BREAKING NEWS: All the Ships Revealed Update ID

TeamXbox has scored a real coup - a massive article comparing and contrasting all eighteen of Wing Commander Arena's ships! We now know their exact loadouts, specifications and some background history about each ship. If that wasn't enough, they've also posted all eighteen of the high resolution wallpaper-quality renderings that WingNuts have been lusting after since the official site posted the Rapier II Blade! You can now examine each of Arena's ships in painstaking detail! The articles seem to be expertly written:
The Cavalier and the Rhino are the ultimate evolutions of their respective, storied design lineages. The Cavalier is a nimble all-around fighter with an emphasis on shields. Its device bays carry both a power core and a battery. As the Rhino's name implies, it focuses its energy on sheer battering capacity. Enhanced generators power large bore Plasma cannons capable of knocking down the heaviest enemy shields. Under normal circumstances a proficient Cavalier pilot can dance circles around a Rhino by making sure to avoid its powerful forward guns.
All it needs is a Venn Diagram (and it does include charts!) You can read all nine here!

Recent Updates

New 3D Prints Highlight Gemini Sector Hotness

Sonnich Johannesen has shown off some large scale and beautifully detailed 3D prints from Wing Commander Privateer. The Centurion and (not pictured) Galaxy are from Astrofossil and the Tarsus model was designed by DJFX, who posted some gorgeous pics of his own a while back. The size of each of these is impressive, and Sonnich has posted some neat pictures of these ships coming together on the printer. (2018-02-20)

Paper Cruiser Returns Stronger & Better Armed

Adm_Maverick's Tallahassee papercraft cruiser is back again in a whole new way. This second major iteration improves on the first in a number of ways, including how the main hull fits together. It also has interior components that form the bow-mounted capship missile launcher. (2018-02-19)

Live Wing Commander Jazz Recording A Huge Success!

Origin composer George Oldziey has completed his live recording of Wing Commander jazz music. The event was conducted last week at George's studio in Austin, and pictures from the day make it look like they had a lot of fun! Initial results also sound fantastic, and we're anxious to hear how everything comes together in the finished album. (2018-02-18)

RPS Highlights Origin Fandom

Rock Paper Shotgun has run a neat article on longtime Origin collector Joe Garrity. There's a really interesting Q&A that delves into how Joe got started many years ago buying up spare copies of Ultima games and meeting with their creators. It also highlights some of the good work that fans have done to preserve historic material, such as our 2008 trip to archive Origin source documents at Mythic or the assistance Wingnuts gave Raylight to develop Prophecy for the Game Boy Advance. (2018-02-17)

Wing Commander On Sale For Lunar New Year

We've seen this sale before, but not quite for this reason. is running a Lunar/Chinese New Year event that lops 71% off the price of the Wing Commander series. (2018-02-16)

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