Warbirds Infiltrate Civilian Population Update ID

The Terran Fleet Supply has been hard at work fueling the war machine of the Confederation and Empire. Now that Wingnuts like you and me have gotten a chance to get their hands on these gorgeous creations, a whole bunch of amazing photos have started to trickle out. The shots below show off the Hornet, Rapier, Raptor, Arrow (both Armada and WC3 variants!), Hellcat, Scimitar and Dralthi, but there are even more designs available. These are sold at cost with no markup by Klavs, and he continues to work towards more efficient designs to bring prices down. We can't wait to see what's next!
You CAN sand down the material using progressively smaller grain sandpaper, the subsurface material varies in color, there may be grey just below the black on the canopy, for instance, but it leaves you with a fairly smooth plastic finish. I do this on surfaces with a little too much terracing for my tastes. You can paint over the sanded material to additionally smooth out the finish. I've mostly calibrated the blue-grey color to US Navy F-18 type colors, you can see the equivalent paint colors here.

I will typically at least repaint the canopy in flat black to bring out a darker color, but having the colors already there makes a great guide. It's important to use thick acrylic paint as watered down stuff will 'run' throughout the pores in the model.

WARNING: Do not let it rain on these things before you get them sealed. Water will severely discolor the raw material. It is therefore recommended that you seal them with Testor's dull coat followed by a coat of semi-gloss. Or just never let them get wet. Stupid Pacific Northwest weather!

Note that all of the photos above, except for the Scimitar and wide image with five fighters, are "straight out of the box" and haven't been touched up, painted, sanded or modified in any way!

Recent Updates

Mark Hamill Premiering New Documentary at SXSW

It's a good week for Mark Hamill fans! In addition to getting his Hollywood star, Mr. Hamill will be returning to the birthplace of Wing Commander next month to help debut a new documentary, The Director and the Jedi, about his work with Rian Johnson on the new Star Wars film. (2018-02-23)

Mark Hamill To Receive Hollywood Star

Thanks in part to his recent success resuming the role of Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, actor Mark Hamill will soon be getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The ceremony is set for March 8, 2018 at 11:30 am. I'd encourage Wing Commander fans nearby to go check it out, but the crowd will likely be substantial. (2018-02-22)

Banshee Kicks Off Flat Universe's Border Worlds Faction

The first Border Worlds ship for Wing Commander Flat Universe has been announced! The Banshee now joins the battle alongside four Confed and four Kilrathi craft. It's designed to be particularly effective against slower bombers such as the Broadsword or Grikath. (2018-02-21)

New 3D Prints Highlight Gemini Sector Hotness

Sonnich Johannesen has shown off some large scale and beautifully detailed 3D prints from Wing Commander Privateer. The Centurion and (not pictured) Galaxy are from Astrofossil and the Tarsus model was designed by DJFX, who posted some gorgeous pics of his own a while back. The size of each of these is impressive, and Sonnich has posted some neat pictures of these ships coming together on the printer. (2018-02-20)

Paper Cruiser Returns Stronger & Better Armed

Adm_Maverick's Tallahassee papercraft cruiser is back again in a whole new way. This second major iteration improves on the first in a number of ways, including how the main hull fits together. It also has interior components that form the bow-mounted capship missile launcher. (2018-02-19)

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