Help Identify WC Track & Win An Autographed CD! Update ID

Fans keep pledging to support the new Wing Commander Music Album, and composer George Oldziey keeps working on the enhanced tracks that will be included in it. Today he shared a very interesting sample. It's clearly some of his classic WC work, and George's personal notes explain what it was designed for, but he can't quite pin down exactly where this was used. So, he's holding a contest for Wingnuts with good ears! If you can place what game this came from and how it was used, you could win an autographed WC album! More info is below.
Greetings all! I just finished orchestrating another Wing Commander piece. I know from which game it came, and I know how it was used, but that's about it. I found the original MIDI file and played it, and it sort of rang a bell, but the instrument translation didn't sound familiar at all, so I basically took the visual structure of the notes in the original MIDI file and used it as a reference to guide me with creating this orchestration in Sibelius.

The first person who can identify the game from which it came as well as the purpose of the music in the game (i.e. cinematic, combat music, mission music, etc.) will win either an autographed CD of the volume 1 Wing Commander orchestral sessions, OR an autographed CD of my Latin Jazz band GATO 6 (your choice). I'll accept either a comment through Kickstarter or direct email (

Here is the video of the software playback of the score. Good luck!!

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