've got a lot to cover.
The Confederation, as you may have heard, is gearing up for a major offensive.
When and where I am not yet authorized to reveal, so bear with me.
We have been assigned escort duty, to get troopships to the vicinity of the offensive.
I know I don't have to tell you how important this is, without those troops the offensive would be lost.
Maverick, you and Doomsday are Alpha wing.
Pick up your Drayman right outside the Claw, then head to Nav 2, via Nav 1.
The Drayman will jump at Nav 2.
We have reports of enemy activity directly between here and Nav 2.
Come back that way and check it out. Any questions?
Christopher Blair
No Sir.
Peter Halcyon
Very well…

You listen as the commander makes the rest of the assignments

Peter Halcyon
Alright pilots, that's it. Go to it and good luck.

Mission Debriefing

Mission debriefing.

Peter Halcyon
Lt., lets have your report.

Christopher Blair
Yes sir. There were several wings of Kilrathi at Nav 1, mostly Jalthi.

Drayman Jumped Out Drayman Destroyed

Christopher Blair
They weren't much trouble.
Nav 2 had four Krant, but they were also easy to take care of.
The Drayman jumped out safely, right on time.

And there were only 2 Salthi between Nav 2 and the Claw, sir.

Peter Halcyon
Excellent, I did not want to tell you earlier, but,
that particular Drayman was carrying the Vice-Admiral of the fleet.
Good work!

Christopher Blair
And four Krant were waiting at Nav 2.
The Drayman didn't make it sir.

Peter Halcyon
Blast! That ship was more important than you knew Lt.
Its loss seriously damages the war effort.
But there's nothing you can do about it.

Lets go over the flight recorder data.
Maverick's Kills Maverick Struck Out

From the flight recorder I see you took out $K Kilrathi ships Maverick.

Maverick, you didn't get any of the cats this time. Usually better than that, Blair.

Doomsday's Kills Doomsday Struck Out
Doomsday iced $L himself. Doomsday didn't ice any of the enemy ships.
Doomsday Died
And then the Kilrathi took him down, damn them all.
Medal Awarded Doomsday's Funeral

Hangar Deck

Peter Halcyon
For excellence in combat with the Kilrathi enemy,
the Terran Confederation is proud to present the Bronze Star.
Your courage is an example to the confederations finest defenders.
Well done, Maverick, congratulations.
Christopher Blair
Thank you, sir!

Flight Deck

Peter Halcyon
We are gathered here to pay our last respects to a good friend,
and one of the Terran Confederation's boldest defenders.
Lt. Etienne Montclair, whom we all knew as Doomsday.
Doomsday was one of our best young pilots and,
despite his less than optimistic outlook on life...
and this war,
he was a good friend to us.
He will be missed.
Christopher Blair
Goodbye Doomsday, I'm sorry your predictions came true.