RPG Traces Concordia's Last Steps Update ID

capi3101's Wing Commander RPG was essentially completed last month, but now it's going through a thorough proofreading phase. capi is still delivering weekly progress reports, and the latest word is that editing is about a third complete.

Meanwhile, work has also started on a nifty side-campaign that takes advantage of the RPG rules. Its setting surrounds the loss of the TCS Concordia in the Vespus System, and the layout of space and opposing forces is being designed now. If you'd like to help shape this adventure, head over to the CIC Forums.

My initial thought was to have the players serve as pilots aboard Concordia herself, but as I think more about it, I'm thinking perhaps having the players serving aboard a different carrier coming to reinforce Concordia's group (or perhaps resupplying Concordia, with both ships getting caught in the ambush). I'd have a tough time picking one, of course...certainly the fleet carriers would be out, so maybe an escort carrier, or a Yorktown.

I'm also pondering the last image we see of Concordia, of her broken hull half submerged off the Mistral Coast. There must be one hell of a continental slope there. Or Concordia's forward sections were all crumple zone. Or only half the ship is there...I mean, she was close to a kilometer in length...

Anyway, I'll open this idea for discussion. Thoughts?

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